Last Updated: October 22, 2014
 MIYFCA is now Heads Up! MIYFCA is now a Heads Up Football Certified Football League   [More Info]

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  • MIYFCA is a Heads Up Certified Football League!
Schedule and Practice Update
MIYFCA 2014 Tackle and Flag Schedule Announced-Updated
BYFCA Updates Tackle Division
MIYFCA is happy to announce that we can now serve you better by accepting registration and donations
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Schedule and Practice Update

Thursday October 23rd-Practice Status-. Practice is a Green flag- Practice for all teams is scheduled as normal. See you at the practice field.        



Hello Mustang Family 
Our Homestand continues this week as we host our rival Rockledge Raiders this Saturday This is our Annual Pink game.  We will only be providing players and cheerleaders with pink items. Players will receive armbands and mouth pieces and cheerleaders will receive shirts.  Shirts will be $10.00 (unless 2xl or larger, add 2.00 per each larger size so 2xl is 12.00 etc.). You can place orders with your team moms or office.  All monies are due when you place order. 
Our Camo shirts will be available at the end of next week. If you emailed me with sizes, I ordered them. The cost for the shirts was $20.00. You can stop by the office and see Gayle to pay for them. We would like to close out that preorder account early next week, so please make an effort to stop by and pay. Thanks.  We did order a few extras of these but not many. They will be sold at the merchandise tent on the October 18th game.  
Back by popular demand... we are putting another order in for the dips. So many people have come to us and asked us to do another order that we are. Orders and money is due by Oct 23rd. You can stop by the office to get an order form. Remember these make great Thanksgiving treats, Football party fun and great Holiday gifts!
Remember we are home and will be needing lots of help. Pick up trash on the ground when you see it. If a trash bag needs changing, please give us a hand. If you see help is needed in the concession stand, we would love it! We will need 3 chain gang people for each game. Please step up. We don't want the Rockledge people on the sidelines, coaching or cheering.

Cheer competition is on December 6th, please plan to come out to support our
cheerleaders.  They do a great job all year long supporting our players, and
this is a great way to return the favor.  All board members will be
there to run our assigned positions.  We will not be participating in Christmas
Parade due to this conflict.

The Super Bowl will be held on November 22.

Closing Day will be held on December 13th, please make plans to join us.  We are
looking at Kars Park as our venue, but will update with more details soon.  Have
heard a rumor about a kick ball game with kids versus adults. 



Hello Mustangs! 
MIYFCA has been told by many that they are very interested in purchasing the camo shirts that the board wears. 
Below is an example of both the male and female version. We would put  the County Mustang emblem on the front in yellow. The cost would be $20 each.  
Here is what I need to know from everyone that is interested...
1)  Would you be interested in purchasing them?
2)  If so how many?
3)  What sizes would you need--    Mens   S - 5XL are available
                                                       Womans  XS - 3XL are available 
We are not interested in ordering an overage of these, so we would like to get a feel of what sizes people would be interested in. Please respond to with your interest in sizes and how many. (remember they are $20 each)
Please note-- this will not be considered an official order form. We are just looking to see if there is interest.
Our Pink game t-shirt design is in. This year it is a black t-shirt with a hot pink design on the front. The shirts will cost $10.00 each with a $2 upcharge for 2XL and above. We are still doing preorders. The money for the preorders is due Oct 16th.  We will not have too many to sell at the merchandise tent, so get your size preordered. You can email me with the size or come into the office or tell your team mom.

MIYFCA 2014 Tackle and Flag Schedule Announced-Updated


BYFCA Updates Tackle Division

  • BCYFCA has re-aligned the tackle football divisions for 2014 as follows.
    • Player league age remains Aug. 1, 2014.
    • The age shown is the maximum league age allowed in the division.There is no weight limit for any position in any division.
      • Playing up to a higher division is allowed.
      • Playing down is no longer allowed.


2014 BCYFCA Football & Cheerleading Division Ages
Age (as of Aug. 1)
3 - 4
Jr. Rookie
5 - 6
Mighty Mite
Pee Wee
10 & 11
12 & 13
13 - 14
14 & 15

Black Level Sponsor Recognition

MIYFCA would like to Recognize and Thank Walmart Super Center Foundation as being a Black Level Sponsor for Coach Aaron's Pee Wee Mustangs. MIYFCA Sponsor- Walmart

 MYFCA would like to Recognize and Thank Sports Authority as being a Black Level Sponsor for MIYFCA Mustangs. MIYFCA Sponsor-SPORTS AUTHORITY Merritt Island

MYFCA would like to Recognize and Thank Island Breakers as being a Black Level Sponsor for MIYFCA Mustangs. MIYFCA Sponsor- Island Breakers

MYFCA would like to Recognize and Thank Gen Ex Motors as being a Black Level Sponsor for MIYFCA Mustangs. MIYFCA Sponsor- Gen Ex Motors


Gold Level Sponsor Recognition

MIYFCA would like to Recognize and Time Out Sports Bar as being a Gold Level Sponsor for MIYFCA Mustangs. MIYFCA Sponsor- Time Out Sports Bar

MIYFCA would like to Recognize and Thank Black's Spray Service as being a Gold Level Sponsor for MIYCA Mustangs. MIYFCA Sponsor-Black's Spray Service

White Level Sponsor Recognition

MIYFCA would like to Recognize and Thank International Longshoremen's Association-Affiliated with AFL-CIO Local 1359-1860 as being a Black Level Sponsor for MIYFCA Mustangs. MIYFCA Sponsor- International Longshoreman's Assn 

MIYFCA would like to Recognize and Kelseys Merritt Island as being a White Level Sponsor for our MIYFCA Mustangs. MIYFCA Sponsor- Kelseys

MIYFCA would like to Recognize and Thank Triangle Auto II as being a White Level Sponsor for MIYFCA Mustangs. MIYFCA Sponsor- Triangle Auto II



MIYFCA seeking sponsors!The league is seeking sponsors to help defer the cost of providing the necessary equipment, supplies and resources for a successful season for Merritt Island's Mustangs. There are many different levels of contributions, from sponsoring a Player Registration fee all the way up to being a Platinum Sponsor. With the different levels of commitment come varying levels of benefits and advertising possibilities through the league. If you or your business, or if you know of a business that might be interested in helping the league provide the best possible experience for our players and cheerleaders, PLEASE contact Madam Secretary Wanda Krejewski ( at the fields or download forms from our "Registration and Other Forms" tab.

MIYFCA is happy to announce that we can now serve you better by accepting registration and donations

If you wish to pay registration for your child or care to make a donation please click the appropriate button below.*Please Note that the registration payment is for parents that have turned in registration paperwork to our league office

2012 Registration Forms and Volunteer Applications are available in our "Registration and Other Forms" tab. This organization is based purely upon the work of parent and community volunteers. Please lend your talents to the league!

E-Mail Alerts

We are trying a new service for text and email alerts when practice or games are cancelled. Click on the link on the right to opt-in to the list. There is an option to opt-out as well. You need to provide your email address and phone number. Hopefully we can provide you with the latest information with this system!

Upcoming Events

Sunday,  Nov 2
BCYFCA Meeting 12:00pm Carver Park

For a complete calendar listing, click here!

Merritt Island Youth Football & Cheerleading Association

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