Last Updated: February 11, 2016

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Adult Co-ed Volleyball Tournament (Session 1)

Here is the schedule for the 2016 Millington Arts, Recreation and Parks Adult Co-ed Volleyball tournament on Saturday, February 13. Action will get underway at 10 am. This is a single elimination tournament.


Game 1-10:00 AM

#8 Seed-Ball Busters vs #9 Seed-Daberkadz

Game 2-10:45 AM

#7 Seed-Victorious Secret vs #10 Seed-Bump, Set, Psych

Game 3-11:30 AM

#5 Seed-Expendables vs #12 Seed-Pop Flyz

Game 4-12:15 PM

#6 Seed-Legion of Boom vs #11 Seed-The League

Game 5-1:00 PM

#1 Seed-Sui-Spike Squad vs Winner of Game 1

Game 6-1:45 PM

#2 Seed-Spikopaths vs Winner of Game 2

Game 7-3:00 PM

#4 Seed-Serves U Right vs Winner of Game 3

Game 8-3:45 PM

#3 Seed-Your Mom's Face vs Winner of Game 4


Game 9-4:30 PM

Winner of Game 5 vs Winner of Game 7

Game 10-5:15 PM

Winner of Game 6 vs Winner of Game 8


Game 11-6:00 PM

Winner of Game 9 vs Winner of Game 10 

Baseball, Softball and T-Ball registration

It's that time of year again! Time to register your child for our upcoming 2016 Millington Arts, Recreation and Parks Baseball, Softball and T-Ball leagues. Registration is from now until February 21.


All of the registration is being done online this year at Whether you are a player or a coach, you will register onlineHowever, you will need to print out the concussion forms and sudden cardiac arrest forms yourself. In accordance with state law, they need to be filled out, signed and returned to Mark at the office before you will be allowed to participate in your first practice.


The cost is still the same: $55 if you live inside the city limits, $65 if you live outside. The general rule of thumb is if the city picks up your garbage, you live inside the city limits. If the city doesn't pick it up, you live outside the city limits.


You can pay in one of three ways. (1) By cash, check, debit or credit card at our offices at Baker Community Center at 7942 Church St in Millington, (2) You can mail a check to that address. Please make checks payable to the City of Millington, (3) Call 901-873-5770 and you can pay with your debit or credit card over the phone.


If you are interested in being a sponsor for a team or teams, the cost is $250/team. Please contact Mark.


There are a couple of changes for this year. Pee Wee boys will now be for ages 9-11 and Junior Baseball is now ages 12-14. There will not be a senior baseball league.


If you have any further questions, please call the office at 873-5770 or you can e-mail Mark at 



Important dates to remember

Please make note of these dates regarding the upcoming baseball, softball and t-ball season.


March 12-Coaches clinic at Baker Community Center from 9-11 am. This is MANDATORY for all coaches. If you can't make it, you can't coach.


March 12-Players clinic for ages 7-14 at Biloxi complex from noon-2 pm. Cost is $10


April 23-Opening ceremonies at USA Stadium. This is MANDATORY for ALL coaches and players. You will need to be there no later than 10:15 am. We will get everyone lined up and ready to start at 10:45 am. Everyone is welcome to stay for the Southwest Tennessee Community College games that will get underway at noon. 


A Letter to Every Girl Who Plays Sports and her Parents from a former college athlete & mother of 3

I see you running your heart out on the field and court, your braids bobbing, your face all kinds of determined to win. You love to play and win, and each time gives you a reason to stick with your sport. That’s your competitive heart—the desire to be the best. And I see your parents on the sidelines, pulling for you so hard, and sometimes the pressure that creates in a family. I know because I’m a mom of three girls who play sports, and I competed in NCAA Division I tennis. In honor of National Girls and Women in Sports Day, I have two important words for you.

Keep going.

It’s so wonderful to see you test yourself and fly as high as your wings will take you. When you’re passing, serving, swinging, catching, you’re doing a whole lot more for your entire self and the world. There’s a saying that women hold up half the sky. It means that you as a daughter, and your mom and sisters and all of us, are strong and powerful and significant. By competing, you are making yourself even stronger and better at holding up the sky for everyone, including dads, brothers, uncles, et al. Everyone benefits when you are your best you.

Keep going.

When you score more, kick further, jump higher, doesn’t it feel good? There’s something else going on too when you have those breakthroughs. You’re learning patience and grit. You’re learning to set a goal and keep going to get there. You can take this skill and become a better student, a more thoughtful friend, a well-rounded person, a great leader.

Keep going.

When adults like me and your parents see you play, we have a lot of feelings. Sometimes we see our younger selves, when we competed at your age, and we hear our parents all over again. We know how much all your hard work means. Sometimes it can be hard to know the line between encouragement and pressure. Sometimes we don’t say the right thing at the right time. No matter what the final score is, the best thing we can say is, “I loved watching you play.”

Keep going.

When something unfair happens, like a bad call, I love seeing you handle that with class. I know how hard that is when you feel emotional. Sportsmanship (why don’t we call it sportspersonship?) is inspiring. You may not realize how important your action today is for making decisions when you get out on your own. The more you do the right thing in sports, the more likely you are to live the same way: with character.

Keep going.

When you listen to your coach, ask questions to make sure you understand, and try your best, you are coachable. That matters even if you are not in the starting lineup. It’s especially important after you have made a mistake. Everyone is called on to perform in life, and the higher you want to go, the more coachable you have to be. To be the best you, you’ll need to take feedback from your teachers, your college professor, your boss, your partner. When you are listening to the person who can help you improve, and trying your best to reach your potential, you are preparing yourself to reach your goal—in sports, in school, in work, in life.

Keep going.

I am cheering that you win every time, but realistically, everyone deals with losing. No matter what the score, you win when you control your attitude, concentrate the best you can and do your very best. It’s only about you and your team, not about your coach and parents, who have all the support in the world for you. Because the courage, strength and character gained through sports participation are the very tools girls need to become the confident leaders of tomorrow, and we love the you that you are becoming.



Molly Fletcher competed for Michigan State’s women’s tennis team and is raising three daughters who play sports. She works to inspire and equip game changers to dream, live and grow fearlessly. A keynote speaker and author, Molly draws on her decades of experiences working with elite athletes and coaches as a sports agent, and applies them to the business world. 

Upcoming Games

Saturday, Feb 20
Adult Co-ed Volleyball (Session 2)
The League @ Legion of Boom11:30amCivic Center Gym
The League @ Legion of Boom12:25pmCivic Center Gym
Daberkadz @ The Sui-Spike Squad1:20pmCivic Center Gym
Daberkadz @ The Sui-Spike Squad2:15pmCivic Center Gym
Ball Busters @ Bump, Set, Psych3:10pmCivic Center Gym
Ball Busters @ Bump, Set, Psych4:05pmCivic Center Gym
Your Mom's Face @ Victorious Secret5:00pmCivic Center Gym
Your Mom's Face @ Victorious Secret5:55pmCivic Center Gym
Expendables @ Spikopaths6:50pmCivic Center Gym
Expendables @ Spikopaths7:45pmCivic Center Gym
Saturday, Feb 27
Adult Co-ed Volleyball (Session 2)
Daberkadz @ Spikopaths11:30amCivic Center Gym
The Sui-Spike Squad @ Bump, Set, Psych12:25pmCivic Center Gym
Daberkadz @ Expendables1:20pmCivic Center Gym
The Sui-Spike Squad @ Spikopaths2:15pmCivic Center Gym
Bump, Set, Psych @ Expendables3:10pmCivic Center Gym
The League @ Your Mom's Face4:05pmCivic Center Gym
Legion of Boom @ Ball Busters5:00pmCivic Center Gym
Victorious Secret @ The League5:55pmCivic Center Gym
Your Mom's Face @ Ball Busters6:50pmCivic Center Gym
Legion of Boom @ Victorious Secret7:45pmCivic Center Gym
Saturday, Mar 5
Adult Co-ed Volleyball (Session 2)
The League @ Bump, Set, Psych11:30amCivic Center Gym
Your Mom's Face @ Bump, Set, Psych12:25pmCivic Center Gym
The League @ Daberkadz1:20pmCivic Center Gym
Your Mom's Face @ The Sui-Spike Squad2:15pmCivic Center Gym
Legion of Boom @ Daberkadz3:10pmCivic Center Gym
Legion of Boom @ The Sui-Spike Squad4:05pmCivic Center Gym
Victorious Secret @ Spikopaths5:00pmCivic Center Gym
Ball Busters @ Spikopaths5:55pmCivic Center Gym
Victorious Secret @ Expendables6:50pmCivic Center Gym
Ball Busters @ Expendables7:45pmCivic Center Gym
Saturday, Mar 12
Adult Co-ed Volleyball (Session 2)
Ball Busters @ Daberkadz11:30amCivic Center Gym
The League @ The Sui-Spike Squad12:25pmCivic Center Gym
The League @ Ball Busters1:20pmCivic Center Gym
Victorious Secret @ Daberkadz2:15pmCivic Center Gym
The Sui-Spike Squad @ Expendables3:10pmCivic Center Gym
Victorious Secret @ Bump, Set, Psych4:05pmCivic Center Gym
Your Mom's Face @ Expendables5:00pmCivic Center Gym
Legion of Boom @ Your Mom's Face5:55pmCivic Center Gym
Bump, Set, Psych @ Spikopaths6:50pmCivic Center Gym
Legion of Boom @ Spikopaths7:45pmCivic Center Gym

For a complete schedule listing, click here!