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FALL BALL coming soon!



August 14                  6:00pm-8:00pm                         Registration 

August 16                  6:00pm-8:00pm                         Registration

August 18                  10:00am-3:00pm                       Registration

August 21                  6:00pm-8:00pm                         Registration

August 23                  6:00pm-8:00pm                         Registration

August 25                10:00am-3:00pm                         Registration

August 27                  6:30pm                Mandatory Coach Meeting

August 27                  6:00pm                  Skills Assessment (12u /16u)

August 28                  6:00pm                  Skills Assessment (8u / 10u)

August 30                  6:30pm                         Coach Draft of Teams

August 31                  6:00pm                               Practice Can Start

September 25            6:30pm                           T  eam Mom Meeting

September 28            Games Begin (1-2 games per week)

November 15             Last Games










We will provide a Jersey  (Parents provide  pants or shorts, socks)



Supplies needed to get started:



1. Baseball / Softball cleats – Have to be worn during games (No Metal)

2. Glove – small hands 9-11 inch, large hands 11-14 inches

3. Bat – the league has bats to use during games, but you can purchase your own.  (Has to have USSSA "thumbprint " certification.

 See the chart for appropriate size and weight.

4. Helmet – has to have a facemask and be marked with a NOCSAE seal.  

5. Bat bag – to carry equipment. (Optional)



(If you need help with any of the above, let us know. We have some items that have been donated.)



Balls Used During Play: T-Ball – 11” Softy    CP/MM – 11” Hard     Minors/Majors - 12” Hard






The coach can call practice any time during the week, Mon.-Sun. (Most are on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.) They are allowed to have three activities per week, combination of games and practices.




Games can be on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday night. They can be at 6:00pm, 6:15pm, 7:00pm, or 7:30 depending on schedule. They will be 1 hour for T-Ball, 1 hour and 15 minutes for all others.  Make-up for a rain-out will be announced as soon as possible, usually for a Monday night.


There may/will be away games during the season in another city (in Polk County).


Home team provides one parent for the concession stand during the game.






We at MWHS were the first to start Fall Ball many years ago to give girls a chance to prepare for the competitive spring season. We opened our doors to all girls from around the county because fall is not about competition, but learning. We are glad to have girls, parents and coaches from several different leagues who dedicate themselves to the sport of softball. We at MWHS are Volunteers, and most of our board members do not have a daughter playing in the fall. They spend their free time at the park and behind the scenes for your child’s benefit. Please show your appreciation and be respectful.

Fall Ball is not a competitive league as stated like spring. The games do not count for anything  other to give the girls more experience. There are NO losers, NO winners. No first place or last. The rules are more relaxed to give the coaches an opportunity to help girls in the field, in the batter’s box and to play all the girls at defense if wanted. The girls should be moved around in the field to gain experience at different positions as skill levels rise. (Safety First) During fall, unlike spring, we have time limits on the games that are called "drop dead". The games are one hour fifteen minutes or in some cases, one hour (Unless there is no Second Game, 7:30, scheduled) The games are stopped at this time letting a batter finish or before the next batter. It does not matter where in the inning the game is (THEY DO NOT COUNT). We do this so that the games (WHICH DO NOT COUNT) do not go long causing the second game to start late and have your children up later than needed. School has just started and it is more important to us that your child be rested than to win a winless game that lasted until 9:30 or 10:00 at night.

We will be glad to help resolve any matter that is brought before the board in a CIVIL manner. Any behavior by a player, parent or coach that disrupts the league will not be tolerated. The use of extreme profanity during a disruption will result in an ejection from the game, Ball Park or possibly the season. Parents making a fool of themselves and embarrassing their child are not wanted.

Thank You.


The mission of Miss Winter Haven Softball is to promote and encourage the involvement and interaction of girls in the sport of fast-pitch softball by providing and supporting a safe, enjoyable, and instructional environment in which girls can grow and develop the social, cultural, and physical skills they desire.