Last Updated: December 7, 2016
  • Remember to teach the memory verse each week
  • If all players know the memory verse, your team starts with 3 points
  • Players not knowing the memory can not start the game
  • Coaches need to set a positive example
  • Coaches and parents need to reflect Christ in your actions

Welcome to the home of the

Moriah Baptist Youth Basketball

Week 1 Schedule and 2016-17 Teams to date

December 7, 2016
We one of the schedule is finished.
Currently we have the following signed up.
Some have sent money, most have not.
Please contact me ASAP if your team is not listed or is listed in error.
If you would like to add a team, they can start after Christmas.
Grades 1-3 - 2 teams
Flint Ridge
Zion Methodist
Grades 4-6 - 9 teams
1st ARP
Flint Ridge
Hyde Park
Kershaw 1
Lancaster 1st Alpha
Lancaster 1st Omega
Tri Church
Girls – 5 teams
1st ARP
Hyde Park
Lancaster 1st A
Lancaster 1st B
Jr. Boys – 5 teams
1st ARP
Flint Ridge
Hyde Park
Lancaster 1st
Sr. Boys – 13 teams
1st ARP
Faith, Hope, and Victory
Flint Ridge
Kershaw 1st
Lancaster 1st A
Lancaster 1st B
Lancaster 1st C
Lancaster 2nd A
Lancaster 2nd B
Lancaster 2nd C


All email addresses were erased from the contact list.

Please email to be added back to the list!

I have sent an email but it was to a limited number of people no longer active in the program!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have cancelled the coaches meeting Saturday morning November 19th from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

Entry fees will be $250 per team.


Games will start in December!

The reason we exist

November 3, 2016

The league is open to any church of any denomination. 

We have teams for boys and girls from 1st grade to 12th grade. Grades 1-6 allow boys and girls to play on the same team.  Leagues are divided for Grades 1-3 and Grades 4-6.  For grades 7 to 12 boys and girls play in separate leagues.  Churches may join together to form teams.


ALL Coaches or Assistant coach MUST attend a mandatory coaches’ meetings in order to coach.


Admission per person to all games is as follows:

         Children not in school FREE

         Students including PLAYERS are 50 cents

         Adults including COACHES are $1.00

         Sr. Adults over 64 are 50 cents

Thank you to the following churches for the use of their gyms:

Covenant      Flint Ridge    Hyde Park     Kershaw 1st           Lancaster 1st         

League Coordinators are as follows:

Jimbo Barton          Kershaw 1st            

Johnny Cauthen      Transformation

Drew Dutton           Camp Creek                

Sammy Macy          Lancaster 1st

Brent Stogner         Springdell


Pastoral Advisors

Kelvin Hinson          Flint Ridge             

Kyle Sims               1st ARP Lancaster


Scripture verses for the 2016-17 season

November 3, 2016 – 06:37 PM

Scripture for all weeks are listed below. If you have more than one game in the same week, you will use the same scripture and the players will need to say the verse again for each game.

Nov 28 - Dec 1 is Genesis 1:1

Dec 5-8 is Proverbs 2:6

Dec 12-15 is John 3:17

Jan 2-5  is John 14:6

Jan 9-12 is Romans 3:23

Jan 16-19 is Romans 10:9

Jan 23-26 is Romans 5:8

Jan 30 - Feb 2  is John 10:11

Feb 6-9 is John 14:15

Feb 13-16 is Romans 6:23

Feb 20 - end of tourney is John 3:16

2016-2017 Season

November 3, 2016

Coaches if you have not attended an approved meeting, contact me before I have to contact you.

If you would to be added to our email list, email me and let me know which church or team you are with at .

All coaches and Assistants MUST attend a coaches meeting to coach.

Only numbers 0-5 may be used in either digit.
Examples of legal numbers 01, 11, 22, 5, 55
Example of illegal numbers 06, 7, 78, 99, 49, 27

Make the $250 check payable to the Moriah Baptist Association.
Checks must be designated for Moriah Youth Basketball, with your church name and your team age group(s).

If you mail a check, send it to:
Moriah Baptist Association
P.O. Box 1042
Lancaster, S.C. 29721
Please mark the check for Moriah Youth BASKETBALL.


Email list

November 3, 2016 – 08:25 PM


If you are not on the email list, please send a request to and insert add to list and also your team.






New email address

Please email any questions or request to



March 3, 2013


In the   2012-13 season we have had at least TWO accept the Lord through basketball!

In the  2011-12 season we had at least SIX players accept Christ through the basketball program!

Give God the glory for the addition to His Kingdom!


Moriah Basketball Purpose and Philosophy

Philosophy of the program:
1. Designed for Christian fellowship, recreation and outreach.
2. Designed for the development of the boys/girls in their game skills.
3. Designed for sharing the spirit of Christ, His love and mission with others and with sister churches through the boys/girls/ladies/men.

Going to multiple gyms on the same night

Anyone that has to attend more than one gym on the SAME NIGHT, must see the gatekeeper at the FIRST GYM and get a pass for the NEXT GYM.

This pass is only good for that night and the specific number of people that come to the gatekeeper.

In other words one person cannot say "There are six of us going to Hyde Park from Zion". ALL OF THE PEOPLE MUST GO TO THE GATEKEEPER at one time.

The passes are supposed to be at each gym.

IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM - email me at



Please visit the link section and click on sportmanship.

This will put sportsmanship in it's proper view.


Are you focused on Jesus?


Coaches are really focused on Jesus or just winning?
Jesus died for all of us,
so that anyone who believes in Him may be saved.

Build your own site for your team

Build a web site for your team.

Click on the the teams, then pick your league and team, then click on "create a free site" and follow the instructions.


Upcoming Games

Monday, Dec 12
Grades 4-6 Teams
Kershaw 1st Baptist @ Lancaster 1st Baptist Teal A6:00pmCovenant Baptist
Tri Church Crusaders @ Hyde Park Baptist Pink6:00pmHyde Park Baptist
1st ARP Red @ Lancaster 1st Baptist Teal O6:45pmCovenant Baptist
Junior - Senior High Girls
1st ARP Red @ Lancaster 1st Baptist Royal7:30pmCovenant Baptist
Immanuel @ Lancaster 1st Baptist Teal8:15pmCovenant Baptist
Senior High Boys
Immanuel Baptist @ Lancaster 2nd Baptist A6:45pmHyde Park Baptist
Kershaw 1st Baptist Purple @ Lancaster 2nd Baptist B7:45pmHyde Park Baptist
Springdell Baptist Gold @ Lancaster 2nd Baptist C8:45pmHyde Park Baptist
Tuesday, Dec 13
Grades 4-6 Teams
Lancaster 1st Baptist Teal A @ 1st ARP Red6:00pmFlint Ridge Baptist
Lancaster 1st Baptist Teal O @ Flint Ridge Baptist Gray6:45pmFlint Ridge Baptist
Jr. High Boys
1st ARP Red @ Flint Ridge Gray7:30pmFlint Ridge Baptist
Senior High Boys
Faith Hope and Victory A Burgandy @ Flint Ridge Baptist Gray8:30pmFlint Ridge Baptist
Thursday, Dec 15
Grades 1-3 Teams
Flint Ridge Baptist Black/ White @ Zion Methodist6:00pmZion Methodist
Grades 4-6 Teams
Immanuel Baptist @ Zion Methodst6:45pmZion Methodist
Jr. High Boys
1st ARP Red @ Lancaster 1st Baptist Teal A6:00pmHyde Park Baptist
Flint Ridge Gray @ Zion Methodist7:30pmZion Methodist
Senior High Boys
Faith Hope and Victory A Burgandy @ Lancaster 1st Baptist C6:45pmHyde Park Baptist
Covenant Baptist @ Lancaster 1st Baptist B7:45pmHyde Park Baptist
1st ARP Red @ Lancaster 1st Baptist A8:45pmHyde Park Baptist

For a complete schedule listing, click here!