Last Updated: December 15, 2014
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Saturday,  Dec 20
Sr. High Boys
Antioch Team 1 @ Antioch Team 2 11:00am Tusculum
Hermitage @ Hendersonville 12:00pm Tusculum
Crieve Hall @ Antioch Team 2 1:00pm Tusculum
Rocketown @ Hendersonville 2:00pm Tusculum
Mt. Juliet @ Madison 3:00pm Madison
Crieve Hall @ Tusculum 3:00pm Tusculum
Rocketown @ Donelson 4:00pm Tusculum
Sr. High Girls
Hendersonville 1 @ Madison 10:00am Hermitage
Mt. Juliet @ Crieve Hall 11:00am Hermitage
Tusculum @ Madison 12:00pm Hermitage
Antioch @ Hendersonville 2 12:00pm Madison
Hermitage @ Crieve Hall 1:00pm Hermitage
Donelson @ Tusculum 2:00pm Hermitage
Antioch @ Hendersonville 2 2:00pm Madison
Jr. High Boys
Echo Hills @ Madison 10:00am Madison
Crieve Hall @ Tusculum 10:00am Tusculum
Antioch @ Hendersonville 11:00am Madison
Antioch @ Madison 1:00pm Madison
Saturday,  Jan 10
Sr. High Boys
Smyrna @ Antioch Team 1 10:00am Madison
Donelson @ Tusculum 11:00am Hendersonville
Smyrna @ Antioch Team 2 12:00pm Madison
Mt. Juliet @ Donelson 1:00pm Hendersonville
Hermitage @ Madison 1:00pm Madison
Rocketown @ Crieve Hall 2:00pm Hermitage
Inner City @ Antioch Team 2 2:00pm Madison
Mt. Juliet @ Hendersonville 3:00pm Hendersonville
Sr. High Girls
Donelson @ Antioch 11:00am Hermitage
Hendersonville 1 @ Hendersonville 2 12:00pm Hendersonville
Mt. Juliet @ Antioch 1:00pm Hermitage
Crieve Hall @ Hendersonville 1 2:00pm Hendersonville
Mt. Juliet @ Hermitage 3:00pm Hermitage
Jr. High Boys
Madison @ Hendersonville 10:00am Hendersonville
Echo Hills @ Mt. Juliet 10:00am Hermitage
Antioch @ Tusculum 11:00am Madison
Echo Hills @ Mt. Juliet 12:00pm Hermitage
Saturday,  Jan 17
Sr. High Boys
Madison @ Hendersonville 2:00pm Hendersonville
Rocketown @ Antioch Team 1 2:00pm Tusculum
Donelson @ Antioch Team 2 3:00pm Tusculum
Tusculum @ Antioch Team 1 4:00pm Tusculum
Sr. High Girls
Hermitage @ Hendersonville 2 10:00am Hendersonville
Madison @ Antioch 11:00am Tusculum
Donelson @ Hendersonville 1 12:00pm Hendersonville
Madison @ Tusculum 1:00pm Tusculum
Jr. High Boys
Antioch @ Tusculum 10:00am Tusculum
Crieve Hall @ Hendersonville 11:00am Hendersonville
Echo Hills @ Antioch 12:00pm Tusculum
Crieve Hall @ Mt. Juliet 1:00pm Hendersonville
Saturday,  Jan 24
Sr. High Boys
Smyrna @ Hendersonville 10:00am Madison
Tusculum @ Hendersonville 12:00pm Madison
Donelson @ Hermitage 2:00pm Hermitage
Tusculum @ Madison 2:00pm Madison
Mt. Juliet @ Crieve Hall 4:00pm Hermitage
Inner City @ Madison 4:00pm Madison
Sr. High Girls
Hendersonville 1 @ Hermitage 9:00am Hermitage
Hendersonville 2 @ Tusculum 10:00am Hermitage
Donelson @ Hermitage 11:00am Hermitage
Crieve Hall @ Hendersonville 2 12:00pm Hermitage
Mt. Juliet @ Donelson 1:00pm Hermitage
Mt. Juliet @ Crieve Hall 3:00pm Hermitage
Jr. High Boys
Mt. Juliet @ Madison 9:00am Madison
Tusculum @ Madison 11:00am Madison
Tusculum @ Hendersonville 1:00pm Madison
Echo Hills @ Crieve Hall 3:00pm Madison
Saturday,  Jan 31
Sr. High Boys
Donelson @ Antioch Team 1 11:00am Hermitage
Antioch Team 1 @ Hendersonville 1:00pm Hermitage
Smyrna @ Madison 1:00pm Madison
Crieve Hall @ Hermitage 2:00pm Hermitage
Tusculum @ Inner City 2:00pm Madison
Antioch Team 2 @ Hendersonville 3:00pm Hermitage
Rocketown @ Mt. Juliet 4:00pm Hermitage
Sr. High Girls
Antioch @ Hermitage 10:00am Hermitage
Tusculum @ Hermitage 12:00pm Hermitage
Crieve Hall @ Madison 3:00pm Madison
Jr. High Boys
Crieve Hall @ Tusculum 10:00am Madison
Mt. Juliet @ Antioch 11:00am Madison
Crieve Hall @ Madison 12:00pm Madison

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