Last Updated: April 20, 2017
 April 30 tickets on sale now for the National VS Mets little league day game  
  • Proud to be Maryland's Oldest Little League
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Welcome to the home of

National Little League of Hagerstown

major league tryouts start March 4 at 2-4pm , March 5 at 2-4pm and March 6th at 6-8pm at National on the Major league field.  All players aged 9-12 need to tryout UNLESS they are a returning major league player.  see the tab on the side for more information 

This year to simplify things, We will be asking for the school enrollment form from all players.  Those that live in our boundaries and those that attend school within our boundaries.  If you live in our boundaries, but the player attend school in another county, then we will still need 3 proofs of residency.

1st Annual City Tournament Champions!!


Congratulations to National's Funkstown Legion for winning the Trophy this year!  And congratulations to the 3 other leagues; Federal, West End and American; that played with heart and passion and will have another shot at taking home the trophy next year! 

Proud to be Maryland's Oldest Little League

January 16, 2015


The Mayor and Council have determined that it is in the best interest of the citizens of the City of Hagerstown to prohibit smoking in City owned parks, and effective October 28, 2013 the smoking of tobacco products is prohibited in all City of Hagerstown parks.

This prohibition does not apply to the Municipal Golf Course or Municipal Stadium. The sign above will be posted concerning this prohibition. A violation of this section shall be treated as a municipal infraction and may subject the person violating the same to a fine.


Effective Immediately, there is no smoking allow in the lower or upper parking lot of Stanley Park, and No use of any variety of vapor pens, or electronic cigarettes.





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