Last Updated: September 3, 2015

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The ABA Officers for the 2015-2016 season are:
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President: Jason Harberson
Vice President: Jeremy Floyd
Secretary: Holly Lee
Treasurer: Andrea Shelton
Director of Concessions: Sara Englehardt
Director of Personnel: Danny Lovell
Calhoun Gym Director: OPEN
Livermore Gym Director: OPEN
Sacramento Gym Director: Robert Englehardt
Congratulations to the following teams for their finishes at the state tournament:
Instructional (6-7) Boys - 3rd
Training (8-9) Boys - 2nd
Training (8-9) Girls - 1st
JV(10-11) Girls - 1st

Congratulations to following players for their performances at the skills competition at the state tournament:

Logan Vanover - 1st in the Training (8-9) Boys free throw contest
Sarah Miller - 1st in the Training (8-9) Girls three point contest
Jaden Arnold - 2nd in the JV (10-11) Boys three point contest
Kassidy Daugherty - 2nd in the JV (10-11) Girls three point contest
Madison Thomas - 2nd in the JV (10-11) Girls free throw contest
Regular season tournament brackets have been updated after the final games
Congratulations to the championship teams
6-7 Boys - Danny Lovell
6-7 Girls - David Fortner
8-9 Boys - Jeremy Floyd
8-9 Girls - Clint Patterson
10-11 Boys - Rick Carter
10-11 Girls - Robert Englehardt
12-13 Boys - Rick Carter

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