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Welcome to the Naamans Little League Site

Naamans Little League is part of Delaware District 2 and is located in northern New Castle County, Wilmington, Delaware. NLL will be starting its 56th season in 2013, consisting of 49 teams in 8 divisons with approximatley 600 players ages 4-18. Its five field complex is located on Route 202/Concord Pike and Mt. Lebanon Road behind the Concord Gallery Shopping Center. We hope you find our website both informative and enjoyable. We welcome your comments, suggestions and news.

All Star Baseball Academy


All Star Baseball Academy would like to offer the teams and players of Naamans Little League some additional training benefits in an effort to make this season the best yet for your families.

ASBA West Chester is offering its space for 1 Free 60 Minute Practice for each team until May 15th. Teams will be able to select use of the field OR 2 batting tunnels for this free practice time. In order to schedule please call the academy at 610-399-8050 and we will be able to book your slot.
ASBA West Chester is offering 1 Free 30 Minute Evaluation to each player in the league who has not done one since Sept 2013. The evaluation will cover professional instruction and feedback from one of our instructors as well as advice on ways to improve the players skills. For any family interested in this offer please give the academy a call at 610-399-8050 and ask to schedule an evaluation. They are offered 7 days a week and this offer is valid through May 15th.
In providing practice space and additional player development opportunities our hope is to grow the interest in baseball and provide a higher playing level in the area. I hope all is well with you and good luck this season. Lets make it a great spring for everyone! 
In- Season Practice Schedule

Please click link below for the IN-Season Practice Schedule for Naamans Fields or you can find it under handout tab. If rainouts force game reschedulings, practices gets bet bumped.





Play Ball!!


Calling all parents, Aunts, Uncles and other Adult Family members) with children in AA, AAA or Majors!


Naamans Little League needs your help!


We want to ensure that players receive the best trained experience possible. If you are a parent that is eager to be ‘on the field’ and participate in games at Naamans, but don’t have the time to be a Coach or Manager, why not be an umpire?


We are seeking individuals to train for officiating at Naamans.


You will not be required to help with specific games. You will; however, be exempt from Snack Shack and receive excellent training (including scrimmages and practice sessions). We will also provide training materials and equipment for those that wish to be added to the schedule.


Please contact Steve McDowell....

 Top 35 Little League Baseball Rule Myths 

Naamans Complex Rules

No Pets
Naamans Little League does not allow pets on the premises. You will be asked to leave the Naamans Complex if you bring a dog on to the Little League grounds. No exceptions.

No Smoking
SMOKING IS PROHIBITED at the Naamans Little League complex.

No Alcohol
Alcohol is PROHIBITED at the Naamans Little League Complex. Violators will be asked to leave immediately.

5 MPH Speed Limit
The speed limit throughout the Naamans Little League Complex is FIVE mph. Please obey this speed limit and let's be safe. Thank you.

Upcoming Games/Practices

Thursday,  Apr 24
Mattern @ Homecraft 6:00pm Heeney
Single A
Geo Technology Assoc @ Progressive Software Computing 6:00pm N3
Tiki Music @ Horizon 6:00pm N4
Triple A
McCarter & English @ Ramsey Farm 6:00pm Squires
Friday,  Apr 25
Mills @ Horizon 6:00pm Heeney
Saturday,  Apr 26
Double A
Moon Plumbing @ School of Rock 11:30am Squires
Bifferato LLC @ Senior Dog Haven & Hospice 2:00pm Squires
Sweet Lucy's Ice Cream @ Tiki Music 4:30pm Squires
Pepperidge @ Campanella 9:30am Heeney
Hypoint @ Mills 12:00pm Heeney
Horizon @ Homecraft 2:30pm Heeney
Single A
The Bryn Mawr Trust Co @ Security Inc 9:00am N3
Dick's Sporting Goods @ Delmar Termite 11:00am N3
Dental Assoc of Delaware @ Hypoint Farms 1:00pm N3
Ceccola Construction @ Pantano Real Estate 3:00pm N3
Progressive Software Computing @ Geo Technology Assoc 5:00pm N3
Al's Sporting Goods @ Embrace Home Loans 9:00am N4
Horizon @ Wilmington Blue Rocks 11:00am N4
Davis Insurance Group @ WSFS 1:00pm N4
Homecraft @ Brandywine Exteriors 3:00pm N4
Tiki Music @ Crown Trophy 5:00pm N4
Triple A
P & C Roofing @ Steel Suppliers Erectors, Inc 9:00am Squires
Tiki Music @ Friendly Gift Shop 5:00pm Heeney
Ramsey Farm @ McCarter & English 7:00pm Heeney
Sunday,  Apr 27
Campanella @ Mills 12:00pm Naamans LL Complex
Monday,  Apr 28
Mattern @ Pepperidge 6:00pm Heeney
Single A
Security Inc @ Geo Technology Assoc 6:00pm N3
Embrace Home Loans @ Wilmington Blue Rocks 6:00pm N4
Triple A
Steel Suppliers Erectors, Inc @ McCarter & English 6:00pm Squires
Tuesday,  Apr 29
Double A
School of Rock @ Senior Dog Haven & Hospice 6:00pm Squires
Homecraft @ Campanella 6:00pm Heeney
Single A
Dick's Sporting Goods @ McDOnalds/Dukart Management 6:00pm N3
Brandywine Exteriors @ Davis Insurance Group 6:00pm N4
Wednesday,  Apr 30
Double A
Tiki Music @ Bifferato LLC 6:00pm Squires
Senior Dog Haven & Hospice @ Bifferato LLC 6:00pm Squires
Homecraft @ Hypoint 6:00pm Heeney
Single A
Hypoint Farms @ Dental Assoc of Delaware 6:00pm N3
WSFS @ Tiki Music 6:00pm N4
Triple A
Friendly Gift Shop @ Tiki Music 6:00pm JCC
Thursday,  May 1
Pepperidge @ Horizon 6:00pm Heeney
Single A
The Bryn Mawr Trust Co @ Pantano Real Estate 6:00pm N3
Crown Trophy @ Homecraft 6:00pm N4
Triple A
P & C Roofing @ Friendly Gift Shop 6:00pm Squires
Friday,  May 2
Campanella @ Mattern 6:00pm Heeney
Triple A
Tiki Music @ P & C Roofing 6:00pm Squires
Saturday,  May 3
Double A
Bifferato LLC @ Sweet Lucy's Ice Cream 11:30am Squires
Senior Dog Haven & Hospice @ Moon Plumbing 2:00pm Squires
Tiki Music @ School of Rock 4:30pm Squires
Hypoint @ Horizon 9:30am Heeney
Mills @ Campanella 12:00pm Heeney
Homecraft @ Mattern 2:30pm Heeney
Single A
Ceccola Construction @ Progressive Software Computing 9:00am N3
Delmar Termite @ Hypoint Farms 11:00am N3
Dick's Sporting Goods @ McDOnalds/Dukart Management 1:00pm N3
Pantano Real Estate @ The Bryn Mawr Trust Co 3:00pm N3
Geo Technology Assoc @ Security Inc 5:00pm N3
Tiki Music @ Brandywine Exteriors 9:00am N4
Davis Insurance Group @ Crown Trophy 11:00am N4
Homecraft @ Al's Sporting Goods 1:00pm N4
Wilmington Blue Rocks @ WSFS 3:00pm N4
Embrace Home Loans @ Horizon 5:00pm N4
Triple A
Tiki Music @ Ramsey Farm 8:30am Squires
Friendly Gift Shop @ P & C Roofing 5:00pm Heeney
McCarter & English @ Steel Suppliers Erectors, Inc 7:00pm Heeney

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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