Last Updated: July 28, 2015
 MIYFCA Mustangs Breakfasts! MIYFCA wants you to have Breakfast with us!   [More Info]
  • MIYFCA is a Heads Up Certified Football League!

3rd Annual Pool Tournament July 25th

  Come join us in one of the most exciting fundraisers of the year! Don't worry if you can't shoot well¼ it is fun and makes lots of money to help suit up our players and cheerleaders! If you want to donate items for raffle, a gift basket for raffle or even lottery scratch offs for our money tree, please bring it to the office. We will take anything you want to give! 

Merritt Island Youth Football and Cheerleading Association  

Scotch Doubles Pool Tournament 

Place: Island Breakers 

950 N Courtenay Pkwy 

Merritt Island, Fl. 32953 

Phone: 321-459-9100

Date: Saturday, July 25th 2015 

Time: Noon

(registration at 11:30 a.m.)Entry Fee - $15 per person   $20 per team Double Elimination APA Rules  

**See attached .pdf file for registration ** 

Please make checks payable to MIYFCA For more information call Denise Jansen 321-960-3443 or email Thank you for supporting MIYFCA!

We would like to extend a big welcome to all our new Mustangs at the Mustang 
Choral and also a big thank you to all our returning Mustangs. Our season has been in
full swing for two weeks. It is wonderful to hear the sounds of coaches, whistles, 
cheers and excitement at Mitchell Ellington Park! Practice is Monday, Tuesday,
  Wednesday and Thursday from 5:30-7:30 until school starts.

Practice Resumes Monday July 13th at Mitchell Ellington Park at 5:30 pm. Drink lots of water, it plans to be hot! If you haven't already, bring in a copy of your birth certificate and a recent picture (labeled) to the office on Monday!  

 Practice Status for Wednesday: Green Flag (practice is confirmed)

For more information please contact Wanda Krajewski at 321-446-1170 or Jesse Smiley at 321-890-6588. You can also register online at

Opening Day Ceremony- August 8th 9:00 am - 12:00 pm     
Each year we have a very exciting opening day! 
We will start our day of with a meet and greet. We have some special dignitaries that will be celebrating MIYFCA with us. We will also have pictures done that day. Both individual and team pictures will be taken. Pictures are on a timed schedule so please be on time. Your team mom will get you the schedule once we get it from our photographer. We will also be serving lunch. Our menu will be posted outside the office in the display box.   
We always look forward to seeing all our players dressed so nicely and still clean on this first day.

There are many ways to get info about the MIYFCA happenings 
Please "like” us on Facebook, search for “Merritt Island Youth Football”. We will
have all the upcoming events, weather alerts and fundraising info on there.   
 Sign up for Text and Email Alerts to keep you informed of items like a canceled
practice! You will need to go to and click get
started at the right side of page Also, Check out our Message Box located outside the office door for updated information

MIYFCA would like to give special thanks to everyone that volunteered at the races for the Daytona 500, The Motor Cross Weekend and the Coke Zero 400. We truly appreciate everyone's commitment to raising money for our kids. These were all such exciting events. All proceeds go towards the MIYFCA scholarship program to help suit kids up for the
2015 season. Next year we will be needing a lot of volunteers for this event! Please step up and donate your time. If you volunteer for 2 days your registration is free.

Let's also remember that at any Parks and Recreation facility there is NO alcohol permitted. That includes at our home games or any away games. If you are caught with alcohol, you will be trespassed away from the park and you will not be allowed back. You will not be able to watch your kids play. Although smoking is bad for you, we do have a designated smoking area.
You may only smoke between the 2 sets of bleachers on the north end of our park or in the parking lot. Thank you for obeying these rules and making it nice and safe for the kids this
year.  If you want to get involved and be on the field with our players and
cheerleaders you must fill out a Volunteer Application. You can find
this on in the 2015 documents section.

If you have not made a payment or made payment arrangements for the 2015 season, please come into the office to set a payment schedule up. We will start sending out reminders this week.

We would love to hear from you. If you have exciting news like birthdays,
anniversaries, births in the family or anything else that you would like to have
us publish, please email us at or
Thank You from your MIYFCA President and the MIYFCA Board.
Jesse Smiley, MIYFCA President or 321-890-6588

MIYFCA 2015 Mustang Jamboree

Hey Mustang Fans!! Are You Ready For Some Football? MIYFCA is preparing to host one of the 2015 BCYFCA Jamborees. Please help us welcome Saturday August 15th Titusville and Pt. St. John  to the Mustang Corral!

We have been chosen to be a host site for a jamboree this year. This is a very exciting day when our
very players get an opportunity to play a 10 minute offense and 10 minute defense game. This year we are
hosting Port St. John and Titusville. It is an action packed day and we will need a lot of volunteers! This
day will not be successful without your help. Please tell your team mom that you would like to help.  

Speaking of volunteers, please remember that this league is completely run by volunteers. 
From the coaches, to the team moms, to the concession stand workers, to the board members, we
are all volunteers. We would not be able to function without your help. Please do not hesitate to
step up. We need help in the concessions throughout the season. We will need help running the
clock, holding the chains, setting up the field and even picking up the trash. Thank you in
advance for stepping up and giving your time.  
Our concession stand has been up and running starting at 5:30 each day. We sell hot dogs   , water,
Gatorade, soda, candy and much more. During practice and home games it will be manned by the
parents of each team. See your team mom for shifts as they will coordinate all this.  
 We will also have a merchandise booth set up at every home event. We will have lots of great things to
sell including; t-shirts, car stickers, noise makers and much, much more.



MIYFCA is a Heads Up Football?

Certified Football League

Heads Up Football is USA Football's national initiative to help make the sport of  

football better and safer. Heads Up Football is the only nationally accredited courses

with content created by football experts and health professionals. All our coaches,

assistant coaches, team moms and board members are working on acquiring their level

1 certification or recertification. Level 1 certification is a comprehensive collection  

of resources, programs, applications and promotions to create change and address

the complex challenges of player health and safety in youth football.  

The KEY COMPONENTS of the Education & Certification are Equipment Fitting,  

Concussion Recognition & Awareness, Heat & Hydration and Heads Up Tackling.

You as parents can join in as well with a free App available for your phone  

Simply download the "USA Football Heads Up Football" App  

Black Level Sponsor Recognition

MIYFCA would like to Recognize and Thank Walmart Super Center Foundation as being a Black Level Sponsor for Coach Aaron's Pee Wee Mustangs. MIYFCA Sponsor- Walmart

 MYFCA would like to Recognize and Thank Sports Authority as being a Black Level Sponsor for MIYFCA Mustangs. MIYFCA Sponsor-SPORTS AUTHORITY Merritt Island

MYFCA would like to Recognize and Thank Island Breakers as being a Black Level Sponsor for MIYFCA Mustangs. MIYFCA Sponsor- Island Breakers

MYFCA would like to Recognize and Thank Gen Ex Motors as being a Black Level Sponsor for MIYFCA Mustangs. MIYFCA Sponsor- Gen Ex Motors


Gold Level Sponsor Recognition

MIYFCA would like to Recognize and Time Out Sports Bar as being a Gold Level Sponsor for MIYFCA Mustangs. MIYFCA Sponsor- Time Out Sports Bar

MIYFCA would like to Recognize and Thank Black's Spray Service as being a Gold Level Sponsor for MIYCA Mustangs. MIYFCA Sponsor-Black's Spray Service

White Level Sponsor Recognition

MIYFCA would like to Recognize and Thank International Longshoremen's Association-Affiliated with AFL-CIO Local 1359-1860 as being a Black Level Sponsor for MIYFCA Mustangs. MIYFCA Sponsor- International Longshoreman's Assn 

MIYFCA would like to Recognize and Kelseys Merritt Island as being a White Level Sponsor for our MIYFCA Mustangs. MIYFCA Sponsor- Kelseys

MIYFCA would like to Recognize and Thank Triangle Auto II as being a White Level Sponsor for MIYFCA Mustangs. MIYFCA Sponsor- Triangle Auto II


 MIYFCA would like to Recognize and Thank Merry Maids as being a White Level Sponsor for MIYFCA Mustangs. MIYFCA Sponsor  


MIYFCA seeking sponsors!The league is seeking sponsors to help defer the cost of providing the necessary equipment, supplies and resources for a successful season for Merritt Island's Mustangs. There are many different levels of contributions, from sponsoring a Player Registration fee all the way up to being a Platinum Sponsor. With the different levels of commitment come varying levels of benefits and advertising possibilities through the league. If you or your business, or if you know of a business that might be interested in helping the league provide the best possible experience for our players and cheerleaders, PLEASE contact Madam Secretary Wanda Krejewski ( at the fields or download forms from our "Registration and Other Forms" tab.

 Coach Joseph "Joe" Parlapiano- Dio vi benedica Coach Joe, sarete persi. 1965-2015 

MIYFCA is happy to announce that we can now serve you better by accepting registration and donations

If you wish to pay registration for your child or care to make a donation please click the appropriate button below.*Please Note that the registration payment is for parents that have turned in registration paperwork to our league office

2012 Registration Forms and Volunteer Applications are available in our "Registration and Other Forms" tab. This organization is based purely upon the work of parent and community volunteers. Please lend your talents to the league!

E-Mail Alerts

We are trying a new service for text and email alerts when practice or games are cancelled. Click on the link on the right to opt-in to the list. There is an option to opt-out as well. You need to provide your email address and phone number. Hopefully we can provide you with the latest information with this system!