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Spring/Summer 2016 Playoff Tournament Dates

9u - 13u  Playoff tournament - June 16 - 19

14u Playoff tournament - June 2 - 5

18u Playoff tournament - July 20 - 24

Concussion In Sports (For Managers/Coaches Only) 
In accordance with the law, the Montgomery County Baseball Association is requiring
ALL team coaches/managers to successfully complete the FREE 30 minute online course “Concussion In Sports – What You Need To Know.”  This course can be found at – click on Concussion In Sport - (you have to “order” a Free copy – the “order” information is used to complete the certificate).

Upon successful completion of the course, a printable certificate is provided.  A copy of this certificate must be submitted to the MCBA office.  Coaches that have not completed this training and/or have not submitted a copy of their completion certificate, will not be listed on the website roster and in accordance with our existing league rules, coaches not appearing on the website will not be eligible to be on the field or in the dugout area during MCBA games. Certificates of completion may be forwarded directly to the MCBA office either electronically via email or by fax (301-924-6685)/U.S. mail (3415 Olandwood Court, Suite 202 Olney, MD 20832).  Be sure to indicate the team(s) you represent.

Game Results Reporting
The winning team manager/coach is responsible for two things.  He/she emails or faxes the Game Summary Form to 301-924-6685 within 48 hours following the completion of a game. In addition, he/she must report the score on the MCBA website within 48 hours following the completion of each game.  Please note that the home team manager is responsible for completing the Game Summary Form, but the winning team manager should take possession of it following the signature process at the end of the game.

All age divisions must report the number of innings or partial innings (1/3's) pitched for every pitcher who appeared in the game for each team.  The information will be readily accessible for managers to view on the website.  When the winning team manager enters the game results, be certain to also access the pitching stats and enter the innings pitched for each pitcher, as appropriate.  Please note that when you access the Pitching Stats section of Game Results you have to enter under the first column "Ord" the order in which the pitchers appeared (1, 2, 3, etc.) and click on the box under the second column "G" indicating that he appeared in the game and then enter the number of innings and/or 1/3's of an inning pitched.

Park Police contact # in event of emergency: 301-949-8010

Inclement Weather Policy
Information concerning playing conditions at fields will NOT be posted on this website.  We advise that you call the appropriate inclement weather hotline number for the field you are scheduled to play on (if there is a hotline).  Hotline numbers are listed below.
Centralized Park & Planning hotline (all regional fields) 301-765-8787
Gaithersburg-Kelly Park (301-330-0050 ext. 2428)
OBGC Community Park at Freeman Fields (301-260-9004)
Rockville - Dogwood Park Fields (240-314-5055)
If there is no hotline for the field you are scheduled to play on, it is the responsibility of the home team manager to check the field at least 4 hours in advance of game time and make a decision as to weather or not a game can be played on that field. 

In the event of a cancellation (regardless of whether there is a hotline # or not), the home team manager must contact the following at least two hours before game time:
(1) Ray Taylor, Umpire Commissioner (240-463-9707) for 9u-14u, for 18uA/AA contact Don Mayer (301-848-1905) and contact Al Battista (301-919-9007) for 18uAAA. 
(2) Opposing team manager
(3) Home Team manager must post game as POSTPONED on this website (go to Game Results).

Note, even if a Regional Park with a hotline is closed, the home team manager MUST make contact with the above parties for any game scheduled that cannot be played.

Important Information:
9u/10u's and 11u/12u's typically pitch from 46' and 50', respectively.  However, managers and coaches in these divisions are reminded that it is the responsibility of the HOME team to provide a pitching rubber and spikes and the below listed distances are to be used ONLY if a permanent mound in the ground creates a safety issue for the pitcher when he strides. 

9u/10 pitching distance of 46' will move to 44'


11u pitching distance of 50’ will move to 48’

12u pitching distance of 50’ will move to 52’
Also, the HOME team must provide bases and spikes if permanent bases are not available at the appropriate distances.  Do not assume that all regional parks will have bases set in the ground (i.e. bring a set of bases just in case).


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Friends of Montgomery County Baseball,


A new Facebook page dedicated to raising the profile of baseball in Montgomery County has been launched. Information from all leagues, programs, teams, and players is welcomed, especially information about deadlines and opportunities. This page is intended to allow league and program officials, coaches, parents, and players, to share information in a positive, constructive manner. It will remain up so long as the community finds it helpful.


Please help us get the word out about this new Facebook page. If your league or program has information about upcoming events or deadlines, please consider posting them to this page. The page is not formally affiliated with any single organization, largely to minimize adverse impact should the website be abused in any way.  The more information posted, the more visitors the page will receive.  Parents are encouraged to visit and  spread the word about upcoming deadlines that teams or players may be facing.


Please get the word out and join us on Facebook at


Cheers, Dan


Dan Walker

Member, Montgomery County Baseball Association Board of Directors




Upcoming Games

Thursday, Jun 30
Senior Division (18uA/AA) - Summer League
Bethesda Bards (18uA) @ Clarksburg Coyotes5:30pmRidge Road #1
Derwood Colonels @ Maryland Falcons5:45pmOBGC Community Park #1
Burtonsville Panthers @ Potomac Cavaliers5:45pmThe Heights School
Bethesda Bards @ RM Rockets5:45pmWheaton Regional Park # 6
Urbana Hawks @ Olney Warriors8:00pmOlney Manor Park #1
WHC Renegades Black @ Maryland Mustangs8:00pmRidge Road #1
Senior Division (18uAAA) - Summer League
Potomac Bulldogs @ Bethesda Blast5:45pmChurchill HS
Randolph Cavaliers @ WHC Renegades5:45pmRiver Hill High School
TPSS Blazers @ RM Rockets5:45pmWheaton Regional Park # 1
Friday, Jul 1
Senior Division (18uA/AA) - Summer League
Bethesda Bards @ Maryland Falcons (18uA)5:30pmBlair High School # 1
Burtonsville Wildebeest @ Damascus Cougars5:30pmCabin John Regional Park # 1
Silver Spring Gladiators @ Potomac Cavaliers5:45pmThe Heights School
Urbana Hawks @ TPSS Blazers (18uA)8:00pmBlair High School # 1
Senior Division (18uAAA) - Summer League
Randolph Cavaliers @ TPSS Blazers5:45pmKennedy High School
NW Jaguars @ Maryland Falcons5:45pmNorthwest High School
Bethesda Blast @ Poolesville Baseball5:45pmPoolesville High School
MVAA Baseball @ North Bethesda Wildcats8:00pmCabin John Regional Park # 1
Potomac Bulldogs @ WHC Renegades8:00pmWheaton Regional Park # 1
Tuesday, Jul 5
Senior Division (18uA/AA) - Summer League
Bethesda Bards (18uA) @ WHC Renegades Black5:30pmWheaton Regional Park # 1
Burtonsville Panthers @ Derwood Colonels5:45pmOBGC Community Park #1
RM Rockets @ Maryland Falcons5:45pmWheaton Regional Park # 6
Senior Division (18uAAA) - Summer League
MVAA Baseball @ NW Jaguars5:45pmNorthwest High School
Middletown Knights @ Poolesville Baseball5:45pmPoolesville High School
RM Rockets @ Rockville Baseball Club5:45pmRockville High School
Wednesday, Jul 6
Senior Division (18uA/AA) - Summer League
WHC Renegades Black @ Burtonsville Wildebeest5:30pmOlney Manor Park #1
Urbana Hawks @ Clarksburg Coyotes5:45pmClarksburg High School
Potomac Cavaliers @ Maryland Mustangs5:45pmLoats Park
Rockville Patriots @ Maryland Falcons (18uA)8:00pmOlney Manor Park #1
Senior Division (18uAAA) - Summer League
WHC Renegades @ RM Rockets5:30pmRidge Road #1
Bethesda Blast @ Randolph Cavaliers5:45pmKennedy High School
TPSS Blazers @ Rockville Baseball Club5:45pmRockville High School
Thursday, Jul 7
Senior Division (18uA/AA) - Summer League
TPSS Blazers (18uA) @ Damascus Cougars5:45pmDamascus HS
Poolesville Baseball (18uA) @ Olney Warriors5:45pmOBGC Community Park #1
Burtonsville Wildebeest @ Maryland Falcons (18uA)8:00pmOlney Manor Park #1
Senior Division (18uAAA) - Summer League
Maryland Falcons @ Potomac Bulldogs5:45pmChurchill HS
Middletown Knights @ RM Rockets8:00pmRidge Road #1
Friday, Jul 8
Senior Division (18uA/AA) - Summer League
Maryland Falcons @ TPSS Blazers (18uA)5:30pmOlney Manor Park #1
Silver Spring Gladiators @ Rockville Patriots5:45pmNorthwood High School
Derwood Colonels @ WHC Renegades Black5:45pmOBGC Community Park #1
Burtonsville Wildebeest @ Burtonsville Panthers5:45pmPaint Branch High School
Poolesville Baseball (18uA) @ RM Rockets5:45pmPoolesville High School
Bethesda Bards (18uA) @ Potomac Cavaliers5:45pmThe Heights School
Bethesda Bards @ Maryland Mustangs8:00pmLoats Park
Senior Division (18uAAA) - Summer League
NW Jaguars @ Randolph Cavaliers5:30pmWheaton Regional Park # 1
Randolph Cavaliers @ NW Jaguars8:00pmWheaton Regional Park # 1
Saturday, Jul 9
Senior Division (18uA/AA) - Summer League
Damascus Cougars @ Bethesda Bards (18uA)9:30amRidge Road #1
Maryland Falcons (18uA) @ Urbana Hawks9:30amUrbana HS
Burtonsville Panthers @ Maryland Falcons10:00amPaint Branch High School
Maryland Mustangs @ Silver Spring Gladiators12:00pmNorthwood High School
Clarksburg Coyotes @ Bethesda Bards5:30pmWheaton Regional Park # 1
Senior Division (18uAAA) - Summer League
Poolesville Baseball @ Potomac Bulldogs11:30amPoolesville High School
Middletown Knights @ TPSS Blazers12:00pmMiddletown High School
MVAA Baseball @ Rockville Baseball Club12:00pmMiddletown Pk
North Bethesda Wildcats @ RM Rockets12:00pmRidge Road #1
Potomac Bulldogs @ Poolesville Baseball2:00pmPoolesville High School
RM Rockets @ North Bethesda Wildcats2:30pmRidge Road #1
TPSS Blazers @ Middletown Knights3:00pmMiddletown High School
Rockville Baseball Club @ MVAA Baseball3:00pmMiddletown Pk
Maryland Falcons @ WHC Renegades5:30pmOlney Manor Park #1
WHC Renegades @ Maryland Falcons8:00pmOlney Manor Park #1
Sunday, Jul 10
Senior Division (18uA/AA) - Summer League
TPSS Blazers (18uA) @ RM Rockets12:00pmCabin John Regional Park # 1
WHC Renegades Black @ Poolesville Baseball (18uA)12:00pmPoolesville High School
Clarksburg Coyotes @ Derwood Colonels2:00pmOBGC Community Park #1
Monday, Jul 11
Senior Division (18uA/AA) - Summer League
TPSS Blazers (18uA) @ Maryland Falcons (18uA)5:30pmOlney Manor Park #1
WHC Renegades Black @ Damascus Cougars5:30pmRidge Road #1
Silver Spring Gladiators @ Maryland Falcons5:45pmNorthwood High School
Olney Warriors @ Rockville Patriots5:45pmOBGC Community Park #1
Bethesda Bards (18uA) @ Burtonsville Panthers5:45pmPaint Branch High School
Urbana Hawks @ Derwood Colonels8:00pmOlney Manor Park #1
Senior Division (18uAAA) - Summer League
RM Rockets @ Bethesda Blast5:30pmWheaton Regional Park # 1
Randolph Cavaliers @ Maryland Falcons5:45pmKennedy High School
Potomac Bulldogs @ Middletown Knights5:45pmMiddletown High School
Rockville Baseball Club @ WHC Renegades5:45pmRockville High School
Tuesday, Jul 12
Senior Division (18uA/AA) - Summer League
RM Rockets @ Olney Warriors5:45pmOBGC Community Park #1
Potomac Cavaliers @ Poolesville Baseball (18uA)5:45pmPoolesville High School
Bethesda Bards @ Burtonsville Wildebeest5:45pmWheaton Regional Park # 6
Senior Division (18uAAA) - Summer League
NW Jaguars @ North Bethesda Wildcats5:30pmWheaton Regional Park # 1
Poolesville Baseball @ MVAA Baseball5:45pmMiddletown Pk

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