Last Updated: July 28, 2015

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  • Player Safety Coordinator Certification Meeting - June 28th!!! Each League must have one!
  • Meetings!!!!! Coaches Certification August! You must have two coaches certified!!!!

Presidents Meeting Results - Must read this will affect you.


Book Certification Changes:

·         Must have your book or you will forfeit the game. 

·         Your opponent any request to see your books before the game, at halftime or immediately after your game and you MUST allow them to do so without issue. You MUST not hold up or stop a game to look at the books. If all is not in order you may THEN have a protest.


Book Turn in:

·         If Book not at certification, you will forfeit your season.

o   But you can still play




·         Your Dues MUST be paid or arrangements made with the Commissioner or  or President / CEO within 7 days after your first game or your league will be disqualified from ALL post season play.







·         8/16  Coaches meeting at Raleigh and the multi-purpose center  @ 2:00

o   Must have coaches certification

·         8/22  -  1st  weigh in

·         8/29  -  2nd weigh in

·         8/31 -  Must declare teams

·         9/12 -  First official games

·         9/13  -  Book certification Must be done! 

·         11/ 7  -  1st playoff

·         11/21 - flag/tini-might/little 8 championship

·         12/5   - simi-finals at USM


·         12/12 - state championship at JcJc



Membership has it's perks!!!!

July 2, 2015

Membership has it's perks!!!!

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UPDATED Form in the hand out section..... 2015

July 1, 2015


Looking for 2015 Forms??  Check out the Handout section of our web site.  You'll find updated:

  • 2015 Rules and Regulations 
  • 2015 Weighin Sheets  - in multiple formats
  • 2015 Registration Form - in multiple formats



Important Upcoming Dates for 2015 Football Season:

June 22, 2015


Important Upcoming Dates for 2015 Football Season:  


  • June 28th:  Player Safety Meeting/Certification At Mize MS.   Remember Every League must have a Certified Player Safety person.
  • July 26th:  Presidents Meeting!!   Site TBD Don't miss out on this opportunity to represent your league!  Presidents you are the decision makers in this Organization but you have to be active and represent your community!  We will set date for Coaches meeting (end of August) and Weigh in Sites.
  • August 22nd  and 29th:  Weighin dates
  • August 31st:   Leagues must declare number of teams
  • Sept. 12: 1st Game
  • Sept. 13: Book Turn in