Last Updated: March 29, 2017
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Upcoming Dates to Remember:                                                                                    

McCutchanville Day at UE - April 5th

          Game against USI.  Kids get in free

Opening Weekend - April 7th - April 9th

Golf Scramble - April 10th at Oak Meadow 

         Contact Todd Mazzier with questions

         Phone: 812-746-3401


Picture Day - schedule will be posted after registration is complete

         April 21st, 22nd, 24th, 30th

Auction - May 19th 

          Purchase discounted tickets during registration!

Firecracker Tournament

          6U -   June 26th - July 2nd

          7U -   July 25th - July 30th

          8U -   June 26th - July 2nd

          9U -   June 12th - June 18th

          10U - July 10th - July 16th


Softball Announcement:

We are happy to announce that starting this spring, McCutchanville Baseball and Softball will begin offering their popular MTown program for girls softball in the 8U and 10U age groups.

Like other travel programs in the area, the MTown program will provide opportunities for competitive and skilled players to practice and play tournaments throughout the spring and summer.  This year's team will begin after assessments and will run through late July.  MTown teams will have access to McCutchanville facilities (now with a fully devoted softball field) and equipment.  To be eligible, players must participate in the RGSL spring league for McCutchanville.

Parents should expect that there will be time and financial commitments that exceed a standard recreational league.

Tryouts for MTown will occur during RGSL assessments on March 5th. If necessary, additional tryouts may be held.

8U -   2008 and 2009 birthdates

10U - 2006 and 2007 birthdates

For more information, contact:

8U -   Chad Nisbeth -

10U - Adam Baumann -


Link to flyer below




Head over to the softball page to see some exciting news!

Click here for M'Town Softball Announcement

Click here for direct link - Announcement about field





MORAC Board for 2017 season

The following people will be serving on your MORAC board for the 2017 season:

John Wahnsiedler: President

Jason McCutchan: Vice President

JR Mullinax: Treasurer

Brandon Ladley: Secretary

Erric Hoesli: At-large

Chris Pillow: At-large


Wednesday, Mar 29
Rookie (Pitching Machine 7 & 8)
WHEELER - ASHE GRAY PRACTICE5:30pmMcCutchanville Field 4 (Rookie)
U10 Girls Softball
PRACTICE 10U Hudson6:30pmMcCutchanville Field 1
U12 Girls Softball
PRACTICE 12U Bentley5:30pmMcCutchanville Field 1
Thursday, Mar 30
Rookie (Pitching Machine 7 & 8)
FEISTEL - NEON GREEN PRACTICE5:30pmMcCutchanville Field 4 (Rookie)
U8 Girls Softball
PRACTICE 8U Oakes5:30pmMcCutchanville Field 1
Friday, Mar 31
Rookie (Pitching Machine 7 & 8)
BALL - PINK PRACTICE5:30pmMcCutchanville Field 4 (Rookie)
U8 Girls Softball
PRACTICE 8U Nisbeth5:30pmMcCutchanville Field 1
Saturday, Apr 1
Rookie (Pitching Machine 7 & 8)
BALL - PINK PRACTICE11:00amMcCutchanville Field 4 (Rookie)
JONES - SPORT GRAY PRACTICE12:30pmMcCutchanville Field 4 (Rookie)
UNGETHIEM - NAVY PRACTICE2:00pmMcCutchanville Field 4 (Rookie)
SHOCKLEY - ROYAL PRACTICE3:30pmMcCutchanville Field 4 (Rookie)
MILLER - ORANGE PRACTICE5:00pmMcCutchanville Field 4 (Rookie)
U8 Girls Softball
PRACTICE 8U Oakes9:00amMcCutchanville Field 1
PRACTICE 8U Higgs10:30amMcCutchanville Field 1
U10 Girls Softball
PRACTICE 10U Hudson1:30pmMcCutchanville Field 1
PRACTICE 10U Baumann3:00pmMcCutchanville Field 1
8U THUNDER PRACTICE9:30amMcCutchanville Field 4 (Rookie)
Sunday, Apr 2
Rookie (Pitching Machine 7 & 8)
MERCER - RED PRACTICE12:00pmMcCutchanville Field 4 (Rookie)
WHEELER - ASHE GRAY PRACTICE1:30pmMcCutchanville Field 4 (Rookie)
FEISTEL - NEON GREEN PRACTICE3:00pmMcCutchanville Field 4 (Rookie)
HOESLI - YELLOW PRACTICE4:30pmMcCutchanville Field 4 (Rookie)
U12 Girls Softball
PRACTICE 12U Bentley1:30pmMcCutchanville Field 1
7U CRUSHERS PRACTICE5:30pmMcCutchanville Field 4 (Rookie)
Monday, Apr 3
Rookie (Pitching Machine 7 & 8)
MERCER - RED PRACTICE5:30pmMcCutchanville Field 4 (Rookie)
U8 Girls Softball
PRACTICE 8U Higgs5:30pmMcCutchanville Field 1
Tuesday, Apr 4
Rookie (Pitching Machine 7 & 8)
JONES - SPORT GRAY PRACTICE5:30pmMcCutchanville Field 4 (Rookie)
U8 Girls Softball
PRACTICE 8U Nisbeth5:30pmMcCutchanville Field 1
U10 Girls Softball
PRACTICE 10U Baumann6:30pmMcCutchanville Field 1

For a complete schedule listing, click here!