2017 Registration

If you are interested in signing up your child for the 2017 season please note that each Mid-Florida Pop Warner organization manages their own registration. You can click on the ASSOCIATIONS link to visit the website of the association for which you are zoned. If you are unsure of which association your child is zoned for please click on our BOUNDARIES link. 



2016 MFPW Scholastic First Team

Congratulations to the 207 student-athletes for making it to the MFPW Scholastic First Team. Each of the participants below maintained a Pop Warner GPA of 98.5 or higher during the 2015-2016 school year and will be honored at the annual MFPW scholastics banquet held at The Rosen Shingle Creek on February 4th, 2017.


5th GRADE   6th GRADE   7th GRADE   8th GRADE
Gavin Adams, Clermont, Football   Hailey Burke, Clermont, Cheer   Nathaniel Assenmacher, Hagerty, Football   Victoria Acosta, Avalon, Cheer
Alyssa Anderson, Lake Brantley, Cheer   Nathan Butler, St. Cloud, Football   Isiah Barkett, Oviedo, Football   Kathryn Anderson, Lake Brantley, Cheer
Emily Anderson, Lake Brantley, Cheer   Jacob Byars, South Orlando, Football   Ianni Burroughs, Avalon, Cheer   Cole Apen, Lake Highland, Football
Jaylyn Armstrong, Lake Highland, Football   Jayden Camacho, St. Cloud, Football   Matthew Chandler, Hagerty, Football   Clayton Boroski, St. Cloud, Football
Allison Baker, Lake Brantley, Cheer   William Carter, South Orlando, Football   Phillip Clancy, St. Cloud, Football   Stone Boss, Lake Brantley , Football
Taryn Barger, St. Cloud, Cheer   Emiley Coad, Lake Howell, Cheer   Ryan Cody, Lake Brantley, Football   Trent Parker Bramlett, Harmony, Football
JenaMarie Blevins, Lake Brantley, Cheer   Hailey Coad, Lake Howell, Cheer   Ivelysee Cotto, Winter Park, Cheer   Kenneth Bright, East Ridge, Football
Brintlee Burchfield, Clermont, Cheer   Ethon Cole, South Lake, Football   Ryan Cox, AValon, Football   Elijah Brown, Winter Park, Football
Kaitlyn Buttiglieri, Avalon, Cheer   Jonathan Colon, Lake Mary , Football   Hanna Creech, Harmony, Cheer   Madisyn Burchfield, Clermont, Cheer
Noah Carr, St. Cloud, Football   Jailah Dudley, West Orange, Cheer   Haley Debrecht, Harmony, Cheer   Michael Carter, Clermont, Football
Caden Chapman, Hagerty, Football   Jonathan Everett, East Ridge, Football   Hannah Debrecht, Harmony, Cheer   Jordan Cartier, Avalon, Cheer
Lukas Crawley, Oviedo, Football   Alexandria Ferguson, South Lake, Cheer   Kobe Diggs, Leesburg, Football   Stacy Chiok, Avalon, Cheer
Brielle Dougherty, Avalon, Cheer   Giovanni Galloway, Oviedo, Football   Julianna DiOrio, Lake Brantley, Cheer   Christina Conenna, Olympia, Cheer
Brant Gaston, Harmony, Football   Christopher Gillon, Lake Brantley , Football   Donovan Elkins, South Orlando, Football   Carson Conley, Lake Mary , Football
Jorden Gilbert, Azalea Park, Football   Asiana Govan, Olympia, Football   Ryan Farwig, Hagerty, Football   Casey Craig, Avalon, Cheer
Blake Golding, Winter Springs, Football   Regan Grady, Avalon, Cheer   Braden Giambalvo, Lake Howell, Football   A'myiah Edmond, Apopka, Cheer
Anderson Heap, Harmony, Football   Katherine Hanks, South Orlando, Cheer   Lily Golembowski, Winter Park, Cheer   William Halligan, Winter Park, Football
Jackson Hughes, Clermont, Football   Bennett Junod, Winter Park, Football   Benjamin Greeno, South Orlando, Football   Kacy Heffernan, Avalon, Cheer
Kaitlyn Hughes, Lake Brantley, Cheer   Hayley Kintner, Clermont, Cheer   Zane Gutch, South Orlando, Football   Julie Hicks, St. Cloud, Cheer
Mackenzie Kelly, Avalon, Cheer   Phillip Lamendola, Olympia, Football   Taylor Hauk, Winter Springs, Cheer   Tan Hogue, Lake Brantley , Football
Grayson Lee, Lake Highland, Football   DeWitt Madison, Oviedo, Cheer   Avery Heap, Harmony, Cheer   Kaeden Hunter, Avalon, Football
Elaina Loria, Lake Mary, Cheer   Alec Malone, Azalea Park, Football   Sarah Henderson, Clermont, Cheer   Kailee Johnsen, Harmony, Cheer
Evan Lusher, Hagerty, Football   William McDonald, South Orlando, Football   Kyle Homan, Dr. Phillips, Football   Dillan Jones, Winter Park, Football
Ryan Magee, Lake Highland, Football   Ryan Mills, South Orlando, Football   Hannah Jenkins, Harmony, Cheer   Jack Keiber, West Orange, Football
Ciara Maple, Umatilla, Cheer   Jacob Mitchell, South Orlando, Football   Tyler Johannes, Hagerty, Football   Tyler Kelly, Avalon, Football
Sydney Marshall, Lake Mary, Cheer   Rebecca Montanez, Lake Brantley, Cheer   Garrett Jorgensen, Winter Park, Football   Erica LaPine, Ocoee, Cheer
Ava Metzger, Avalon, Cheer   Alexandra Poreda, Clermont, Cheer   Gabriel Kenes, South Lake, Football   Blake Leimgruber, Lake Mary , Football
Camden Miller, Winter Park, Football   Brasen Powers, Winter Park, Football   Daniel Kind, Lake Highland, Football   Ashley Marchiony, Avalon, Cheer
Charlee Nyquist, Lake Mary, Football   Nicholas Rose, Clermont, Football   Lukas Lockaby, Avalon, Football   Jenna Marinello, Avalon, Cheer
Ryan Padron, South Orlando, Football   Ben Santorelli, Clermont, Football   Santiago Madisyn, Avalon, Cheer   Justin McLees, Clermont, Football
Kamila Patterson, South Central, Cheer   Jensen Seidl, South Orlando, Cheer   Kaitlyn McDonald, Clermont, Cheer   Brianna McLees, Clermont, Cheer
Aiden Pezzutti, Avalon, Football   Hailey Stark, Umatilla, Cheer   Max Mortensen, Harmony, Football   Edward Menello, Lake Mary , Football
Noah Phelan, Lake Highland, Football   Jacob Sukut, Azalea Park, Football   Riley Mulligan, West Orange, Football   Zion Elijah Miller, Winter Park, Football
Madalyn Propst, Lake Brantley, Cheer   Anthony Teter, Olympia, Football   Donovan Narvaiz, Azalea Park, Football   Lucas Monaco, Lake Mary , Football
Rachel Rupchand, Harmony, Cheer   Dylan Thomaselli, Clermont, Football   Mason Norwood, Lake Brantley, Football   Victoria Morris, Avalon, Cheer
Brayden Rust, Lake Highland, Football   Elijah Thomson, Avalon, Football   Thomas O'Shaughnessy, Lake Highland, Football   Morgan Mustoe, Avalon, Cheer
Malia Scrofani, Avalon, Cheer   Ryan Thornton, Lake Howell, Football   Nicholas Pacy, Winter Springs, Football   Mackenzie Mustoe, Avalon, Cheer
Kemp Shelby, Umatilla, Cheer   Ava Trybus, South Orlando, Cheer   Nolan Parlette, Hagerty, Football   Nicholas Norton, Lake Howell, Football
Matthew Sheldon, Olympia, Football   Jacob Watson, South Orlando, Football   Abraham Pezzutti, Avalon, Football   Sierra Orie, Avalon, Cheer
Grant Smith, Hagerty, Football       Dennis Proulx, Avalon, Football   Summer Orie, Avalon, Cheer
Chlolee Stanley, Clermont, Cheer       Cole Rountree, South Lake, Football   Zac Pearson, East Ridge , Football
Liam Sweeney, Olympia, Football       Logan Sanchez, West Orange, Football   Nathan Petters, Lake Brantley , Football
Ladainian Sweeney, Dr. Phillips, Football       David Sebert, Avalon, Football   Samantha Poreda, Clermont, Cheer
Dyan Tucker, Lyman, Football       Kendall Sims, Winter Springs, Cheer   Emily Reid, Harmony, Cheer
Landon Tugrul, Avalon , Football       Mason Smith, Avalon, Football   Giovanni Rivers, Clermont, Football
Dominik Venta, Leesburg, Football       Gannon Stoner, Lake Mary, Football   Julia Rupchand, Harmony, Cheer
Colin Walsh, Lake Howell, Football       Emily Touchet, Apopka, Cheer   Eben Shears, West Orange, Football
Kailyn Warwick, Lake Brantley, Cheer       Travis Valentine, West Orange, Football   Brianna Shiver, Avalon, Cheer
Ayden Washington , Azalea Park, Football       Alonzo Williams III, Avalon, Football   Abigail Smith, Avalon, Cheer
Thomas Webb, Ocoee, Football       Adam Yche, Dr. Phillips, Football   Brianna Smith, Ocoee, Cheer
Jewels West, Lake Howell, Cheer       Maya Zurey, Avalon, Cheer   Ellison St John, Avalon, Cheer
Robert Whittington, South Orlando, Football           Sydney Steiner, Apopka, Cheer
Richard Wigington, Lake Mary, Football           Annabelle Stube, Umatilla, Cheer
Syriah Williams, Umatilla, Cheer           Brogan Tagman, South Orlando, Football
Curtis Leroy Argroves, Lyman, Football           Ammir Thomas, Lake Highland, Football
            Bryan Thompson, East Ridge, Football
            Isabella Urena, Apopka, Cheer
            Daniella Vega, Avalon, Cheer
            Dorian Venta, Leesburg, Football
            Jordan Wiernik, Avalon, Football
            Wyatt Wilson, Hagerty, Football
            Lanie Yeager, Harmony, Cheer



Pop Warner PSA
The Mid-Florida Board of Directors encourages all parents, coaches, players and cheerleaders to watch this public service announcement from Pop Warner.