Last Updated: March 2, 2015

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Signups for our upcoming baseball, softball and t-ball season have been extended! There are still some leagues with spots that need to be filled. Last day to sign up without paying a late fee is Friday, March 6.

Here are the particulars:

Cost: $55 per child if you live in the city limits
$65 per child if you live outside the city limits

If you do not register by March 6 and there is still any room available, there will be a $20 late fee per family and you will not go back to the same team that you were on the year before.

Ages: 4-17. Whatever your child's age is on April 1 will determine what league he/she plays in.

BTB: 5 & 6
GTB: 5 & 6
BCP: 7 & 8
GCP: 7,8 & 9
Boys Pee Wee: 9 & 10
Girls Junior Softball: 10-13
Boys Junior Baseball: 11-13
Girls Senior Softball: 14-17

Practices start in March. Games will begin in May & finish up in July.

If you are interested in being a coach, please sign up. There are forms for coaches under the handouts tab to your left. However, you are not guaranteed to be a head coach just by signing up.

Signup at Baker Community Center at 7942 Church St in Millington from 7 am-5 pm Monday through Friday.

If you would like to fill out the forms before bringing to in to the office, go to the handouts tab on your left. You will need to have the following forms completely filled out or your child will not be allowed to play: Registration form, parents code of conduct form, form for playing and special needs & concussion form.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 873-5770.

Players Clinic at USA Stadium

There will be a players' fundamental clinic for both baseball and softball at USA Stadium on Saturday, April 18. Area high school baseball & softball coaches will provide instruction for boys & girls ages 7-14 from 9 am-noon on this day. Cost is $10 and you can register at Baker Community Center at 7942 Church St in Millington. You can sign up at the same time that you register for the upcoming season if you wish. Call 873-5770 if you have any questions

Upcoming Games

Saturday,  Mar 7
Adult Co-ed Volleyball
The League @ Look Left Entertainment 12:00pm Civic Center Gym
Victorious Secret @ Expendables 1:05pm Civic Center Gym
Spikopaths @ Ball Busters 2:10pm Civic Center Gym
SMASH @ Arm and Hammer 3:15pm Civic Center Gym
Legion of Boom @ Le Manu 4:20pm Civic Center Gym
Serves-U-Right @ Over in Two 5:25pm Civic Center Gym
Notorious D.I.G. @ Your Mom's Face 6:30pm Civic Center Gym
Saturday,  Mar 14
Adult Co-ed Volleyball
Le Manu @ Look Left Entertainment 12:00pm Civic Center Gym
Serves-U-Right @ Spikopaths 1:05pm Civic Center Gym
SMASH @ Expendables 2:10pm Civic Center Gym
Your Mom's Face @ Ball Busters 3:15pm Civic Center Gym
Over in Two @ The League 4:20pm Civic Center Gym
Legion of Boom @ Victorious Secret 5:25pm Civic Center Gym
Notorious D.I.G. @ Arm and Hammer 6:30pm Civic Center Gym

For a complete schedule listing, click here!