Last Updated: November 8, 2016
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  • Player Safety Coordinator Certification Meeting - June 28th!!! Each League must have one!
  • Meetings!!!!! Coaches Certification August! You must have two coaches certified!!!!
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Mississippi Youth Football

State Championship - The Big 16 - Week 2

November 12, 2016

The Big 16








Little 8 Playoffs - Week 2

November 12, 2016

Little 8



Tinamite Playoffs Week 2

November 12, 2016



Flag Playoffs Week 2

November 12, 2016


Little 8 Playoffs


Click below for Tie Breaker info.



Click below for Rookie info.


Click below for Midget info.


Click below for PeeWee info.







Flag Playoffs Week 1

November 1, 2016



Tinamite Playoffs Week 1

October 31, 2016


Best of luck to all teams.   



Mississippi Youth Football / USM day

October 29, 2016 – 06:00 PM


# of Tickets ______ @ $5 each = ________
# of Tickets ______ @ $10 each = _________
Payment: AMEX ___ Visa ___ MC ___ Check___
CC #: ____________________ Exp: _______
Name on CC:
  It is Homecoming at The Rock!! Join us as your Golden Eagles take on the Thundering Herd of
Marshall University.
  The first 500 players that purchase will parade around the field during pre-game!! There
will also be free admission to the pre-game Halloween Carnival!
Southern Miss Athletics
ATTN: Chris Adams
Fax: (601) 266-6529
Phone:  (601) 266-6571
ATTN: Chris Adams
Southern Miss Ticket Office (SMTO)
118 College Drive #5105
Hattiesburg, MS 39406
Mississippi Youth Football Night at The Rock
Saturday, October 29th, 2016 @ 6:00 PM
Name: ___________________________________
Address: _________________________________
City: __________________ ST:______ Zip:______
Email: ___________________________________
Name of Team & League:
Submit completed forms and payment to:



Times on my schedule


Always check with your coach or league president for game times.   Times reflected here are just suggestion.


Scores - Click on Game Results

September 27, 2016


Click on Game Results on the menu on the left side of the screen.   There you will find the games results that have been reported to me.  


--->  If you don't see your scores, contact your league president and have him/her e-mail all the scores and game results for the last three weeks.     note the .net not .com  :)   




2016 Districts and First 4 weeks schedules

September 7, 2016


Districts for 2016:    


Week 1:    

Week 2:    

Week 3:    

Week 4:    



Annual coaches Meeting - August 14th at Smith County Livestock Building

August 14, 2016 – 02:00 PM

Our annual coaches meeting will be held Sunday August 14 at the Smith County Livestock building in Raleigh Ms. The physical address is 131 SCR 77, Raleigh, Ms. 39440. The schedule will be as follows; Referee certification and food ready at 1:00pm, coaches meeting at 2:00pm, season layout , 2016 rules and regs coverage ,2:45pm NYSCA coaches certification 5:pm closing.
Please inform all coaches to bring Check or money order with their name on it for $20.00 per coach. have them know to sign the rosters at the tables in the front of the building as they come in and PRINT their names, phone number, addresses and emails clearly so NYSCA will get them their card and magazines. If they can not read it your cards and magazines will be delayed or lost.
Thank you for caring about our youth,
Lester Ivy
Commissioner, MYFAI

Presidents Meeting!

July 29, 2016 – 02:00 PM
I just wanted to send you another reminder for our presidents meeting next Sunday. We will meet at 2pm Sunday July 31 in the Cameron Center, 711 north 10th avenue, Laurel, Ms.  39440. If you can not make the trip in person, please have someone in your organization attend as your proxy.
Thank You For Caring About Our Youth.
Lester Ivy

Player Safety Certification Class!!!! And boundaries

July 20, 2016


Guys, just a couple of reminders:

PSC certification class is this Saturday at 8am, register early online if you can.

Please remember that you must recruit players from your area as defined by school boundaries or prearranged agreement with the league. An easy way to be sure is to verify where each child attends school at the time of registration. If a child played at another league in our association last year but moved to your school this year then the child has a choice to continue playing at his previous team or move to the team associated with his new school without a release from their previous team.

If you have any questions please call me.

Thank you for caring about our youth.


Lester Ivy



Prayers for Tommy Polk and his Family

 Tommy's Dad, Francis H. Harvey,  passed away on July 15th, 2016.  Visitation will be Tuesday July 19th, 2016 from 12:00 pm to 2:00pm at Holder-Wells Funeral Home in Moss Point, MS.   The funeral service will begin at 2:00 pm from the funeral home chapel with Elder Terry Breland officiating.  Burial will follow in Robinson cemetery in Escatawpa with military honors.   You may sign the online register book and send condolences for Mr. harvey at:


Upcoming Important Meetings!!!!!

June 27, 2016



Guys, I know some of you are still involved with baseball, but, it won’t be long before our season is here.


Our annual refresher course for Heads up tacking Player Safety Coach will be held at the Mize High School Auditorium on July 23, at 8am. The class has been shortened to 4 hours this year. If you do not wish to go with USA football certification this year but have questions you need answered about their program feel free to attend and even if you do not register a PSC your questions will be answered. The physical address for Mize High School is: Mize Attendance Center, 125 school drive, Mize, Ms. 39116.


Our Annual Presidents Meeting will be held on July 31 at 2pm in the Cameron center in Laurel, MS. The physical address for the Cameron Center is: 711 north 10th avenue, Laurel, Ms. 39440. 


Please remember, beginning this year all leagues must have a President, or a reprehensive to vote as their proxy at our Presidents meeting. You will find the rule in Section B paragraph 2 under Membership requirements of our rules and regulations. If you need an updated copy you may email me and I will send you a copy. I look forward to seeing you all there.



Thank You for Caring About Our Youth:




Lester Ivy


Commissioner, MYFAI




Executive Order

October 11, 2016 – 09:17 PM



I want to address the number one issue we have today:

It seems that somehow, some way, we have forgotten what we are, and what we are here to do.


 We are a youth association, the key word here is YOUTH, remember them?


Football is not our primary business, we use the sport to attract young people so that we may provide a safe, positive environment that will allow us the opportunity to teach them the values and lessons that we hope will help them mature into responsible adults that will be a credit to our communities, counties, state and more importantly to themselves. 


 Our goal has not changed in the 26 years I have been part of this association. Through the sport we all love we attempt to build strong bodies, strong minds, teach the value of team work, teach young people to work with people of different races, religions and backgrounds,  sportsmanship, integrity, SELF CONTROL and basic ethics. The primary form of teaching we use is by the example our coaches, presidents and fans set.

 Our young people learn what is acceptable or unacceptable by OUR example, and judging from the complaints by coaches, reports from referees, almost daily calls from our Commissioner , Vice Commissioners and MOST important the calls and emails from parents of the very players we are here to help, we are failing.


 I have said this many times but I guess it needs to be said one more: the players, the other coaches and our fans will act in the same manner as the coach on the field, when you as the leader are screaming and acting like a child your players and your parents will act accordingly.


 I am asking each President to meet with each of his coaches and reaffirm the fact that they are expected to be a role model for the young people that they are lucky enough to have the opportunity to coach, both on the field and off.


  This league is NOT about them, no one is going to contact them about the next open college coaching position, but their example may very well be the difference, for good or for bad, in a young persons life, it is not about winning football games, it is about our youth, period.  


 For the remainder of this season and the playoffs ANY coach who receives an un-sportsman like flag will receive,  a minimal of 2 game suspension and both the coach and the President MUST submit a written request to the board of commissioners before he will be allow to return to his team. Depending on the infraction and at the Commissioners discretion, other penalties may also be implemented. Should the same coach be reinstated and acts in an un-sportsman like manner he shall be banned from MYFAI

 We have always had a 100% no tolerance policy for threats and violence by our coaches, parents, fans, officers or officials.


 In the past we have issued bans (yearly or in some cases life time) for anyone who committed this type incident,


 From this date forward it shall be the policy of this association to ban for life ANYONE who commits or threatens to or commits a violent act in the presents of our players or while engaged in any MYFAI event of any type.


  In addition we will actively seek to have the parties in question press legal charges when feasible, and we will seek to have all certifications for NYSCA, USA or and other coaches certificate voided with out exception.


 Each of us volunteered for the job we do, and I assure you that I have total respect for the time, effort and work almost every one of you do for our youth.

 The work you do as Presidents, coaches and administrators is extremely important.

Many of the young people we represent are not lucky enough to have solid, dependable role models in their life who can help direct and teach them the life lessons that we can through the game of football.


 Do not take that responsibility lightly, some young man or lady on your team may have their future changed by your actions, be sure we change it for the better.


Tom Polk 

President/ CEO

Lester Ivy


Mississippi Youth Football Association, Inc.