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OPENING DAY is Sunday May 6th

NOTICE: Clarification of Substitute Player Rules

There seems to be a bit of confusion on the substitute player rule we had adopted some years back for teams who are unable to field the minimum 8 players necessary to begin play.

This rule was put into place so as to eliminate forefits and send a team to a field, only to find they would not be able to play because the other team was short players.

The rule is, if any team, at the scheduled game time, for whatever reason may not be able to field the minimum of 8 players, that team may borrow any (ROSTERED) player, in order to achieve the minimum of 8 players.

You (MAY NOT) borrow enough players to field a (FULL) 10 man team.

Only rostered players may be on the field of play at any given time.
This is due to the fact, if an injury may occur, the player shall be covered under our blanket of insurance coverage.

Direct any and all questions to your commissioner.


I wanted to remind all teams of a change in our By-Laws
adopted in the Pre-Season managers meeting.

It is now established, in the event that any team may be short of the required 8 players to play an official game, that team may borrow "ANY" player that may be available to play, in order to complete a team roster. This rule mandates, a maximum of two players may be added to your team roster to obtain the minimum of 8 players total, the required amount to play an official game. The game shall be played and the final results shall be entered into the official records.

ANY and ALL players who may step on to the facilities must sign an ADULT WAIVER FORM, prior to the first pitch of each game. Each player who shall join a team, must have his name applied to at least one OFFICIAL ROSTER of any team who is a member of MSA. This will certify his involvement and will provide insurance coverage to every individual.


The umpires will be given extra ADULT WAIVERS for your convenience.

It should be apparent, a certain amount of responsibility will rest upon the shoulders of each manager, to check and verify the weekly game results. I have asked the umpires to call or e-mail this info in the past but it would help if everyone became a bit more involved.