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2015 Division FLAG and 1A Playoffs Brackets
2015 Division 2A and 3A Playoffs Brackets
LEAGUE MEETING Sunday, July 19, 2015
III Fellas BBQ
2015 MEYFL Schedule
2015 Playoffs Standings/Schedule

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The Tradition Continues!!!

Now Available: Maps, Directions, Standings, Schedules and Weekly Scores!!!

The Metroplex Youth Football League would like to thank you for visiting our league website. Please sign our guestbook before you leave this site. This is a youth football league that prepares the youth for junior high and high school football. To enhance, develop, and make as many young athletes as possible, the best that they can be in a positive, challenging, and competitive environment which develops success skills and a commitment to excellence through the sport of football.

Here at the Metroplex Youth Football League we have four different age groups of competitive football.

Freshmen - Flag (ages 4-6), No Maximum Offensive Back Weight
Sophomores - 1A (ages 7-8), Max. Offensive Back Weight 105 pounds
Juniors - 2A (ages 9-10), Max. Offensive Back Weight 125 pounds
Seniors - 3A (ages 11-12), Max. Offensive Back Weight 160 pounds

Age groups determined by age as of August 1, 2015

2015 MEYFL Schedule



2121 Northwest Hwy, Garland, TX 75041 


WHEN:  Sunday, July 19, 2015  


TIME:  5:00pm - 6:00pm



NOTE:  Due to number of organizations involved this season, please limit attendance to maximum of (3) persons per organization.

There are major rule changes adopted for the 2015 football season.

Age Groups for 2015

Flag division: players aged 6 years old or younger on August 1 of the current year. 
1A (8-Under) Division: players aged 7 and 8 years old on August 1 of the current year. 
2A (10-Under) Division: players aged 9 and 10 years old on August 1 of the current year. 
3A (12-Under) Division: players aged 11 and 12 years old on August 1 of the current year.

(If your child turns 13 before August 1, 2015, he is NOT ELIGIBLE to participate in this football league. Cheer and Drill goes up to 13.)

Ball carrier weight limit

Flag division: No ballcarrier weight limit.
1A (8-Under) division: 105 Lbs
2A (10-Under) division: 125 Lbs
3A (12-Under) division: 160 Lbs

Metroplex Elite would like to thank III Fellas BBQ for graciously hosting our meetings



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