Last Updated: August 30, 2014

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  • The SEPTEMBER MVYFL Monthly Meeting on September 3rd at the JOHNSON FIREHOUSE at 8:15 PM
  • ****Parents, it is not too late to get involved, we can always use help!****
  • **To all Coaches, Players, Cheerleaders, Parents, Family and Friends, enjoy the games and HAVE FUN**
  • ****Checkout the Sponsors and Donations Page****


This Monday (9/1) at 9:30AM,
We will be getting the Otisville Game Field ready for Opening Day.
We have to put up the fences and get ready to line the field.

It should not take more than 2 hours.
We are asking for at least 2 volunteers, from each Team/Squad,
to come and help.
The more people that help the faster we can get everything done!
Thank You,
The MVYFL Board



OCYFL Schedules
The Schedules for Mighty Mights,
Divisions I, II & III 
have been posted.
Please remember that they maybe subject to change,
in the next week or so.

While the opponent is most likely correct,
the dates, times and locations may not be.
If there are changes,
they will be posted as soon as we know!
So check back regularly.
Saturday, SEPTEMBER 20th
Will be held at the Otisville field,
Please be at the field at least 15 minutes earlier than your scheduled time.
Also, please don't forget to bring your
Raffle Tickets
and turn them in at the
Concession Stand!
Also, some volunteers could be used
this event, from 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM.

Parents from August 1st
September 14th
you can get 15% off at Modell's
on all your purchases!
All you have to do is print out the coupon from the Handout Section
and show it to the cashier.
You can print out as many copies as you like and give them to friends and family!
There is no limit to how many times
you can get the discount
during the TEAM WEEKS period.

(As long as you show them the coupon
of course, if you forget your coupon mention it at the register,

MVYFL Monthly Meeting
Wednesday, September 3, 2014
Johnson Firehouse
8:15 PM
We have recieved notice from the
Town of Mt. Hope that there have been
some compliants about the use
of the
Park Pavillions.
The Town rents these pavillions out for use,
the last two weeks there have been issues,
where the people renting them have been and have not been able to use them, because they have been taken up by people coming to games.  In one instance, the person that had the approval to use the pavillion on a game day, was verbally abused by people in the MVYFL Family.
This can not continue,
just as the Town lets Us use the football field, other people have the right to enjoy their gathering. 
Please remember that it is a Town park that is used by the whole Mt. Hope Community,
not just the MVYFL. 

Thank you
We have recieved notification that any vehichles parked on the side of the road (Finchville Turnpike) or on the grassy areas leading to the parking lot, during games,
If the lot near the field is full, there isplenty of extra parking in the field across the street or down by the pavillion.
Also, there is no alcohol or smoking permitted at the field! 
If you would like to view the
Minutes from Our Monthly Meetings,
they can now be found in the Handout Section.
A Letter from Coach Archiere
Thank you all who attended the
MV Youth Cheerleading Camp in July! 
What a great turn out of our Warrior Youth Cheerleaders, We hope you all learned alot and a great experience! 
Each division worked hard all week to put together a complete routine for the last day's performance for their families.  These performances were AMAZING and really showed how hard everyone worked together as a team... "Singing in the Rain was so much fun too!  Thank you to all of the parents and families who came to watch.
 And for your continued support of the Minisink Cheerleading and Football Programs!!!!
To all the coaches and cheerleaders who attended the recent Stunt Clinic, We hope learned and enjoyed the things you were taught--you all worked very hard and it shows! 
We had a great time and hope you did too, we'll see you during the season, I'm sure! 
We also want to thank everyone
who made a donation to the
 MVHS Cheerleading Scholarship Fund
in memory of our
Beloved Cassandra Wilson
that evening.
Coach Archiere
A Letter From Coach Gallagher
What a Great youth football program
we have at
At this year's
FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS Skills Challange, we smashed the attendance record with over 180 competitors!  As I MC'd the event from the announcer's booth, I was overwhelmed with the sea of youth players, their parents and coaches, who flooded the field for a great night of fun.  With the smoke from the grill and the smell of hamburgers and hot dogs in the air, it had the feeling of a backyard family BBQ. 
firmly believe that the bond between the Youth Football Program and the High School Program has grown stronger than ever. 
Talking to alot of youth coaches that night, I heard about all the great things that they are doing with their teams and I can't wait to see them play this fall! 
I am very proud to be Head Coach at Minisink, because of the support we have from all the people in the community. 
I would also like to thank all the Boosters, Varsity Players and Coaches for organizing and working the event. 
The people of Minisink are the backbone of the program and I can't thank all of you enough for everything you do.
Coach Gallagher
Sponsors and Donations
Please take a moment to checkout the
new additionto the Main Menu at the left.
This space will be used to acknowledge
businesses and individuals
who have made donations
(either monetary or in services/materials)
to the MVYFL.
Please patronize their businesses
whenever possible!

Upcoming Games

Saturday,  Sep 6
Mighty Mights
Cornwall @ Mighty Mights White 6:00pm Minisink Valley - Otisville Field
Sunday,  Sep 7
Mighty Mights
Mighty Mights Green @ Monticello 11:00am Monticello
Division I
Minisink Warriors @ Valley Central 11:00am Valley Central
Division II
Minisink Warriors @ Wallkill Panther Pride 3:15pm Wallkill
Division III
Minisink White @ Goshen 12:00pm Goshen - CJ Hooker Middle School
Minisink Green @ Valley Central 1:00pm Valley Central

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Field Day '14
Schedule are Posted '14
Picture Day '14
MVYFL/Modell's Team Weeks
MVYFL Monthly Meeting
Mt. Hope Park Pavillions
Otisville parking
A Letter from Coach Archiere
A Letter From Coach Gallagher
Sponsors and Donations

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