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2014 was Bob Bezzi's Year!

2014 was a very good year for Bob Bezzi, Madison MSBL player.

  • His Friday night Pirates were co-champions of the 35+ League
  • His Saturday Milwaukee MSBL team, the Brewers were the champions of the 55+ League
  • His Sunday team the 45+ Grays were also champs, although Bezzi was only a sub on that team.
  • To top it all off, in Phoenix, Arizona, his 65+ San Antonio Bronco team was World Champions. San Antonio Broncos - Bezzi
"In my career, I've gone decades between championships. To win 4 in one year is very lucky. Winning in Arizona is a thrill that can't be topped for an amateur  ballplayer. I think competing against younger guys here at home prepares me for Arizona where I play against my own age group."
World Series Ring Bezzi has played for San Antonio for about 4 years, and also plays on Seattle and Washington DC teams in  national tournaments. He is also playing for the first time this fall in the 70+ division for the Red Deer Legends  out of Canada. In 2014's tourney he was the Broncos primary catcher, hitting .455 for the tournament including 3 hits in the champions game. 
MSBL of Southern Wisconsin has been his home base since the early 90's, playing basically for the same team starting as the Sports Pub, then becoming the Brewers, the Cubs, and currently the Pirates. He had a 4 year interruptions when the lived in Des Moines and played in the MSBL there. 
Bob's first year of organized baseball was 1957 in the Upper Bezzi on the Mound w/ Broncos
Peninsula, where his Rapid River Little League team won
the district championship. He's been at it ever since, except
for several years as a softball player when men's baseball was
just a far off vision. Bezzi is also a member of the Delta
County Slow Pitch Hall of Fame.
The highlight, however, of the 58 years of competitive ball playing came two years ago when he was able to play side by side with his son Pete, who joined him on the 35+ Pirates team. 
Bob is currently retired, living the good live in DeForest and plans on playing until Father Time finally catches up with him.

2014 MSBL Man of the Year


Congratulations to past president and charter member Dave  Bayer

on being honored  by MSBL Founder and President Steve Sigler

as the 2014 MSBL National "Man of the Year"

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What is the MSBL/MABL ??
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The Men's Adult Baseball League and Men's Senior Baseball League (MABL/MSBL) is a national organization founded in 1988 that has grown to more than 350 local leagues, 4,000 teams and over 60,000 members. You can have the opportunity to play real baseball at a competitive level on a regular basis in a professionally run environment. The MABL of Southern Wisconsin has three age divisions, Open, 35+ and 45+. A total of 16 teams that play on weekends. Experience the camaraderie and great friendships with others that are passionate about this great game!


In 2013 the MABL of Southern Wisconsin transitioned to wood bats only


Upcoming Games

Friday,  Jul 10
Mariners @ Rangers 6:15pm Ahuska Park
Latin Raiders @ White Sox 6:15pm East Madison LL
Home Brewers @ Athletics 8:30pm Ahuska Park
Monarchs @ Pirates 8:30pm East Madison LL
Sunday,  Jul 12
Open Age
Orioles @ Blue Jays 9:00am East Madison LL
Bulldogs @ Grays 9:00am Pioneer Park
Monarchs @ Los Pericos 12:00pm East Madison LL
Athletics @ Angels 12:00pm Pioneer Park
Grays @ Crawfords 3:00pm East Madison LL
Gigantes @ Bears 3:00pm Pioneer Park
Friday,  Jul 17
Home Brewers @ Pirates 6:15pm Ahuska Park
Monarchs @ Rangers 6:15pm East Madison LL
Mariners @ White Sox 8:30pm Ahuska Park
Latin Raiders @ Athletics 8:30pm East Madison LL
Sunday,  Jul 19
Open Age
Grays @ Monarchs 10:00am Ahuska Park
Blue Jays @ Athletics 10:00am Ripp Park
Angels @ Orioles 12:00pm East Madison LL
Los Pericos @ Bulldogs 1:00pm Ahuska Park
Crawfords @ Gigantes 3:00pm East Madison LL
Bears @ Grays 3:00pm Ripp Park
Friday,  Jul 24
Latin Raiders @ Home Brewers 6:15pm Ahuska Park
White Sox @ Pirates 6:15pm East Madison LL
Athletics @ Rangers 8:30pm Ahuska Park
Mariners @ Monarchs 8:30pm East Madison LL
Sunday,  Jul 26
Open Age
Los Pericos @ Blue Jays 9:00am East Madison LL
Monarchs @ Orioles 9:00am Ripp Park
Grays @ Angels 12:00pm East Madison LL
Athletics @ Bulldogs 12:00pm Ripp Park
Crawfords @ Bears 3:00pm East Madison LL
Grays @ Gigantes 3:00pm Ripp Park
Friday,  Jul 31
Home Brewers @ Mariners 6:15pm Ahuska Park
Monarchs @ Athletics 6:15pm East Madison LL
Rangers @ White Sox 8:30pm Ahuska Park
Pirates @ Latin Raiders 8:30pm East Madison LL
Sunday,  Aug 2
Open Age
Bulldogs @ Monarchs 9:00am East Madison LL
Blue Jays @ Angels 9:00am Ripp Park
Orioles @ Athletics 12:00pm East Madison LL
Los Pericos @ Grays 12:00pm Ripp Park
Bears @ Gigantes 3:00pm East Madison LL
Crawfords @ Grays 3:00pm Ripp Park
Friday,  Aug 7
Pirates @ Athletics 6:15pm Ahuska Park
Latin Raiders @ Mariners 6:15pm East Madison LL
White Sox @ Monarchs 8:30pm Ahuska Park
Rangers @ Home Brewers 8:30pm East Madison LL
Sunday,  Aug 9
Open Age
Angels @ Los Pericos 9:00am East Madison LL
Bulldogs @ Orioles 9:00am Ripp Park
Athletics @ Monarchs 12:00pm East Madison LL
Grays @ Blue Jays 12:00pm Ripp Park
Grays @ Bears 3:00pm East Madison LL
Crawfords @ Gigantes 3:00pm Ripp Park

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