Last Updated: May 21, 2016
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Yantis community

May 21, 2016

Please lift up the Yantis community as they go thru the loss of one of their youth. Lift up the family and friends as they go through this time of loss


May 19, 2016

Due to rain games are cancelled in Mineola, Quitman, Van and Alba.

Waiting to hear from Emory will update as soon as information comes available

Alba Parking

May 16, 2016

As per Alba Board of Directors everyone must park at the school parking and walk to the fields. Head coach with equipment and elderly may park by fields but all others must park at school parking

Field 2 Gate closing

May 15, 2016

Just to cover basis with all coaches, parents, and spectators about the decision of closing the gates on field 2. We as a board have decided to close the gates  because of safety issues with the kids and spectators watching the games. Everyone parking practically right up to the fence causes crowding at the field leaving the kids no warm up area outside the field, cars driving in and out without paying attention to the kids running around in the area has resulted in at least 4-5 kids in the past couple of years to nearly be hit by cars, crowding makes it hard for emergency vehicles to get into the area if we need them for hurt players or spectators, we have also had this season people trying to watch kids during practice nearly get hit by cars running up and down trying to find parking spaces. Everyone may think it is an inconvenience  having to walk to the field or that the board of directors are just being ridiculous but the bigger picture is the safety of the kids and spectators we have in our park. It will remain closed until we have a solution to fix the problem.

As far as concerns of elderly individuals or disabled individuals needing assistance to fields, all anyone needs to do is to let me know in concession and I will personally make sure that we help them get to the field they are needing to watch a game. We are in process of relining the parking lots making handicapped spaces at each parking lot and are also in process of repairing the golf cart so we can assist anyone needing help.

We as a board are dedicated to take care of the kids no matter what decisions we have to make. If anyone has questions or issues, we urge you to come to a meeting or discuss with a board of director.


Dana Williams


May 5, 2016

GAMES have begun so the fun begins. Keep up with schedule changes, games results, and other official information on Good luck to all our teams!!!!

2016 Upcoming Tournaments

May 5, 2016

Upcoming Tournaments in area CHECK OUT TOURNAMENT SECTION For more informaton


May 19,20,21  Edgewood 12u Boys


New information available

November 16, 2015

New information pertaining to the upcoming season such as  rules, meetings, and tournaments will be located on Bulletin board section. Information will be updated as information is obtained.

2015-2016 Board of directors

November 16, 2015

The new board of directors and officers for the upcoming season:

Bobby Williams - president

Mike Bowles - vice president

Cindy Gant - secretary

Mark Smith - treasure

Dan Rouse

Bob Speights

Dusty Cook/Boys Commissioner

Robert Hamlin

Tanesha London

Steve Wyatt

Sheri Pickle

Dana Williams/Girls commissioner

Amber Cook


We still have a couple of positions available for hard working individuals that are interested.  Meetings are open to everyone


Dusty Cook baseball commissioner

Dana Williams  softball commissioner


















May 1, 2014

There has been a combination of all associations so we will be playing under Rains Wood County Association. This will only change where you find the official schedule for games and your official standings for the year. We will have all the information on our site as well however the Rains Wood Conty Association Page will be the official say so. The Link to it is

Text Message Alerts

May 1, 2015

This year we will be using this text message alerts, to notify everyone of sign-ups, game cancelations, preseason tournaments, and much more. Please sign up this is a easy way to get information right on your phone.

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Opinion survey or complaints

May 18, 2015

We value each and every one of your suggestions. We will be happy to try to resolve any problem or complaint that we can but we will need to have the person to identify themselves and give us contact information so we can look into the problem and properly take care of the situation.

Upcoming Games/Practices

Thursday, May 26
6u Boys
Mineola Dragons @ Quitman Bandits7:30pmQuitman
8u Boys
Emory Tigers @ Mineola Wreck N Balls6:00pmF2
Grand Saline Bandits @ Mineola Red Socks7:30pmF2
10u Boys
Van Black Soxs @ Mineola Bomb Squad6:00pmF1
Van Pumpjacks @ Mineola Salty Dawgs8:00pmF1
12u Boys
Mineola Aces @ Emory Yankees6:00pmEmory
Mineola Marvels @ Emory Pirates8:00pmEmory
14u Boys
Mineola Storm @ Van Aces8:00pmVan
Friday, May 27
6u Boys
Emory Longhorns @ Mineola Braves7:00pmF2
Grand Saline Indians @ Mineola Longhorns8:00pmF2
Tuesday, May 31
6u Boys
Mineola Longhorns @ Edgewood Bulldogs6:00pmEdgewood
Alba Lil Panthers @ Mineola Dragons6:00pmF2
8u Boys
Mineola Wreck N Balls @ Edgewood Dirt Dogs6:00pmEdgewood
10u Boys
Mineola Bomb Squad @ Van Drillers6:00pmVan
12u Boys
Van Braves @ Mineola Aces6:00pmF3
Quitman Bulldogs @ Mineola Marvels8:00pmF3
14u Boys
Mineola Storm @ Quitman Knights7:00pmQuitman
Thursday, Jun 2
6u Boys
Mineola Dragons @ Quitman Bullets6:00pmQuitman
8u Boys
Grand Saline Indians @ Mineola Red Socks6:00pmF2
Grand Saline Bandits @ Mineola Wreck N Balls7:30pmF2
10u Boys
Emory Rangers @ Mineola Salty Dawgs6:00pmF1
Yantis Terminators @ Mineola Bomb Squad8:00pmF1
12u Boys
Mineola Aces @ Emory Pirates8:00pmEmory
14u Boys
Emory Wildcats @ Mineola Storm6:00pmMeredith
Monday, Jun 6
6u Boys
Mineola Braves @ Edgewood Bulldogs6:00pmEdgewood
Mineola Longhorns @ Edgewood Bad Boyz6:00pmEdgewood
8u Boys
Mineola Wreck N Balls @ Quitman Superdogs6:00pmQuitman
Mineola Red Socks @ Quitman Timber Rattlers8:00pmQuitman
10u Boys
Mineola Salty Dawgs @ Alba Panthers7:00pmAlba
Mineola Bomb Squad @ Van Pumpjacks8:00pmVan
12u Boys
Edgewood Bulldogs @ Mineola Marvels6:00pmF3
Quitman Bulldogs @ Mineola Aces8:00pmF3
14u Boys
Mineola Storm @ Alba Panthers7:00pmMeredith
Thursday, Jun 9
6u Boys
Grand Saline Warriors @ Mineola Longhorns6:00pmF2
Mineola Dragons @ Quitman Dirt Dobberz6:00pmQuitman
Grand Saline Cubs @ Mineola Braves7:00pmF2
Friday, Jun 10
8u Boys
Grand Saline Indians @ Mineola Wreck N Balls6:00pmF2
Grand Saline Orioles @ Mineola Red Socks7:30pmF2
10u Boys
Alba Panthers @ Mineola Bomb Squad6:00pmF1
Van Vandals @ Mineola Salty Dawgs8:00pmF1
12u Boys
Mineola Marvels @ Van Cobras6:00pmVan
Mineola Aces @ Van Twins8:00pmVan
14u Boys
Alba Panthers @ Mineola Storm7:00pmMeredith
Monday, Jun 13
10u Boys
Mineola Salty Dawgs @ Yantis Terminators8:00pmYantis
12u Boys
Mineola Aces @ Edgewood Turn 26:00pmEdgewood
Tuesday, Jun 14
6u Boys
Edgewood Bulldogs @ Mineola Dragons7:00pmF2
12u Boys
Mineola Marvels @ Van Twins6:00pmVan
Thursday, Jun 16
6u Boys
Grand Saline Indians @ Mineola Braves7:00pmF2
12u Boys
Mineola Marvels @ Edgewood Turn 26:00pmEdgewood
Mineola Aces @ Edgewood Bulldogs8:00pmEdgewood

For a complete schedule listing, click here!