Playoff Schedules Are Here!

February 6, 2018 – 04:30 PM

The playoffs begin Wed 2/28 and continue through Sat 3/17 for the 5th through HS divisions.  The schedule is posted below.

Lower divisions will have a fun and skills day on Sat - 3/10


Wed 2/28 7:00   78G Seed 1    78G Seed 4   Rec New
  8:00   78G Seed 2   78G Seed 3   Rec New
Thur 3/1 6:00   HS Seed 11   HS Seed 6   Rec New
  7:00   HS Seed 14   HS Seed 3   Rec New
  8:00   HS Seed 10   HS Seed 7   Rec New
Fri 3/2 6:00   HS Seed 12   HS Seed 5   Rec New
  7:00   HS Seed 13   HS Seed 4   Rec New
  8:00   HS Seed 9   HS Seed 8   Rec New
Sat 3/3 9:00   78B Seed 14   78B Seed 3   Mill Lake
  10:00   78B Seed 13   78B Seed 4   Mill Lake
  11:00   78B Seed 12   78B Seed 5   Mill Lake
  12:00   78B Seed 11   78B Seed 6   Mill Lake
  1:00   78B Seed 10   78B Seed 7   Mill Lake
  2:00   78B Seed 9   78B Seed 8   Mill Lake
Sat 3/3 8:00   6B Seed 3   6B Seed 6   Rec New
  9:00   6B Seed 2   6B Seed 7   Rec New
  11:00   6B Seed 5   6B Seed 4   Rec New
  12:00   56G Seed 7   56G Seed 2   Rec New
  1:00   56G Seed 6   56G Seed 3   Rec New
  2:00   56G Seed 5   56G Seed 4   Rec New
  3:00   5B Seed 5   5B Seed 4   Rec New
  4:00   5B Seed 6   5B Seed 3   Rec New
Wed 3/7 7:45   78G 1/4 Winner   78G 2/3 Winner   Rec New
              Rec New
Thur 3/8 7:00   6B Seed 1   6B Seed 5/4   Rec New
  8:00   6B Seed 6/3   6B Seed 7/2   Rec New
Fri 3/9 7:00   HS 1    HS 8/9   Rec New
  8:00   HS 2   HS 10/7   Rec Old
  8:00   HS 14/3    HS 11/6   Rec New
  7:00   HS 13/4   HS 12/5   Rec Old
Sat 3/10 9:00   Kindergarten Skills       Rec New
  10:00   1st Grade Skills       Rec New
  11:00   2nd Grade Skills       Rec New
  12:00   3rd Grade Skills       Rec New
  1:00   56G Seed 1   56G Seed 5/4   Rec New
  2:00   56G Seed 6/3   56G Seed 7/2   Rec New
  3:00   Championship   6B   Rec New
  4:00   6th Boys All Stars       Rec New








78B 13/4

78B 1 


78B 12/5

78B 8/9


Rec Old

Rec Old

  11:00   78B 2   78B 10/7   Rec Old
  12:00   78B 14/3    78B 11/6   Rec Old
  2:00   5B Seed 1   5B Seed 6/4   Rec Old
  3:00   5B Seed 2   5B Seed 5/3   Rec Old
  4:00   3 - 4th Girls Skills       Rec Old
Wed 3/14 7:00   HS 1 - 8/9   HS 13/4 -12/5   Rec New
  8:00   HS 2 - 10/7   HS 14/3 - 11/6    
Thur 3/15 7:00   78B 1 - 8/9   78B 4/13 -5/12   Rec New
  8:00   78B 2 - 10/7   78B 6/11 - 3/14   Rec New
Fri 3/16 7:45   Championship HS       Rec New
Sat 3/17 9:00   Championship 78 Boys       Rec New
  10:00   78 Boys  7th Grade All Stars       Rec New
  11:30   78 Boys 8th Grade All Stars       Rec New
  1:00   Championship  5 6 Girls       Rec New
  2:00   56 Girls All Stars       Rec New
  3:30   Championship  5 Boys       Rec New
  4:30   5 Boys All Stars       Rec New

Weather Updates

March 8, 2018 – 07:30 AM

All games at the rec center are currently being played as scheduled.    


All practices at all schools are canceled.


Please return to this page as updates will be posted as soon as they are available.







The Registration Process Is Closed

No new registrations are being accepted at this time.  If registrations are opened, the link will be reactivated on this site.



Now You Can Find Your Team On Line!

November 17, 2017

The list of players, their assigned teams and coaches can now be found on-line.  Click on the Handouts tabat the left of this page.  Click on the file "Players - Teams - Coaches".  It is in Excel format sorted by division and last name.  Because we have many unrelated players with the same last name we also included the first initial and the first 6-8 characters of your address to help you identify the team and coach and the coach's email contacts.

Players with no team are late registrants that have yet to be assigned or the division has not yet drafted.  Please check back periodically as the teams will be updates as soon as they are assigned.

WL means you have been wait listed and cannot be assigned to a team as that division is full.  Any paid registrations will be returned if you are not assigned a team.



Program Overview

The purpose of the Monroe Township Hoops Association, Middlesex County shall be the promotion of the game of basketball for youth in Monroe Township, NJ within an environment that upholds the ideals of sportsmanship, scholarship and physical fitness. 

The objectives of the program are to familiarize players (boys and girls) with the fundamentals of the sport, to provide the opportunity to participate in a supervised, organized and safety oriented manner, and to ensure that the participants remain free of any adult ambition not within the established philosophy of the Association.

The MTHA fulfills this objective by affording an opportunity to all resident children of Monroe Township, New Jersey, grades K-12, to play league basketball, either in the Recreation program or through the more competitive travel teams.

The Recreation program provides a competitive atmosphere, but one in which all participants play a significant portion of each game. The season begins in early January and ends in early April. Each Grade division games are scheduled on the same day of the week. Practices will be conducted and schedule by the teams head coach and available for Grades 4th and higher. The MTHA intends that all applicants who apply, in time, will be allowed to play. If our registration numbers exceed the gym space that we have, the league reserves the right to take registrants on a first come - first served basis

The objective of the travel program is to develop the skills and attributes of each player. Coaches are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with this objective. While scheduling is up to the discretion of the coach, it is anticipated that teams will practice once or twice per week, and play a 30 to 40 game schedule.

Recreation Program Information

The program runs from January - April. Each week the games will be scheduled in one of the hour slots. Grades 4th and higher will be allotted one practice session per week depending on gym and coaches availability.

Below is the proposed division breakdown and time slots which are contingent on the number of registrant for each division.

(Game scheduled in one of these slots each week)
Kindergarten - Saturday 9am,10am

1st Grade Boys & Girls - Saturday 11am,12am,1pm

2nd Grade Boys & Girls - Saturday 1pm,2pm,3pm,4pm

3rd Grade Boys - Saturday 4pm,5pm,6pm

4th Grade Boys - Saturday 1pm,2pm,3pm,6pm

3rd & 4th Grade Girls - Saturday 4pm,5pm

5th & 6th Grade Girls - Saturday & Wednesday

5th & 6th Grade Boys - Saturday

7th & 8th Grade Girls - Saturday and Thursday

7th & 8th Boys - Saturday 9am,10am,11am,12pm,1pm

9th – 12th Girls - TBD

9th – 12th Boys - Friday & Wednesday

Monroe Travel Basketball Program

The MTHA Travel Basketball Program’s mission is to develop and nurture a highly competitive and challenging playing environment in which travel basketball players are enabled to develop the proper basketball skill sets and sportsmanship qualities suitable for the Middle and High School levels of the sport.

For more information on Travel on link below
Travel Website