Last Updated: April 17, 2015
  • MOYSC- Central Texas' Fastest Growing Sports Complex!
  • MOYSC and the Manchaca Optimist Club need your help and donations all year long.
  • Reminder- This is all about the Players.
  • Special Thanks to Chris Becker and LAWNMAN LANDSCAPING for our field maintenance! 762-1152

MOYSC= Place 4 kids 2 B!

Registration is now closed, please contact your league commissioner to find out if a spot is available!

Boys Mustang still has openings.


Please be aware our entrance to the ballpark has moved temporarily. It is now located south of the Sac-N-Pac.  

As always drive careful as the road construction will be a mess!!!




***New Rule for Spring Baseball***

Attention baseball players who will be playing in the Pony division in the Spring-

This year the PONY Organization will only allow "BBCOR" bats to be used.

(This is for 13 - 14 year old baseball players, only)




First day of ball games

March 7, 2015



This is my annual field report and have included some complex stuff to clean up appearance and make some areas outside fields more usable.  All fields are going to get weed and feed on them hopefully tomorrow and will help the weeds that are on them as of now.  For the first time since I have been maintaining fields the hayride funds were able for us to apply pre emergent and post emergent fertilizer over the winter.  These fertilizers prevent new weeds from germinating, but does not kill existing weeds.  We will apply a weed and feed to them to kill existing weeds although there are some this product will not kill and we will need to let them burner off (poa annual, annual rye grass).  The reason this product has not been applied is because of our water restrictions for the month of February is 55,000 gallons which seems like a lot but in reality pissing on turf would get it more water.  Check out the following to see why


1 ½” irrigation valve can use 135 gallons per minute of run time.

To water for 45 minutes per zone uses 6075 gallons

Each field has 7-10 zones and uses 42525 gallons per cycle

We have 7 fields which to water all of them once a month uses 297675 gallons


So you can see why we have not fertilized in February as all fertilizer would have to be watered in.


Every field now has the following to help coaches do their duty of raking (2 rakes, dragger) Please make sure they are doing their part.


TBall- put up temp fence, clean signs and strap down loose signs,

Pinto- fill in holes of on deck, hole on mound, put up temp fence ???, signs cleaned and reattached, fix holes in net, cover holes on the bottom of fence in outfield, paint lines, hose out lips behind shortstop (it will take 2 days to dry out so prepare around off days if possible

Mustang- repair net, add clay bricks to right batter’s box and catchers, fix home plate, paint lines, fix bullpens

Bronco-nothing already done (can you tell which field I practice on) wait fix bullpens

Pony- Base pegs redo all of them to make straight and some are missing, straighten up mound, fix signs, fix bullpens, paint lines

Purple- Paint at least center field wall green, fix signs, paint lines, repair screen, 

Pink- Man it looks awesome by the way great from road…Repair backstop pad, paint lines, repair fence in left field


All fields ant bait applied to ant mounds and also remember fan areas or practice areas.  Ant bait is in white connex next to fertilizer.  


All fields need to be walked down foul lines to make sure valve lids are on the water takes them far away in big rains. This week I added conditioner (Diamond Pro) to bronco, pinto, mustang and softball (2) was done in fall by Ewing irrigation. I may need help to apply on tball and pony field.


Complex- These are items that I see and some eyes will see more so please feel free to add to this list

-          Clean up area around connex, possibly move them to different area to make room for building

-          Repair parking lot signs, no parking areas, handicap areas, prepare road for when new entrance is open

-          Clean up new walking trail behind tball and pinto and finish a little mulch

-          TRASH

-          Dig post for new signage along 1626

-          Repair and wash out chalkers need this done before March 6th

-          Repair fence signs

-          Check scoreboard units

-          Clean up junk or stuff that’s been laying around and not being used 

-          Repair L screens with new nets

-          Repair front gate and new gate area when its ready

-          Add gate in left field of pony field for blast ball fans

-          Move bronco gate to left field

-          Add 2 poles to catchers area by bronco field for net

-          Paint green fence by softball

-          Create a pitchers/catchers area in between fields 

-          Batting cage on front field Lets make this happen either by fundraiser or donations program is getting to big to have only one.  If someone could get a parts list at least we can let people know what we need. 



That’s what I got I will put these items in a spreadsheet and when someone ask what can I do to help we can send the list



Volunteers Needed For the Spring and Beyond!

MOYSC is looking for a few good people to fill vacancies for league commissioners, equipment managers, BBQ organizers, etc. for the Spring league and beyond.

Those wanting to help should be people who will keep the kids in mind first and foremost and are willing to enforce the rules of the complex and the individual leagues as provided by the MOYSC Board.

Thanks for Your Support

THANK YOU........
Manchaca Optimist Youth Sports Complex would like to take this opportunity to thank the Field Sign Sponsors that sponsored a field sign during our Spring 2014 baseball season. With the sponsorship of these business entities, the baseball program continues to grow in numbers, expand the complex & improve the facilities. THANK YOU!

1626 CAFÉ

MOYSC wants to thank all the Volunteers who devoted hundreds of hours from their private lives to help insure a successful 2014 Spring ball season. It takes a lot of manpower working together to put on a program of this magnitude. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOU DO, AND FOR WHO YOU ARE.

No Smoking

The Board of Directors has voted to no longer allow smoking in the complex. Smoking will be allowed in the parking lot area only. Thanks for your cooperation.

Thanks again Bobby Schmidt

MOYSC wants to thank Bobby Schmidt and Schmidt Electric for so many years of support of our Softball and Baseball program. We would not have what we have without his contributions.


Remember when our complex was still a dream? Thanks to everyone who has worked, donated, supported, or just said a prayer for the enormous success of our complex. Let's enjoy it!!!

Upcoming Games

Monday,  Apr 20
Boys Bronco
Hays @ Angels 6:30pm Manchaca
Boys Pinto
CONCESSION STAND (4) @ Dodgers 5:30pm Manchaca
Astros @ Angels 6:00pm Pinto Field
Girls Mustang
Fire & Gold @ Diamond Divas 7:00pm Manchaca Front Field
Girls Pony
Dripping Springs2 @ Missfits 6:30pm Purple Field
Boys Mustang
Rangers @ Pictures 5:20pm Back Concession - Upstairs
Rangers @ Angels 6:30pm Mustang 3
Girls Shetland
Hays #2 @ John 6:00pm Manchaca Front Field
TBALL Majors
Rangers @ Cardinals 7:00pm Mustang 1
TBALL Minors
Riverbandits @ Rockhounds 6:00pm Mustang 1
Tuesday,  Apr 21
Boys Mustang
Yankees @ Blue Jays 6:30pm Mustang 3
TBALL Majors
CONCESSION DUTY (4) @ Yankees 5:30pm Manchaca
Rangers @ Astros 7:00pm Mustang 1
TBALL Minors
Riverbandits @ Mudcats 6:00pm Mustang 1
Wednesday,  Apr 22
Boys Bronco
Hays @ Rangers 6:30pm Manchaca
Boys Pinto
Yankees @ Rangers 6:00pm Pinto Field
Girls Pinto
Hays @ Vipers 6:00pm Manchaca Front Field
Boys Pony
Manchaca Rangers @ LT Red 7:00pm Lake Travis
TBALL Majors
White Sox @ Pictures 6:00pm Back Concession - Upstairs
Yankees @ Pictures 6:20pm Back Concession - Upstairs
White Sox @ Yankees 7:00pm Mustang 1
TBALL Minors
Scrappers @ Express 6:00pm Mustang 1
Thursday,  Apr 23
Girls Pony
Missfits @ Oak Hill 7:30pm Oak Hill
Girls Shetland
Edward @ John 6:00pm Manchaca Front Field
Saturday,  Apr 25
Boys Bronco
Rangers @ Angels 10:00am Manchaca
Boys Pinto
Angels @ Indians 9:00am Pinto Field
White Sox @ Yankees 10:30am Pinto Field
Astros @ Pictures 11:00am Back Concession - Upstairs
Astros @ Rangers 12:00pm Pinto Field
Girls Bronco
Bronco 2 @ Pictures 9:20am Back Concession - Upstairs
Texas Strong @ Pictures 9:40am Back Concession - Upstairs
Bronco 2 @ Texas Strong 10:30am Purple Field
Girls Mustang
Diamond Divas @ Fire & Gold 9:00am Purple Field
Girls Pinto
Black Widows @ Hays 9:00am Hays
Girls Pony
NAO @ Missfits 12:00pm Purple Field
NAO @ Missfits 1:45pm Purple Field
Boys Mustang
CONCESSION DUTY (4) @ Blue Jays 8:30am Manchaca
Blue Jays @ Tigers 9:00am Mustang 3
Angels @ Yankees 10:45am Mustang 3
Cedar Creek @ Rangers 12:30pm Mustang 3
Boys Pony
CONCESSION DUTY (4) @ Manchaca Rangers 12:00pm Manchaca
Manchaca Rangers @ Northwest Yankees 2:00pm Northwest
Girls Shetland
John @ Pictures 8:00am Back Concession - Upstairs
Edward @ Pictures 9:00am Back Concession - Upstairs
Hays #2 @ John 9:00am Manchaca Front Field
Hays #1 @ Edward 10:00am Manchaca Front Field
TBALL Majors
Cardinals @ Astros 11:00am Mustang 1
Rangers @ Yankees 12:00pm Mustang 1
TBALL Minors
Mudcats @ Pictures 8:20am Back Concession - Upstairs
Rockhounds @ Mudcats 9:00am Mustang 1
Riverbandits @ Express 10:00am Mustang 1
Scrappers @ Pictures 10:20am Back Concession - Upstairs
Pink Ladies @ Pictures 8:40am Back Concession - Upstairs
Blue Sharks @ Lil Bats 9:30am PONY Home
Gators @ Pink Ladies 9:30am PONY Left
Palacios @ Wolves 9:30am PONY Right
CONCESSION DUTY @ Gators 10:15am Manchaca
CONCESSION DUTY @ Lil Bats 10:15am Manchaca
Monday,  Apr 27
Boys Pinto
Rangers @ Indians 6:00pm Pinto Field
Girls Mustang
Mystique @ Hays #1 7:00pm Hays
Girls Pinto
Shorthorns @ Black Widows 6:00pm Purple Field
Vipers @ Hays 7:00pm Hays
Boys Mustang
Yankees @ Pictures 5:20pm Back Concession - Upstairs
Yankees @ Tigers 6:30pm Mustang 3
Girls Shetland
John @ Edward 6:00pm Manchaca Front Field
TBALL Majors
White Sox @ Rangers 7:00pm Mustang 1
TBALL Minors
CONCESSION DUTY (4) @ Scrappers 5:30pm Manchaca
Scrappers @ Riverbandits 6:00pm Mustang 1
Tuesday,  Apr 28
Boys Mustang
Blue Jays @ Rangers 6:30pm Mustang 3
Boys Pony
Manchaca Rangers @ Western Hills Red Sox 7:00pm Brumley Field
TBALL Majors
CONCESSION DUTY (4) @ Rangers 5:30pm Manchaca
Cardinals @ White Sox 7:00pm Mustang 1
TBALL Minors
Mudcats @ Express 6:00pm Mustang 1
Wednesday,  Apr 29
Boys Pinto
CONCESSION STAND (4) @ Indians 5:30pm Manchaca
Dodgers @ White Sox 6:00pm Pinto Field
Rangers @ Astros 7:00pm Pinto Field
Boys Mustang
CONCESSION DUTY (4) @ Angels 5:30pm Manchaca
Girls Shetland
Josh @ Hays #1 7:00pm Hays
TBALL Majors
Astros @ Yankees 7:00pm Mustang 1
TBALL Minors
Rockhounds @ Scrappers 6:00pm Mustang 1
Thursday,  Apr 30
Girls Bronco
CAYL @ Texas Strong 7:30pm Purple Field
Saturday,  May 2
Girls Bronco
Dripping Springs @ Texas Strong 12:00pm Purple Field
Dripping Springs @ Texas Strong 1:45pm Purple Field
Girls Mustang
Dripping Springs @ Mystique 9:00am Purple Field
Dripping Springs @ Mystique 10:30am Purple Field
Fire & Gold @ Dripping Springs Postponed Dripping Springs
Diamond Divas @ Dripping Springs Postponed Dripping Springs
Girls Pinto
Shorthorns @ Pictures 9:10am Back Concession - Upstairs
Dripping Springs @ Shorthorns 10:15am Manchaca Front Field
Dripping Springs @ Vipers 11:30am Manchaca Front Field
Black Widows @ Dripping Springs 12:30pm Dripping Springs
Girls Pony
Missfits @ Dripping Springs1 11:00am Dripping Springs
Missfits @ Dripping Springs2 12:45pm Dripping Springs
Boys Mustang
Angels @ Blue Jays 9:00am Mustang 3
Rangers @ Tigers 10:45am Mustang 3
Boys Pony
Regents @ Manchaca Rangers 2:00pm Manchaca
Girls Shetland
Josh @ Pictures 8:15am Back Concession - Upstairs
Dripping Springs @ Josh 9:00am Manchaca Front Field
Edward @ Dripping Springs 10:00am Dripping Springs
John @ Dripping Springs 11:15am Dripping Springs
Lil Bats @ Pictures 8:35am Back Concession - Upstairs
Blue Sharks @ Pictures 8:45am Back Concession - Upstairs
Lil Bats @ Palacios 9:30am PONY Home
Gators @ Wolves 9:30am PONY Left
Pink Ladies @ Blue Sharks 9:30am PONY Right

For a complete schedule listing, click here!