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Mission Statement


We are committed to providing a positive environment for our daughters to become tough ball players. Softball provides a unique opportunity for girls to build confidence, increases their strength on and off the field, and teaches them to be a part of a team. These are skills that the girls can use throughout their lives.


Mesquite Fastpitch has softball for most ages. We play fastpitch softball, except for our 6U (T-Ball) and 8U (machine pitch) divisions. The games are played during the week with options to play in tournaments on many weekends for an additional fee per team. Tournaments give the girls extra games to increase their skill level.
Spring season: Consists of -BlastBall $25 (8 games) T-Ball $75 (12 games) 8U,10U & 14U $75 (12 games), season begins Week of March 20, 2017. Trophies are awarded for 1st ,2nd and 3rd place in each age group.                         ($75 Covers the following: City Fee, Clinic, Insurance, Umpires and Score Keepers)
Deadline for registration is March 1.
 Summer season: Consists of (8 games) for BlastBall,T-Ball, 8U mp - 10U & 14U -  NO Trophies are awarded. Blast ball fee is $25 per player all other age groups (T-Ball,8U mp,10U & 14U) are $450 per team up to 12 players any additional player is $45 max of 14 on roster.
Deadline for registration is July 1.
Fall season:Consists of(8 games)for BlastBall,T-Ball,8U MP,10U, 12U & 14U-High School NO Trophies are awarded.Blast ball fee is $25 per player all other age groups(T-Ball,8U MP,10U,12U,14u & High School)are $45 per player.Season set to start the week of September 12th.
Deadline for registration is Sept. 1.


Blast Ball ages 3-4
T-ball 6U ages 4-6
Machine Pitch 8U ages 7-8
Fastpitch 10U ages 9-10
Fastpitch 14U ages 11,12,13,14
High School 15UP ages 15-18


The age of the child on January 1st, of the current year.

Blast Ball is a great way to give your youngster a head start in preparing for T-ball. Parents are allowed on the field with the kids. Boys are welcome to join in the fun.

High school softball is extremely competitive. The earlier you involve your daughter in softball the better chance she has of making the team in high school. The Mesquite Fastpitch Softball Association takes pride in preparing young girls for a future in softball. Many girls who have been involved in the league have received scholarships to play for many different colleges.


A PayPal account is not necessary to use this service. Be sure to notice the link to 'Add' the player/team information. Without that information the money can not be properly allocated.


When paying online with PayPal for MFSA league play - for accounting purposes you must include players name, age division and team name(if already on a team). Look for the 'ADD' hyperlink found after your name & address on checkout page. When registering for a tournament ASA or VTD, please include team name, age division, tournament name/date and name of head coach.

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Clinics, tournaments and league play all equate to a positive softball experience for our girls!! Volunteer TODAY!

Field Conditions

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City of Mesquite Field Conditions:



NOTE from the Scheduling Coordinator: If you come across any conflicts with the schedule send a short explanation email to Tim Taylor - Scheduling Coordinator
**Schedule changes** Please note that the website is the official place for the scheduling of MFSA league games.


Scroll to the bottom of this page for weekly or click on 'Schedules' under MFSA Menu and pick the division for entire season.


Wednesday, Apr 26
Hit and Run @ Texas Futures6:30pmField 1
Lady Strikers @ Texas Royalty6:30pmField 2
Dream Team @ Texas Twisters6:30pmField 3
Panthers @ Heat6:30pmField 4
Dallas Tigers @ Chaos7:45pmField 3
Panthers @ Lady Strikers7:45pmField 4
14 under
Texas Heat 14U @ Travelers7:45pmField 1
Afterschock @ SWAT7:45pmField 2
Thursday, Apr 27
Auto Bots @ Decepticons6:00pmField 1
Aces of Bases @ Lil Rangers-B6:00pmField 2
Ladybugs @ Lil Rangers6:00pmField 3
Aces of Bases @ Dallas Kittens-DK16:30pmField 1
Pink Socks @ Dallas Kittens-DK26:30pmField 2
Lady Strikers @ Lady Outlaws6:30pmField 3
Diamond Divas @ Texas Thunder6:30pmField 4
Dallas Kittens @ The Lady Aces7:45pmField 1
Lady Knights @ Diamond Divas7:45pmField 2
Reign @ Lady Strikers7:45pmField 3
Monday, May 1
Victory @ Lady Strikers6:30pmField 1
Texas Twisters @ Hit and Run6:30pmField 2
Texas Royalty @ Dream Team6:30pmField 3
Lady Strikers @ Panthers6:30pmField 4
Chaos @ Heat7:45pmField 3
Rippers @ Dallas Tigers7:45pmField 4
14 under
SWAT @ Dallas Tigers7:45pmField 1
Texas Heat 14U @ Afterschock7:45pmField 2
Wednesday, May 3
Lil Rangers @ Auto Bots6:00pmField 1
Ladybugs @ Lil Rangers-B6:00pmField 2
Aces of Bases @ Decepticons6:00pmField 3
Lady Outlaws @ Aces of Bases6:30pmField 1
Dallas Kittens-DK2 @ Lady Strikers6:30pmField 2
Dallas Kittens-DK1 @ Pink Socks6:30pmField 3
Reign @ Dallas Kittens7:45pmField 1
Lady Strikers @ Texas Thunder7:45pmField 2
Diamond Divas @ The Lady Aces7:45pmField 3
Thursday, May 4
Lil Rangers @ Lil Rangers-B6:00pmField 1
Auto Bots @ Aces of Bases6:00pmField 2
Ladybugs @ Decepticons6:00pmField 3
Lady Outlaws @ Dallas Kittens-DK26:30pmField 1
Aces of Bases @ Pink Socks6:30pmField 2
Lady Strikers @ Dallas Kittens-DK16:30pmField 3
Lady Strikers @ Lady Knights7:45pmField 1
Diamond Divas @ Dallas Kittens7:45pmField 2
The Lady Aces @ Texas Thunder7:45pmField 3
Monday, May 8
Dream Team @ Lady Strikers6:30pmField 1
Texas Futures @ Texas Royalty6:30pmField 2
Hit and Run @ Victory6:30pmField 3
Panthers @ Heat6:30pmField 4
Lady Strikers @ Rippers7:45pmField 3
Chaos @ Dallas Tigers7:45pmField 4
14 under
Afterschock @ Dallas Tigers7:45pmField 1
Travelers @ SWAT7:45pmField 2
Thursday, May 11
Lil Rangers @ Aces of Bases6:00pmField 1
Lil Rangers-B @ Decepticons6:00pmField 2
Ladybugs @ Auto Bots6:00pmField 3
Lady Outlaws @ Pink Socks6:30pmField 1
Dallas Kittens-DK1 @ Dallas Kittens-DK26:30pmField 2
Aces of Bases @ Lady Strikers6:30pmField 3
Diamond Divas @ Reign7:45pmField 1
The Lady Aces @ Lady Knights7:45pmField 2
Texas Thunder @ Dallas Kittens7:45pmField 3
Monday, May 15
Texas Twisters @ Texas Futures6:30pmField 1
Victory @ Dream Team6:30pmField 2
Texas Royalty @ Hit and Run6:30pmField 3
Dallas Tigers @ Panthers6:30pmField 4
Chaos @ Rippers7:45pmField 3
Lady Strikers @ Heat7:45pmField 4
14 under
Afterschock @ Travelers7:45pmField 1
Texas Heat 14U @ Dallas Tigers7:45pmField 2
Thursday, May 18
Aces of Bases @ Lady Outlaws6:30pmField 1
Lady Strikers @ Dallas Kittens-DK26:30pmField 2
Dallas Kittens-DK1 @ Pink Socks6:30pmField 3
Lady Strikers @ The Lady Aces7:45pmField 1
Reign @ Texas Thunder7:45pmField 2
Lady Knights @ Dallas Kittens7:45pmField 3
Monday, May 22
Hit and Run @ Dream Team6:30pmField 1
Texas Twisters @ Victory6:30pmField 2
Texas Futures @ Lady Strikers6:30pmField 3
Dallas Tigers @ Lady Strikers6:30pmField 4
Heat @ Rippers7:45pmField 3
Panthers @ Chaos7:45pmField 4
14 under
Travelers @ Texas Heat 14U7:45pmField 1
SWAT @ Afterschock7:45pmField 2

For a complete schedule listing, click here!