Last Updated: August 30, 2016
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2016 Fall Announcements

McCutchanville welcomes you to participate in our fall baseball and softball programs. Our fall programs emphasize player development and growth in a less competitive environment. Fall baseball and softball is an opportunity for players to transition from one league to the next, to learn additional field positions or gain greater responsibilities. Plans are for the season to last roughly 8 weeks beginning in late August and early September. It is suggested the player participate in the league that they will play in for our Spring Season. The cutoff date and ages are listed below for each league.  Registrations have been extended for the leagues listed below, and must be completed by Thursday, August 25th.  Visit our website for more information, and to register.

TBall – ages 4 & 5 as of May 1, 2017 - $50

Major – ages 11 & 12 as of May 1, 2017 - $80 ($70 as a preformed team supplying own uniform)

Babe Ruth – ages 13 – 15 as of April 30, 2017 - $110 ($90 as a preformed team supplying own uniform)

Babe Ruth – ages 16 – 18 as of April 30, 2017 - $110 ($90 as a preformed team supplying own uniform)


Reminder for players entering Babe Ruth and High School Leagues: 

IHSAA rules prohibit no more than five players from the same Indiana school can participate on the same team. 

“Individual” Players will be placed on teams as they sign up.  If players want to guarantee that they are teammates with certain players from the same school, you must sign-up early, as a group, and be able to play on the same dates. While balanced rosters are preferred, team registration is welcome provided IHSAA rules are followed.



M'Town Tryout Schedule

McCutchanville Fan Gear Website

Show your spirit with McCutchanville Fan Gear.  Choose from a variety of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies in various colors.  Customize with player names and numbers.  Order online and shipped directly to you.  Visit the site below to see all the options available.

MORAC Board for 2016 season

The following people will be serving on your MORAC board for the 2016 season:

John Wahnsiedler: President

Jason McCutchan: Vice President

JR Mullinax: Treasurer

Jason Parker: Secretary

Erric Hoesli: At-large

Chris Pillow: At-large


Wednesday, Aug 31
Minor (Live Pitch 9 & 10)
PRACTICE Graphite5:30pmMcCutchanville Field 3 (Minor)
Thursday, Sep 1
U8 Girls Softball
PRACTICE Nisbeth6:30pmMcCutchanville Field 3 (Minor)
Friday, Sep 2
Minor (Live Pitch 9 & 10)
PRACTICE Orange5:30pmMcCutchanville Field 3 (Minor)
Saturday, Sep 3
Minor (Live Pitch 9 & 10)
PRACTICE Forest Green1:00pmMcCutchanville Field 3 (Minor)
PRACTICE Purple3:00pmMcCutchanville Field 3 (Minor)
PRACTICE Sport Gray5:00pmMcCutchanville Field 3 (Minor)
PRACTICE Maroon7:00pmMcCutchanville Field 3 (Minor)
Sunday, Sep 4
Minor (Live Pitch 9 & 10)
PRACTICE Graphite1:00pmMcCutchanville Field 3 (Minor)
PRACTICE Orange3:00pmMcCutchanville Field 3 (Minor)
PRACTICE Sport Gray5:00pmMcCutchanville Field 3 (Minor)
Monday, Sep 5
Minor (Live Pitch 9 & 10)
PRACTICE Forest Green8:00amMcCutchanville Field 3 (Minor)
PRACTICE Purple9:45amMcCutchanville Field 3 (Minor)
PRACTICE Sport Gray11:30amMcCutchanville Field 3 (Minor)
PRACTICE Maroon1:15pmMcCutchanville Field 3 (Minor)
PRACTICE Graphite3:00pmMcCutchanville Field 3 (Minor)
PRACTICE Orange4:45pmMcCutchanville Field 3 (Minor)
Wednesday, Sep 7
Minor (Live Pitch 9 & 10)
PRACTICE Purple5:30pmMcCutchanville Field 3 (Minor)

For a complete schedule listing, click here!