Last Updated: October 15, 2017
  • Mallards win the World Series!
  • Mallards come back from 2-0 to win it all
  • Daberko hits 5 total HR in World Series
  • Davis sets record with 160 K total in '17

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2017 Awards Announced; Daberko Wins MVP

With a league-leading 12 HR and 25 RBI in the regular season to go along with his 7 clutch postseason home runs, Noah Daberko wins his first MVP in his five year career.

Midwest Mallards win the 2017 World Series!

In one of the most unbelievable World Series' we've ever had, the Midwest Mallards came out on top. After being down in the series 2-0, they stormed back to win the next three and win the series, 3-2, over a tremendous Coastal Cobras team. With Coughlin's lights out pitching, Daberko's clutch homers, and McPeek's timely hitting and solid fielding, this team will surely go down as one of the best and most exciting in MLW history.

2017 Batting Average Leaders (Min. 35 AB)

1.) Zach Whalen: .392

2.) Kyle Schultz: .390

3.) Drew Davis: .390


2017 Home Run Leaders

1.) Noah Daberko, Kyle Schultz: 12                                                                                            

3.) Daniel Schultz: 11

4.) Zach Whalen: 10

2017 RBI Leaders

1.) Noah Daberko: 25

2.) Alex House: 23

2.) Warda, D. Schultz: 22

2017 Pitching Leaders

1.) Tommy Coughlin: 6-4, 1.17 ERA, 73 K

2.) Kyle Schultz: 9-4, 1.60 ERA, 89 K

3.) Daniel Schultz: 8-3, 1.76 ERA, 89 K

2017 Power Rankings: End of Season

1.) Midwest Mallards: Coughlin was absolutely dominant on the mound and Daberko had a historic postseason. Congratulations, Midwest Mallards.

2.) Coastal Cobras: This could very possibly be the best team we've had not win the World Series in a season. Very talented group that was one win away.

3.) Eastern Eagles: The Eagles weren't able to go back-to-back, but the future still looks bright for them. They will be back.

4.)  Pacific Predators: The Preds went toe-to-toe with the AL champs but couldn't quite get around to them with the bats. They need to pick up a solid, offensive weapon this offseason.

5.)  Western Wildcats: Schultz wasn't his best on the mound and the team scored 0 runs vs. the Cobras. This team might have to make some moves.

6.) Southern Seahawks: Finishing on an 11-game losing streak, the Seahawks couldn't quite get anything going in the second half.

Cultz Field

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