Last Updated: May 4, 2016
  • OPENING DAY - Friday, April 8th
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Welcome to 2016! 

Congratulations! The following players were just announced as players on the 2016 12U All Star team:

Chase Hale, Ephram Rice, Zach Pfeffer, Collin Hallam, Angus Davis, Baldwin Dobbins, Clay Gantner, Drew Brewer, Tyler Zimmerman, Garrett Mooney, Luke Blome


Congratulations to the 2016 6U McCutchanville Crushers.  The following players have been selected to represent McCutchanville this All Star season:


Quinn Hoesli, Waylon Riddle, Myles McCutchan, Baron Baumann, Luke Kemper, Ty Miller, Carson Frome, Kolten Johnson, Colton Mercer, Zac Nash, Jaxson Ladley, Price Hurst

Head Coach: Jason McCutchan, Assistants: Erric Hoesli, Andy Miller, Brandon Ladley, Jason Frome, Mark Kemper


Congratulations to the 2016 6U McCutchanville Cyclones.  The following players have been selected to represent McCutchanville this All Star season:

Grant Rogier, Jack Ungethiem, Maddox Jones, Sam Day, Brady Mason, Brandt Coomes, Chase Bowden, Jaxon Edmond, John Parker Leho, Ty Pohl, John Shamo, Lane Young

Head Coach: Andrew Jones, Assistants: Jeremy Ungethiem, Kevin Day, Alex Rogier, Jamie Mason

 4th Annual Charity Auction, Dinner & Dancing

Friday, May 20th @ Holiday Inn 41 North 6 PM

Join us for an evening of fun.  Event tickets include dinner, live music, dancing, door prizes, raffles, and the silent and live auctions.  Make it an evening to remember.

McCuthcanville conducts a single fund raiser for the 2016 year, the Charity Auction, including dinner and dancing.  The proceeds from this event support park facility improvements as we continue to grow and provide quality youth baseball and softball programs.
Each player (family) will be expected to sell two (2) event tickets to support this fund raiser.  Each ticket costs $25.  Click here for more information about this very important event.
As an option, you may purchase discounted tickets with your registration for $20 per ticket.  These tickets may be used personally or sold at regular price to help offset the cost of registration.
Thank you in advance for your support of our youth programs.


Cal Ripken Tournament Trail

McCutchanville is excited to be a new member in 2015 to the Cal Ripken association.  It provides a competitive environment for teams to advance along a tournament trail.  The trail to the World Series quest begins by winning your Local District tourney.  Teams advance to play the best Cal Ripken teams in Indiana at the State Level.  The top teams at State, advance to the Ohio Valley Regional where the top 12-20 teams compete for the ultimate opportunity to advance to a World Series at the 10U and 12U levels. 


In House National Program

The National program is a supplement to the Spring McCutchanville Recreational Seasons and will be offered in the Rookie, Minor and Major divisions.  The program is available for those players who have the additional drive and talent to play additional baseball at a higher level of overall competition.  The focus of National’s is to create a Competitive environment with additional opportunities for all participants to develop overall well rounded skills.  Players must also play in the Regular Spring League and will be selected to Nationals based on Spring assessments and other written guidelines.  The program is independent and separate from the Summer All-Star Program.

Congratulations to the 2016 M'Town Baseball Teams 

9U M-Town 

Landen Brown, Kelton Creekmur, Jed Galvin, Mason Gogel, Luke Grayson, Luke Johnston, Adam Kemper, Jake Mazzier, Mason Renfro, Kenan Wade 

Head Coach: Todd Mazzier 


10U M-Town 

Cole Decker, Jacob Hafele, Aidan Liddle, Drew Litchenberg, Kory Kingsbury, Kevin Love, Brady Martin, Logan Mattingly, Nathan Mitchell, Gabe Wilke, Colin Wolfe, Bradley Yunker, Grant Coe (alternate)

Head Coach: Jeremy Hafele  


11U M-Town 

Carter Wolfe, Chase Blythe, Drew Neidig, Erik Borg, Ethan King, Joe Pillow, Landon Meece, Landon Shellhaas, Logan Petitt, Nick Wangler, Sam McKinney, Will Cusic, Will Wangler, Tanner Hux, Ryan Heim.

 Head Coach: Tony Wolfe


For more details, follow the M'Town Baseball Program menu link on the right side of the page, or click here.

McCutchanville Fan Gear Website

Show your spirit with McCutchanville Fan Gear.  Choose from a variety of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies in various colors.  Customize with player names and numbers.  Order online and shipped directly to you.  Visit the site below to see all the options available.

MORAC Board for 2016 season

The following people will be serving on your MORAC board for the 2016 season:

Mike Morrison: President

John Wahnsiedler: Vice President

JR Mullinax: Treasurer

Jason Parker: Secretary

Erric Hoesli: At-large

Chris Pillow: At-large


Wednesday, May 4
Drake @ Tanner5:45pmMcCutchanville Field 5 (Tball)
Shetland - Instructional
Woodruff @ Huebner5:30pmMcCutchanville Field 6 (Shetland)
Minor (Live Pitch 9 & 10)
Green @ Orange5:45pmMcCutchanville Field 3 (Minor)
Rookie (Pitching Machine 7 & 8)
Deadmond @ Rice5:30pmMcCutchanville Field 4 (Rookie)
Pillow @ Brewer6:00pmMcCutchanville Field 2 (Bronco)
Pony American
McCutchanville Blue @ East 26:00pmEast Pony Field
McCutchanville White @ East 36:00pmMcCutchanville Field 1
Babe Ruth 13-15
Orange @ Black6:00pmNorth Field
Thursday, May 5
Pillow @ Stinson5:45pmMcCutchanville Field 5 (Tball)
Shetland - Advanced
Hoesli @ Mercer5:30pmMcCutchanville Field 6 (Shetland)
Rookie (Pitching Machine 7 & 8)
Purple @ Hughes5:30pmMcCutchanville Field 4 (Rookie)
U8 Girls Softball
POSITION/TBD @ Wingerter6:00pmMcCutchanville Field 3 (Minor)
U10 Girls Softball
PRACTICE Bentley5:00pmMcCutchanville Field 2 (Bronco)
POSITION/TBD @ Kochersperger6:00pmMcCutchanville Field 2 (Bronco)
PRACTICE Kochersperger6:30pmMcCutchanville Field 2 (Bronco)
Friday, May 6
Higgs @ Tanner5:45pmMcCutchanville Field 5 (Tball)
Shetland - Advanced
Ladley @ Jones5:30pmMcCutchanville Field 6 (Shetland)
Ungethiem @ Kemper7:00pmMcCutchanville Field 6 (Shetland)
Blome @ Gibson5:45pmMcCutchanville Field 2 (Bronco)
Pony American
East 1 @ East 36:00pmEast Pony Field
McCutchanville Blue @ McCutchanville White6:00pmMcCutchanville Field 1
Babe Ruth 13-15
MCC Blue @ MCC White6:00pmMcCutchanville Field 1
St Wendel @ Royals6:00pmNorth Field
Minor In-House National
Huskies @ Red5:30pmMcCutchanville Field 3 (Minor)
Royal @ Grey7:30pmMcCutchanville Field 3 (Minor)
Rookie In-House National
Humphrey @ Drake5:00pmMcCutchanville Field 4 (Rookie)
Ball @ Baggett7:00pmMcCutchanville Field 4 (Rookie)
Saturday, May 7
Shetland - Instructional
Deadmond @ Kunkel9:30amMcCutchanville Field 6 (Shetland)
Hussman @ Thompson11:30amMcCutchanville Field 6 (Shetland)
U10 Girls Softball
PRACTICE Bentley5:00pmMcCutchanville Field 2 (Bronco)
PRACTICE Kochersperger6:30pmMcCutchanville Field 2 (Bronco)
Sunday, May 8
Rookie In-House National
Ball @ Humphrey1:00pmMcCutchanville Field 4 (Rookie)
Baggett @ Drake3:00pmMcCutchanville Field 4 (Rookie)
Monday, May 9
Pillow @ Drake5:45pmMcCutchanville Field 5 (Tball)
Shetland - Instructional
Huebner @ Thompson5:30pmMcCutchanville Field 6 (Shetland)
Minor (Live Pitch 9 & 10)
Purple @ Royal5:30pmMcCutchanville Field 3 (Minor)
Navy @ Red7:15pmMcCutchanville Field 3 (Minor)
Rookie (Pitching Machine 7 & 8)
English @ Rice5:30pmMcCutchanville Field 4 (Rookie)
Davis @ Brewer6:00pmMcCutchanville Field 2 (Bronco)
Babe Ruth 13-15
Royals @ MCC Blue6:00pmNorth Field
Tuesday, May 10
Stinson @ Feistel5:45pmMcCutchanville Field 5 (Tball)
Shetland - Advanced
Ungethiem @ Hoesli5:30pmMcCutchanville Field 6 (Shetland)
Rookie (Pitching Machine 7 & 8)
Hughes @ Ball5:30pmMcCutchanville Field 4 (Rookie)
Pony American
East 2 @ McCutchanville White6:00pmMcCutchanville Field 1
U8 Girls Softball
POSITION/TBD @ Nisbeth6:00pmMcCutchanville Field 3 (Minor)
POSITION/TBD @ Wingerter7:30pmMcCutchanville Field 3 (Minor)
U10 Girls Softball
PRACTICE Kochersperger5:00pmMcCutchanville Field 2 (Bronco)
PRACTICE Bentley6:30pmMcCutchanville Field 2 (Bronco)
POSITION/TBD @ Kochersperger7:30pmMcCutchanville Field 2 (Bronco)

For a complete schedule listing, click here!