Last Updated: April 24, 2015

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  • Senior Black Schedule is now Posted
  • Opening Day is May 16th for organization at Westgate
  • Senior Gold Schedule is Now Posted
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Millard Sox Fundraising Card Blitz Day

2015 Fundraising

This year the organization will once again provide multiple opportunities for players and their families to reduce the cost of playing summer baseball through different methods including:

-Cards sales and Sponsorships.  

Players who sell 12 cards will receive $100.00 off their player fees.

15 cards-1 free card and a money draw.

20 cards-1 free Sox T-Shirt

25 cards-1 free wood baseball bat

most cards sold by person receives $1 cash per card sold.

Rewards are cumulative.

-Banner and Program Handout please see headline tab on right side.


This link below with the login will allow you to order Millard Sox apparel until May 1st, 2015, so they will arrive in time for the Opening Day activities on May 16th. and the login is Sox2015.

Upcoming Games

Sunday,  Apr 26
2015 Millard Sox Junior Black @ TBD 1:00pm Treynor
2015 Millard Sox Junior Black @ TBD 2:30pm Treynor
Saturday,  May 2
2015 Millard Sox Reserve Black @ Pacesetters 8:30am Gladiator Park
2015 Millard Sox Reserve Black @ Pacesetters 10:45am Gladiator Park
Sunday,  May 3
2015 Millard Sox Senior Gold @ Harlan IA 1:30pm Harlan, IA
2015 Millard Sox Senior Gold @ Harlan IA 3:30pm Harlan, IA
Saturday,  May 9
2015 Millard Sox Junior Black @ MAA 4:00pm Seymour Smith Field
Saturday,  May 16
2015 Millard Sox Reserve Gold @ 2015 Millard Sox Reserve Black 10:00am Westgate
2015 Millard Sox Junior Gold @ 2015 Millard Sox Junior Black 12:00pm Westgate
2015 Millard Sox Senior Gold @ 2015 Millard Sox Senior Black 4:00pm Westgate
Alumni @ 2015 Millard Sox Senior Black 4:00pm Westgate
Sunday,  May 17
Nehawka, NE @ 2015 Millard Sox Junior Gold 12:00pm ?
Nehawka, NE @ 2015 Millard Sox Senior Black 2:00pm Westgate
Omaha Cardinals @ 2015 Millard Sox Reserve Gold 4:30pm Westgate
Monday,  May 18
2015 Millard Sox Junior Black @ Roncalli 6:30pm Roncalli
Tuesday,  May 19
2015 Millard Sox Junior Black @ Bellevue East 5:30pm Bellevue East
Waterloo-Valley @ 2015 Millard Sox Reserve Gold 6:00pm Wahoo
Thursday,  May 21
2015 Millard Sox Junior Black @ First State Bank (Ralston) 5:30pm Ralston (Orval Smith)
Bennington @ 2015 Millard Sox Junior Gold 6:00pm ?
Friday,  May 22
2015 Millard Sox Senior Gold @ Tournament TBA Elkhorn Legion Field
Tourney @ 2015 Millard Sox Junior Black TBA Westgate
2015 Millard Sox Reserve Gold @ Omaha South 7:00pm Brown Park

For a complete schedule listing, click here!