Last Updated: August 19, 2016
  • Welcome to Tiger Pride Football
  • We are....NA!!!
  • Welcome to Tiger Pride Cheerleading!



  ***Parent Tailgate Party will be Friday, October 7th***

Elias Fry Barn, Knob Hill Park, 6:00-10:00pm


 NA Tiger Pride Football and Cheer Apparel is now available.

Click HERE to go to the online site to order your gear!

You have the option to have your gear delivered directly to your home for an additional fee.  Otherwise, all gear will be distributed at the practice fields on nights designated by your team/cheer mom/dad.



Hello Families of Tiger Pride,

A few items to note for the upcoming 2016 Football and Cheerleading Season at Blueberry Hill Park:

1.Please Care for Franklin Park’s Pavilion: While our practice fields were made possible by donations of time, labor and materials; we are still guests in Franklin Park’s facilities and we are lucky to have these awesome facilities. Franklin Park asks that care and courtesy be practiced by us and our kids while at Blueberry Hill Park.

2.Feet Remain on the Ground: this means no feet on the benches, tabletops or railings. Also means if you want to sit at a table – please have your feet on the floor and your butt in the seat, not your butt on the tabletop and your feet on the seat. Needless to say this is especially important when things are muddy but Franklin Park has requested we get compliance with this at all times.  When cleats are extremely muddy, please keep them in the grass and not in the pavilion area.

3.Bathrooms: Each of us is responsible for cleaning up after ourselves and our children. Trash belongs in the trash can.

4.Parking: Handicapped Spots will be enforced and offenders will receive tickets from the Borough of Franklin Park.  Parking at the bottom nearest to the field is for Coaches Only. If you are dropping your player off and they are putting things on – please pull into a parking spot so the flow of traffic can continue.