Last Updated: May 6, 2016 


Click here to purchase tickets and get more information for our Annual Somerset Patriots Night on May 20th, 2016.

Upcoming Games

Friday, May 6
Major Division A
Giants @ Mets8:00pmSteve Fellin Field
Minor Division A
Angels @ Blue Jays5:30pmBound Brook Majors
Minor Division B
Rangers @ Yankees5:30pmSteve Fellin Field
Orioles @ White Sox8:00pmBound Brook Majors
Saturday, May 7
Major Division A
Phillies @ Braves7:00pmSteve Fellin Field
Major Division B
Cardinals @ Dodgers2:00pmBound Brook Majors
Reds @ Pirates4:30pmSteve Fellin Field
Monday, May 9
Major Division A
Reds @ Giants6:00pmSteve Fellin Field
Minor Division A
Rangers @ Orioles5:45pmMauger Field # 2

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