Last Updated: November 16, 2017
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County Rules - Season and Tournaments

5 year olds

4 Periods - 5 minute running clock.  No backcourt, no stealing, no blocking, and it is man to man all game.  All games end in a tie, regardless of how many points.



4 Periods - 10 Minute running clock.  Last 30 seconds backcourt allowed and last 30 seconds of OT.  12 ft Free Throws

1st half must play Man to Man

2nd half any defense allowed




4 Periods - 12 Minute running clock.  Last period backcourt allowed and in OT.  12 ft Free Throws

1st half must play Man to Man

2nd half any defense allowed


10/11 and 12/13

4 Periods - 6 Minute NO running clock.  Backcourt entire game.  15 ft Free Throws




If running clock, clock will stop for time outs, free throws and the last minute in each half



If less than 7 players, the opposing coach will chose 2 players of the other team to sit out, the coach of the team with less than 7 players will chose 1st or 2nd period for them to sit out.



State Rules HERE


2017/2018 Season Schedules are LIVE

The Schedules have been uploaded. 





Clinics at McLean County High School

Clinic times for the Boys on November 18th

6/7 - 10 am - 11am

8/9 - 11am - 12pm

10/11 - 12pm - 1pm

12/13 - 1pm - 2 pm




The ABA Officers for the 2017-2018 season are:
Blank Space
President: Robert Englehardt
Vice President: Tim Hampton
Secretary: <YOURNAME HERE>
Treasurer: Kristin Alvin 
Director of Concessions: Lisa Austin 
Director of Personnel: Josh Searcy
Calhoun Gym Director: Nathan Ring
Livermore Gym Director: Keith Austin
Sacramento Gym Director: Sarah Kessinger

Upcoming Games

Friday, Dec 1
M. Miller @ D. Colburn5:30pmSacramento
A. Brooks @ L. Barnard6:15pmSacramento
M. Miller @ K. Gunterman7:00pmSacramento
6-7 Girls
R. Woodburn @ D. Miller5:30pmLivermore
8-9 Girls
T. Logsdon @ N. Davis6:30pmLivermore
8-9 Boys
D. Albin @ E. Coley7:45pmLivermore
Saturday, Dec 2
8-9 Girls
M. Ward @ J. Searcy12:00pmSacramento
N. Ring @ T. Logsdon1:15pmSacramento
10-11 Girls
D. Colburn @ C. Johnson12:30pmLivermore
D. Colburn @ J. Ezell3:00pmLivermore
A. Reynolds @ S. Durham3:45pmSacramento
6-7 Boys
K. Miller @ D. Hicks8:00amLivermore
N. Pryor @ S. Lannum9:00amLivermore
J. Weir @ M. Dehart11:00amSacramento
8-9 Boys
S. Little @ R. Englehardt10:00amLivermore
J. Coakley @ D. Albin11:15amLivermore
10-11 Boys
M. Miller @ S. Whitaker2:30pmSacramento
12-13 Boys
R. Crumbaker @ J. Cook1:45pmLivermore

For a complete schedule listing, click here!