Last Updated: May 21, 2016
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Makeup games have been scheduled!!
funkstown game moved to 10am on May 14th!!!
BWW Restaurant Night!!!
Opening Day Important Message Below!!!!!
Concession sign ups!
Opening day weather
spirit wear\ field maintenance !!!
Minor League Equipment needs!
Tee Ball Equipment needs!
Thomas Evans 2015 Winner!

Upcoming Events

Friday, Jun 3
TBALL ALL STARS!!!!!!!!!7:00pmMajor League Field
Saturday, Jun 4
Monday, Jun 13

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Makeup games have been scheduled!!

All Major League Make up games have been scheduled and will be added to the existing list.


May 31= Crampton VS Pope Tire

June 2= Nutters VS FOP at Sharpsburg


June 6=  Crampton VS Funkstown

June 6=  Pope Tire VS Middletown Sports at SMLL

June 8= Pope Tire VS Crampton

June 10= Funkstown Vs Crampton

June 13=Championship game for Major League

April 23, 2016 – 11:00 AM

All Tball games are cancelled.  All Major league games at SOUTH MOUNTAIN are CANCELLED.  Pope Tires Major game at National is cancelled due to Illness.  Minor League games are still on at national as well as FOP major game at national today

BWW Restaurant Night!!!

April 11, 2016 – 05:00 PM

Dear Parents and Players,


The Board of Directors has been monitoring the weather forecast in light of our scheduled opening day ceremonies on Saturday.  At this time, we have made the decision to continue with our planned opening day activities, albeit perhaps in a more abbreviated fashion, and then make an independent decision regarding whether to play the games.  If the weather holds true, it is expected that we have a brief ceremony, do pictures and postpone games to be rescheduled.  We will be reevaluating the situation throughout the day Friday and into early Saturday morning.  If the board decides to change plans or cancel opening day ceremonies, every effort will be made to do so well in advance with as much notice to you as possible. 
We appreciate your patience and understanding as we endeavor to make the best decision possible for players, parents, families and National Little League.



Travis Poole


National Little League

We are watching the weather , as it is calling for Rain and Snow?!?!? If any changes are made to the opening day schedule, you will be notified asap and information will be given by coaches and team moms.  Stay up to date by checking back here and on our facebook page.

Anyone wanting to order spirit wear, the link is listed below.  It will be available until April 19th for orders.  After that , no more orders will be taken.




April 9, 2016 – 09:00 AM

Opening day is almost upon us!!  I'm super excited!!  Looks like its going to be a great season. T-ballers will need to start arriving 830-845am on Saturday as they will be getting their pictures completed before opening ceremonies begin.  Concession will be opened from 9am-10am for breakfast sandwiches, fruit, and drinks.  It will close temporality until 11am.  Full menu will then be available until the 5th inning of the last major league game.  Minor and Major league players will need to arrive no later than 9:30am.  All Divisions will receive their shirts, hats and socks.  Opening Ceremonies start promptly at 10am.   

Are you a 15 years old or above and looking to earn your SSL hours or just love baseball? We are looking for umpires to help this season.  We have one of the best umpire chiefs in the county, Rene Molina who would love to get your son or daughter extra hours, with a sport we all love.  Contact Mr. Molina at

Congratulations to Sharpsburg on winning the Thomas Evan's Tournamant !!!!!



Proud to be Maryland's Oldest Little League

January 16, 2015


The Mayor and Council have determined that it is in the best interest of the citizens of the City of Hagerstown to prohibit smoking in City owned parks, and effective October 28, 2013 the smoking of tobacco products is prohibited in all City of Hagerstown parks.

This prohibition does not apply to the Municipal Golf Course or Municipal Stadium. The sign above will be posted concerning this prohibition. A violation of this section shall be treated as a municipal infraction and may subject the person violating the same to a fine.


Effective Immediately, there is no smoking allow in the lower or upper parking lot of Stanley Park, and No use of any variety of vapor pens, or electronic cigarettes.





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Upcoming Games/Practices

Monday, May 30
Western Maryland Sportsman's Club @ Goodwill10:00amT-Ball Field
Wednesday, Jun 1
Minor League
Sweeney Masonry @ Western Maryland Sportsman's Club6:00pmMinor League Field
Thursday, Jun 2
Minor League
Goodwill @ Sweeney Masonry6:00pmMinor League Field
Saturday, Jun 4
Minor League
Goodwill @ POSITION/TBD11:00amTBA
Western Maryland Sportsman's Club @ POSITION/TBD1:00pmTBA
Monday, Jun 6
Minor League
Goodwill @ Sweeney Masonry6:00pmMinor League Field
Goodwill @ Haynes Controls10:00amMinor League Field
Tuesday, Jun 7
Minor League
Western Maryland Sportsman's Club @ Goodwill6:00pmMinor League Field

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