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Marion Merchants Baseball Club


The Marion Merchants Baseball Club is a 501(C)(3) non profit organization.  The Marion Merchants Baseball Club was formed to provide boys and girls the opportunity to learn fundamental baseball/softball skills, sportsmanship, discipline, and a positive attitude on and off the field.


TRYOUTS FOR 2016 MARION MERCHANTS ELITE TRAVEL TEAMS-- August 1st and August 2nd, 2015:

8U: 8am to 10am on Maynard Field at Lincoln Park

9U: 12pm to 2pm on Maynard Field at Lincoln Park

10U: 10am to 12pm on Maynard Field at Lincoln Park

11U: 8am to 10am on Scott Field at Lincoln Park

12U: 10am to 12pm on Scott Field at Lincoln Park

13U: 12pm to 2pm on Lincoln Field at Lincoln Park

14U: 10am to 12pm on Lincoln Field at Lincoln Park- Sunday Only

15U: 4pm to 6pm on Lincoln Field at Lincoln Park

16U: 2pm to 4pm on Lincoln Field at Lincoln Park



Coaches for the 2016 Marion Merchants Elite Baseball Season:

8U- James Davis-  740-244-0778
9U- Chris Caudill-  740-361-3311
10U- Claude Allen-  740-262-5100
11U- Dan Reyes-  419-689-5355
12U- Thad Huffman-  740-361-6328
13U- Kamal Nelson-
14U- Randy Holt-  740-341-5745
15U- Jason Warner-
16U- Tom Smith-  419-561-5837


Congratulations to our baseball teams for some outstanding performances in recent tournaments!  At the Marysville Mitts Tournament that was played from 6/5/15 through 6/7/15, our 8U team took 1st place, the 14U team placed 2nd, and our 9U team finished 3rd.  The 15U team played in Bowling Green that weekend and also took 3rd.  The 14U team followed up its runner-up finish at Marysville by winning the championship in the Grove City Classic, which was played from 6/12/15 through 6/14/15.  GREAT JOB! 



Here is the direct link for all your apparel needs.  

Orders take up to 2 weeks to receive. If you have any questions  about shipping/delivery options, please call 740-386-6131

 before placing the order.






Central Ohio Knockouts Softball Club

The Knockouts are a sister organization of the Marion Merchants Baseball Club, and were formally known as Marion Merchants Softball. The softball organization has grown over the years and we have decided to expand to any girls wanting to play travel ball over the state not just locally. Any questions or concerns call Eric Shirk at 740-262-6464 or email Check