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The Mid-Iowa Baseball League

Online Registration (NOW AVAILABLE!)

Players & Managers:
ONLINE REGISTRATION is now available.  The following teams DO NOT have team-specific registrations:  35+ Cubs, 35+ Heat, 45+ Blues, 45+ Grays, 45+ Reds, 45+ Twins, 45+ Yankees.  If one of these teams listed here is your primary team, please use the standard Annual Registration form.  If your team is NOT listed, please use your team's specific registration form to sign up.  Links can be found on the left menu as well as on the right side of this home page.

Players Registered & Paid - Updated 4/28/17  (Please note:  This form is updated manually, not real-time, & will be updated as time allows.)



GET YOUR PLAYERS TO SIGN UP NOW.  The idea of having your players sign up early was our way of removing the deposit requirement from YOU.  The league has expenses, therefore fees must be collected.

You should have received a message from your division Presidents/VPs regarding online registration.  Player registration, with online waiver, will again be done through a form on the website.  A League Deposit of $50, the National Fee of $26 and a processing fee of $3.25 will be part of the $79.25 payment upon player registration.  As mentioned at the manager's meeting, managers have the option to collect complete team fees though a team-specific form as well.  Over a dozen teams have taken advantage of this.    Please contact Brian Schueller if you wish to set up a team-specific registration form.






Hall-of-Fame Committee Elects 18!




Where else would the Mid-Iowa Baseball League go to honor our inaugural class of inductees?  Saturday, May 13th 6-10pm at The Cub Club, inside Principal Park.  Reception to start at 6pm, Induction Ceremony to start at 7pm.

February 26, 2017:
The Hall-of-Fame Committee wanted to wait to officially announce it's newest inductees until the most recent could be informed in "person".  During the manager's meeting on Feb. 26th, the 2016 35+ Des Moines Cubs were informed that they are one of six complete teams being inducted into the MIBL HOF.  These six teams are the only teams to complete perfect seasons (no losses, no ties) in both the regular season and, if applicable, year-end tournament.  This spans 23 seasons and 70 division title opportunities. The six full teams being inducted:

1998 Des Moines Giants (30+)  17-0
2003 Des Moines Vikings (18+)  18-0
2003 Des Moines Giants (28+)  17-0
2006 Iowa Oaks (28+)  16-0
2007 Des Moines Bulldogs (38+)  17-0
2016 Des Moines Cubs (35+)  17-0

Managers of these teams should start tracking down players so an invitation to our HOF induction ceremony can be extended.

February 23, 2017:
Voting has concluded and we present the Mid-Iowa Baseball 
League Inaugural 2017 Hall-of-Fame inductees:

Warren Anderson, Mike Bell (umpire), David Case, Phil DeVan, Keith DeWitt, Tim Harvey, Bill Hyland, Tim Kirgan, John Linden, Scott Littell, Curt Lyons, Robin McQuerry (umpire), Brian Olson, Joe Reser, Brian Schueller, Joe Smith, Ron Watson, Bobby Williams

Congratulations to the Inaugural Class!  Look for more information regarding a May event.


February 19, 2017:
12 members of the committee met on this date and three additional names were nominated by a committee member who was absent on January 8.  These were approved for addition to the original ballot.  This brought the total to 40 individuals on the ballot.  The committee voted to allow three additional votes to all committee members.  Therefore, the total votes allowed to be cast per committee member is 23.  The committee again reviewed all individuals on the ballot, going into more extensive detail on the merits of those that are close to election.  Again, the committee wants all members to be fully aware of contributions by the nominees, even though some may not have seen them in action.  Final votes are now being tallied.  A tentative date for a Hall-of-Fame ceremony was set for Saturday, May 20th.

January 8, 2017:
Since the voting committee had been established, a list of 108 nominees was put together and the committee pre-ranked these individuals.  Based on these rankings, eight individuals stood out above the rest.  The committee determined these eight individuals did not need further discussion or votes and have been elected to the MIBL HOF.  The next 50 individuals (based on rankings) were discussed.  Based on this discussion, 37 individuals were added to the initial HOF voting ballot.  The voting committee is currently voting (yes or no) for induction into the 2017 HOF class.

December 15, 2016:
Our 16-person voting committee has been established.  They are as follows:
Phil DeVan, Keith DeWitt, Brad Eveland, Gary Frank, Greg Huyser, Tim Kirgan, John Linden, Scott Littell, Scott Meyer, Robin McQuerry, Brian Olson, Mike Ray, Clay Rickert, Brian Schueller, Ron Watson, Bobby Williams.

December 4, 2016:  The initial Hall-of-Fame Committee meeting was held.  Chairperson of this committee is Brian Schueller.  Other committee members in attendance included Brad Eveland, Greg Huyser, Tim Kirgan, John Linden, Brian Olson & Ron Watson.  Committee members that were absent included Phil DeVan, Keith DeWitt, Joe Reser & Bobby Williams.  A 12th member of this initial committee has been added, that individual being Scott Littell.  Four additional league members will be added to this initial HOF Committee to make our final, 16-person Voting Committee.

During our initial meeting, the development of the rules and criteria took place as to how the inaugural and future voting process will be handled.  These rules & criteria will be posted once finalized.

Our next meeting will be held in January of 2017.  We hope to collect all nominations by that time and begin the voting process for the inaugural class.

Stay tuned to this page for more information.


Free Agent List

The new password for the manager page for 2017 free agents has been sent to your Division Presidents/VPs.  Please reach out to them for the password.  If you are a current manager desiring to pick up a listed free agent, please reach out to our Player Relations Director, Todd Thomas.


Hearts are Heavy in Mid-Iowa Baseball


Joseph P. Reser, 54, died unexpectedly on Friday, December 16, 2016. Services will be held at Hamilton’s on Westown Parkway, 3601 Westown Parkway in West Des Moines on Thursday, December 22, 2016 with visitation from 4 to 6:30 p.m. and a memorial service at 6:30 p.m.

Joe was born October 2, 1962 in Fort Dodge, Iowa and grew up in Des Moines. He attended St. John’s Catholic School and graduated from Dowling High School in 1981. He then attended the University of Iowa, becoming a life-long Hawkeye fan before transferring to Iowa State University and graduating in 1989 with a Bachelor of Science degree. He worked as a chemist for many years at Qualis and was currently employed at Weeks & Leo.

Joe loved sports! He played football and baseball at Dowling. He played and later coached at Raccoon Valley Little League for more than 20 years. He played adult league baseball with MIBL, and served on the board. He played in the annual MSBL World Series in Arizona for 22 years. He was an avid outdoorsman, hunting deer and turkey, canoeing and bicycling. Joe enjoyed Octoberfest, playing poker, bartending Friday nights at Greenwood Lounge, and being with family and friends.

He is survived by his brothers, Ed (Holly), Phil (Esther) and John (Dawn) Reser; his sisters, Roberta Shuey, Mary Kay Reser, and Patti (Greg Joura) Reser; his nieces and nephews, Sara (Jim) Tasler, Brian (Andrea) Reser, Abby (Joe Mertzig) Reser, Annie (Clark) Reser-Moorehead, Amelia, Lillian, Sam and Madeline Browning, Aubrey and Jack Reser and Mick Joura; great-nieces and nephews, Konrad, Loralei, Mason and Katelyn; and his companion, Teresa Schutte. Joe was preceded in death by his parents, Dale and Ruth Reser; and brothers, Doug and Larry Reser.

In lieu of flowers, memorials may be directed to Raccoon Valley Little League or to Dowling Catholic High School. Condolences may be expressed online at


Board Meeting

Our most recent Board Meeting was held on Sunday, January 29.  Minutes from our recent meetings are posted here:


January 29, 2017 Minutes (coming soon)

November 28, 2016 Minutes

October 17, 2016 Minutes


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Famous Quote

Life will always throw curves; just keep fouling them off.  The right pitch will come.  And when it does, be prepared to run the bases." ~Unknown

"It's hard to beat a person who never gives up." ~Babe Ruth


Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday, May 6
18+ MABL
Timberwolves @ Cardinals2:00pmRoosevelt
Marlins @ Bandits5:00pmRoosevelt
25+ MSBL
Astros @ Braves2:15pmNorth
Red Sox @ Reds5:15pmNorth
Sunday, May 7
18+ MABL
#4/#5 @ Thunder1:00pmRoosevelt
25+ MSBL
#4/#5 @ Oaks1:00pmSlater
Special Games
#4/#5 @ #2/#3 Loser1:00pmNorth
#4/#5 @ #2/#3 Loser4:00pmNorth
#2/#3 Winner vs. #1/#4 Winner @ #2/#3 Winner vs. #1/#4 Winner4:00pmRoosevelt
#2/#3 Winner vs. #1/#4 Winner @ #2/#3 Winner vs. #1/#4 Winner4:00pmSlater
Sunday, May 14
Special Games
Astros @ HolidayTBA
Bandits @ HolidayTBA
Braves @ HolidayTBA
Cardinals @ HolidayTBA
Marlins @ HolidayTBA
Oaks @ HolidayTBA
Red Sox @ HolidayTBA
Reds @ HolidayTBA
Thunder @ HolidayTBA
Timberwolves @ HolidayTBA
Sunday, May 21
18+ MABL
Reds @ Bandits12:00amTBA
Red Sox @ MarlinsTBANorth
Braves @ Cardinals4:00pmSimpson
25+ MSBL
Timberwolves @ Astros1:00pmNorth
Thunder @ Oaks1:00pmSimpson
Sunday, May 28
Special Games
Astros @ HolidayTBA
Bandits @ HolidayTBA
Braves @ HolidayTBA
Cardinals @ HolidayTBA
Marlins @ HolidayTBA
Oaks @ HolidayTBA
Red Sox @ HolidayTBA
Reds @ HolidayTBA
Thunder @ HolidayTBA
Timberwolves @ HolidayTBA
Sunday, Jun 4
18+ MABL
Astros @ Cardinals1:00pmNewton
Braves @ Thunder1:00pmSimpson
Reds @ Timberwolves4:00pmNewton
Oaks @ Marlins4:00pmSlater
25+ MSBL
Bandits @ Red Sox1:00pmSlater
Sunday, Jun 11
18+ MABL
Timberwolves @ Marlins1:00pmRoosevelt
Cardinals @ Thunder1:00pmSimpson
Marlins @ Timberwolves4:00pmRoosevelt
Thunder @ Cardinals4:00pmSimpson
25+ MSBL
Red Sox @ Reds1:00pmNewton
Bandits @ Astros1:00pmNorth
Oaks @ Braves1:00pmSlater
Reds @ Red Sox4:00pmNewton
Braves @ Oaks4:00pmSlater

For a complete schedule listing, click here!