Last Updated: April 1, 2015
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Opening Day 2015 - April 11
10 Days


2015 Snack Shack Schedule & Information

     Looking to sign up for or change your Snack Shack shift????  Please click here to access the schedule.

As a reminder, each family is required to volunteer for a minimum of one shift per child playing in the League.  Managers, coaches, and regularly-scheduled umpires are exempt.  Thank you for your attention to this as the Snack Shack is a key source of annual revenue that directly supports all players and their teams.

Please sign up for your shift(s) by Monday April 6 or the assignment will be made for you.

Additional Snack Shack information can be found via the "Snack Shack" menu.


2015 Season Schedules & Team Rosters

The 2015 game schedules for the Majors, AAA, AA, A, and T-Ball divisions are now available in the "Schedules" menu.  Game schedules for Seniors & Juniors will be posted once they are established.

Additionally, the 2015 team rosters for all divisions are posted under the "Team/Rosters" menu.  


Field Maintenance - THANK YOU

March 29, 2015

Thanks to those who were able to volunteer some time this afternoon to help get the complex ready for the season.  Although the fields are still a little ways from being "playable", the overall complex is looking good.  Thanks for your assistance!


Donations for Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips is currently a senior on the St. Mark's baseball team and will be heading to the University of Maryland to continue his outstanding baseball career.  Many of you may recall Billy when he played for Brandywine L.L. and competed against Naamans for many years in tournament games.  Unfortunately, on March 10, Billy was diagnosed with leukemia. 

A fund has been established for donations to assist with his medical expenses.  To read his story and provide a contribution, please access this site ( .  Additionally, donations will be collected during Naamans Opening Day on April 11.

Although Naamans and Brandywine may be "rivals" on the baseball field, we stand together to support Billy as he battles and defeats this terrible disease.

Thank you for your consideration and support!


Upcoming Games/Practices

Friday,  Apr 10
Mattern @ Mills Excavating 6:00pm Heeney
Saturday,  Apr 11
Horizon @ Campanella Auto 9:30am Heeney
Pepperidge Farm @ Homecraft 12:00pm Heeney
Hypoint @ Mattern 2:30pm Heeney
Triple A
Progressive Software Computing A's @ Heritage Medical Group White Sox 9:30am Squires
Wilmington Collision Center Rangers @ McCarter & English Orioles 5:00pm Heeney
Mighty Muffler Yankees @ Geo-Technology Associates Angels 7:00pm Heeney
Double A
Friendly Gift Shop Dodgers @ Ramsey's Farm Rockies 11:30am Squires
Dick's Sporting Goods Brewers @ Crown Trophy Diamondbacks 2:00pm Squires
Dental Association of Delaware Phillies @ Horizon Pirates 4:30pm Squires
Single A
Homecraft Phillies @ Sweet Lucy's Ice Cream Padres 9:30am N3
Giant Foods Giants @ Alpine & Rafetto Orthodontics Marlins 11:30am N3
First State Pharmacy Orioles @ McDonalds/Dukart Management Blue Jays 2:00pm N3
Security Inc. Tigers @ Catch 202 Mariners 4:30pm N3
Bella Coast Brewers @ Wooden Wheels Astros 9:00am N4
Cruser Construction Phillies @ Brandywine Exteriors White Sox 11:00am N4
Delaware Pediatric A's @ Blue Rocks Royals 1:00pm N4
Great Clips Red Sox @ Julius Silvert Cardinals 3:00pm N4
Bouncers & More Dodgers @ Steel Suppliers Erectors Pirates 5:00pm N4
Monday,  Apr 13
Campanella Auto @ Mills Excavating 6:00pm Heeney
Triple A
McCarter & English Orioles @ Geo-Technology Associates Angels 6:00pm Squires
Single A
Brandywine Tree & Shrub Rockies @ Homecraft Phillies 6:00pm N3
Graylyn Dental Diamondbacks @ Bella Coast Brewers 6:00pm N4
Tuesday,  Apr 14
Hypoint @ Horizon 6:00pm Heeney
Double A
Friendly Gift Shop Dodgers @ Dental Association of Delaware Phillies 6:00pm Squires
Single A
Security Inc. Tigers @ First State Pharmacy Orioles 6:00pm N3
Delaware Pediatric A's @ Bouncers & More Dodgers 6:00pm N4
Wednesday,  Apr 15
Mills Excavating @ Homecraft 6:00pm Heeney
Double A
Dick's Sporting Goods Brewers @ Ramsey's Farm Rockies 6:00pm Squires
Single A
Sweet Lucy's Ice Cream Padres @ Giant Foods Giants 6:00pm N3
Wooden Wheels Astros @ Cruser Construction Phillies 6:00pm N4
Thursday,  Apr 16
Campanella Auto @ Pepperidge Farm 6:00pm Heeney
Triple A
Wilmington Collision Center Rangers @ Progressive Software Computing A's 6:00pm Squires
Single A
McDonalds/Dukart Management Blue Jays @ Catch 202 Mariners 6:00pm N3
Great Clips Red Sox @ Blue Rocks Royals 6:00pm N4
Saturday,  Apr 18
Homecraft @ Pepperidge Farm 12:00pm Heeney
Mattern @ Hypoint 2:30pm Heeney
Triple A
Mighty Muffler Yankees @ Wilmington Collision Center Rangers 9:00am Squires
Geo-Technology Associates Angels @ Heritage Medical Group White Sox 5:00pm Heeney
Progressive Software Computing A's @ McCarter & English Orioles 7:00pm Heeney
Double A
Friendly Gift Shop Dodgers @ Dick's Sporting Goods Brewers 11:30am Squires
Ramsey's Farm Rockies @ Horizon Pirates 2:00pm Squires
Dental Association of Delaware Phillies @ Crown Trophy Diamondbacks 4:30pm Squires
Single A
Alpine & Rafetto Orthodontics Marlins @ Homecraft Phillies 9:30am N3
Brandywine Tree & Shrub Rockies @ Sweet Lucy's Ice Cream Padres 11:30am N3
Security Inc. Tigers @ McDonalds/Dukart Management Blue Jays 2:00pm N3
First State Pharmacy Orioles @ Catch 202 Mariners 4:30pm N3
Graylyn Dental Diamondbacks @ Wooden Wheels Astros 9:00am N4
Blue Rocks Royals @ Steel Suppliers Erectors Pirates 11:00am N4
Delaware Pediatric A's @ Great Clips Red Sox 1:00pm N4
Brandywine Exteriors White Sox @ Bella Coast Brewers 3:00pm N4
Bouncers & More Dodgers @ Julius Silvert Cardinals 5:00pm N4
Sunday,  Apr 19
Horizon @ Mills Excavating 12:00pm Heeney
Monday,  Apr 20
Horizon @ Hypoint 6:00pm Heeney
Triple A
Mighty Muffler Yankees @ Progressive Software Computing A's 6:00pm Squires
Single A
Homecraft Phillies @ Brandywine Tree & Shrub Rockies 6:00pm N3
Bella Coast Brewers @ Graylyn Dental Diamondbacks 6:00pm N4
Tuesday,  Apr 21
Campanella Auto @ Mattern 6:00pm Heeney
Double A
Horizon Pirates @ Dick's Sporting Goods Brewers 6:00pm Squires
Single A
McDonalds/Dukart Management Blue Jays @ First State Pharmacy Orioles 6:00pm N3
Steel Suppliers Erectors Pirates @ Great Clips Red Sox 6:00pm N4

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Wednesday,  Apr 1
Juniors/Seniors Interleague Administration Meeting 7:00pm Brandywine L.L. Clubhouse
Saturday,  Apr 11
Opening Day Naamans Field Complex

For a complete calendar listing, click here!