Last Updated: June 25, 2016
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Blasts from the Past!

MSBL National has recently added nearly all of the Daily Newsletters from the World Series Tournaments in Phoenix, going back as far as 1998.  This is quite a trip down memory lane for those in the league that have made the trip over the years.  These also highlight how much fun this trip is and how successful our teams from Central Iowa have been.

Our league will be represented once again this fall in some of the "older" divisions.  If you are interested in going, especially at the 18+ or 25+ levels, please reach out for more information from the League Commissioner.  He can also direct you to who is leading the charge for the 35+ and above divisions as well.

Here are two early newsletters that stand out (13 & 14 years ago!):

2002 (click here):  Two 28+ teams from Iowa (Iowa Oaks & Des Moines Bruins) were asked to form an All-Star team to take on various players from other leagues.  The game was played in front of a rather large crowd at Tempe Diablo Stadium where the Iowa team's "fireman" came on to shut down a late rally.  Contains a great photo of the team as well as a photo of "Baby Joe" Smith.

2003 (click here):  The Oaks and Bruins from 2002 merged together to form one of the more successful teams (think Buffalo Bills) that has traveled to Phoenix from anywhere in the country.  Our league's first appearance in a National Championship game is highlighted in this newsletter as an 11-run 7th inning wasn't quite enough to overcome a "brawling" team from St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.



The online registration form is active.  Please CLICK HERE or access it via the "Waivers/Forms" menu on the left or the "Register Online" menu in the upper right.  Please be advised that EVERY PLAYER that intends to play in the Mid-Iowa Baseball League in 2016 MUST complete an online registration.  There will be NO EXCEPTIONS.  With your online registration, ALL PLAYERS must pay their $26 National Fee.  This can be accomplished via credit/debit card or via PayPal and is part of the registration form.  The National Fee is a one-time fee at $26, no matter how many teams you play on.  All other team & league fees will be due to your manager(s).
Please be advised that your team will NOT take the field unless all team fees are paid to the league by each division's deadline.  If this is difficult for anyone to understand, contact your Division President for more information or send an email to  If you make any type of error on your online registration, please send the correction in an email to (do not submit another form).


After 6/13: Marco Alvarez Heat, Hitmen; Jason Rosonke, Dodgers; Mike Glatt, Grays; Marvin Cason, Reds; Tyler Brown, Tropics; Eric Wahrman, Tropics; Jeff Sanders Oaks, Bulldogs, Grays; Scott Etzell, Reds.


"Players of the Week"


A note from John Linden, MIBL Commissioner

Hello Mid-Iowa Baseball League!

MSBL has announced a new section to their website: MSBL/MABL Players of the Week .

I want to invite the managers to submit any special achievements from your games.   The Players of the Week  will be showcased in the 'Diamond Notes' section right in the middle of the MSBL home page .  Our first edition was published May 18th and will be updated every Wednesday.  You can check it out right here.

Please submit your information to by Friday evening of each week. Please include your team name, age division, possible pictures of them and a description of the reason you are nominating them.  This can provide the league some awesome exposure for your players and the league as a whole. Everyone can't be included but as you will see from this past week's article, they will spread the word as far as possible.  Take care and please contact me with any questions.

Stay Healthy, Have a great Summer and Have Fun!



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Famous Quote

Life will always throw curves; just keep fouling them off.  The right pitch will come.  And when it does, be prepared to run the bases." ~Unknown

"It's hard to beat a person who never gives up." ~Babe Ruth


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Saturday, Aug 20
18+ ChampionshipTBA
Sunday, Aug 21
18+ ChampionshipTBA

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Upcoming Games/Practices

Sunday, Jun 26
18+ MABL
Bandits @ Astros11:00amSimpson
Blue Jays @ Thunder3:00pmRoosevelt
25+ MSBL
Tropics @ Des Moines Cardinals12:00pmRoosevelt
Reds @ Des Moines Hitmen1:00pmNewton
Red Sox @ Oaks2:00pmSimpson
Des Moines Hitmen @ Reds4:00pmNewton
Oaks @ Red Sox5:00pmSimpson
Monday, Jun 27
45+ Bill Hyland MSBL
Wildcats @ Dodgers7:30pmSimpson
Yankees @ Reds8:00pmCownie
Tuesday, Jun 28
35+ Bill Hyland MSBL
Bulldogs @ Woodpeckers7:30pmSimpson
Wednesday, Jun 29
45+ Bill Hyland MSBL
Grays @ Twins7:30pmSimpson
Thursday, Jun 30
35+ Bill Hyland MSBL
Yankees @ Bulldogs7:30pmSimpson
Woodpeckers @ Heat8:00pmCownie
Wednesday, Jul 6
45+ Bill Hyland MSBL
Grays @ Yankees7:30pmSimpson
Thursday, Jul 7
35+ Bill Hyland MSBL
Demons @ Woodpeckers7:30pmCownie
Yankees @ Heat7:30pmSimpson

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