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4 Roles at Youth Basketball Games


Attention Parents - A volunteer from each team is needed to help with the scorebook and clock. Please take a couple minutes to watch this scorebook video.


In addition to new registration process, we have also updated the waiver info including info on concussions. In the "Informed Consent About Concussions or Head Injuries" portion of registration you will notice required view of CDC Concussion Video. Safety is a priority, so we've posted the video here as well.  CDC Concussion Awareness


Monday Dec 11 @ SMS

6:00 Gators vs Tarheels

7:00 Magic vs Nets

8:00 Pelican vs Thunder


Saturday December 16th @ HOMS

                    CT1                                       CT2

 8:15 Sharks vs Stallions                  Bulldogs vs Titans

 9:15 Falcons vs Tigers                Blue Devils vs Wolverines              

10:15 Stallions vs Jags                 Hurricanes vs Shockers  

11:15                                              Wildcats vs Hoosiers            

12:30 Cavs vs Raptors

 1:30 Celtics vs Pistons

 2:30 Heat vs Pacers

 3:30 Mavs vs Spurs

 4:30 Bulls vs Nets

 5:30 Warriors vs Spurs







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