Last Updated: April 16, 2014 
 SCHEDULES Final debugging is in the works. Schedules will be posted late Wednesday Night!  

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Opening Day & Spring Break Week schedules can be found in HANDOUTS


The Purpose of this program shall be to implant in the youth of the community ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and reverence, so that they may be finer, stronger and happier young people who will grow to be good, clean, healthy adults.  This objective is to be reached by providing supervised, fun, safe, competitive athletic games.  The league officials shall bear in mind at all times that the attainment of exceptional athletic skills or the winning of games is secondary and that the molding of future citizens is of prime importance.


The Mission of the Officers and Board of Directors of this League is to provide the leadership, environment and facilities necessary to achieve our purpose.


It is the Duty of the League’s membership to accept all registrants and to provide a team for any girl who wants to play softball, regardless of her softball talent and skills. 
Members are required to assure balanced teams within their organizations and to observe all the rules.



  The NCCGSL will observe the Anne Arundel County Recreation & Parks Thunder & Lightning Policy
      All activities must cease upon the firstsound of thunder or sighting of lightning.
      All participants and spectators must abandon the fields and dugouts.  Go to your vehicles.
      Play may be resumed 30 minutes after the thunder and lightning has stopped.

Warning to Managers, Coaches & Umpires:

   Failure to observe this policy shall result in suspension from the NCCGSL for the remainder of 2013 & all of 2014 

The game may not resume until the skies are lightning-free for 30 minutes from the time of the last sighting. 
If the storm has "passed", play may not resume if lightning appears anywhere!

It is best to postpone the game if lightning continues and play is stopped for 40 minutes or more.
The game resumes from the point at which it was postponed.  Delay time is not
deducted from your two hour time limit.

>>>  A host organization's lightning policy that exceeds these minimums supersedes the NCCGSL guidelines.  <<<

Inclement Weather Policy

It is the home team’s responsibility to inform the opposing manager and umpire of postponement.        Contact should be made BY TELEPHONE.
Some organizations have hotlines and websites that they use for notification.
It is best to just give the opponent and umpire a courtesy call.
If you have not heard from your opponent by one hour before scheduled game time,
assume the game is “on as scheduled” and GO TO THE FIELD!



The NCCGSL is an independent organization and an affiliate of the  

Anne Arundel County Recreation & Parks

Please observe all rules and regulations while you are their guests.

The use of tobacco products, alcohol and firearms is prohibited.

Pets must be leashed and are not allowed inside of the fenced areas.

Clean up after your pets!  

 Parking is prohibited in all Emergency Vehicle Access zones!

Your cooperation is appreciated




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NCCGSL - Anne Arundel County, Maryland