Last Updated: August 20, 2017

The Mid-Iowa Baseball League

Save the Date - Saturday, September 30

Plans are in the works for a 35+/45+ All-Star Game & HR Derby for the evening of Saturday, September 30.  Stay tuned for more details.


MIBL - Fall League


More information will be added as the league develops.  As of now, games would likely be scheduled on Sunday afternoons as in the past, from September 10 through mid-October.  If you have ideas or suggestions for the Fall League, please reach out to Todd Thomas or John Linden.


18+ Champions Split Once Again

The Des Moines Thunder finished the regular season with a 9-4 record to take the MABL 18+ Division Title.

Back Row, L-R:  Bob Thornton (MGR), Mike Eckhart, Sean Roberts, Ryan Kramer, Dalton Heick, Corey Maines, Chad Osler
Front Row, L-R:  Trey Cook, David Thornton, Drew Otto, Troy Dubay, Joseph Monosmith
Not Pictured:  Jay Mathes, Todd Smith, Brandon Storm, Gaige Thompson

The Mid-Iowa Bandits won the MABL 18+ Tournament by a 5-2 score over the Thunder.  Matt Pennings threw a complete game, allowing one earned run, one walk and had 15 strikeouts.

Back Row, L-R:  Brent Henderson (MGR), Steven Baldus, Steven Sattz, Jimmy Six, Erik Gibson, Aaron Haubrich, Matt Pennings, Bud Smith, Cole Hulett
Front Row, L-R:  Jake Leonard, Josh VanMaanen, Brennan Roland, Eric White, Jake Epsteen
Not pictured:  Stephen Murphy, Isaac Novak, Alex Schwing, VJay Stevens, Justin Wolber


Online Registration

Players & Managers:

Online registration remains available, however all team-specific forms have been deactivated.  Managers will be responsible for collecting any team fees due to them directly from the player.

Players Registered - Updated 8/16/17  (Please note:  This form is updated manually, not real-time, & will be updated as time allows.)


18/25 Division All-Star Recap

Saturday, July 22
Des Moines North High School

With heavy air and a breeze in from left, Sean Murphy (Reds-25) wins the 2017 HR Derby with one HR to right.

The 25+ All Stars defeated the 18+ All Stars by a score of 8-3.

2017 All-Stars:

25+ Managers:  Joe Smith (Oaks), Bert Dalmer (Red Sox)
Ryan Antolik, David Delgado, Alex Prado
Braves:  Chad Becker, Oscar Cardenas, Chris Yokie
Oaks:  Derek Huxford, Dee Ransom, Zach Young
Red Sox:  Aaron Haubrich, Jose Venales, Evan Wilson
Reds:  Nate Cunningham, Brad Hingtgen, Sean Murphy
25+ Pitchers:  Jason McPherson (Oaks), Eric Watson (Oaks)

18+ Managers:  Brent Henderson (Bandits), Bob Thornton (Thunder)
Steven Baldus, Jake Epsteen, Jake Leonard, Matt Pennings
Cardinals:  Connor Hein, Jared Herzog, Nicholas Johnson, Alex Latcham
Marlins:  Eric Chambers, Casey Elder, Chris Hazelbaker, Cole Koerner
Thunder:  Joseph Monosmith, Sean Roberts, David Thornton
Timberwolves:  Dave Chapman, Brandon Heilskov, Grant Weldon, Austin Zylstra
18+ Pitchers:  Corey Maines (Thunder)


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Famous Quote

Life will always throw curves; just keep fouling them off.  The right pitch will come.  And when it does, be prepared to run the bases." ~Unknown

"It's hard to beat a person who never gives up." ~Babe Ruth


Upcoming Games/Practices

Sunday, Aug 20
25+ MSBL
Oaks @ Reds1:00pmNewton
Astros @ Red Sox1:00pmRoosevelt
Reds @ Oaks4:00pmNewton
Red Sox @ Astros4:00pmRoosevelt
Monday, Aug 21
45+ Bill Hyland MSBL
Twins @ Wildcats7:30pmUrb 1 (NW)
Grays @ Blues7:30pmUrb 2 (SE)
Tuesday, Aug 22
35+ Bill Hyland MSBL
Heat @ Woodpeckers7:30pmCownie
Demons @ Indians7:30pmUrb 1 (NW)
Reds @ Cubs7:30pmUrb 2 (SE)
Wednesday, Aug 23
45+ Bill Hyland MSBL
Blues @ Wildcats7:30pmSimpson
Yankees @ Reds7:30pmUrb 1 (NW)
Thursday, Aug 24
35+ Bill Hyland MSBL
Cubs @ Reds7:30pmCownie
Demons @ Bulldogs7:30pmUrb 1 (NW)
Saturday, Aug 26
Special Games
Astros @ 25+ Post-Season TourneyTBATBA
Braves @ 25+ Post-Season TourneyTBATBA
Oaks @ 25+ Post-Season TourneyTBATBA
Oaks @ 25+ Post-Season TourneyTBATBA
Reds @ 25+ Post-Season TourneyTBATBA
Sunday, Aug 27
Special Games
Astros @ 25+ Post-Season TourneyTBATBA
Astros @ 25+ Post-Season TourneyTBATBA
Red Sox @ 25+ Post-Season TourneyTBATBA
Reds @ 25+ Post-Season TourneyTBATBA
Braves @ 25+ Post-Season TourneyTBATBA

For a complete schedule listing, click here!