Last Updated: June 27, 2017

The Mid-Iowa Baseball League

Online Registration

Players & Managers, updated 6/16/17:

Online registration remains available, however all team-specific forms have been deactivated.  The only fee required as part of the registration process from this point forward in 2017 will be the MSBL National Fee of $26 + a $1.50 processing fee ($27.50).  Managers will be responsible for collecting any other team fees due to them directly from the player.

Players Registered & Paid - Updated 6/26/17  (Please note:  This form is updated manually, not real-time, & will be updated as time allows.)


League Page on Facebook & Twitter

Please like us on Facebook!  We hope to utilize our League's Facebook page more often this year, especially to pass along information regarding rainouts and league activities.  The Facebook button at the lower left of this homepage will take you to our League page on Facebook.  The following link will take you to the Facebook page of our National organization, Men's Senior Baseball.

Follow us on Twitter too: @midiowabaseball

MSBL Sports Store Specials

Click here for the current specials at MSBL Sports Store, available to all league members.


Famous Quote

Life will always throw curves; just keep fouling them off.  The right pitch will come.  And when it does, be prepared to run the bases." ~Unknown

"It's hard to beat a person who never gives up." ~Babe Ruth


Upcoming Games/Practices

Tuesday, Jun 27
35+ Bill Hyland MSBL
Woodpeckers @ Heat7:30pmSimpson
Wednesday, Jun 28
45+ Bill Hyland MSBL
Yankees @ Twins7:30pmCownie
Blues @ Wildcats7:30pmSimpson
Thursday, Jun 29
35+ Bill Hyland MSBL
Cubs @ Demons7:30pmCownie
Bulldogs @ Reds7:30pmSimpson
Sunday, Jul 2
Special Games
Astros @ Holiday12:00am
Bandits @ Holiday12:00am
Braves @ Holiday12:00am
Cardinals @ Holiday12:00am
Marlins @ Holiday12:00am
Oaks @ Holiday12:00am
Red Sox @ Holiday12:00am
Reds @ Holiday12:00am
Thunder @ Holiday12:00am
Timberwolves @ Holiday12:00am
Wednesday, Jul 5
45+ Bill Hyland MSBL
Yankees @ Blues7:30pmSimpson
Thursday, Jul 6
35+ Bill Hyland MSBL
Indians @ Reds7:30pmSimpson
Sunday, Jul 9
18+ MABL
Timberwolves @ Cardinals11:00amSimpson
Marlins @ Bandits1:00pmISU - Cap Timm
Cardinals @ Timberwolves2:00pmSimpson
Bandits @ Marlins4:00pmISU - Cap Timm
25+ MSBL
Braves @ Reds1:00pmNewton
Oaks @ Astros1:00pmSlater
Reds @ Braves4:00pmNewton
Astros @ Oaks4:00pmSlater
Thunder @ Red Sox5:00pmSimpson

For a complete schedule listing, click here!