Last Updated: April 27, 2017
  • MOYSC- Central Texas' Fastest Growing Sports Complex!
  • Reminder- This is all about the Players.
  • Special Thanks to Chris Becker and LAWNMAN LANDSCAPING for our field maintenance! 512-762-1152

MOYSC= Place 4 kids 2 B!

Complex Policies


No pets are allowed inside our complex


No outside food or drinks are allowed and no ice chests 


For complete policies, please visit the rules and regulations tab.


Please respect our policies. Thanks for your cooperation.




Thanks again Bobby Schmidt 

MOYSC wants to thank Bobby Schmidt and Schmidt Electric for so many years of support of our Softball and Baseball program. We would not have what we have without his contributions.

Upcoming Games

Thursday, Apr 27
Girls Shetland
Diamonds @ Hays 6u 16:00pmHays
Stingers @ Hays 6u 27:15pmHays
Girls Pinto
Dynamite @ Hays 8u7:15pmHays
Girls Mustang
Wimberly 10u 1 @ Shorthorns6:30pmManchaca Pink Field
Apocalypse @ Hays 10u7:30pmHays
Girls Bronco
Tstix @ PICTURES6:20pmManchaca Pink Field
Friday, Apr 28
Boys Mustang
Orioles @ D-Backs7:00pmMustang 3
Girls Bronco
CAYL @ TstixPostponedManchaca Purple Field
Girls Pony
Force @ CAYL7:15pmCAYL
Saturday, Apr 29
Big Hitters @ Bat City9:00amPONY Home
Tigers @ Little Sluggers9:00amPONY Left
Rangers @ Paw Patrollers9:00amPONY Right
T-Ball Minors
River Bandits @ Express9:00amMustang 1
Thunder @ Mud Cats10:00amMustang 1
T-Ball Majors
Back Concession-4 Parents @ Astros8:30amManchaca
Astros @ Rangers11:00amMustang 1
Back Concession-4 Parents @ Rangers12:00pmManchaca
Pirates @ Cardinals12:00pmMustang 1
Tigers @ Red Sox1:00pmMustang 1
Boys Pinto
Athletics @ Pirates9:00amPinto Field
Back Concession-4 Parents @ Pirates10:15amManchaca
Angels @ Cubs10:15amPinto Field
Dodgers @ Rangers11:30amPinto Field
Indians @ Royals12:45pmPinto Field
Boys Mustang
D-Backs @ Pirates9:00amMustang 3
Rangers @ Reds10:30amMustang 3
Royals @ Tigers12:00pmMustang 3
Boys Bronco
Dripping Springs Red Sox @ Royals10:00amBronco
Dripping Springs Athletics @ Astros12:00pmBronco
Dripping Springs Rangers @ Giants2:00pmBronco
Girls Shetland
Western Hills @ Diamonds9:00amManchaca Pink Field
Front Concession-3 Parents @ Diamonds11:00amManchaca
Hays 6u 1 @ Stingers2:30pmManchaca Pink Field
Hays 6u 2 @ Sparks3:30pmManchaca Pink Field
Girls Pinto
Western Hills @ Dynamite9:00amManchaca Purple Field
Western Hills @ Bone Crushers10:15amManchaca Pink Field
Western Hills @ Wildfire10:15amManchaca Purple Field
Girls Mustang
Front Concession- 3 Parents @ Crushers8:45amManchaca
Western Hills @ Crushers11:30amManchaca Pink Field
Shorthorns @ Western Hills12:00pmWestern Hills
Western Hills @ Apocalypse1:00pmManchaca Pink Field
Shorthorns @ Western Hills1:30pmWestern Hills
Girls Bronco
Lake Travis 12u @ Blaze11:30amManchaca Purple Field
Lake Travis 12u @ Blaze1:15pmManchaca Purple Field
Girls Pony
Force @ Wimberly 14u4:00pmWimberly
Boys Pony
Manchaca Ludwig  @ Oak Hill Athletics 9:00amOak Hill
Manchaca Gonzales  @ Oak Hill Cardinals 11:30amOak Hill
Monday, May 1
T-Ball Minors
River Bandits @ Mud Cats6:00pmMustang 1
Boys Pinto
Back Concession-4 Parents @ Royals5:45pmManchaca
Orioles @ Angels6:00pmPinto Field
Boys Mustang
Rangers @ D-Backs6:00pmMustang 3
Boys Bronco
Royals @ Giants6:30pmBronco
Girls Shetland
Brooklyn's Angels @ Sparks6:00pmManchaca Pink Field
Diamonds @ Stingers6:00pmManchaca Purple Field
Girls Pinto
ThunderBeast @ Wildfire7:15pmManchaca Purple Field
Boys Pony
Becker @ Manchaca Gonzales 7:00pmManchaca Pony
Wednesday, May 3
T-Ball Majors
Cubs @ Royals6:00pmMustang 1
Tigers @ Cardinals7:00pmMustang 1
Boys Pinto
Pirates @ Dodgers6:00pmPinto Field
Boys Mustang
Pirates @ Orioles6:00pmMustang 3
Girls Shetland
Front Concession-3 Parents @ Sparks6:00pmManchaca
Diamonds @ Brooklyn's Angels6:00pmManchaca Pink Field
Girls Pinto
Bone Crushers @ ThunderBeast6:00pmManchaca Purple Field
Wildfire @ Dynamite7:15pmManchaca Pink Field
Girls Mustang
Crushers @ Apocalypse7:15pmManchaca Purple Field
Girls Bronco
Blaze @ Western Hills6:30pmWestern Hills
Boys Pony
Lake Travis  @ Manchaca Ludwig 7:00pmManchaca Pony
Thursday, May 4
Girls Mustang
Wimberly 10u 2 @ Crushers6:30pmManchaca Pink Field
Saturday, May 6
Little Sluggers @ Paw Patrollers9:00amPONY Home
Tigers @ Bat City9:00amPONY Left
Big Hitters @ Rangers9:00amPONY Right
T-Ball Minors
River Bandits @ Thunder12:00pmMustang 1
Express @ Mud Cats1:00pmMustang 1
T-Ball Majors
Royals @ Tigers9:00amMustang 1
Red Sox @ Pirates10:00amMustang 1
Cardinals @ Astros11:00amMustang 1
Rangers @ Cubs2:00pmMustang 1
Boys Pinto
Indians @ Rangers9:00amPinto Field
Back Concession-4 Parents @ Indians10:15amManchaca
Dodgers @ Cubs10:15amPinto Field
Angels @ Pirates11:30amPinto Field
Back Concession-4 Parents @ Cubs12:00pmManchaca
Athletics @ Orioles12:45pmPinto Field
Boys Mustang
Back Concession-4 Parents @ D-Backs8:30amManchaca
Orioles @ Tigers9:00amMustang 3
D-Backs @ Reds10:30amMustang 3
Royals @ Rangers12:00pmMustang 3
Boys Bronco
Giants @ Dripping Springs Athletics10:00amDripping Springs
Astros @ Dripping Springs Red Sox12:00pmDripping Springs
Royals @ Dripping Springs Rangers2:00pmDripping Springs
Girls Shetland
Diamonds @ Dripping 6u 49:00amDripping Springs Field B
Stingers @ Dripping 6u 310:00amDripping Springs Field A
Brooklyn's Angels @ Dripping 6u 211:15amDripping Springs Field A
Sparks @ Dripping 6u 112:30pmDripping Springs Field A
Girls Pinto
ThunderBeast @ Dripping 8u 310:15amDripping Springs Field B
Dynamite @ Dripping 8u 211:30amDripping Springs Field B
Bone Crushers @ Dripping 8u 112:45pmDripping Springs Field B
Wildfire @ Dripping 8u 41:45pmDripping Springs Field A
Girls Mustang
Apocalypse @ Dripping 10u 12:00pmDripping Springs Field B
Crushers @ Dripping 10u 33:00pmDripping Springs Field A
Crushers @ Dripping 10u 24:30pmDripping Springs Field A
Girls Bronco
Blaze @ Dripping 12u 13:30pmDripping Springs Field B
Blaze @ Dripping 12u 25:15pmDripping Springs Field B
Girls Pony
OHYSA 14U 2 @ Strong11:30amManchaca Pink Field
Wimberly 14u @ Force11:30amManchaca Purple Field
Wimberly 14u @ Strong1:15pmManchaca Purple Field
Boys Pony
Northwest Royals  @ Manchaca Ludwig 2:00pmManchaca Pony
Northwest Tigers  @ Manchaca Gonzales 4:30pmManchaca Pony
Monday, May 8
Boys Mustang
Tigers @ Pirates6:00pmMustang 3
Boys Bronco
Giants @ Astros6:30pmBronco
Girls Shetland
Stingers @ Sparks6:00pmManchaca Pink Field
Brooklyn's Angels @ Diamonds7:00pmManchaca Pink Field
Wednesday, May 10
Boys Mustang
Reds @ Orioles6:00pmMustang 3
Girls Pinto
Dynamite @ Wildfire6:00pmManchaca Pink Field
ThunderBeast @ Bone Crushers6:00pmManchaca Purple Field
Wildfire @ Bone Crushers7:15pmManchaca Pink Field
Dynamite @ ThunderBeast7:15pmManchaca Purple Field
Girls Mustang
Front Concession- 3 Parents @ Shorthorns6:00pmManchaca
Girls Bronco
Blaze @ Western Hills6:30pmWestern Hills
Boys Pony
Manchaca Gonzales  @ Lake Travis 7:15pmLake Travis
Saturday, May 13
Little Sluggers @ Rangers9:00amPONY Home
Tigers @ Big Hitters9:00amPONY Left
Paw Patrollers @ Bat City9:00amPONY Right
T-Ball Minors
Thunder @ Express9:00amMustang 1
Mud Cats @ River Bandits10:00amMustang 1
Boys Mustang
Pirates @ Reds9:00amMustang 3
Orioles @ Rangers10:30amMustang 3
D-Backs @ Royals12:00pmMustang 3
Boys Bronco
Dripping Springs Athletics @ Royals10:00amBronco
Dripping Springs Red Sox @ Giants12:00pmBronco
Dripping Springs Rangers @ Astros2:00pmBronco
Girls Shetland
Front Concession-3 Parents @ Brooklyn's Angels8:45amManchaca
Diamonds @ Brooklyn's Angels11:30amManchaca Pink Field
Sparks @ Stingers12:30pmManchaca Pink Field
Girls Pinto
Bone Crushers @ Dynamite9:00amManchaca Pink Field
Wildfire @ ThunderBeast10:15amManchaca Pink Field
Front Concession- 3 Parents @ Bone Crushers11:15amManchaca
Girls Mustang
Apocalypse @ Crushers9:00amManchaca Purple Field
Shorthorns @ Crushers10:30amManchaca Purple Field

For a complete schedule listing, click here!