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Eagle Fest 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 17, 2015


See attached Registration form   CLICK HERE!!!!!!!!!





MYFAI wishes you and your Family a very Happy NEW YEAR!!!!

December 31, 2014




















Merry Christmas from MYFAI

December 24, 2014



Merry Christmas to you and your family.




Championship Results 2014






Our 2014 Championship games were held last Saturday in MM Roberts stadium, (the Rock), at the University of Southern Mississippi.


There were 7 games played, 6 games in our championship series and the Commissioners Cup Bowl game. Please join me in Congratulations to the following teams:


  • This year’s Commissioners Cup bowl game featured the Hattiesburg Parks and Recreation department Champion team, the Hawkins Tigers playing the Lexington Colts. The Colts defeated the Tigers 12 to 0 to win the 2014 commissioners Cup bowl Championship. 

  • The Peewee 3rd and 4th place series featured Collins playing Waynesboro. The Waynesboro War Eagles defeated the Collins Tigers 52 to 16 to win 3rd place.

  • The Rookie division 3rd and 4th game featured West Point playing Sacred Heart, The West Point Green Wave Packers defeated the Sacred Heart Crusaders  22 to 20 to win 3rd place.

  • The Final 3rd and 4th place game was the Midget division and featured the Sumrall Bobcats playing the West Point Green Wave Packers. The Sumrall Bobcats defeated the West Point Packers 14 to 6 to win 3rd place.

  • The Rookie Championship game featured Quitman Panthers playing Gulf Coast Warriors. The Gulf Coast Warriors won the game 26 to 6 to win 1st place.

  • The Midget Championship featured the Oak Grove Warriors playing the Raleigh Lions. The Oak Grove Warriors defeated the Raleigh Lions 36 to 6 to win 1st place.

  • The Peewee Championship game featured Petal Red Panthers playing the Scott Central Rebels. Scott Central defeated Petal Red 8 to 6 to win the Peewee Championship in 2014.


Below is a list of each 2014 division champions and runners up.



 Champion, Scott Central

 Runner Up, Petal Red

 3rd place, Waynesboro

 4th place Collins



 Champion, Oak Grove Gold

 Runner up, Raleigh

 3rd place, Sumrall

 4th place, West Point



 Champion, Gulf Coast

 Runner up, Quitman

 3rd place, West Point

 4th place, Sacred Heart


Little 8



 Champion: Hattiesburg

 Runner up Union


Champion: Leaksville

Runner up, Union


 Champion: Laurel

 Runner up, Union


 Champion: Gulf Coast

 Runner up, Heidelberg

 3rd place, Philadelphia

 4th place, Stone County


 Champion: Leaksville

 Runner up, Prentiss

 3rd place, Bay Springs

 4th place, Stone County


These are the total results from 2014, again, Congratulations to all and I look forward to seeing you next year, it will be here before you know it.


Thank You For Caring About Our Youth.



Lester Ivy

 Commissioner, MYFAI






December 13, 2014 – 09:00 AM


                          MYFAI Championships

                      December 13, 2014                                 


Place Div. Time  TEAM VS TEAM GAME  



Chris Johnson Memorial Award

November 25, 2014

Mississippi Youth Football Association establish The Chris Johnson Memorial Award in 2006. This award is to be given to a league, team, officer, coach, or player who has most demonstrated the values that Mississippi Youth Football Association considers the very tenants of its organization; which are:

  • Demonstrated ability to overcome life's obstacles in a positive manner,
  • ability to conduct themselves in a sportsman like manner in EVERY situation,
  • and most importantly, Demonstrated the ability to inspire others, as Chris inspired us, through their leadership, guidance, or play.


If you have someone that meets this criteria, please e-mail us and tell us who and why you feel they deserve this award. 


Send your comments to:   Tommy Polk at and/or Linda at




MYFAI Simi Finals at Jones County Junior College

December 6, 2014 – 09:00 AM










2014 MYF State Playoffs Week 3

November 22, 2014

Week 3 Rookies, Midgets, and Peewees playoff bracket


(H) Gulf Coast     2014 MYFAI Rookies        
    Gulf Coast                  
(V) Purvis   under protest Gulf Coast*, **            
    (H) Bassfield                
    (H) Prentiss 40 1:00              
    (V) Stone County 0                
(V) Oak Grove Gold         At JCJC          
    Oak Grove Gold 0     6-Dec          
(H) Hattiesburg     Sacred Heart            
    (H) Sacred Heart 36 at Sacred Heart            
    (H) Leaksville 46 12:30              
    (V) Crystal Springs 16                
(V) Heidelberg             At USM December 13    
    Heidelberg 16             Champion  
(H) Newton County     West Point            
    (H) West Point 24 At West Point            
    (H) Meridian 16 11:00              
    (V) Neshobia 0                
(H) Carthrage         At JCJC          
    Raleigh 14       Dec. 6           
(V) Raliegh       Quitman              
    (H) Quitman 42 at Scott Central            
    (H) Mize 18 1:00              
        Scott Central            
    (V) Scott Central 22                
          H = Home          
    * protest     V = Vistor          
    ** subject to location change              







(H) Popularville     2014 MYFAI Midgets        
(V) Purvis     Sumrall              
    (H) Sumrall Blue at Sumrall              
    (H) Prentiss 10:00              
    (V) Gulf Coast                
(V) Petal Red         At JCJC          
  Protest Petal Red 14     6-Dec          
(H) North Forest     Petal Red              
    (H) Hattiesburg 0 at Petal              
    (H) Oak Grove Gold 10:00              
        Oak Grove Gold            
    (V) Hazlehurst                
(V) Waynesboro             At USM December 13    
    Waynesboro 6             Champion  
(H) Lexington Colts     West Point            
    (H) West Point 14  at Scott Central              
    (H) Scott Central 2:30              
        Scott Central            
    (V) Neshoba                
(H) Carthage         At JCJC          
    Carthage  32     Dec. 6           
(V) Mize     Carthage              
    (H) Heidelberg 22 at Raleigh              
    (H) Raliegh 12 12:30              
    (V) Navy - EMBGC 8                
          H = Home          
          V = Vistor          




(H) Biloxi     2014 MYFAI Peewees        
    Biloxi 12                  
(V) BassField     Purvis              
    (H) Purvis 16 at Collins              
    (H) Collins 8 11:00              
    (V) Lumberton 0                
(V) Leaksville           At JCJC          
    North Forrest     6-Dec          
(H) North Forest     OG Black              
    (H) Oak Grove Black at Petal              
    (H) Petal Red 44 11:30              
        Petal Red              
    (V) Lawrence County24                
(V) Quitman             At USM December 13    
    Quitman 18             Champion  
(H) Morton     Quitman              
    (H) Neshobia 16 at Quitman            
    (H) Scott Central 10:00 AM              
        Scott Central            
    (V) Philadelphia                
(H) Lexington         At JCJC          
    Taylorsville       Dec. 6           
(V) Taylorsville     Waynesboro            
    (H) Waynesboro at Raleigh              
    (H) Raleigh 11:00 AM              
    (V) Meridian                
          H = Home          
          V = Vistor          



Flag, Tina-mite and Little 8 Championship Games at JCJC

November 22, 2014

Time DIV. Team Vs Team Place
9:00 F Leaksville Vs Bay Springs shoot out G-1
9:20 F North Forrest Vs Prentiss shoot out G-2
10:00 F Loser G-1 Vs Loser G-2 Flag 3&4 place
10:30 F Winner G-1 Vs Winner G-2 Flag Championship
11:30 T/M Philadelphia Vs Stone County Tina-mite 3&4
1:00 T/M Heidleberg Vs Gulf Coast Tina-mite Championship
2:30 R Laurel Vs Union Little 8 Championship
4:00 M Leaksville Vs Union Little 8 Championship
5:30 P Hattiesburg Vs Union Little 8 Championship




We Salute YOU, our Veterans!

November 11, 2014

Thank you for your service to this great nation!  




Schedule for Rookies, Midgets, Peewees, and Flag. Include Little 8

November 15, 2014





Place Div. Time Home VS Visitors
Purvis P 11:00 Purvis VS Biloxi
Collins F 10:00 Collins VS Prentiss
Collins P 11:00 Collins VS Lumberton
Sacred Heart R 11:00 Sacred Heart VS Oak Grove  Gold
Oak Grove M 11:00 Oak Grove  Gold VS Hazlehurst
Oak Grove P 12:30 Oak Grove  Black VS North Forrest
Petal P 11:00 Petal Red VS Lawerence Co.
Neshoba P 2:30 Neshoba VS Quitman
Scott Central M 1:00 Scott Central VS Neshoba
Scott Central P 2:30 Scott Central VS Philadelphia
Waynesboro P 10:00 Waynesboro VS Taylorsville
Raleigh M 11:00 Raleigh VS EMBGC Navy
Raleigh P 12:30 Raleigh VS Meridian
Sumrall F 11:00 Sumrall Gold  VS Leaksville
Sumrall M 12:00 Sumrall Blue VS Poplarville
Prentiss R 11:00 Prentiss VS Stone Co.
Prentiss M 12:30 Prentiss VS Gulf Coast
Hattiesburg M 11:00 Hattiesburg VS Petal Red *
Hattiesburg P 12:30 Hattiesburg (Lil 8) VS Carthage
West Point R 12:00 West Point VS Heidelberg
West Point M 1:30 West Point VS Waynesboro
Heidleberg M 12:00 Heidleberg VS Carthage
Bassfield R 11:00 Bassfield VS Gulf Coast
Leaksville R 12:00 Leaksville VS Crystal Springs
Meridian R 11:00 Meridian VS Neshoba
Quitman R 10:00 Quitman VS Raleigh
Mize R 11:00 Mize VS Scott Central
North Forrest F 10:30 North Forrest VS Runnlestown
North Forrest R 11:30 Laurel (lil 8) VS Newton
North Forrest M 1:00 Leaksville (lil 8) VS Morton
Mt. Olive R 11:00 Mt.Olive (lil 8) VS Union
Mt.Olive M 12:30 Stringer  (lil 8) VS Union
Mt. Olive P 2:00 Mt.Olive (lil 8) VS Union
  F BYE Bay Springs    
      * = under protest    


 NOTE:   Time are subject to change based on the hosting teams field availability and other uncontrollable factors.  Please always check with the hosting team for the most accurate and up-to-date starting times.


See Bracket for State Playoffs:    Rookies, Midgets, Peewees

See Bracket for Little 8 Playoffs:  Rookies,  Midgets,  Peewees 

See Bracket for Flag:    Flag




2014 North Tinamite Playoffs - Week 3


Open PDF version of Bracket:   Click here.


            2014 NORTH TINAMITE PLAYOFFS     
NOV. 1     NOV. 8   NOV. 15   NOV. 22          
MBGC WHITE                      
KEMPER                        HEIDELBERG              
MERIDIAN     @ Heidelberg                
PHILADELPHIA                         North Championship              
MBGC NAVY                           PHILADELPHIA              
      @ Neshoba                
                                  Consolation Game                
                       KEMPER CO.              





Flag Bracket for Week 1


Place Time Home VS Visitor
At North Forrest 9:00 North Forrest VS Mize
At Runnelstown 10:00 Runnelstown VS Sumrall 2
At Hattiesburg 9:00 Hattiesburg VS Sumrall 1
At Leaksville 9:30 Leaksville VS Sacred Heart 1
  10:30 Prentiss VS Sacred Heart 2
  11:30 Collins VS Waynesboro
  12:30 Bay Springs VS Bassfeild




2014 North Tinamite Playoff Bracket


                                      NORTH TINAMITES                                                 


NOV. 1     NOV. 8   NOV. 15   NOV. 22    
MBGC WHITE                
PHILADELPHIA                         North Championship        
MBGC NAVY                                    
                                  Consolation Game          










State Playoff Brackets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Round 1

November 8, 2014




Mississippi Youth Football would like to congratulate all of the teams making playoffs this year.  It's not easy to make it this far so you have proven yourselves to be some of the best the state has to offer.  

Parents we want you to be excited and proud of your child’s accomplishments but let's all step back and remember.  These are just kids, and no matter what color the jersey they are all our children.   Remember that as you attend each event.  We all want to win but we also want to show our youth how to act win or lose.  Pride, Honor, and Respect go a long way.  Share it with our kids by example!


(H) Gulf Coast     2014 MYFAI Rookies        
(V) Purvis                      
    (H) Bassfield                
    (H) Prentiss                
    (V) Stone County                
(V) Oak Grove Gold         At JCJC          
(H) Hattiesburg                    
    (H) Sacred Heart                
    (H) Leaksville                
    (V) Crystal Springs                
(V) Heidelberg             At USM December 13    
(H) Newton County                    
    (H) West Point                
    (H) Meridian                
    (V) Neshobia                
(H) Carthrage         At JCJC          
            Dec. 6           
(V) Raliegh                      
    (H) Quitman                
    (H) Mize                
    (V) Scott Central                
          H = Home          
          V = Visitor          





(H) Popularville     2014 MYFAI Midgets        
(V) Purvis                    
    (H) Sumrall Blue                
    (H) Prentiss                
    (V) Gulf Coast                
(V) Petal Red         At JCJC          
(H) North Forest                    
    (H) Hattiesburg                
    (H) Oak Grove Gold                
    (V) Hazlehurst                
(V) Waynesboro             At USM December 13    
(H) Lexington Colts                    
    (H) West Point                
    (H) Scott Central                
    (V) Neshoba                
(H) Carthrage         At JCJC          
            Dec. 6           
(V) Mize                    
    (H) Heidelberg                
    (H) Raliegh                
    (V) Navy - EMBGC                
          H = Home          
          V = Visitor          



(H) Biloxi     2014 MYFAI Peewees        
(V) BassField                    
    (H) Purvis                
    (H) Collins                
    (V) Lumberton                
(V) Leaksville           At JCJC          
(H) North Forest                    
    (H) Oak Grove Black                
    (H) Petal Red                
    (V) Lawrence County                
(V) Quitman             At USM December 13    
(H) Morton                    
    (H) Neshobia                
    (H) Scott Central                
    (V) Philadelphia                
(H) Lexington         At JCJC          
            Dec. 6           
(V) Taylorsville                    
    (H) Waynesboro                
    (H) Raliegh                
    (V) Meridian                
          H = Home          
          V = Visitor          




Little 8 Tournament Schedule Week 1

November 8, 2014


 teams place time      
Rookie Runnlestown 11:00 Runnlestown Vs Mt Olive
Midget Runnlestown 12:30 Runnlestown Vs Stringer
Peewee Runnlestown 2:00 Runnlestown Vs Mt. Olive
Midget Leaksville 2:00 Leaksville Vs Newton
Rookie Union 11:00 Union Vs Simpson Co.
Midget Union 12:30 Union Vs Simpson Co.
Peewee Union 2:00 Union Vs Simpson Co.
Rookie Laurel 11:00 Laurel Vs Lumberton
Peewee Laurel 12:30 Laurel Vs Hattiesburg
Rookie Morton 11:00 Morton Vs Newton
Midget Morton 12:30 Morton Vs Sebastapol
Peewee Carthage 11:00 Carthage Vs Crystal Springs


Note:  Hosting team may have to change the times.  Make sure you contact the hosting team to confirm games times.   




By Division: Team in 1st and 2nd Place

November 3, 2014 – 02:06 PM



These are the teams we show made playoff by division in 1st and 2nd place in their division.   If you want to dispute any of these, please contact Lest Ivy ASAP!    There are three way ties and protest that have to be resolved so some of these may yet change.





Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!









Mississippi Youth Football wish's you and your family a Safe and Fun Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   







District Records, Little 8, Playoff meeting, Flag year end tournament


As you all are aware, our 2014 regular season ends this Saturday. I need each league to email me their DISTRICT game record, I do not need  your non-district games,  just who you won or loss to in your district. That will make it easier for us to complete the list at the meeting with the final games played on the Saturday November 1. That being said our playoff meeting will be held  at the Mize Attendance center auditorium on Sunday November 2 at 2pm.


I already have 4 leagues requesting entrance into the little 8 tournament and I have not yet had time to go over each and see if they meet the requirements. I am posting the requirements as listed in the rules here. "5. The Little games each year are limited to teams that (A) have not made the big 16 playoff rounds. (B) Have less than 60 players total at book certification day on all three divisions, Rookie, Midget and Peewee. (C) Have not had a President or coach ejected from a game nor suspended or expelled by the league. (D) Have met all the league criteria for being eligible for post season play.  Once a team is eligible for the first round of the big 16 they MAY NOT decline and enter the little 8" These rules are listed on page 22 of the 2014 rules if anyone wants to see them. If your league meets these requirements and are interested in playing in the little 8 tournament contact me as soon as possible for when the first 8 eligible teams are received in each rookie, midget and peewee  the brackets are full and no more can be accepted.


I also need all that have flag teams to check with their teams, parents, players and coaches to let me know at the meeting if you wish to participate in the 2014 flag tournament.


The Physical address of Mize Attendance Center is 135 school drive Mize ,Ms. 39116. The auditorium is the building in the center, parking lot is in front. I look forward to seeing you there.


Thank You for caring about our youth.



Lester Ivy
Commissioner MYFAI




2014 Weekly Scores as reported by the League Presidents UPDATED 10/28/2014

October 28, 2014


Here are the Scores for the previous weeks as reported by your League President.   If you don't see scores for your team, find your president and remind them they need to send them to me at:


You can view the 2014 weekly Scores document in the handouts section or by following the link below:


See 2014 Weekly Scores







2014 Tinamite NORTH Playoff Bracket

October 27, 2014



2014 Tinamnite NORTH playoff bracket in the Hand out section of this page:






SideLine Behavior - Do you know how to act?

October 16, 2014

Sideline Behavior

We all recognize that football is a very passionate game- for players and fans.

But when it comes to youth football, the game can bring out some of the worst instincts that we have.

We all want our sons and daughters to play, to play hard, to play well, and have fun. We want them to be well coached, play on a team that is competitive in their category, and benefit in a host of ways from being involved in competitive athletics.

Yet we, as parents, sometimes undercut how much fun our kids have, and how much they will actually benefit.

This happens by and through our behavior, especially during games.

With football well under way, here is a primer, a reminder, of little things that we can do on the sidelines this football season to make it more pleasant for all concerned - most importantly, for the kids.

15 things to keep in mind while watching from the sidelines this summer:

1. Let the coaches' coach. If you are telling your son or daughter - or any other player for that matter - to do something different from what their coach is telling them, you create distraction and confusion.

2. It is very unnerving for many young players to try and perform difficult tasks on the field on the spur of the moment when parents are yelling at them from the sidelines. Let the kids play. If they have been well coached, they should know what to do on the field. If they make a mistake, chances are they will learn from it.

3. Do not discuss the play of specific players in front of other parents. How many times do you hear comments such as, "I don't know how that boy made this team.." or "she's just not fast enough.". Too many parents act as though their child is a 'star', and the problem is someone else's kid. Negative comments and attitudes are hurtful and totally unnecessary and kill parent harmony, which is often essential to youth team success.

4. Discourage such toxic behavior by listening patiently to any negative comments that might be made, then address issues in a positive way. Speak to the positive qualities of a player, family or coach.

5. Do your level best not to complain about your son or daughter's coaches to other parents. Once that starts, it is like a disease that spreads. Before you know it, parents are talking constantly in a negative way behind a coach's back. (As an aside, if you have what you truly feel is a legitimate beef with your child's coach - either regarding game strategy or playing time, arrange an appointment to meet privately, away from a Football field.)

6. Make positive comments from the sideline. Be encouraging. Young athletes do not need to be reminded constantly about their perceived errors or mistakes. Their coaches will instruct them, either during the game or at half-time, and during practices. You can often see a young player make that extra effort when they hear encouraging words from the sideline about their hustle.

7. Avoid making any negative comments about players on the other team This should be simple: we are talking about youngsters, not adults who are being paid to play professionally. I recall being at a baseball game some years ago, when parent on one team loudly made comments about errors made by a particular young player on the other team. People on the other side of the diamond were stunned- and angry. Besides being tasteless and classless, these kinds of comments can be hurtful to the young person involved and to their family as well

8. Try to keep interaction with parents on the other team as healthy and positive as possible. Who's kidding whom? You want your child's team to win. So do they. But that should not make us take leave of our senses, especially our common sense. Be courteous 'till it hurts; avoid the 'it for tat' syndrome.

9. Parents on the 'other' team are not the enemy. Neither are the boys or girls on the other team. We should work to check any negative feelings at the door before we hit the pitch.

10. What is the easiest thing to do in the youth sports world? Criticize the referees. Oh, there are times when calls are missed, absolutely. And that can, unfortunately, directly affect the outcome of a contest. That said, by and large those who officiate at youth Football games are hardly over-compensated, and give it an honest - and often quite competent - effort. At worst, they at least try to be fair and objective.

11. On that note, outbursts from parents on the sideline made toward the referees only signal to our on children on the field that they can blame the refs for anything that goes wrong. Blaming others is not a formula for success in sports.

12. Yelling out comments such as "Good call, ref" or "Thanks ref" may only serve to alienate an official. The ref always assumes they made the proper call, that's why they made it. Trying to show superficial support because the call went 'your' way is simply annoying to the officials, and to anyone within earshot.

13. Walking up and down all game long along the sidelines, following the play, is unnerving to players and totally unnecessary- particularly so if you are trying to yell out instructions to various players, including your own son or daughter. It is likely embarrassing to the player/players involved and simply counterproductive. If you want to coach, obtain your coaching certification and then apply for a job.

14. We all feel things and are apt to be tempted to say things in the 'heat of the moment'. But we don't excuse athletes for doing inappropriate things in the 'heat of the moment' (there are penalties, suspensions, etc.) so we should apply similar standards to our own sideline behavior. Quickly check yourself and ask: Will I be proud of what I am about to say or do when I reflect on it tomorrow?

15. The parking lot is not the time to 'fan the flames'. Whether it is a coach's decision, a referee's call, a comment that was made, let it go. Don't harass the coach, or an official, or a parent on the other team after the game is over. Go home, relax, and unwind. Talk positively with your child. The ride home is sometimes as important as the game itself. Make that time a good memory for your son or daughter by discussing as many positives as you can about him/her, her coach, her teammates, etc.



2014 Coaches and Referee Certification

August 24, 2014 – 12:00 PM



Our 2014 coaches meeting will be held at Raleigh Agricultural complex, ( the big Building), on Sunday August  24th. The Referee certification will begin at 12:00 noon in the small meeting room. The NYSCA certification will begin at 1:00 PM in the big room. Please remember that all leagues must have two coaches certified per team in either NYSCA or USA football. Please remember if you are certifying NYSCA bring a check Made out to NYSCA for 20$ per coach. Following certification we will have our coaches meeting and go over rules, rule changes,  questions and suggestions. If some of you are not able to attend read over the attached procedural and rule changes that I have attached to this email. Mississippi Youth Football will be providing food and drinks for the attendees. Anyone willing to help set up and or clean up after please contact me at 601-466-0678. We will need all the assistance we can get.

Thank you for caring about our youth.

Lester Ivy



Lightning safety




I am sure you have all heard the national news about a middle school player and coach in the hospital after being struck by lightning on the football field yesterday in New Mexico.  I know you all are more careful than to take chances with our kids but I want to remind everyone of the new guidelines and rules MHSAA are using, which, becomes our rule also.
It is that if thunder is heard regardless if lightning is seen or not the play is suspended and field cleared. Bottom line is that no one knows exactly how far lightning can travel so clear the field if thunder is heard or lightning is seen in the distance.
Don't wait until it's close  please, let's not risk our kids lives or the lives of the parents sitting in the stands. 
Thank you for caring about our youth 
Lester Ivy 

Official Weighin for 2014 Locations

August 30, 2014


As you are aware the 2014 presidents meeting voted in rule changes in the weigh in days allowed and weigh in procedure. We are holding only two weigh in days this year, one on August 30 and one on September 6. All players are required to make one of these weigh in days. There will be no more referee or game day weigh ins allowed.

I have attempted to send each of you a copy of the rule changes which included the weigh in days and procedures voted in and if you did ...not receive it please contact me with your email address and I will forward it to you. My phone number is listed below.

The Board of commissioners have set the following weigh in sites for 2014;


August 30th;

At Taylorsville; 8:00 am Officials, Leter Ivy, J.L. Breazeale , Location, next to the high school football field

At Poplarville 8:00 am, Officials, Michael Brown, Ken Ferrell

At SCOOBA, 8:00am, Officials, Johnny Dear, Dewayne Ruffin, Charles Westerfield, location EMCC

At Prentiss, 8:00 am, Official Tom Polk, Location, Prentiss football field


September 6th;

At Oak grove, 8:00 am, Officials, Michael Brown, Ken Ferrell, Location,

At Carthage, 8:00 am, Officials Johnny Dear, Charles Westerfield, Dewayne Ruffin

At Raleigh, 8:00 am, Officials, Lester Ivy, J.L. Breazeale, Location Raleigh football field

Tom Polk will announce locations he will supervise for this day later


Please remember that all players MUST have their registration form with a picture attached in hand when they come to the scales, with out this the player will not be weighed. Also, remember the one step rule that was voted in at the Presidents meeting, also, have your players ready to weigh before they approach the scales, one step is all they are given then the weight is recorded as it is. These are two of the new changes voted in this year and we have a lot of players to weigh in two weigh in days, therefore, Presidents, make certain that your paperwork is in order with two, (2) printed copies of your roster, one for the weigh official and one for your records. Make sure you have your players lined up in the order that they appear on the roster to speed the weigh in process along. If anyone has any questions about the weigh in process PLEASE contact me to clarify the new rule changes so we all have a smooth weigh in procedure and lose no child for the season.

Thank you for caring about our youth;

Lester Ivy



Coaches Meeting and Certification

August 24, 2014



Our 2014 coaches meeting will be held at Raleigh Agricultural complex, ( the big Building), on Sunday August 24th. The Referee certification will begin at 12:noon in the small meeting room. The NYSCA certification will begin at 1:00 PM in the big room. Please remember that all leagues must have two coaches  certified per team in either NYSCA or USA football. Please remember if you are certifying NYSCA bring a check Made out to NYSCA for 20$ per coach. Following certification we will have our coaches meeting and go over rules, rule changes,  questions and suggestions. If some of you are not able to attend read over the attached procedural and rule changes that I have attached to this email. Mississippi Youth Football will be providing food and drinks for the attendees.

 Anyone willing to help set up and or clean up after please contact me at 601-466-0678. We will need all the assistance we can get.
Thank you for caring about our youth.

 Lester Ivy



Presidents Meeting

August 3, 2014




I hope that you all have had a restful and peaceful off season as it is once again time to get back to the business of Football. You have all worked hard to make this league one of the largest and best in the USA and I know we can continue to prosper and grow with your help.

Our 2014 presidents meeting will be held on Sunday August 3 at 2PM in the Laurel recreation department Cameron center,  upstairs meeting room. If you are not able to attend have someone in your organization represent you for business purposes as there will be several orders of business to vote on. . All books left with Tom and myself will be there on the table.

Please don't forget our USA football player safety coach certification at the Mize High school auditorium on July 26th , registration is at 0730 and classes start at 0800. The physical address for Mize High is Mize Attendance Center, 125 School drive, Mize Ms. 39116.

The Physical address for the Cameron Center is; 711 north 10th ave. Laurel Ms, 39440. I look forward to seeing you there.

Thank you for caring about our youth;



Lester Ivy