Last Updated: November 15, 2017

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St. Vincent has become a wonderful partner to the park this year.  Please visit their website linked below to see what all they can offer you!

St. Vincent

Upcoming Dates to Remember: 

October 22nd - Dinger Derby and Coaches Game

7U M'Town Team:

Luke Lampkins          Clark Lampkins
Parks Wagner            Collin Mattingly
Michael Rieti              Preston Garland
Luke Pohl                  Beckett Dellay
Beckett Dubord         Easton Hedges
Ryland Huebner        Jackson Lee

8U M'Town Team: 

Zac Nash                      Quinn Hoesli
Barron Baumann          Ty Miller
Ty Pohl                         Price Hurst
Jaxson Ladley              Waylon Riddle
Myles McCutchan        Luke Kemper
Carson Frome              Colton Mercer    

11U M'Town Team:

Jake Mazzier          Luke Johnston
Mason Renfro        Ryne Wilhite
Mason Gogel         Eli Huff
Jed Galvin             Adam Kemper
Braden Perry         Luke Grayson
AJ Hall                  Kelton Creekmur

12U M'Town Team:

Jacob Hafele          Drew Lichtenberg
Kevin Love             Logan Love
Isaac Mayer           Ashton Orange
Kenan Wade          Zarek Seidensticker
Jordan Wilson        Colin Wolfe
 Bradley Yunker





MORAC Board for 2017 season

The following people will be serving on your MORAC board for the 2017 season:

John Wahnsiedler: President

Jason McCutchan: Vice President

JR Mullinax: Treasurer

Brandon Ladley: Secretary

Erric Hoesli: At-large

Chris Pillow: At-large