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Broncos kick off season and enter Week 3

Modesto Broncos kicked off the season in Ceres taking on the Seahawks. All games were hard fought with the following scores:

Pee-Wee    Broncos 0  Seahawks 32

JV               Broncos 18  Seahawks 43

Varsity        Broncos 50  Seahawks 0


Game two was at home vs the Manteca Jaguars

Pee-Wee     Broncos 0    Jaguars 26

JV                Broncos 16  Jaguars 22

Varsity         Broncos 12   Jaguars 6


Stay tuned for this upcoming weeks scores vs Central Valley 49ers @ Riverbank sports complex

Times are 1,3,5,7 pm.

Have Questions??? Here are some answers....

Is it tackle?
Yes, Cen-Cal/Modesto Broncos is a full contact football league.

What league are you in?
Modesto Broncos are part of Cen-Cal Junior Football. It is a derivitive of the old CCC. We have teams in Manteca, Oakdale, Turlock, Ceres, Merced, Livingston, Atwater, Los Banos. Most of the teams in our league feed their perspective high school programs. We are a smaller league but extremely competitive.

How much is it and how can we pay?
It is $200, you may place a $100 deposit to hold a position, and pay the rest by July 1st.. Your monies cover all practice equipment and game equipment including a game jersey which your child keeps. Your child will be issued top quality equipment which includes, helmet, shoulder pads, practice pants, game pants, game socks, girdle, thigh and knee pads and mouth piece. You only need to buy a pair of cleats and practice jersey which you can get at Valley Sporting goods or Big 5 or Sports Authority. Discounts are given to multiple child families with first child cost $200, second child $175 and third child $150.

If I sign up and change our mind, how do refunds work?

Once you pay the $100, those monies are not refundable. If you pay the entire amount and decide not to play prior to the first day of practice, you will only receive $100 back of the entire amount. There are no exceptions, if you decide to quit, pull your child, after the first game you will not receive a refund whatsoever.

 What will we need and when?
Upon signing up, you will need to bring a COPY of his/her birth-certificate, and you will be required to fill out a registration card. At that time you can pay your $100 deposit. Prior to the first clinic on June 20th, you will be required to obtain a physical, which you can get at your family doctor, Affordable Chiropractic, or other area Chiropractics or wellness centers. Prior to July 1st you will be required to pay off the remaining balance of your tuition as well as submit a current copy of your childs report card. This ONLY applies to JV and Varsity aged kids.

Is there fundraising?
 No, this year we are not requiring a fundraiser.

Do you accept Leisure Bucks?
We at this time are not accepting leisure bucks. We had in the past but due to funding issues with the city, we opted out of the program.

What are the age limits?
Ages are determined by the age of the child ON August 1st. 7-8 years old play Rookie, 9-10 play Pee-Wee, 11-12 play J.V. and 13-14 play Varsity.

Do Rookies keep score?
We believe that the Rookie level is an introductory level and we do not keep score during the regular season. This gives coaches and players the opportunity to focus on instructing and teaching the fundamentals of football. When the regular season ends, ALL teams make playoffs and then score is kept. There is a Rookie Super Bowl.

When does season start?
Season starts officially August 3rd. Prior to that date on August 1st we will be having a 4 hour clinic from 9 am to 1 pm at Modesto Christian. This is an opportunity to pay fees and handle any paperwork you need to.

Where do we practice?
We practice at Modesto Christian High School,5755 Sisk Rd., Monday through Friday from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. After first game, we practice Mon-Wed 6:00-8:00 pm, Thursday 5:30-6:30 and NO practices on Friday.

Where are games and when?
ALL games are on Saturdays. Home games are at Modesto Christian, typically Rookies at 1:30, Pee-Wee at 3, JV at 5 and Varsity at 7. Away game times will be determined by the hosting team. If the field at the away game does not have lights then a day game will be scheduled, if there are lights then afternoon games are scheduled.

Do we travel alot?
No, half the games are home games in Modesto, and all other games will be with organizations off the 99 freeway with the furthest south is Los Banos and furthest north is Manteca.

Do you have mandatory playing rules?
NO, we do not have a mandatory playing rule. All coaches make their best effort to play all the kids but it's based upon ability, effort , attendence and skill. It's important to remember that practice is the opportunity to show the coaches you are capable of performing in a game time situation.

Do you have weight limits?
Football is a contact sport and we believe that supporting weight limits is the safest way to regulate injuries to young players. Weight limits are as follows, Rookies 110 lbs, Pee-Wee 125 lbs, JV 140 lbs, and Varsity 220 pounds. Varsity players weighing between 200 and 220 will be designated X-Men. 8th graders MUST play varsity regardless of weight or age.

Can you play for the Broncos if we live far away?
We do not have boundaries. We have kids from Riverbank, Waterford, Ceres, and Salida who come to play for us.

How is the coaching?
Modesto Broncos have some of the best quality youth coaches in the valley. Between the Head coaches at all levels there is over 55 years of combined youth experience with multiple Super Bowls, Friendship Bowls, Huff Bowl and State Championship appearences and wins. We have coaches who have coached at the High School level as well as other otherganizations as well. ALL coaches attend an annual clinic and are Live Scanned by the Dept of Justice.

Our emphasis as coaches is not to focus on winning but teaching the proper fundamentals of football, team-work and sportsmanship along with citizenship. We believe if the game is taught well, and players adhere to the core values of effort, team work and continues improvement that winning takes care of itself. We take pride in our organization, our team-mates, and our community and strive to represent them all with class and dignity.

I hope this helps answer your questions you may have. We look forward to the opportunity to work with your children in 2015. If you have any additional questions or concerns you can email


As with any sporting institution, the highlights of the orgnaiztion is talk of Super Bowls, or Championships, and other achievements. Bottom line when it all comes down is parent want their kids to play for a winning organization. It has reared it's results this year with a record number of kids throughout the orgnization. After winning the Super Bowl and both JV and Varsity going undefeated with Varsity continueing to go forth and win the NYFL State Championship, kids from all over Modesto are coming over and Varsity is currently sitting with over 44 kids.

As we tell all parents, by no means is our focus on winning, but we realize, as do all good organizations, that if you recruit the right people for your board, for your coaches and instill the proper values and work ethic, winning takes care of itself. Last season, 2009, the Broncos combined record for all 4 squads was 36-4. This is a direct attribute to the coaches and staff who help these children accomplish their individual goals which in turn rears itself as winning.

Thank you all who have supported the Modesto Broncos Youth Football and Cheer, and assisting in making us the premier youth football organization in the valley.

Modesto Broncos Board

Former Broncos representing at area High Schools well

The word is out and I'm getting great feedback from High School coaches. Our Super Bowl Champion/ State Champion 2009 squad is leading their prospective schools and working hard.

Modesto Christian- RB- Andre Edwards RB/WB- Max Velasquez TE/OLB-Jared Mora all are representing well at MC.

Downey- QB- Mario Sanchez, CB- Jaedon Webb DT- Delray Warren G/DT- Spencer Massey TE/OLB- Joe Camp

Enochs- LT- Andrew Issa FB/ILB- Layne Johnson

Beyer- RB- Troy Larkin DB- David Parra S- Ricky Beidenwig LB- John Machado

If anyone knows who went elsewhere please chime in to, we would like to hear about the rest of the team.

We practice at MC, so majority of my feedback is on the 3 at MC. I know they are playing well. Carrying on the tradition of youth football.

Modesto Broncos and Cen-Cal Youth Football

This week the flyers and ad for Sign-ups for Football and Cheer showcased in the sports section of the Modesto Bee. We've received many phone calls with various questions,,,so to sum things up,,if your asking Why the Modesto Broncos and Cen-Cal Football?

1. SAFETY- We put safety first above anything else. A safe, secure environment is first and formost to provide the best experience possible for our players. We are pure youth football, we do not have 9th graders, and we do not have "older lighters", kids play against kids their own age and weight. Other leagues do NOT have weight limits at ANY level. We at the Broncos and Cen-Cal support weight limits for safety purposes. Weight is a critical factor when safety is involved, the collisions that occur and impacts that happen will greatly increase injuries when weight limits are removed.

1. Established in the community- The Modesto Broncos are going on their 33rd year in existence. Year after year we maintain a strong following and have a long history of success serving the Modesto Community. Most other teams in Modesto have been start up teams within the last 12 years.

2.No Boundaries- Unlike other leagues, the Modesto Broncos and Cen-Cal football do not have boundaries. We feel that parents should have a choice of where they want their children to participate regardless of where they live.

3. Coaching- ALL coaches are USA Football sponsored, and background checks conducted. The Modesto Broncos have an abundance of coaches who have been coaching for an extensive amount of time. Between all 4 head coaches at each level there is over 50 years of combined coaching experience. With an emphasis on sportsmanship, teamwork, and citizenship, we strive to develop character and instill values that will be utilized outside of football and help the youth of our community become future role models within Modesto.

4. Cost- Through relationships with various companies we are able to keep our costs down and NOT pass them on to those siging up year after year with the Broncos. We are able to purchase the highest quality equipment available for the lowest possible price without compromising quality or safety. Your child will be suited up with the best equipment possible. Other leagues and teams are charging in upwards of over $200 plus collecting $200 volunteer fee from parents for a total of over $400, while in the past 10 years we have only increased our costs by $45.

5. Financially secure- The Modesto Broncos have a process in place to which we remain financially stable and secure in order to provide your child with the best possible experience. We are registered with the state of California as Non-Profit and are co-sponsored and endorsed by the City of Modesto. We remain secure with our agreements with vendors, practice facilities and game facilities. Our continued working relationship with Modesto Christian provides the Broncos with a long-term, secure location for the members of the Broncos to congregate on Saturdays and enjoy an atmosphere of youth football and Cheer at a first class facility. Unlike another league in Modesto, we are pure non-profit. All board and coaching positions are strictly volunteer. Board members or coaches are not compensated for their time. Your tuition that you pay goes towards the children.

6. Competetiveness- The Modesto Broncos Football and Cheer remain consistantly at the forefront of successful competitiveness with the Central Valley. Football is always in the top of the standings and competing to participate in the Super Bowl. In the past 10 years there have been over 9 appearances in the Super Bowl and a Varsity State Championship win this past year. Cheer has led the Valley in Competition Cheerleading having always qualified for Nationals in Las Vegas Nevada, and bringing home a long list of National Championships.

7. Travel- There is minimal travel involved in Cen-Cal. 5 games will be played at our home field with the remianing games off the 99 freeway.

As a parent who at one time was looking within Modesto to sign my children up, it is important to look at a few things and answer questions so you are comfortable with your choice.

A.Look for an organization who has a long track record for success within Modesto.

B. Look for an organization that continues to teach the core values that as parents you work to instill yourself.

C. Look for an organization that helps parents keep costs down so that everyone is offered the opportunity to participate.

D. Look for an organization who is financially stable and has the right logistics in place for your child to have a rewarding experience.

E. Look for an organization that provides a safe and secure environment for your child.

F. Look for an organization that emphasizes community togetherness and promotes parent participation through a joint effort for all to partake in your childs experience.

The Modesto Broncos Youth Football and Cheer provides all of this criteria, and continues to be the leading Youth Football Organization in Modesto, with the longest running record of continued success,,, over 30 years.

Any questions please email

Modesto Christian Wins CIF State Championship

Modesto Christian battled for four quarters and came away with the coveted CIF Small Schools State Championship title. Modesto Christian completes the perfect season as well, having beaten Escalon twice, and Central Catholic. This is the first time a Modesto team has won the State Title,,Congratulations to Mike Parsons, MC Coaching staff and players on a job well done

Broncos shine in All-Star game and help NFC defeat AFC 60-26

The first touchdown of the game was a hook-up between two Broncos, #12 Mario Sanchez and #27 Jared Mora...Sanchez dropped back on the 36 yard line and launched a nice ball to the corner of the endzone as Mora leaped up and pulled it down for the first score of the game. The rest was on the ground as #5 Andre Edwards pounded the rock for 12 carries and 500 yards on the ground scoring 7 touchdowns. #23 Chance Shaw picked off a pass, and #22 Max Velasquez made several key tackles and had a nice run in the 2nd quarter. #75 Delraye Warren raised havoc in the backfield and #63 Andrew Issa cleared holes for the backfield on offense. The Broncos represented well and helped break an All-Star record scoring 60 points on the AFC All-Stars.....

Broncos Win NYFL State Championship!!!!

The Modesto Broncos Varsity wins the NYFL State Championship at Modesto Christian. Posting a record 16-0 Season Record.....

After winning the Super Bowl and posting a perfect record the Broncos Varsity threw their hat into the ring for the NYFL State Championship. It's three days of games and a brutal schedule. Upon entering we were given some vague rules and weren't sure what we were getting ourselves into. We started with the Jr. Eagles on Friday night and faced a team who seemed confident and was MUCH bigger up front than we were, but as we all know.....speed kills. The Broncos front line kept to perfect technique and were able to push holes open for Edwards and Duron, as the Broncos knocked off the Eagles 32-0.

Day 2, Saturday, had the Broncos slated against the Stockton Yellow Jackets formerly the Lions.....and what a game it was. Stockton was big and fast. The game got out of control real fast for the Broncos as the Jackets took a punt from their own 30 yard line and were off to the races down the sidelines for a Stockton touchdown. A few series later the Jackets QB dropped back to pass and launched a beautiful pass over the middle for a touchdown. The Broncos were shocked and had never been in that position before. Coming out at halftime down 14-0 the Broncos defense stepped up to the plate and with a variety of looks were able to put pressure on the backfield of the jackets. Offensively the Broncos converted to smash mouth football, driving the ball downfield behind #25 Shaw who was lead blocking for Edwards and Larkin, and from the 4 yard line, #25 Shaw plunged in for the first score. The Broncos defense continued to stay stout and the offense again were able to put more points up when #12 Sanchez rolled right and lauched a bullet which bounced off the intended receiver and flew 10 yards forward and fell into the arms of #83 Tanner Duron, who turned and rumbled 10 yards for another Bronco Touchdown. The game was tied 14-14 with only 2:18 were left on the clock and the broncos slowly but surely drove down field and with 47 seconds left, #12 Sanchez hit #9 Edwards who rumbled in for the winning score.

Day 3, Sunday, posted the Broncos against cross town rivals Modesto Raiders. We knew going in that we were the better team but had to prove it on the field. With Gonzalez,Miranda, and Gloria playing for the Raiders after a start with the Broncos, the kids had something to prove. The Broncos defense with help from Mario Sanchez, Chance Shaw, Delraye Warren anc Co.was way too much for the Raiders offense who could not move the football effectively and the Broncos offense marched up and down the field at will, as the line pushed the Raiders front all over the field and Andre Edwards ran all over the Raider defense, while Sanchez passed to Mora and James as well as Duron for a truck load of yards. Shaw, Larkin, Velasquez pounded the rock all day long. On the opening drive the Broncos fumbled on the first play from scrimmage and gave the ball to the Raiders on the 8 yard line and they were unable to punch it into the endzone. The Broncos went on and handled the Raiders easily and posted a 30-0 goose egg. Sorry Benny if your not happy camper, but shoulda stayed at the Broncos :).

Broncos were then presented with the Trophy and crowned 2009 NYFL State Champions.

Broncos Varsity 2009 Super Bowl Champs!!!!!

The Modesto Broncos Varsity completed the perfect season and were crowned Super Bowl Champions!!! This is the first undefeated Super Bowl Team in Modesto Broncos History. 13-0 in 2009.

The air was electric and hopes were high as the Broncos took the field. The team was pumped up and ready to finish and complete the perfect season. The Broncos kicked off and the Sabercats ran the opening kickoff back for a TD. The Broncos showed diligance and perserverance, and came roaring back on the legs of #9 Andre Edwards, who scampered around the right side to put the Broncos on the board. #12 Mario Sanchez posted a 130 yard game, scoring on an 85 yard run around left end and holding the ball high as he scooted into the endzone untouched.

On the legs of #9 Edwards and #4 Troy Larkin, the backs displayed why they are the best tandum in Cen-Cal. Both backs scored on long runs and carried the rock with authority. The Broncos offense kept the ball on the ground and only attempted 1 pass the entire game. When the hard yardage was needed, #25 Chance Shaw and #22 Max Velasquez pounded the rock from the FB spot. #44 Joe Camp called the defense as all 11 kids swarmed to the ball and caused 5 turnovers and offense behind #12 Sanchez moved the ball methodically down field and controlled the football. #36 River Hunt, #63 Andrew Issa, #66 Kory Mora,#75 Delray Warren, #56 Jose Medina & #27 Jard Mora controlled the line of scrimmage opening huge holes for Edwards, Larkin, Shaw and Velasquez. The outside blocking was strong with key blocks from #15 Dihirea James.

The defense stayed stout with the line rotating and staying fresh with #47 Tristen Fodrie and #72 Thomas Westfall providing a great push up front. The corners covered exceptionally well as #26 Jaedon Webb and #35 Jared Taylor played great coverage and run support. The Broncos went in with a 21-8 lead at the half.

The second half showcased the same and the Sabercats were fighting from a corner but the Broncos punched in another score when Troy Larkin scampered 40 yards for another touchdown untouched. The final score ended up 43-16 breaking a Super Bowl record for most points scored previously held by the Turlock 49ers in 2005 with 41 points.

The Broncos ended the season with 481 (524 after Super Bowl) points scored on offense #1 in Cen-Cal and 45 points against #1 in Cen-Cal (61 after Super Bowl).

This was a season to remember having marched through the season undefeated and taking home the Super Bowl XXIII Trophy!!


Broncos Varsity and JV go to the Super Bowl

Junior Varsity
Broncos 8 Wildcats 0
The Broncos were in the battle of their lives when they met a tough and determined Los Banos Wildcat team. It was a defensive battle the entire game until 1:46 left in the game when they connected on a pass and catch down to the 7 yard line. The Broncos lined up and punched it in and made the extra kick. Broncos hung on to take the game and advance to Super Bowl XXIII vs the Buhach Thunder.

Broncos 38 Wildcats 8
The Broncos came out and drove the length of the field to punch in the first score. The Wildcats defense stepped up and gave fits to the Broncos offense. With a determined backfield, the Broncos kept the ball moving on the legs of #9 Edwards and #22 Velasquez. #12 Sanchez was perfect in hitting key passes to keep drives alive. The Broncos pulled away as the game progressed and sealed the game when Los Banos punted from their own 10 yard line and it was shanked and fell into the arms of #26 Jaedon Webb who rumbled 23 yards for a Bronco touchdown. The Broncos advance for the 3rd year in a row to the Super Bowl to take on the Waterford Sabercats in Atwater for Super Bowl XXIII, game time is at 7:00 pm.

Broncos advance 2 to the Championship game

Broncos 0 Bears 21
The Bears were just too much to handle as the Pee-Wee team couldn't get enough going to put points on the board. The defense stood stout but broke at times and allowed the Bears to get into the endzone. Pee-Wee season ends.

Junior Varsity
Broncos 40 Jaguars 0
The JV Broncos advance to the Championship game with a solid performance against a touch Jaguar team. The Broncos moved the ball up and down the field on a tough Manteca defense but the Broncos "D" was too much for the Jags. JV advances to play Los Banos at home in the NFC Championship game.

Broncos 43 Turlock 49ers 0
The Broncos had stepped up to take on a tough Turlock team. The Broncos accumulated over 400 yards on the ground between their backs. The Broncos remain undefeated and advance to the NFC Championship against the Los Banos Wildcats.

Broncos take 3 of 4 Huff Bowl Trophies vs Ceres Seahawks

The Modesto Broncos finished at home with a great showing in the first Huff Bowl contests vs Ceres Seahawks.

Rookies Broncos 7 Seahawks 0
The Rookies ended the season with a great defensive showing and winning their first Huff Bowl Trophy. The offense marched up and down the field on a tough Ceres defense who remained stout within the red zone. But the Broncos were able to put one in the endzone and holf off any attack by a good Ceres team.

Pee-Wee Broncos 6 Seahawks 22
With a tough Seahawk team, the Broncos were unable to move the ball down field and punch it into the endzone. The Seahawks behind QB #7 Ogden, marched up and down the field and moved the ball well on the Broncos defense. The Pee-Wee team drop to 4th spot in the NFC and will face a tough Merced Bears Pee-Wee team next week at home at 3 pm.

JV Broncos 40 Seahawks 0
The JV team completed their run towards the bowl with a 40-0 win over the Seahawks. The Broncos "D" stood tall and stout as they refused to allow the Seahawks to even sniff the red zone. The Broncos line dominated the line of scrimmage allowing the stable of backs the JV has to run up and down the field. The Broncos will face off against the Jaguars at Modesto Christian at 5 pm for first round of playoffs.

Varsity Broncos 52 Seahawks 14
This was a huge game for all involved, with the migration of several Ceres players to Broncos and the migration of Jauquin Gardner to the Seahawks this was a showdown. The Broncos came out on fire with the Defense stepping up and scoring first on an 80 yard interception by #12 Mario Sanchez, who had 3 picks on the day. The Broncos marched up and down the field with the second score coming from an 18 yard run by #22 Max Velasquez. The Broncos leaned heavily on #9 Andre Edwards who needed only 183 yards to break the 2,000 yard mark, but fell just a little short amassing 151 yards on the day but scoring several touchdowns, one on a pass and catch from Mario Sanchez on the Bronco 3 yard line and rumbled 97 yards for a Bronco score. The Broncos broke the 400 points scored mark and have allowed only 37 points on the season. The Broncos will meet the Turlock 49ers next Saturday at home for the 1st round of the playoffs. The previous meeting was a 40-0 win. Kickoff is at 7:00 pm. at Modesto Christian High School.

Broncos snag 2 of 3 in Atwater with Varstiy and JV 9-0

Modesto Broncos rolled down to Atwater and pulled 2 of the 3 victories.

The Rookie squad fired on all cylinders as they crossed the goal line 5 times to the Facons 1 time. The Rookies showcased their stable of backs as they exploited a vulnurable Falcon defense.Rookies play their last game this coming week at home vs the Ceres Seahawks. This game will be regulation and score kept and 4-8 minute quarters.

Pee-Wee Broncos 22 Falcons 26
The Broncos were unable to mount a comeback as the special teams gave up two critical touchdowns and the Broncos fall to 6-3 on the season. They end up 4th seed in playoffs and will face the Merced Bears in first round of playoffs.

Junior Varsity Broncos 14 Falcons 6
The Broncos JV came out and with confidence took on a tough Falcon opponent. The Broncos defense which has been the staple of this squad all year refused to bend as they gave up one score but buckled down and refused to allow another. The offense, which at time seemed to struggle, put up 14 points which was enough to secure the victory. The Broncos secure 1st seed in JV NVC and will face either Los Banos or Turlock in the 1st round of playoffs in 2 weeks.

Varsity Broncos 30 Falcons 0
The Broncos Varsity remain atop the NFC with a solid victory over the Falcons. The Broncos backfield reached some milestones, as #9 Edwards surpassed the 1,800 yard mark and #4 Larkin went over 1,000 yards.The Broncos defense pitched their 6th straight shut out of the season and lead the entire league with points scored with 348 and 2nd in the league in points scored against at 23 points. The Broncos look to take on the Ceres Seahawks in the Huff Construction Bowl at Modesto Christian. Kickoff is at 7 pm. The Broncos look to complete the season undefeated.

Modesto Broncos Cheer take 1st and 2nd place respectfully

The Modesto Broncos Youth Cheer squads went up to Stockton to UOP for a competition. The Varsity Broncos secured 2nd place while the JV Broncos took home the gold and 1st place. Congratulations!!

Broncos take 2 of 3 from 49ers

With the Niners traveling into town the Broncos knew it would have their hands full.

Rookies defense stepped up and did a great job against a hard charging 49er offense. The Rookies kept to the outside running game in hopes of breaking several loose. The Niners came to play and kept the Broncos at bay only crossing the goal line twice. The Broncos defense held the 49ers to one goal line crossing and was a great showcase for the Broncos "D".

Pee-Wee Broncos 0 49ers 14
The Broncos were unable to move the football on a stout 49er defense. The Broncos defense fought a hard battle and were on the field a majority of the contest but bent a few times and allowed two 49er touhdowns. The Broncos seemed to sputter a bit on offense and were unable to get the corner on the Niners.

Junior Varsity Broncos 14 49ers 8
The Broncos held on to secure the victory as the game ended in the Niner Red Zone with little time on the clock. On a 4th and 12 at the Broncos 18 yard line, the Niners threw a critical interception to secure the victory for the Broncos. The Broncos JV remain undefeated and look to cage the Falcons next week.

Varsity Broncos 40 49ers 0
The Broncos pitched their 5th straight shut out as the offense put up staggering numbers with #9 Edwards scoring on runs of 77,81, and 47 yards, finishing the day with 287 yards on the ground. The defense held the two fast backs of Turlock to -18 total yards on the day with the 49ers getting their first 1st down in the 3rd quarter. Scoring as well was #12 Sanchez and #22 Velasquez. Anchoring the defense was #75 Delraye Warren "Sapp", who had 8 solo tackles and shut down the left side of the offense. Corners #35 Taylor and #26 Webb held the Niners to zero completions. Broncos secured 1st place in the NFC and remain undefeated.

Broncos tame the Stampede and come away with wins

Modesto Broncos traveled to Oakdale and left victorious.

The Rookies came out and seemed to have lost their fire power. Typically scoring at will on their opponents, they put the ball in the endzone twice in the first half. With a little motivational speech and some adjustments, the rookies came out on fire and put 4 more balls in the endzone and showcased why they are the talk of Cen-Cal.

Pee-Wee Broncos 14 Stampede 12
The Pee-Wee team had their backs to the wall and Coach Luna was scratching his head and looking at his playcall sheet. Finally, he struck paydirt when diving #16 Bret Neves up the middle, as he broke two tackles and lumbered 80 yards to finally put the Broncos on the board in the 4th quarter after being down 12-0. The Broncos defense was bent but didn't break as the Broncos again with under two minutes mounted the game winning drive. With the toss to #23 Charles, the speedster knew it was a footrace to the endzone and scampered 37 yards for the Bronco win.

Junior Varsity Broncos 44 Stampede 0
The Junior Varsity remained undefeated after a tough battle the week before. With their offense clicking and their defense refusing to give up a score, the Broncos JV remaines undefeated and atop the NFC.

Varsity Broncos 44 Stampede 0
The Broncos Varsity remained undefeated as they showcased possibly one of the best backfields in the league. With #9 Edwards and #4 Larkin scampering untouched into the endzone for scores, #12 Sanchez commanded the offense with poise and a bit of a swagger. Sanchez connected with Mora on a pass and catch and #15 James caught a great over the shoulder ball and took it to the 4 yard line as the Broncos on the next play punched it in. Broncos face off with rivals Turlock 49ers next week at home,,,this game will decide Home field advantage and top seed in NFC.

Broncos drive down to Los Banos and leave with clean sweep

The Broncos made the 1 hour drive to Los Banos and had a great day of exciting football.

The Rookies again showed great poise as they traveled into their 7th contest and showcased a stout defense and potent offense.

Pee-Wee Broncos 6 Wildcats 0 Overtime
Coach Luna kept his Pee-Wee's in high spirits and motivated throughout the contest as they held on to win in overtime on a dive over the middle which popped out of the armes of Neves and rolled into the endzone and jumped on by the Broncos to win. Broncos went on Defense first and shut down the Cats and then flipped to offense. Without #23 Charles, the offense sputtered a bit but defenese kept them in the game. Broncos advance to 5-1 on the season.

Junior Varsity Broncos 14 Wildcats 12
The JV Broncos slugged it out with a tough Wildcat team who was ready to take down the bucking Broncos. It was a back and forth contest that ended 6-6 and sent the game into overtime. The Broncos took the ball first in overtime and #11 Hallum ran to the left and scampered into the endzone. #10 Thomas punched the kick through the uprights to add 8 more to the score. Wildcats then got the ball and punched it into the endzone and as everyone was holding their breath, they booted the kick into a gusty wind and it sailed wide left giving the Broncos the win.

Varsity Broncos 28 Wildcats 0
Prior to the contest Coach West said "They won't score on us"...and well..he held up his end. The Broncos got into a slugfest in the first half with the Wildcats who moved the football one time the entire contest past the 50 yard line. Broncos scored on a long drive by FB #25 Chance Shaw. The defense held the high powered offense and entered half 8-0. After some critical adjustments the Broncos special teams stepped up and #9 Andre Edwards took the second half kickoff back 80 yards behind great blocking by the Broncos. The battle continued as the Wildcats continued to mount some sort of drive but a stiff Bronco defense flew to the ball and handled the Cat attack. The Broncos put two more scores into the endzone to seal the Cats fate and ended the game 28-0. Broncos remain undefeated as the Cats slip to 4-2 on the season.

Next week the Broncos will be at Oakdale, game times are 1:30,3,5,7.

Broncos show strong at home but Pee-Wee drop to Bears

The Broncos came into week #5 all undefeated. The Pee-Wee game proved to be a struggle as the Broncos drop in race for NFC title.

With a defensive battle and most of the game played at mid-field, the Rookies struggled with a tough Bears defense. The only advancment into the endzone for the day was by the Broncos. Great job guys

Pee-Wee Broncos 8 Bears 32
The Pee-Wee squad struggled against a tough Bears defense. Unable to move the rock, the Broncos looked frustrated and unable to get into their groove. The defensive bent and broke at times as missed tackles and lack of aggressiveness allowed the Bears to march downfield and punch the ball into the endzone. The Pee-Wee's drop in the standings,makiing the rest of their games critical to climb back up top the NFC.

Junior Varsity Broncos 22 Bears 8
The Broncos fell behind quickly as the Bears moved the ball down the field. The Broncos offense, stepped up and played with a sense of urgancy when the second play from scrimmage Johnson took the counter and ran into the endzone untouched. The Broncos kept their foot to the pedal and kept an aggressive defense all night after the Bears QB. The Broncos kept their composure and pulled away with the victory leaving them the only NFC JV Team undefeated. Next weeks game should prove to be another good one as the Wildcats step up to challenge the Broncos JV.

Varsity Broncos 40 Bears 0
The Varsity looked to hold on to their 1 game lead atop the NFC. The Broncos struggled at first but before long Mario Sanchez hooked up with Joe Camp for a 40 yard touchdown pass. The Broncos defense refused to let the Bears move the football and held their opponent to the shut out. The Broncos pulled away on the ground with #4 Troy Larkin and #9 Andre Edwards. This was the first week the Broncos Varsity were completely healthy and it showed, sharing duties in the backfield were #17 Layne Johnson, #22 Max Velasquez and #25 Chance Shaw, all having nice carries and moving the rock up and down the field. #27 Jared Mora posted another touchdown for the second straight week and Edwards picked one off and rumbled in for another score from the linebacker position. The Broncos will be tested this week as they travel to Los Banos to take on the Wildcats. This will be a HUGE contest possibly deciding the Broncos fate atop the NFC.

Broncos sweep for 4th straight week for combined 158-0

The Modesto Broncos program still stands atop the NFC. All four squads came out and completely dominated their game.

The Broncos rookies again showcased their stable of backs. With huge runs, and stout defense they put on a great performance for the fans. Their line on both sides of the ball dominated the nueteral zone and their "O" line opened huge holes for their backfield who ran wild all afternoon on the Jaguars. Great Job guys !!

Pee-Wee Broncos 56 Jaguars 0
The Pee-Wee's for the 4th straight week moved the ball at will and refused to allow their opponent into the end zone. With #23 Charles running all over the field, the Jaguars were unable to match speed for speed. The Broncos "D" was swarming and stifled any Jaguar advance. Pee-Wee's remain undefeated atop the NFC.

Junior Varsity Broncos 36 Jaguars 0
This was to be the game of the week, matching the #1 offense against the #2 defense. The Broncos moved the ball effectively and refused to bend on defense. Coach Guy had his team ready and set the tone with a dominating defense and effective offense. The JV Broncos showed too much size and speed for the Jaguars to harness and a run game by comittee was too much for the Jags to handle. JV remains undefeated as they prepare for another battle between the Bears.

Varsity Broncos 66 Jaguars 0
The Broncos varsity coming off a struggle last week against the Packers, moved the ball on offense with extreme precision. With the likes of #4 Troy Larkin, #9 Andre Edwards and #12 Mario Sanchez, this trio was more than the Jags could handle. #27 Jared Mora posted two scores, one on a blocked punt and he scampered 35 yards for a TD and the other on a pitch and catch which resulted in another TD. #17 Johnson added to the talley with a dive over #66 Kory Mora and #63 Andrew Issa. The Varsity Broncos remain atop the NFC and look to stay atop when they meet the Bears next week at home.


Lester Hayes about two weeks ago called Coach Dietz at home and said "Coach-where ya at? I have been looking for you and your boys". Well , we moved to Modesto Christian and so starting two weeks ago the 5 time Pro Bowl Cornerback has been coming out and working with the Varsity team, and working on technique, tackling and footwork. We appreciate Lester giving his time and it has meant alot to the kids and the coaches have a good time as well. Over the years, Lester lived near a varsity player back in 2001 and started coming out to watch him play, since he has developed a relationship with the Varsity staff and has come out every year and works out with the kids (especially corners). Last season he was on the sidelines for the Broncos vs Vikings game and has since been a big fan of the Modesto Broncos. We thank him for his time and look forward to his contribution in 2009.

Broncos show up and win out at all levels in Hilmar

The Modesto Broncos traveled down to Hilmar and played a very tough opponent. In the end the Broncos at all levels were just too much to handle.

The Rookies again came out and built upon the week before, showcasing their backfield and dominating the line of scrimmage. The Pack couldn't handle the speed the Broncos had to offer and the Broncos came out with the better showing

PEE-WEE Broncos 50 Packers 6
The Pee-Wee Broncos were scoring at will while the Defense kept a fresh line at all times and rotated throughout the contest. The defense bent but never broke against a tough Hilmar opponent. The 2nd Offense started the 4th quarter and chewed up the clock with power football. Hilmars top notch QB couldn't do it alone and the Pack sustained it's third loss as the Broncos galloped onto 3-0.

JUNIOR VARSITY Broncos 46 Packers 0

With most of their starters out during the week with the Flu, the team stepped up and filled in for their ill comrades. Those players earned the chance to start the 1st three quarters against Hilmar. The Packers came to play, but the Broncos defense stalled them out about mid-field. The Broncos offense came alive with large runs from #82 Ryan Gunkle, #4 Logan Johnson, and #1 Martin Gonzalez. #82 Ryan Gunkle punched it in from about 5 yards out for the first Broncos Touch Down! The Bronco defense comes up with big with an interception and allows the Offense to punch another one in by #82 Ryan Gunkle. The Bronco defense forcing a punt, gave the offense another opportunity to score with big runs by QB #42 Adam Jauregui and score by #29 Jasiah Millhouse. The Bronco special teams and Defense kept the Packers pinned in their own territory forcing a punt. The Broncos offense went to the air and QB #42 Adam Jauregui connected with WR #21 Michael Whatley for a Bronco TD. The Bronco defense proved too much for the Packer allowing the Broncos to retain the ball for another drive and shifty score by #1 Martin Gonzalez. The Broncos defense, firing on all cylinders in the 4th Quarter, gave the offense the opportunity to score again with big runs and score by # 11 Tristan Hallam. Did I say that the Defense was firing on all cylinders? They got the ball back and allowed the offense to pound the ball down field with runs by# 24 Abraham Velasquez and #36 Julian Gonzalez to run out the clock. All but one, 2pt. PAT, and Field Goal attempts were made by #10 Lyndon Thomas.

VARSITY Broncos 24 Packers 11

The Varsity Broncos took the field in their first divisional game of the season in hopes of playing a solid game. Hilmar definatly came to play and stepped up. It was a back and forth battle and game tied at 0-0 after first quarter. The Broncos drew first blood with a throw and catch between #12 Sanchez and #4 Larkin who rumbled 25 yards into the endzone. The Broncos defense held on and on the legs of #12 Sanchez again, took the ball around left side for the score. Seconds before half, Hilmar threw a pass into the flat and #9 Edwards picked it off and rumbled 75 yards for the score but it was negated by a block in the back. Broncos entered halftime up 12-0. Third quarter it was 4th and inches and Sanchez took the QB keep up the middle and went 65 yards untouched for the third score. Towards the end of the third quarter Broncos drove the field again and on a pitch and catch from Camp to James, Broncos went up 24-0. The Broncos defense kept the Pack out of the endzone for 3 quarters with key plays made by #75 Warren, #27 Mora and #9 Edwards. The Pack had 4th down on the 22 yard line and proceeded to kick one through making it 24-3. With a last minute drive, and with 4 seconds left on the clock, the Pack threw a pass down the middle of the field and was received at the goal line and the Pack player drove into the endzone to end the game with a Packer score. Broncos advanced to 3-0 and will face Manteca next week at home.

Broncos Sweep for 2nd week in a row and climb atop NFC

The Modesto Broncos rolled down to Merced and posted a clean sweep for the day. The Broncos organization remains undefeated and sit at 6-0 collectively.

Rookies Offense once again came through with 3 touchdowns (if we kept score, plus 2 others that were called back) RB’s Hernandez, Johnson, and TE Philips, each scored a T.D. a piece. Rookie Defense held a vaunted Merced Cougars to 1 score and with less than 2 minutes left in the 4th Qtr the Rookie “D” came up with a big Goal line stance and got a big turnover to put the game away. A big win( performance) on the road for the Rookies. The Bronco rookies once again showed that they have the best back field in the league.

PEE-WEE Broncos 30 Cougars 19
The Pee-Wee game was slated to be a close contest but Coach Luna had different plans. With his backfield in mid-season form, they moved the ball up and down the field and took control of the contest right out of the gate. The defense bent but never broke as the Cougars attempted a second half come back but Coach Hutchins had the defense on the attack and kept the Pee-Wee's in the win column for the 2nd straight week.

JUNIOR VARSITY Broncos 7 Cougars 6
With the JV Broncos coming off a huge win, the team knew it was going to have it's hands full against a formidable opponent in the JV Cougars. It was a defensive battle throughout the game, with key plays on both sides stopping the progress and denying access into the endzone. The Broncos punched in a key touchdown when #82 Ryan Gunkel scored and then put the icing on the cake with an extra point off tackle to give the Broncos a 1 point lead. Late in the 4th quarter the Cougars made a run and when they attempted to go for it on 4th down , deep in Bronco territory, #21 Whatley denied the pass completion and Broncos took over on downs, kneeling out the ball and savoring the thrill of victory as the Cougars tasted the agony of defeat.

The Varsity Broncos came out clicking on all cylinders. With their backfield made up of #9 Andre Edwards and #4 Troy Larkin, and #22 Max Velasquez, it was too much for the Cougars to handle. Defense stepped up when #27 Jared Mora caught a tipped pass in the flat and rumbled 30 yards for a score. #12 Mario Sanchez ran the offense with precision as the offensive line pushed around a large front from the Cougars. #75 DelRaye Warren and #56 Jose Medina were dominating the line of scrimmage on defense and frustrating the Cougars. The Broncos offense ran 17 total plays, scoring 6 times on long runs by Edwards and Larkin, with a 15 yard scamper up the middle by Sanchez. The Broncos showed why they are the defending NFC champs and look to continue to hold that title in 2009.

Broncos run the table on visiting Sabercats

The Sabercats came into town and left without a victory.

With a host of backs, the Rookies walked onto the field ready to handle their business. With a stable of backs, ran left, ran right and up the middle for a variety of long scores. The defense was able to hold tight and execute nicely. Given the talent they have on that team, wouldn't suprise me if they could kick field goals as well.

Pee-Wee Broncos 20 Waterford 13
With Coach Luna taking the field in his first game as head coach, the Pee-Wee squad held on to win 20-13 in a hard fought battle. With some speedy backs and an aggressive defense they pulled out an opening day victory that put Coach Luna in the winning column.

JV Broncos 54 Waterford 0
As with Rookies, the JV is blessed with a host of backs. The ran the ball by comittee and put up incredible numbers on the ground. The defense, led by Coach Bocanegra, stiffled the Sabercat offense and posted a goose egg. Coach Davidson kept the ball on the ground but when he needed to, completed some effiecient passes to move the chains and put points on the board.

Varsity Broncos 24 Waterford 6
The Broncos came in and fought hard, going against a squad mostly made up of JV kids who went to the Championship Game in 2008, having beaten the Broncos soundly. The Broncos put points on the board quickly and kept the Sabercats at bay with a stout defense allowing only one score the entire game. The Broncos running attack was strong and swift with defense posting a score on a fumble by Waterford.

Copy of Schedule is in "Handouts" section of site

A PDF Copy of the 2009 schedule is avaialable for download from the "Handouts" section on the right side. Please print copy and keep handy.

Pictures this Sunday Aug.30th at Davis Park starting at 9:00 am

We will be having pictures this Sunday Aug.30th at Davis Park. Picture hand outs will be given out Monday Aug.10th. Times are as follows:

Rookie- 9 am
PW - 9:30 am
JV - 10 am
Var. - 10:30 am

Game jersey and Pants will be worn. Bring your helmet as well. Please have all of your inforamtion filled out prior to pictures. Jerseys will be given to the players with their names on the back this week and game pants as well.

2009 Season News

The 2009 Season readiness is underway. Equipment is being inventoried and coaching staffs are getting in place. The following is a list of squads and what we can expect.

Rookies- Head Coach- Mike Twist- Mike comes back for a second year as coach on the Rookie level and now assumes the duty of head coach. Mike has assembled a staff that is ready to take on the new challenges the Rookie level has to offer. Look for another competitive season from our Rookies. Last season they had plenty of excitement while posting a non-official 7-3 record. Look for an explosive offense as well as a stout defense. With the format changes in 2009, the Rookie level will be exciting to watch.

Pee-Wee- Head Coach- Tony Luna- Tony has moved down from Varsity to take on the first competitive level in the organization. Tony brings experience to the Pee-Wee level, having coached there several years back. Look for some serious intensity from his squad and his staff. This will be a new start for this staff but inherit some great kids from Rookies with a strong core from last seasons Pee-Wee who were 1 game away from the Big Show. Coach Luna has retained the assistance of Coach Hutchins who will run the Defense in 2009.

Junior Varsity-Head Coach- Guy Davidson- Guy anchors the JV squad and will definately make another run at the Super Bowl. He has been a part of the Broncos for quite some time and brings experience from every level. Coach Guy will have a solid squad and will be atop the NFC in 2009. He retains his staff for 2009, and as they too grow under the tooteledge, you will see improvements in every aspect of the game. Coach Mora brings the most experience to his assistant ranks, with 5 years experience as Assistant Coach. Jesse Bochenegra brings his 3rd year of experience to the table and will be an asset to the program.

Varsity- Head Coach- Matt Dietz- Coach Dietz enters his 13th season with the Broncos bringing to the table a record of 110-46 with 5 Championship Game appearances, 2 Friendship Bowl, and 3 Super Bowl appearances. Since the inception of the divisions the Varsity has been 2 time NFC Champions. His staff stays in tact with Coach West stepping up as Defensive coordinator with the departure of Coach Tony Luna down to Pee-Wee's. Coach West brings in over 30 years of coaching experience and has served on the varsity staff as Quality Control coach as well. The Varsity staff is rounded out with Coach Zapata who will be entering his 8th season, and Coach Farmer, Zuniga, and Stanger assisting in various capacities. With the return of several key players from 2008 and a great group coming up from Junior Varsity , look for the Broncos Varsity to competefor the right to represent the NFC for the 3rd straight year in the Super Bowl in 2009.

You can meet and greet all of these coaches at the sign-ups. Please feel free to email with any questions you may have.