Last Updated: December 18, 2014
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Attention ABA parents/guardians
The school board has requested that the ABA ensure that all children remain in the gym at all times while attending ABA functions except for going to the restroom or concession stand. 

If this becomes a problem, the school board may take away our privilege of using the gyms for ABA practices and games.

Per the ABA Code of Ethics: As a parent/guardian you are responsible for making sure that your child has adult supervision while at ABA functions. Those working at the games will not be responsible for unsupervised children, they are there to help with the program, not baby-sit. All children are to remain in the gym at all times while attending ABA functions except for going to the restroom or concession stand. On the first violation of this rule, the child will be taken to their parent and the parent will be given a warning. On the second violation of this rule, the child and the child’s parent will be asked to leave the gym.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Upcoming Games

Friday,  Dec 19
5 Year Olds
Calhoun 5 - Hodges @ Calhoun 5 - Little 5:30pm Calhoun
Livermore 5 - C Miller @ Livermore 5 - K Miller 5:30pm Livermore
8-9 Boys
McLean 8/9B - Tucker @ McLean 8/9B - Vanover 6:15pm Calhoun
10-11 Boys
McLean 10/11B - Carter @ McLean 10/11B - Lancaster 7:15pm Calhoun
10-11 Girls
McLean 10/11G - Englehardt @ McLean 10/11G - Little 6:15pm Livermore
12-13 Boys
McLean 12/13B - Crumbaker @ McLean 12/13B - Harberson 7:15pm Livermore
Saturday,  Dec 20
6-7 Boys
Livermore 6/7B - Willis @ Calhoun 6/7B - Lovell 10:15am Calhoun
Calhoun 6/7B - Davis @ Sacramento 6/7B - Englehardt 10:15am Livermore
Livermore 6/7B - Little @ Calhoun 6/7B - Caraway 11:15am Livermore
6-7 Girls
Calhoun 6/7G - Troutman @ Calhoun 6/7G - Fortner 11:15am Calhoun
Livermore 6/7G - C Johnson @ Livermore 6/7G - Ward 12:15pm Calhoun
8-9 Boys
McLean 8/9B - Floyd @ McLean 8/9B - M Burden 12:15pm Livermore
McLean 8/9B - Ring @ McLean 8/9B - Tucker 1:15pm Calhoun
McLean 8/9B - Patrick @ McLean 8/9B - S Burden 1:30pm Livermore
10-11 Boys
McLean 10/11B - Little @ McLean 10/11B - Harberson 2:30pm Calhoun
McLean 10/11B - Lancaster @ McLean 10/11B - McPherson 2:45pm Livermore
10-11 Girls
McLean 10/11G - Willis @ McLean 10/11G - King 9:00am Calhoun
McLean 10/11G - Little @ McLean 10/11G - Burrough 9:00am Livermore
12-13 Boys
McLean 12/13B - Carter @ McLean 12/13B - Harberson 3:45pm Calhoun

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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