Last Updated: October 17, 2016
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Former Necco Raider Dalvin Warmack Player Of The Week!

Former Necco Raider Making A BIG Impact. Keep It Up Dalvin!

Watch to learn about a small piece of what we are about - #LFCC #MAW

Congrats To The 2015 Super Bowl Winners & Runners Up!

5th & 6th Grade Super Bowl Champs!!

3rd Grade Super Bowl Runners Up

Thank You 8th Graders!

Upcoming Games

Saturday, Oct 22
7th - 8th NSYFL
Chargers @ Necco Raiders2:30pmSan Rafael Park
5th - 6th NSYFL
Northland Chiefs @ Central Sharks10:45amHodge Park
Leavenworth Pioneers @ NKC Hornets10:45amNKC District Stadium
Chargers @ Necco Raiders10:45amSan Rafael Park
Giants @ Parkville Vikings10:45amVikings Field
4th Grade NSYFL
Chargers @ Necco Raiders12:45pmSan Rafael Park
3rd Grade NSYFL
Leavenworth Pioneers @ Necco Raiders9:00amSan Rafael Park
Flag Competitive
Leavenworth Pioneers @ Necco Raiders8:00amSan Rafael Park
Flag Deveopmental
Chargers Dev @ Necco Raiders Dev4:30pmSan Rafael Park
Flag Instructional
Chargers Instructional @ Necco Raiders Instructional5:30pmSan Rafael Park
Saturday, Oct 29
7th - 8th NSYFL
Necco Raiders @ Northland Chiefs2:30pmLine Creek Park
5th - 6th NSYFL
Necco Raiders @ Northland Chiefs10:45amLine Creek Park
Giants @ NKC Hornets10:45amNKC District Stadium
Central Sharks @ Parkville Vikings10:45amVikings Field
Chargers @ Leavenworth Pioneers10:45amWarren Middle School
4th Grade NSYFL
Necco Raiders @ Northland Chiefs12:45pmLine Creek Park
3rd Grade NSYFL
Mill Valley @ Necco Raiders9:00amMill Valley High School
Flag Competitive
Necco Raiders @ Northland Chiefs8:00amLine Creek Park
Flag Deveopmental
Necco Raiders Dev @ Northland Chiefs Dev4:30pmLine Creek Park
Flag Instructional
Necco Raiders Instructional @ Northland Chiefs Instructional5:30pmLine Creek Park

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