Last Updated: October 1, 2015

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Schedule Update:

Starting on August 24, 2015 all games will begin at 6:30pm.

Here is the playoff schedule. Games will be added to the website as placings are determined:

Date                                               Kick off                        Field                            Home                     vs.                Away
Friday Sept 11th                           7 pm                           U of M East field           7th                                               10th
Friday Sept 11th                           7 pm                           U of M West Field         8th                                                9th
Friday  Sept 11th                          9:15 pm                      U of M East Field          3rd                                                 6th
Friday Sept 11th                           9:15 pm                      U of M West field           4th                                                5th
Friday Sept 18th                           9 pm                            U of M East field          1st                                          7 or 10th 
Friday Sept 18th                           9 pm                           U of M West Field         2nd                                         8 or 9th
Friday Sept 25th                           7 pm                           WSC Field #1               Winner of  1 vs. 7/10                   Winner of 3rd vs. 6th
Friday Sept 25th                           9:15 pm                     WSC  Field #1               Winner of 2nd  vs. 8/9                Winner of 4th vs. 5th
Wed. Sept 30th                             7:30 pm                    Shaughnessy Park          Finals