Last Updated: October 2, 2015

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Adult Co-ed Softball Schedules

Schedules are now posted for the upcoming Millington Arts, Recreation and Parks adult co-ed softball league. First team listed is visiting team and will sit in the third base dugout.

The single elimination post season tournament will start on Monday, October 26 at 8:40 with a game between the #4 seed and #5 seed. The rest of the tournament will be played the following Monday, November 2.




Upcoming Games

Monday,  Oct 5
Adult Coed Softball
Free Agents @ Look Left Entertainment 6:30pm Biloxi #1
Help Wanted @ Look Left Entertainment 7:35pm Biloxi #1
PopFlyz @ Chili's 8:40pm Biloxi #1
Monday,  Oct 12
Adult Coed Softball
Free Agents @ Chili's 6:30pm Biloxi #1
Help Wanted @ Free Agents 7:35pm Biloxi #1
PopFlyz @ Look Left Entertainment 8:40pm Biloxi #1
Monday,  Oct 19
Adult Coed Softball
Help Wanted @ Chili's 6:30pm Biloxi #1
Look Left Entertainment @ Chili's 7:35pm Biloxi #1
PopFlyz @ Free Agents 8:40pm Biloxi #1
Monday,  Oct 26
Adult Coed Softball
Look Left Entertainment @ Free Agents 6:30pm Biloxi #1
PopFlyz @ Help Wanted 7:35pm Biloxi #1

For a complete schedule listing, click here!