Last Updated: July 31, 2014

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Nick Otto, 1956 - 2013

2014 - 20th Anniversary for The Mid-Iowa Baseball League

Rule Highlight - "Pitcher Fake to Third, Throw to First"

Players, Managers & Umpires:

Prior to the 2013 season, Major League Baseball (MLB) implemented a rule that a balk be issued if a pitcher fakes a throw to third, then throws to first in an attempt to pick off the runner.  The Mid-Iowa Baseball League (MIBL) does follow MLB rules in this case.  Umpires should call a balk if the pitcher makes this motion.

Please remember, in all cases, Men's Senior Baseball League (MSBL) follows MLB rules unless the rule is specifically altered in the MSBL National Rules.  MIBL first follows MLB rules, then next adheres to MSBL rules.  Our league also has approved specific alterations of MLB/MSBL rules & these are posted as our MIBL "Local" rules.

This rule is better described in section 8.05 of the MLB Official Rules of Baseball:


Mid-Iowa headlines MSBL National website

CLICK HERE for our feature article that is found on the front page of MSBL National.

Also, CLICK HERE for a recently produced video showing "why we do what we do".

35+ & 45+ Reschedules/Changes

Please review updates to the schedules for the 35/45 divisions:

45+ Changes:
Wed, July 30  Wildcats vs Grays at Simpson  (Reschedule from 6/23)


35+ Changes:

Tue, Aug 5  Bulldogs vs Yankees at Johnston  (Reschedule from 6/24)

Thr, Aug 7  Hawks vs Heat at SE Polk  (Reschedule from 7/1)

Thr, Aug 28  Demons vs Heat at Cownie  (Reschedule from 6/19);  Yankees vs Hawks moves to SE Polk

Thr, Sep 4  Woodpeckers vs Heat at Cownie  (Reschedule from 6/26); Hawks vs Demons moves to SE Polk

Tue, Sep 9  Woodpeckers vs Demons at Cownie  (Reschedule from 6/5)

Tue, Sep 9  Hawks vs Bulldogs at Johnston  (Reschedule from 6/3)

Thr, Sep 11  Yankees vs Hawks at Cownie  (Reschedule from 6/19)

Thr, Sep 11  Bulldogs vs Demons at Johnston  (Reschedule from 5/27)



Secure your valuables at the field

The league has had various reports of thefts at multiple fields already this year.  Please be sure to secure your valuables in your car or in the dugout & always keep an eye out for suspicious activity.  Please protect your personal belongings as well as the belongings of our field owners.


Please review new "Run-Rule"

Please review the new "run-rule" across all of our leagues.  This was voted on at the pre-season manager meeting:

A game shall be called complete if there is a 12-run discrepancy after 6 innings and 1.5 hours of game time has passed.


Online Registration/Waiver

MANAGERS...please have any new players register so there are no issues as the season continues.  If a person plays in a game & has not completed a waiver, a forfeit could be enforced.

Each individual player, including managers, should complete their registration for the 2014 season.  Please complete the form in its entirety and be sure to enter your information carefully and accurately.  Paper copies of the waiver remain available under the Waivers/Forms menu on the left.  Even if you complete a paper copy, you are encouraged to also complete an online waiver.

This form should only be completed by players already rostered with a team.  If you are a free agent, please do not complete until you are signed by a team.




Roster Clean-up

MANAGERS, please follow the directions below & update your team site with your current rosters.  Anyone appearing in a game must be on your roster & have a waiver completed.

Managers:  Please update your rosters with players that have agreed to play in 2014 & have completed a waiver (either online or on paper).

Any players that are deemed as "reserve/protected", feel free to include them on your roster in the following manner:  Log on to your team site, click on "Edit", add the player names in the "Comments" section at the bottom.  Please use the 35+ Bulldogs as a reference.

Please remember that our national rules state that any player that has not played with a team in the previous year has become a free agent and can sign with any team without completing a player release form.

League Page on Facebook

Don't forget, the Facebook button at the lower left of this homepage will take you to our League page on Facebook.  Feel free to join the page and then post photos of league action from your SmartPhone or your dumb camera.


Mobile App Launched

As of 6/4/14, the MyLeagueLineup iPhone app has launched! Download it for free in iTunes today!



Famous Quote

“They say some of my stars drink whiskey. But I have found that the ones who drink milkshakes don't win many ball games.” ― Casey Stengel





Upcoming Games/Practices

Thursday,  Jul 31
35+ Bill Hyland MSBL
Heat @ Woodpeckers 7:30pm Cownie
Demons @ Hawks 7:30pm Simpson
Sunday,  Aug 3
18+ MABL
Astros @ Aces 12:00pm Johnston
Black Sox @ Renegades 1:00pm Hoover
Bandits @ The Bomb Squad 1:00pm Simpson
.45s @ Koras 1:00pm TBA
Aces @ Astros 3:00pm Johnston
Renegades @ Black Sox 4:00pm Hoover
The Bomb Squad @ Bandits 4:00pm Simpson
Koras @ .45s 4:00pm TBA
25+ MSBL
Titans @ Oaks TBA Johnston
Monday,  Aug 4
45+ Bill Hyland MSBL
Grays @ Twins 7:30pm Johnston
Yankees @ Wildcats 7:30pm Urb 1 (NW)
Tuesday,  Aug 5
35+ Bill Hyland MSBL
Heat @ Hawks 7:30pm Cownie
Bulldogs @ Yankees 7:30pm Johnston
Wednesday,  Aug 6
45+ Bill Hyland MSBL
Mudhens @ Yankees 7:30pm Urb 1 (NW)
Thursday,  Aug 7
35+ Bill Hyland MSBL
Woodpeckers @ Yankees 7:30pm Cownie
Demons @ Bulldogs 7:30pm Johnston
Hawks @ Heat 8:00pm SE Polk
Sunday,  Aug 10
18+ MABL
Black Sox @ .45s 1:00pm Hoover
Mets @ Astros 1:00pm Waukee
Renegades @ .45s 4:00pm Hoover
Astros @ Bandits 4:00pm Waukee
25+ MSBL
Red Sox @ Cubs 1:00pm Johnston
Reds @ Oaks 1:00pm Newton1 (Eversman)
Monarchs @ Des Moines Hitmen 1:00pm Roosevelt
Des Moines Cardinals @ Titans 1:00pm TBA
Cubs @ Red Sox 4:00pm Johnston
Oaks @ Reds 4:00pm Newton1 (Eversman)
Des Moines Hitmen @ Monarchs 4:00pm Roosevelt
Titans @ Des Moines Cardinals 4:00pm TBA

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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2014 - 20th Anniversary for The Mid-Iowa Baseball League