Last Updated: May 4, 2015 



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Open League Welcomes TWO New Teams

The Open Division returns to eight teams.  Welcome...

   Los Pericos                Blue Jays


New 45+ Team

February 6, 2015



The 45+ Division has grown to four teams. 

Welcome to the Gigantes and their manager Alberto Quiroga

Your 2015 Board of Directors

January 1, 2015

A few changes for the MABL of Southern Wisconsin for the 2015 season. Dave Bayer, President since 2009, has decided to step down and pass the baton. Sean Michael Dargan was nominated and unanimously voted in as the fourth President in the history of our league. Please welcome and congratulate our new "Commissioner".   

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The newly elected Board of Directors for the MABL of Southern Wisconsin

  League President - Sean Michael Dargan

  League Treasurer - Dan Hendrickson

  League Secretary - Dave Bayer

  Open Division VP - Andy DeRocher / Alberto Quiroga (co-chair)

  35+ Division VP - Kevin Mack

  45+ Division VP - Doug Rosenberg

Notable appointees:

  Information Systems - Eric Selje

  Umpire Coordinator - Joe Bernstein



2014 MSBL Man of the Year

Congratulations to Dave  Bayer on being honored by MSBL Founder and President Steve Sigler as the 2014 MSBL 'Man of the Year.'




What is the MSBL/MABL ??
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The Men's Adult Baseball League and Men's Senior Baseball League (MABL/MSBL) is a national organization founded in 1988 that has grown to more than 350 local leagues, 4,000 teams and over 60,000 members. You can have the opportunity to play real baseball at a competitive level on a regular basis in a professionally run environment. The MABL of Southern Wisconsin has three age divisions, Open, 35+ and 45+. A total of 16 teams that play on weekends. Experience the camaraderie and great friendships with others that are passionate about this great game!


In 2013 the MABL of Southern Wisconsin transitioned to wood bats only


Upcoming Games

Friday,  May 8
Mariners @ Pirates 6:15pm Bowman
Latin Raiders @ Rangers 6:15pm East Madison LL
White Sox @ Athletics 8:30pm Bowman
Monarchs @ Home Brewers 8:30pm East Madison LL
Friday,  May 15
Pirates @ Monarchs 6:15pm Ahuska
Athletics @ Home Brewers 6:15pm East Madison LL
White Sox @ Latin Raiders 8:30pm Ahuska
Rangers @ Mariners 8:30pm East Madison LL
Sunday,  May 17
Open Age
Grays @ Bulldogs 10:00am Ripp Park Waunakee
Angels @ Athletics 10:00am Sun Prairie High School - JV
Blue Jays @ Orioles 12:00pm East Madison LL
Los Pericos @ Monarchs 1:00pm Sun Prairie High School - JV
Gigantes @ Grays 3:00pm East Madison LL
Bears @ Crawfords 3:00pm Ripp Park Waunakee
Friday,  May 22
Athletics @ Latin Raiders 6:15pm Bowman
White Sox @ Mariners 6:15pm East Madison LL
Rangers @ Monarchs 8:30pm Bowman
Pirates @ Home Brewers 8:30pm East Madison LL
Sunday,  May 24
Open Age
Bulldogs @ Los Pericos 10:00am Bowman
Athletics @ Blue Jays 10:00am Sun Prairie High School - JV
Orioles @ Angels 12:00pm East Madison LL
Monarchs @ Grays 1:00pm Sun Prairie High School - JV
Grays @ Crawfords 3:00pm Bowman
Gigantes @ Bears 3:00pm East Madison LL
Friday,  May 29
Monarchs @ Mariners 6:15pm Ahuska
Rangers @ Athletics 6:15pm East Madison LL
Pirates @ White Sox 8:30pm Ahuska
Home Brewers @ Latin Raiders 8:30pm East Madison LL
Sunday,  May 31
Open Age
Angels @ Grays 10:00am Murphy Park - Waunakee
Orioles @ Monarchs 10:00am Ripp Park Waunakee
Blue Jays @ Los Pericos 12:00pm East Madison LL
Bulldogs @ Athletics 1:00pm Murphy Park - Waunakee
Bears @ Grays 3:00pm East Madison LL
Gigantes @ Crawfords 3:00pm Ripp Park Waunakee
Friday,  Jun 5
Latin Raiders @ Pirates 6:15pm Ahuska
White Sox @ Rangers 6:15pm East Madison LL
Athletics @ Monarchs 8:30pm Ahuska
Mariners @ Home Brewers 8:30pm East Madison LL
Sunday,  Jun 7
Open Age
Athletics @ Orioles 10:00am Ripp Park Waunakee
Grays @ Los Pericos 10:00am Sun Prairie High School - JV
Monarchs @ Bulldogs 12:00pm East Madison LL
Angels @ Blue Jays 1:00pm Sun Prairie High School - JV
Crawfords @ Bears 3:00pm East Madison LL
Grays @ Gigantes 3:00pm Ripp Park Waunakee
Friday,  Jun 12
Home Brewers @ Rangers 6:15pm Ahuska
Monarchs @ White Sox 6:15pm East Madison LL
Mariners @ Latin Raiders 8:30pm Ahuska
Athletics @ Pirates 8:30pm East Madison LL

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