• #1 North Carolina Youth Football League Since 1989!
  • As seen in Sports Illustrated Magazine!
  • As seen in USA Today Magazine!
  • The Carolinas #1 High School feeder program!
  • Some of the past youth players include many College and Pro star players!

United UNCC NC Conference Invites All Leagues and Teams To Join Us At United Youth Football!

Independent groups that want to join us at United contact us as soon as possible as teams from all across the state of NC is now inquiring!
Road to the National Champion-ships and RUN FOR THE RING can be seen on our own TV Broadcast at United TV!
Text for more information: 704-606-3000
Email for more information: rickyemert@gmail.com
 National Champion-ships in Florida Dec. 2017. National Divisions Limited weight.
* Age cut off is July 31st. Childs age on July 31st is their playing age for the season.
Bandits- Age 5-6-7. Max. weight 99 lbs.
Mitey Mites (Tinys) - Age 7-8-9. Max. weight 109 lbs.
Jr. Pee Wee- Age 8-9-10, Max. weight 129 lbs. Older lighter age 11 max weight 109 lbs.
Pee Wee- Age 11 U, Max. weight 139 lbs.. Older lighter age 12 max weight 119 lbs.
13 Unlimited- Age 13U, UNLIMITED WEIGHT.
14 Under team- Age 14 and under unlimited weight division.
15 and Under team- Age 15 and under unlimited weight division.
14 under National Conference All-star Team. (National All-star tournament)
Note: Divisions also include Un-limited 8U,10U,12U,14U.
National Champion-ships in Florida Dec. 2017 All American Divisions Unlimited Weight Divisions.
8 and under
10 and under
12 and under
14 and under
15 and under
Come join United Youth Football Americans #1 National Youth Football and Cheerleading Championships hosted in Florida!

Academy Sports and Outdoors for all your needs!

All teams are invited out to our proud sponsor Academy Sports and Outdoors for all your sporting goods needs! The UNCC Conference of United Youth Football proudly offers a SPECIAL OFFER. $10 off your purchase of $50 or more!

Ask for details!!!

2015 Video's

 2015 Video's

Here is a link to the Cadets D2 Raiders interview. https://youtu.be/Vcf8BQ46-hg

Here is a link to the Cadets D2 Championship Game. https://www.dropbox.com/s/tyfpet8i5v4fnky/Cadets%20D2%20Championship%20Game.mp4?dl=0

Here is a link to the Cadets D1 Titans interview. https://youtu.be/xVh343SfQ9g

Here is a link to the Cadets D1 Championship game. https://www.dropbox.com/s/xgkune87jypc2qw/Cadets%20D1%20Championship%20Game.mp4?dl=0

Here is a link to the Pee Wee D1 Championship game. https://www.dropbox.com/s/y4abv2vv8r74eak/Pee%20Wee%20D1%20Game.mp4?dl=0


Please text Glen Fishback at 7043408624 for any copies of championship games, or if you have any questions or concerns about the DVD you purchased.





United North Carolina Charlotte Conference Honors New Executive Members

Message from Rick Emert, United National Board of Governor and State/Conference President

 Congratulations to the newly appointed United North Carolina Charlotte Conference (UNCC). I am proud to announce the NC Charlotte conference offers a very unique diversity toward growing this conference inviting all top youth football and cheer organizations to come join us and compete for an invitation to the United Florida National football and cheer Champion-ships in December. Our United conference and executive members have adopted very strict rules and regulations moving forward for all teams to promote the highest level of fairness to the kids and families. Not all teams may be apart of this league. We have implemented per National support, an independent 3rd party certification staff that does not have any affiliation or member with any conference team whom will certify each and every single player, cheerleader, and coach whom must be approved by the conference. Each player is required to certify with a NC state identification. (not a copy of a birth certificate) The final approved files, league ids, and rosters will be on file with the conference and nationals before one single official game is played. This very strict entry to play in our league offers all families the highest measure of fairness. 

UNCC State Conference Executive Board Members

Rick Emert- National Board of Governor and Conference President

Darryl Smith- President/Commissioner of the Conference Flag Division

Dr. Ken Watson- President of the league Rules Committee and Compliance

Lamont Anderson- President/Commissioner of the Conference National Division North

Jake Sherrill- Commissioner of the All-American Division 



Visit Our NEW United YFL National Website and See the Excitement!

Visit our National site, see and feel the excitement of the new 2016 National Champion-ships football and cheer!!


The RUN FOR THE RING, JACKET, and CHAMPION-SHIP BELT is the United National Championship theme ! National Champion players will be awarded and presented with the United National Champion-ship RING at the Florida National Champion-ship finals.

The United Cheer National Champion-ships is also the weekend after the football events and new national cheer teams will be crowned national champions!!

All NC UNCC teams will have the opportunity to play in our exciting Fall regular season schedule to qualify to enter our year end Qualifier National Bid Tournament. All United Conference teams whom complete our regular season North and South divisions and finish in the top of the standings will qualify for this National Qualifier Bid Tournament.

Also, we are excited that our NC-UNCC Conference has just been selected as one of 4 National Conferences as a satellite media TV telecast center.(Chicago,New York,North Carolina,Florida) Our local TV telecast location will begin to plan preseason filming of practices, player/coaches interviews from our United UNCC National news reporters. So teams be prepared as you never know the news cast may show up at your field. The time is almost here for all the United Youth Football Excitement and a RUN FOR THE RING!!


            Sign up and request your franchise teams now!
The UNCC the Western NC Conference of the National United Youth Football National Division is now open to all Independant Associations! The UNCC is now made up of League Associations as a National Division 1 & 2 Conference and will participate in a National Champion-ship Playoff under United Youth Football of America. The UNCC also now offers Independant Associations to join as a UNCC United Youth Football Western NC Division in the UNCC Conference. Both UNCC United Youth Football divisions North and South will be invited to particpate in a NC State Champion-ship playoff vs. Eastern NC United Youth Football Conference teams around the state. Top teams may earn a bid to advance to the National Champion-ships located in the Orlando Florida area. The United Youth Football and the UNCC offers travel grant opportunities so come join the #1 youth football league in the Carolinas! 
Reservation of team, information needed. Email to: rickyemert@gmail.com or Text to: 704-606-3000.
1. Your name, phone number, and/or email address.
2. Team requested. (new teams should give at least 2 choices)
3. Home practice area and location you plan for your teams.
We welcome you all new teams to the #1 Youth Football League in the Carolinas! 
The popular North Carolina Youth Football League know as UNCC is a non profit organization that was founded in 1989. The league formerly known as NCYFL. The league has been recognized as one of the top youth football leagues not only in the state of N.C., but across the country.  The NCYFL/UNCC has been recognized in many major publications including USA Today and Sports Illustrated.  The NCYFL/UNCC offers the type of quality football not offered by any other youth football league. The league currently offers football and cheerleading for kids from 5-15 years old.  The league has more than 56 youth athletic organizations spread throughout the Charlotte and surrounding county areas of NC. 
The UNCC league also offers exciting PA announcers, Cheerleaders and Online statistics which help add excitement for the players and the crowd throughout the season.  The league also offers field photographers to capture the action throughout the year. All teams in the United Conference will be provided their very own free website.  The league website is updated every week with scores and interesting highlights of each game.
At the conclusion of the regular season, each team is offered the opportunity to participate in our post season bowl game.  To truly settle our champions, the top 4 teams in the  division participate in the highly decorated Top 4 Championship series playoff created exclusively by the NCYFL in 2003! The two winners of each division advance to the  Championship which is a huge event seen by everybody in the area! 
In short, the UNCC offers the type of quality in youth football that you and your child will be proud of!!
The United Youth Football and Cheerleading, come join the best!!!!!!!!!!




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United uncc Western NC Conference Open Invitation to all Independent groups and Leagues across NC.

All Independent groups and leagues across NC are invited to CONTACT ME now to inquire about joining us and be apart of North Carolinas United Youth Football State and National youth football and cheer events!  Any new teams or leagues interested in becoming a National United YFL member and SEE the extra free benefits offered to you should contact us today!
As a National Membership Director and Board of Governor I invite all Leagues and teams to contact me to see the National benefits offered and supported by the NFL and Football USA. We are looking for NEW conferences across NC and your league could be one of them! So contact me at www.rickyemert@gmail.com for more information.
The UNCC Western NC Conference has adopted a new division for independent groups to join at United YFL and be apart of the United Youth Football Leagues State and National tournament for 2015.
The United Western NC UNCC Conference will select up to only nine (9) maximum independent groups for the next two seasons.  
All groups must register all your football teams ($25 per team) and Cheer teams ($15 per team) to first become a United National member on our national website www.unitedyfl.com 
Note indépendant groups are clearly defined as teams whom 1. Have their own equipment 2. Obtain their own liability insurance per team
(can be purchased at a discount through United YFL) 3. Have their own practice facility 4. Have their own game facility.
 UNCC game facilities may can be provided see league for details.
 Contact us for more information at rickyemert@gmail.com