Last Updated: August 4, 2014
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  • Play Offs Begin July 21
WANTED: Team photos or action shots

Weather Suspension Rule: Play offs

July 23, 2014
  1. Play Offs

  1. Play offs will be held by the last week in July for each division except 8U.  A play in round may be scheduled if more than 8 teams are in a division.  Play-off games will be on consecutive weekdays, weather permitting.  Weekend games may be scheduled if mutually agreed.  There will be no weekday rescheduling except for weather.

  2. Weather suspended play in round, quarter final and semifinal games are considered complete if 5 innings (4 ½, if home team is ahead) have been played by the time of suspension.  If a game is suspended after 5 innings, the score shall be at the end of the last complete inning.  Championship games, if suspended will continue to completion of 7 innings (6 ½ if home team is ahead) or more, unless the Mercy Rule takes effect.

Play Off Information

I hope all are managing to reschedule your rainouts, the weather certainly has been challenging!  A few notes as we head into the play offs:

 All games are weather dependent; should your division have more than 8 teams, there will be a play in round to be played on Friday, July 18.  Single round elimination play offs for all divisions will begin on Monday, July 21, continuing on consecutive weeknights.  Your division coordinators will send out the game matrix in advance.  If you think your team may be hosting a game, it is prudent to make field and umpire arrangements well in advance.


  • Play off games are required to have two umpires arranged by the home, higher seeded team.  Fees will be reimbursed by the league after submission of the reimbursement form which may be found under "handouts" on the website.
  • Players must have played 50% of the regular season games to be eligible to play in the play offs. If teams are short handed, you may have a player play up a division, if available.  She must have met the 50% requirement for her team. There are no "guest" players allowed.
  • Weather suspended play in round, quarter final, and semi final games will be considered complete if 5 innings(or 4 1/2 innings if home team is ahead)have been played at the time of the suspension.  If a game is suspended after that point, the score will be the last completed inning.  Championship games will be played to a minimum of 7 innings (6 1/2 if home team is ahead).
  • If a team pulls out of the play offs, following teams will move up one seeding position. Teams participating in National tournaments must notify the Director and the Division Coordinator of withdrawal prior to seeding.
  • Winning team is to report the score to the Division Coordinator immediately after the game, so the next round may be notified.
  • All teams were issued enough game balls for two rounds of play offs games.  Championship game balls and awards will be provided game night by either the Director or Division Coordinator.


Good luck to all for the remainder of the season!

Michelle Sween
Director, MSGSL


The MidState Girls Softball League is a competitive "B" level traveling fastpitch league serving community based softball organizations from Central New Jersey. MSGSL was established in 1997 to provide an opportunity for girls to develop skills, good sportsmanship, and an appreciation for team play. For the 2013 season, there are 15 community organizations fielding teams in 5 divisions; 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U and HS. Governed by ASA rules, the playing season runs from mid June, culminating in single round elimination play offs the end of July.

AGE ELIGIBILITY is governed by ASA with the exception of the High School Division. A player's age as of December 31 determines the age in which the player is eligible to play in 2014. MSGSL High School division currently INCLUDES graduated seniors.

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WANTED: Team photos or action shots

I am looking to update the photo albums for the MSGSL website.  Got any great game action shots?  Team photos?  Please send JPEGs to, identify the team and when/where it was taken!