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Midwest Youth "Big12" Football Conference



3G/8U  Oswego

4G/9U  Yorkville

5G/10U  Red Hawks

6G/11U  Kaneland

7th Grade  Naperville North

8th Grade  Naperville North

Thank you so much for a great season!

Congratulations to all the teams that made the Playoffs.  CYFL Panthers is hosting the Playoffs this year. 

All Playoffs will be at Prairie Knolls Middle School 225 Nesler Rd. Elgin, IL.  Entry fees will be under 3 are free, $2 for 3-12. and $4 for 13 and over.  5 Coaches for each team, football players, 3 Cheer coaches and the cheerleaders are all free.  All teams need to be ready to play 30 minutes before their game time.

Saturday 10/21

8:30am   3G/8U  Oswego 12 vs Burlington 6 
10:30am  4G/9U  Oswego 12 vs Warriors 0
12:30pm  5G/10U Red Hawks 8 vs Kaneland 0
2:30pm   6G/11U Kaneland 33 vs Oswego 0
4:30pm   7th GR Kaneland 48 vs Metea 6

Sunday 10/22

8:30am   3G/8U  Kaneland Black 12 vs Yorkville White 8 
10:30am  4G/9U  Yorkville 6 vs Dekalb 0
12:30pm  5G/10U Yorkville 16 vs Wolves 14
2:30pm   6G/11U Dekalb 31 vs Huskies 0
4:30pm   7th GR Naperville North 12 vs Neaqua 6


8:30am   3G/8U  Oswego vs Kaneland Black 
10:15am  4G/9U  Oswego vs Yorkville
12:00pm  5G/10U Red Hawks vs Yorkville
1:45pm   6G/11U Kaneland vs Dekalb
3:30pm   7th GR Kaneland vs Naperville North



Flag-1st & 2nd

1ST: Burlington White
T-2nd: Yorkville Red/Black
T-2nd: Yorkville White

3G/8U-1st & 2nd

1st: Kaneland
2nd: Dekalb

4G/9U-1st & 2nd

1st: Yorkville
2nd: Burlington

5G/10U-1st & 2nd

1st: Burlington
2nd: Oswego

6G/11U-1st & 2nd

1st: Oswego
2nd: Kaneland

7th/8th Grade-1st & 2nd

1st: Oswego
2nd: Plainfield

Where Tradition began ... excellence continues!

The Midwest Youth Football Conference is an all-volunteer organization founded in 2011 and is dedicated to offering full-contact football and cheer programs to boys and girls aged 6 to 11 living in the northwest Illinois region. (NCJC Middle School, Big 12, Big Northern IHSA attendance boundaries) 

The MYFC mission is to provide a football home for the youth athletes of the greater northwest Illinois region.  We strive to enhance the middle school and high school football programs the conference leagues feed by providing football athletes a healthy and competitive playing environment.  Playing games against opponents from the North Central Junior Conference (NCJC), the Big 12 and the Big Northern IHSA school districts will build relationships and foster the healthy competitive rivalries that already exist at the higher levels.

The MYFC founding member programs (Yorkville Youth Tackle, DeKalb Youth Tackle, Kaneland Youth Tackle and the Central Youth Football League of Burlington) saw a need for a football conference that was built to develop youth football athletes in a healthy competitive environment.  From that, the MYFC was born and works to develop our athlete’s athletic ability, football acumen and individual character through sports.  This shared goal amongst the MYFC members is our strength.


From The Midwest Youth Football Conference Board:


In 2011 the founding programs from Yorkville, DeKalb, Kaneland and Burlington worked together to bring the Midwest Youth Football Conference to life.  The conference was founded on the principles of development, healthy competition, sportsmanship, fair play, and the character development of every member athlete participating in the sports of football and cheer. 

The work of the MYFC, remaining true to our founding principles has allowed us to grow adding the St. Rafael program of Naperville and the Oswego Youth Tackle Football programs.  These two new partners have strengthen the MYFC’s ability to serve our athletes and families promoting the love of football and cheer that remains founded on our original guiding principles. 

As the MYFC moves forward, we are open to providing a football and cheer home to the right leagues.  We have worked together to develop our vision and identity which will remain part of our foundation.  As such, the MYFC is not willing to change to attract any individual program. 

If your youth athletes are in need of a football home founded on the principles the MYFC promotes please contact us.  Our conference is not seeking growth for growth’s sake, we are interested in smart growth and only seek to partner with leagues ready to further the MYFC mission.  

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