Last Updated: November 30, 2015

Dalmer/Roberts elected to Board

The Mid-Iowa Baseball League held a Fall Board Meeting on Sunday, November 15.  During this meeting, Ken Roberts (Cardinals 25+) was elected as our new Treasurer.  Bert Dalmer (Red Sox 25+ / Hawks 35+) was elected to an open Director position.
The Secretary position remains open and five other Director terms are expiring.  We intend to fill these positions during our next meeting in January of 2016, date & time to be determined.  If you are interested in joining the Board, please let John Linden know prior to January's meeting.


Website Building Experience?

If you, or someone you know, has website building experience & would be willing to help build/enhance the Mid-Iowa Baseball League website, please let Brian Schueller know.  We are currently attempting to create a more user-friendly & professional-looking site & are looking for expertise in this area.


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League Page on Facebook

The Facebook button at the lower left of this homepage will take you to our League page on Facebook.  The following link will take you to the Facebook page of our National organization, Men's Senior Baseball.

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