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Countdown to the 2015 Football Season
77 Days
The NA Tiger Pride Field...absolutely beautiful!!! (photo courtesy of Bernie Caputo)



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Online Registration is now open for 2015 Season!!!

Please check out these exciting opportunities for 2 Youth Football Camps.

Art Walker, NA Football Camp and

Pittsburgh Steelers Youth Football Camp

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The NA Tiger Pride Field...absolutely beautiful!!! (photo courtesy of Bernie Caputo)

Another beautiful picture of our NA Tiger Pride Field!

(Photo courtesy of Mona Powell)


 Tiger Pride Families-

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Michael Gavlik and I have the privilege and honor of being the new president for the North Allegheny Tiger Pride Organization. I am writing today to announce that our football and cheerleading programs will be playing in a new football league in the fall of 2015 and will discontinue membership in the G19. The new league is the United Youth Football League which will allow Tiger Pride to compete in the northern suburbs of Pittsburgh. The members of the organization are Shaler, Mars, Pine Richland, Hampton, Knoch, Butler, Seneca Valley-North and North Allegheny. An opportunity arose to join this set of playing partners and after considering the advantages we felt as a board this was the right time to join our neighbors in the north. 

This move does change age groupings for football, they are as follows:
Age 6, 7, 8
Age 9 - 10
Age 11-12

We are beginning preparations for the upcoming season and will open registration on March 15 2015. Please look for future communications regarding camps sponsored by Tiger Pride and don’t forget to register.

Best regards,

Michael A. Gavlik, President
North Allegheny Tiger Pride

Baseline Head Injury Testing


Through our affiliation with UPMC Sports Medicine, Tiger Pride is now offering the opportunity to utilize ImPACT concussion baseline testing at a cost of $20.00 per athlete. This computer based online test is a series of memory and reaction questions that help establish a baseline of normal cognitive function. The baseline test will then be used as part of a comprehensive clinical evaluation to determine recovery following concussion. It should be noted that this test does not prevent concussions or determine if your son or daughter is predisposed to a concussion. The test is simply one more tool that can be used to determine if your son or daughter can safely return to play following a concussion.

This test is not mandatory, but it is strongly encouraged. Likewise, if your son or daughter were to sustain a concussion during the season I would strongly encourage him or her to seek medical care from the UPMC Sports Medicine or other concussion experts. Additional information regarding the concussion program is available on the Sports Medicine website at the address below.

Appointments for the ImPACT concussion baseline test can be made by calling UPMC Sports Medicine at 412-432-3775.

Beautiful Aerial Views of our Tiger Pride Stadium thanks to Dennis Watkins!

You can see more of these beautiful photos on our Web-Site Photo Album!
Hello Families of Tiger Pride,

Few of items of concern that need your attention

1.Physician Release Forms: These need to be completed and turned into your Team Mom/Coach by Monday August 15th or your child will not be able to continue with practice. The form is available on our website under "forms".

2.Please Care for Franklin Park’s Pavilion: While these are our practice fields made possible by awesome donations of time, labor and materials; we are still guests in Franklin Park’s facilities and we are lucky to have these awesome facilities. Franklin Park has repeatedly ask that better care and courtesy be practiced by us and our kids while at Blueberry.

a.Feet Remain on the Ground: this means no feet on the benches, tabletops or railings. Also means if you want to sit at a table – please have your feet on the floor and your butt in the seat, not your butt on the tabletop and your feet on the seat. Needless to say this is especially important when things are muddy but Franklin Park has requested we get compliance with this at all times.

b.Bathrooms: Each of us is responsible for cleaning up after ourselves and our children. Trash belongs in the trash can.

c.Parking: Handicapped Spots will be enforced and offenders will receive tickets from the Borough of Franklin Park. There is no parking along the road way up the hill out of the lower lot. If you park there you will also be ticketed. Parking at the bottom nearest to the field is for Coaches Only and will be clearly marked soon. If you are dropping your player off and they are putting things on – please pull into a parking spot so the flow can continue.

It is good to be back in full swing. Just a little bit of care and common courtesy and a great year will be had by all.

Good Luck to all in having fun learning Football and Cheerleading.