Last Updated: October 3, 2015

The Mid-Iowa Baseball League

35+ & 45+ Tourney Brackets

Please find the brackets for the 35+ & 45+ at the following links.  Please be aware that due to field availability, these are subject to change at any time.  Any changes will be communicated to all parties impacted as soon as they develop.

Games are handled just like the regular season, 2-hour time limit or 9-innings, whichever comes first.  Get as many innings in before the time limit expires.

35+ Tournament

45+ Tournament  Wildcats force final game with Yankees on Monday, October 5.


Inaugural 2015 MIBL Fall League













Logo Design by Tim Rice, Royal Rooster Design Co (Hawks 35+)

Core Four:
Prohibitionists:  Ron Watson (Mgr), Doug Larsen (Asst), Ken Roberts (PP)
Thunder:  Bob Thornton (Mgr), Jeremy Turgasen (Asst), David Thornton (PP)
Green Wave:  Pat Scholer (Mgr), Lee Wagner (Asst), Joe Fields (PP)
Undertakers:  Joe Smith (Mgr), Jake Epsteen (Asst), Jason McPherson (PP)


MIBL Representation in 2015 MSBL World Series (Arizona)

This fall, two teams from the Mid-Iowa Baseball League will head to the Phoenix, Arizona area to participate in the annual MSBL World Series.  Please find their schedules and standings below to follow along as they compete later this month.

50+ Wood Cactus - Des Moines Bruins



Daily News (to be updated once the tournaments start)


45+ Wood Central - Des Moines Bruins


Schedule (coming soon)

Daily News (see link above)






All Star Day Re-Cap

Congratulations to 18+ Team Bandits/Aces/Astros winning the MABL All Star game 11-7 over Team .45s/Renegades/Diamond Kings. Steven Baldus from the Bandits was named MVP with a 2 RBI double, a walk and 2 runs scored in the contest. Int he 25+ All Star game Team Hitmen/Monarch/Reds/Cubs managed one unearned run in the first to take the title with a 1-0 win over Team Cardinals/Oaks/Red Sox. Vinny VanEngelenberg was named MVP with a 2 run double, a walk, the games only run and turning the game ending double play. In the Home Run Derby, 6 Contestants made the finals with a championship playoff between Zach Young and Blake Marchant. Zach came away with the title becoming a two-time Mid-Iowa Baseball League Home Run Derby Champion! Congratulations to all the participants in the derby. The league raised $237 for the Wounded Warrior project. Congratulations Steven, Vinny and Zach winners of brand new maple bats.

   Steven Baldus, Bandits                            Vinny VanEngelenberg, Hitmen                        Zach Young, Hitmen

2015 Player Registration (Waiver)

Please complete your 2015 Player Registration/Waiver.  All players intending to play in 2015 must complete an annual waiver.  Only players on a current team roster should complete the waiver.  Free agents or prospective players should not complete the waiver until they have signed up with a team.

Please be aware that your information is not shared with any 3rd party with the exception of our National Organization, MSBL National.

Managers (& players) can click here to see who has signed up as of the date on the form.

Managers:  Please update your 2015 team rosters on the website.

Cownie Lock-Up Procedure

For teams playing night games at Cownie, please do not get locked inside the complex.  The north gate is on a timer & closes on its own.  You should exit out the south gate.
Closing Procedure:
1.  Turn off the field lights (switch located on back side of concession stand).
2.  Close the two bathroom doors.
3.  Exit the parking lot out the south gate.
4.  Last person out should then pull the south gate shut and lock it with the chain and padlock.

MSBL Sports Store Specials

Click here for the current specials at MSBL Sports Store, available to all league members.


League Page on Facebook

The Facebook button at the lower left of this homepage will take you to our League page on Facebook.  The following link will take you to the Facebook page of our National organization, Men's Senior Baseball.

NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!! 35+ Des Moines Bruins

The Des Moines Bruins captured the MSBL Fall Classic 35+ Central Division championship on Saturday, November 8, 2014 with a 5-2 victory over the Delaware Destroyers in Clearwater, FL.

After finishing in 2nd place in 2003, 2007 & 2010 along with numerous semifinal appearances in Phoenix, the Bruins joined the 2007 Father/Son Iowa Cubs as the only National Tournament Champions from the Mid-Iowa Baseball League.

Read the write-up from MSBL National HERE.

Team members included:
Back row, L-R:  Phil DeVan, Jeff Sanders, Ron Watson, Guy Koenig, David Case, Cris Anderson, Jason McPherson, Kent Klemme, Tim Kirgan.
Front row, L-R:  John Linden, Darren Lewis, Rocky Reeves, Brian Schueller, Joe Smith, Jeff Lantz, Ron Greenwood, Jerry Wise
Not pictured:  Gary Frank


Famous Quote

"Fans like home runs. And we have assembled a pitching staff to please our fans." ~Clark Griffith


No game in the world is as tidy and dramatically neat as baseball, with cause and effect, crime and punishment, motive and result, so cleanly defined." ~Paul Gallico

Upcoming Games/Practices

Sunday,  Oct 4
Fall League
Prohibitionists @ Undertakers 12:30pm North
Green Wave @ Thunder 3:00pm North
Monday,  Oct 5
45+ Bill Hyland MSBL
Wildcats @ Yankees 7:30pm Urb 2 (SE)
Tuesday,  Oct 6
35+ Bill Hyland MSBL
Cubs @ Yankees 7:30pm Cownie
Thursday,  Oct 8
35+ Bill Hyland MSBL
Game 12 @ Bulldogs 7:30pm Cownie
Tuesday,  Oct 13
Special Games
IF NECESSARY @ 35+ Tournament 7:30pm Cownie

For a complete schedule listing, click here!