Players Needed

The Naperville Diamonds are forming an 11/12U League Team and are in need of just a few more players! Interested players should contact Brandon Schmidt at

The Naperville Diamonds Volanti 14U B Tournament team is looking for two utility players. Please contact Carl Volanti at (630) 327-3623 or at cjv1069@gmail if your daughter is interested or if you have any questions.

The Naperville Diamonds Kern 16/18U Leagues team is looking for another pitcher. Please contact Rodney Kern at (630) 618-8893 or at if your daughter is interested or if you have any questions.


Naperville Diamonds Open the “Diamond Mine”


The Naperville Diamonds Softball Association (NDSA) is thrilled to announce the opening of The Diamond Mine, the organization’s more than 12,000 square foot indoor training facility, which is quickly becoming one of the best recognized indoor softball training facilities in northern Illinois. The facility is home to the more than 350 fast pitch softball players who make up the close to 30 teams within the Naperville Diamonds organization.

With a field that covers 10,000 unobstructed feet, the Diamond Mine is a complete training facility, home to a full infield, as well as two 55’ x 12.5’ pitching and hitting tunnels, restrooms and changing areas for the teams. The playing surface is comprised of artificial turf with several netting and fencing areas to make the facility as close to game-situation as possible. Since construction began, another side of the facility was added – large enough for three pitchers to warm up or the ability to add several hitting stations.

The Diamond Mine is located at 25553 Wolf’s Crossing Road in Plainfield. For more information about the facility, contact the NDSA Communications Manager at (630) 926-2534. For information about advertising opportunities, contact Nina Utrata at (630) 803-7760.