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Baskets For Barnum

Monday May 18 at 615 we will be holding a benefit game for Mike Barnum at Selden.  Tickets are $5, we will have a 50/50, Chinese auction and various other Items. Please come and help us raise some cash to help Mike!!

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Thanks, Dave Groeneveld


Coach Rob Sandford,a treasured volunteer of MCSA Boys Basketball is also the author of Mr. Yahooty. A wonderful book about a child's ability to over come adversity while restoring his confidence. It is set around a boys day, and his trip to the local park and its basketball playground.

I have read Mr. Yahooty and will tell you it is a great book, and would recommend it to anyone. The Book is $12.00 and can be purchased by getting in touch with me either by email, phone or at the gym's. I would love for every child in the league to read this book, it would hit home with most of them. My son Willy read the book, loved it and did his book report on it as well. Believe he got a 105% on it, free copies of his book report available with purchase of book as well! ha ha. Contact me at


Thank you.
Dave Groeneveld