Last Updated: May 19, 2017
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Hits for Harper

Harper Greene is a three year old, energetic little boy.  He is the son of Nick and Chasidy Greene, and the twin brother of Hayden Greene.  He is also the nephew to two of our coaches, Leslie and Eric Blackwell in the Pee Wee division.  In December 2015, Harper was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) at the age of 2.  Harper is currently undergoing treatment and will continue those treatments for the next 2 years to ensure the cancer has been eradicated. 

Harper's father, Nick, is a firefighter with the city of Clarksville.  His mother, Chasidy, is an elementary teacher but has had to quit work to be able to stay at home with him due to his health. 

This 2017 Little League season will be dedicated to Harper.  We will be selling shirts pictured below.  All proceeds will go to the Harper Greene Cancer fund that is set up at Cumberland Bank and Trust to help with medical, travel, and food expenses.  If you would like to purchase a shirt, please contact a board member.  Adult shirts are $15 and youth shirts are $12.  Thank you for taking a Hit for Harper.  



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Upcoming Games/Practices

Monday, May 22
Major Baseball
Red Sox @ Red Sox5:30pmConcession stand
Nationals @ Padres6:00pmField 3
Braves @ Storm7:30pmField 3
Minor Baseball
Braves @ A's6:00pmField 7
PEEWEE Baseball
Owlz @ Mets6:00pmField 8
Braves @ Owlz7:30pmField 8
Tee Ball
Cubs @ Arsenal6:00pmField 5
Reds @ Braves7:15pmField 5
Season Curry @ Board Member5:30pmConcession stand
PW Softball
Angels @ Ice Queens7:30pmField 1
MJ Softball
Blue Flames @ Lady Indians6:00pmField 1
Tuesday, May 23
Junior Baseball
Northwest @ Montgomery Central7:00pmMCHS Field
Minor Baseball
Braves @ Braves5:30pmConcession stand
Jays @ A's6:00pmField 7
Cubs @ Orioles7:30pmField 7
Tee Ball
Yankees @ Tigers6:00pmField 5
Indians @ Cardinals7:15pmField 5
Brent Apodaca @ Board Member5:30pmConcession stand
TB Softball
Rugrats @ Lady Cubs6:00pmField 6
Cardinals @ Little Lady Indians7:30pmField 6
MN Softball
Wicked @ Benchwarmers6:00pmField 1
Lady Indians @ Wicked7:30pmField 1
Wednesday, May 24
Major Baseball
Red Sox @ Storm6:00pmField 4
Storm @ Red Sox7:30pmField 4
Thursday, May 25
Major Baseball
Nationals @ Braves6:00pmField 3
Red Sox @ Padres6:00pmField 4
Braves @ Nationals7:30pmField 3
Padres @ Red Sox7:30pmField 4
PEEWEE Baseball
Owlz @ Braves6:00pmField 8
Bats @ Mets7:30pmField 8
Tee Ball
Cardinals @ Indians6:00pmField 5
Reds @ Yankees7:15pmField 5
Dwight Byard @ Board Member5:30pmConcession stand
TB Softball
Cardinals @ Lady Cubs6:00pmField 6
Rugrats @ Little Lady Indians7:30pmField 6
PW Softball
Ice Queens @ Angels6:00pmField 2
MJ Softball
Crushers @ Blue Flames6:00pmField 1
Blue Flames @ Lady Indians7:30pmField 1
Friday, May 26
Minor Baseball
Braves @ Jays6:00pmField 7
A's @ Cubs7:30pmField 7
PEEWEE Baseball
Bats @ Pirates6:00pmField 8
Tee Ball
Cubs @ Braves6:00pmField 5
Arsenal @ Tigers7:15pmField 5
Kim Harris @ Board Member5:30pmConcession stand
MN Softball
Benchwarmers @ Wicked6:00pmField 1
Lady Indians @ Benchwarmers7:30pmField 1
MJ Softball
Lady Indians @ Lady Indians5:00pmConcession stand
Monday, May 29
Major Baseball
Braves @ Red Sox6:00pmField 3
Padres @ Storm7:30pmField 3
Minor Baseball
Jays @ Jays5:30pmConcession stand
PEEWEE Baseball
Bats @ Owlz6:00pmField 8
Pirates @ Braves7:30pmField 8
Mack McDaniel @ Board Member5:30pmConcession stand

For a complete schedule listing, click here!