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   Naperville Diamonds 12U A - Player Needed  
The Naperville Diamonds 12U A team is looking for a hard working team-oriented player to complete their roster.  Last season the team finished 5th in ASA Nationals and will continue to play a very aggressive “A” level schedule.  Winter training has just started and will include practices 2 times per week, along with a 10-week speed and agility program. The Naperville Diamonds also will be be opening our own 12,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art facility.  For more information please contact: Bryan McNamara at (630)544-4074 or mackellys@aol.com


Former Diamonds player shining bright with Chicago Bandits


"I'm incredibly grateful for where I started my softball career.  The Naperville Diamonds gave me so many opportunities and skills that ultimately led me to playing professionally now."


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The Naperville Diamonds are looking for players for the following teams:

 Team Looking for  Contact  Contact Information 
10U Leagues Teams 3-5 players Annette Larsen annette@ignite-sa.com
12U Leagues Team 1 pitcher. Carl Volanti cjv1069@gmail.com
12U Leagues Team Teams are looking for additional players. Annette Larsen annette@ignite-sa.com


Naperville Diamonds Announce Opening of “Diamond Mine”


More than 12,000 square foot training facility scheduled to open in September 


The Naperville Diamonds Softball Association (NDSA) is excited to announce the planned opening of its more than 12,000 square foot indoor training facility this September. Currently known as the “Diamond Mine,” the facility will serve as the home to the more than 325 girls fast pitch softball players who make up the current 28 teams within the Naperville Diamonds organization.

“The Naperville Diamonds board, specifically board member Bryan McNamara, has been working tirelessly over the past several years to find an indoor facility that we can truly call our home. We couldn’t be more excited for what this means to our players and our organization,” said Ron Kunkel, president, NDSA.

With a field area that covers 10,000 unobstructed feet, the Diamond Mine will be home to a full infield, as well as two 55’ x 12.5’ pitching and hitting tunnels, a reception area, restrooms and changing area for the teams. The playing surface will be comprised of artificial turf with several netting and fencing areas to make the facility as close to game-situation as possible.

The Diamond Mine is located just west of the intersection of 248th St. and Wolf’s Crossing Road. The NDSA will continue to provide updates on the progress of the facility as it nears its planned September opening. Events include a grand opening and advertising opportunities—including potential facility naming rights.

For more information, contact Bill Kugelberg, the NDSA Communications Manager at (630) 926-2534. 

 Naperville Diamonds Softball Association
Elite Fastpitch Travel Softball
Established 1994

The Naperville Diamonds is a competitive girls' fast pitch softball program for players 7-18 years of age.  It is our philosophy to put together the best talented teams in our Tournament program, while, at the same time, developing players in our League division.


The Naperville Diamonds are a 100% volunteer run, "not-for-profit" organization.  We need your support to continue to provide quality programs for your children.  Please consider donating your time and/or resources to the league this year.


Teams compete in the following age brackets:  10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, and 18U.  Our CHIPS program is a developmental program for 8U.  Age cut off is January 1st for all levels.


Table below lists the available playing options for each age bracket.  Please click on links located under Team Information for more information about a specific league group and associated teams.







  • Will play a 12 game season in the Southwest Suburban League including a season end tournament
  • Specialized weekly winter training program focused on fundamentals
  • A year-end all-star team will be selected for post season tournament play


  • 2 B- or C-level tournaments
  • Will play a 20 game season in the Southwest Suburban League division including a season end tournament
  • One or more practices a week as scheduled by the manager
  • Weekly indoor winter training
  • 3 or more B-level tournaments
  • Will play a 20 game season in the Southwest Suburban Travel division - including a season end tournament
  • One or more practices a week as scheduled by the manager
  • Weekly indoor winter training


  • 7 or more A and A/B level tournaments
  • At least 20 friendly games played as scheduled by the manager
  • One or more practices a week as scheduled by the manager
  • Weekly indoor winter training

 Fee: $149

(Fundraising option will be discussed with parents.)

Fee:  $790 Fee:  $1,090 Fee:  $1,390 Fee:  $1,590

** Each player is responsible for a $100 fundraising commitment, which is included in the above fees. Upon accepting a spot on a team, each player will receive 10 raffle tickets they can sell to family or friends to recoup their $100 fundraising commitment. The raffle tickets will be used in a drawing in late fall - prizes to be announced soon.

** A uniform package is included in the Tournament A and Tournament B season fees.

(Fee information as of August, 2015)