Last Updated: April 24, 2014

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  • Welcome to Morac Baseball and Softball Community

Upcoming Dates

Here's a listing of some of the important dates coming:

Concessions worker's training: Thursday, April 17 at 5:30pm and Thursday, April 24th at 4:30pm.  For those interested in working in the concessions this year please try to attend one of these sessions.  Click here for more information about the duties in the concessions stands.

Team pictures this year will be taken by Shannon Lewis of Hardesty Photography.  Pictures will be taken Saturday and Sunday, May 3rd and 4th, and Saturday, May 10th.  Schedules and Order Forms will be out soon.

This year's annual St Louis Cardinal's outing will be Sunday, June 1st at 1:15 pm.  The Cardinals will be playing the San Francisco Giants.  For more information, click here.

Also, we're excited about our continuing tradition, the MORAC Charity Auction.  This year's auction will take place Friday, June 13th at 6:00 pm at Oak Meadow Country Club.  Click here for more information about this fantastic event.

Finally, we're fortunate to have Zimmerman Photography taking action shots of our players throughout the season.  For more information visit our Links page.



Spiritwear Orders

Spiritwear orders should be in by Friday, April 25th.  Check with your coach or main concessions to pick up your order.


Opening Day

Provided by Zimmerman Photography


Lighting Update

Lights On

Five fields lit!

Still more to complete so please be patient!

Golf Plus Discount for McCutchanville players and families

Golf Plus Discount

MORAC Board for 2014 season

The following people will be serving on your MORAC board for the 2014 season:

Mike Morrison: President

Joe Mitchell: Vice President

JR Mullinax: Treasurer

Jason Parker: Secretary


2014 McCutchanville All-Star Tournament

WEEK 1:   June 30 - July 6

6U - 7U - 9U - 11U

WEEK 2:    July 7 - July 13

8U - 10U - 12U - 13U

See this link for more information.



Friday,  Apr 25
Pony American
Northside Independent Green @ McCutchanville - Maroon 5:30pm McCutchanville Pony
McCutchanville Orange @ McCutchanville - Blue 7:30pm McCutchanville Pony
Gold @ Irish Green 5:30pm McCutchanville Field 4 (Pinto)
Red @ Black 7:15pm McCutchanville Field 4 (Pinto)
Baggett @ Phelps 5:30pm McCutchanville Field 6 (Shetland)
Moore @ Dejarnette 6:45pm McCutchanville Field 6 (Shetland)
Pony National
McCutchanville - National Blue @ St. Philip - National 5:30pm St. Philip
McCutchanville - National Orange @ West Terrace - National 5:30pm WEST TERRACE
Saturday,  Apr 26
Forrest @ Royal 10:30am McCutchanville Field 3 (Mustang)
Orange @ Black 12:30pm McCutchanville Field 3 (Mustang)
Cardinal Red @ Irish Green 8:15am McCutchanville Field 4 (Pinto)
Purple @ Royal 10:00am McCutchanville Field 4 (Pinto)
Old Gold @ Gold 11:45am McCutchanville Field 4 (Pinto)
Navy @ Grey 1:30pm McCutchanville Field 4 (Pinto)
Red @ Orange 3:15pm McCutchanville Field 4 (Pinto)
Mullinax @ Shockley 11:00am McCutchanville Field 6 (Shetland)
Hayes @ Humphrey 1:00pm McCutchanville Field 6 (Shetland)
Moore @ Phelps 3:00pm McCutchanville Field 6 (Shetland)
Feistel @ Afifi 5:00pm McCutchanville Field 6 (Shetland)
Dejarnette @ Baggett 7:00pm McCutchanville Field 6 (Shetland)
Sunday,  Apr 27
Lt. Blue @ Red 1:00pm McCutchanville Field 3 (Mustang)
Bronco American
South @ McCutchanville - Red 1:00pm McCutchanville
McCutchanville - Orange @ St. Wendel 1:00pm St. Wendel
Holy Redeemer @ McCutchanville - Blue 3:00pm McCutchanville
Black @ Navy 1:00pm McCutchanville Field 4 (Pinto)
Orange @ Purple 2:45pm McCutchanville Field 4 (Pinto)
Bronco National
McCutchanville - National Blue @ St. Joe 1:00pm St. Joe - East
McCutchanville - National Orange @ St. Wendel 3:00pm St. Wendel
Monday,  Apr 28
Pony American
St. Joe @ McCutchanville - Blue 5:30pm McCutchanville Pony
McCutchanville Orange @ Northside Independent Green 5:30pm Northside Sports Park
Orange @ Royal 5:30pm McCutchanville Field 3 (Mustang)
Black @ Old Gold 5:30pm McCutchanville Field 4 (Pinto)
Mullinax @ Baggett 5:30pm McCutchanville Field 6 (Shetland)
Phelps @ Shockley 6:45pm McCutchanville Field 6 (Shetland)
Pony National
McCutchanville - National Blue @ McCutchanville - National Orange 7:30pm McCutchanville Pony
Tuesday,  Apr 29
Bronco American
Holy Rosary @ McCutchanville - Blue 5:30pm McCutchanville
McCutchanville - Orange @ German 7:30pm German Township
Holy Redeemer @ McCutchanville - Red 7:30pm McCutchanville
Cardinal Red @ Grey 5:30pm McCutchanville Field 4 (Pinto)
Dejarnette @ Feistel 5:30pm McCutchanville Field 6 (Shetland)
Afifi @ Humphrey 6:45pm McCutchanville Field 6 (Shetland)
Bronco National
McCutchanville - National Orange @ German 5:30pm German Township
McCutchanville - National Blue @ West Terrace 2 5:30pm WEST TERRACE

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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