Last Updated: January 20, 2017
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Start Smart Baseball

Millington Arts, Recreation and Parks is excited to announce a new program, "Start Smart Baseball."

START SMART, created by the National Alliance for Youth Sports, is a nationally acclaimed program that helps kids get ready for sports…and succeed in life. It is an innovative step-by-step approach that builds confidence and self-esteem in a fun and safe sports environment.

Start Smart is for children ages 3-5 years old. The program prepares children and their parents for organized baseball and softball. Age appropriate equipment is used to teach throwing, catching, batting, running and agility. This 6 week Child / Parent program will meet 1 hour per week on Saturdays from 9-10 AM at the Harvell Civic Center Gym. The starting date will be February 4. Cost is $60. A parent must accompany their child each and every week of the program.

Each Participant will receive a ball & bat set, glove and 2 Koosh balls, program t-shirt, "The Sport in Me" workbook all to take home.

The best part is that you and your child will experience the fun of this developmental program together.

Register here

Last day to register is January 27

Weather Line

The weather line number is 873-5779. We will not update it until 3 pm on game days. Please do not call the main office. They won't have an answer for you on whether the games will be played or not.  You can check our Facebook page as well at Millington Arts & Recreation.


Please take a minute to check out the sponsors tab to your left. Without the help of all of these sponsors, we would not be able to offer baseball, softball and t-ball to the youth of Millington. Please stop by their business and tell them how much you appreciate their support of youth sports in Millington.

SPEND LOCAL!!! It benefits all of us!!!

Upcoming Games

Saturday, Jan 21
Adult Co-ed Volleyball (Session 1)
Sui-Spike Squad @ The League11:00amCivic Center Gym
The League @ Los Gringos11:55amCivic Center Gym
Sui-Spike Squad @ Los Gringos12:50pmCivic Center Gym
Victorious Secret @ Spikopaths1:45pmCivic Center Gym
Spikopaths @ Navy Team2:40pmCivic Center Gym
Victorious Secret @ Navy Team3:35pmCivic Center Gym
Any Questions? @ Your Mom's Face4:30pmCivic Center Gym
Any Questions? @ Expendables5:25pmCivic Center Gym
Your Mom's Face @ Expendables6:20pmCivic Center Gym
Monday, Jan 23
Rec Volleyball League
Look Left Entertainment @ Dysfunktional6:30pmCivic Center Gym
Dysfunktional @ Look Left Entertainment7:25pmCivic Center Gym
Thursday, Jan 26
Rec Volleyball League
Chemours @ WE SHOWED UP!6:30pmCivic Center Gym
WE SHOWED UP! @ Chemours7:25pmCivic Center Gym
Saturday, Jan 28
Adult Co-ed Volleyball (Session 1)
Sui-Spike Squad @ Spikopaths11:00amCivic Center Gym
Sui-Spike Squad @ Expendables11:55amCivic Center Gym
Spikopaths @ Expendables12:50pmCivic Center Gym
Any Questions? @ Navy Team1:45pmCivic Center Gym
Any Questions? @ The League2:40pmCivic Center Gym
The League @ Navy Team3:35pmCivic Center Gym
Victorious Secret @ Los Gringos4:30pmCivic Center Gym
Victorious Secret @ Your Mom's Face5:25pmCivic Center Gym
Your Mom's Face @ Los Gringos6:20pmCivic Center Gym

For a complete schedule listing, click here!