Last Updated: April 23, 2017
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  • Milltown Little League
  • Citizenship, Discipline, Teamwork, Physical Well-Being, Character, Courage, Loyalty
  • P.O. BOX 101 - MILLTOWN, NJ 08850
  • (732) 328-9487

Milltown Baseball & Softball

Established 1953


  2006 N.J. District 10 Little League Champions
2005 NJ District 10 Eleven Year Old Champions



League Pledge:

I trust in God.

I love my country and will respect its laws.

I will play fair and strive to win.

But win or lose, I will always do my best.

Mission Statement:

To promote, develop, supervise, and voluntarily assist in all lawful ways, the interest of those who will participate in Milltown Baseball & Softball.

Through proper guidance and exemplary leadership, the Milltown Baseball & Softball program assists youth in developing the qualities of citizenship, discipline, teamwork and physical well-being. By espousing the virtues of character, courage and loyalty, the Milltown Baseball & Softball program is designed to develop superior citizens rather than superior athletes.

The Milltown Baseball & Softball Program is a chartered Little League Program and a proud member of New Jersey District 10 Little League.

Upcoming Games/Practices

Tuesday, Apr 25
Major Softball
Brunswick Grove @ Access Self Storage6:30pmMajor League Field
Minor Softball
ReMax Country @ Milltown Pharmacy6:00pmField #1
Snack Shack Parent Schedule
Jones @ Kober5:45pmShack Shack
Wednesday, Apr 26
Major Baseball
Lions Club @ Rangers6:30pmMajor League Field
Minor Baseball
Major Car Wash @ Crabiel6:00pmField #1
Fire Department @ Knights of Columbus6:00pmField #2
Midgets Baseball
R & D Promo @ Francesco's Pizza6:00pmField #3
Snack Shack Parent Schedule
Decaro @ Gorman5:45pmSnack Shack
Thursday, Apr 27
Major Softball
Access Self Storage @ Knights of Columbus6:30pmMajor League Field
Minor Softball
Skalla @ ReMax Country6:00pmField #1
Snack Shack Parent Schedule
Ott @ Fedon5:45pmShack Shack
Friday, Apr 28
Major Baseball
PBA @ Rescue Squad6:30pmMajor League Field
Minor Baseball
Knights of Columbus @ Dusal's6:00pmField #1
Minor Softball
Skalla @ Milltown Pharmacy6:30pmField #2
Midgets Baseball
Middlesex Academy of Dance @ American Legion6:00pmField #3
Snack Shack Parent Schedule
Johnson @ Harto5:45pmShack Shack
Saturday, Apr 29
Major Baseball
Lions Club @ Rangers6:00pmMajor League Field
Major Softball
Knights of Columbus @ Brunswick Grove10:00amField #2
Minor Baseball
Major Car Wash @ Fire Department10:00amMajor League Field
T Ball / Rookie
Ice Cream Depot @ Badolato Refridgeration9:00amField #3
Snack Shack Parent Schedule
Palacios @ Chapman9:45amSnack Shack
Thomas @ 3 Lion's Club6:00pmSnack Shack
VanAulen @ 3 Lion's Club6:00pmSnack Shack

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