Last Updated: September 20, 2014

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  • 2013 NSYFL Champions in 3rd & 4th grade division and 7th & 8th grade division
  • Winners of 42 NSYFL Championships
  • Established 1984
  • #73 Raider For Life
Wingman Pairs


7  former Necco Raiders were placed on the list of Elite 81 high School football players in Kansas City

First Team

QB - Brian Sharp - Liberty North

WR - Faizol Bouchard - Staley

OL - Tanner Owen - Kearney (Mizzou Commit)

DB - KiAndre Pugh - Liberty North


Second Team

RB - Kahluna Bouchard - Staley

DL - Travan Warmack - Blue Springs

LB - Parker Mertz - Staley


See the entire list at:  




Thomas A. Simone Award Story


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Upcoming Games

Saturday,  Sep 20
5th - 6th NSYFL
Necco Raiders @ Giants 12:00pm Pleasant Valley Park
Flag Competitive
Necco Raiders @ Northland Chiefs 8:45am Line Creek Park
Tuesday,  Sep 23
B division 5th/6th grade
Raiders B 5/6 grade @ Giants B 5/6 grade 5:45pm Pleasant Valley Park
Saturday,  Sep 27
7th - 8th NSYFL
Parkville Vikings @ Necco Raiders 2:00pm San Rafael Park
5th - 6th NSYFL
Parkville Vikings @ Necco Raiders 12:00pm All Organization Fields
3rd - 4th NSYFL
Parkville Vikings @ Necco Raiders 10:00am All Organization Fields
Flag Competitive
Parkville Vikings @ Necco Raiders 8:45am San Rafael Park
Flag Deveopmental
Parkville Vikings Dev @ Necco Raiders Dev 4:00pm San Rafael Park
Flag Instructional
Chargers Instructional @ Necco Raiders Instructional 5:15pm San Rafael Park
Monday,  Sep 29
B Division 3rd/4th grade
Vikings B 3/4 grade @ Raiders B 3/4 grade 5:45pm San Rafael Park
Tuesday,  Sep 30
B division 5th/6th grade
Vikings B 5/6 grade @ Raiders B 5/6 grade 5:45pm San Rafael Park
Wednesday,  Oct 1
B division 7th/8th grade
Vikings B 7/8 grade @ Raiders B 7/ 8 grade 5:45pm San Rafael Park
Saturday,  Oct 4
7th - 8th NSYFL
Necco Raiders @ Central Sharks 2:00pm Hodge Park
5th - 6th NSYFL
Necco Raiders @ Central Sharks 12:00pm Hodge Park
3rd - 4th NSYFL
Necco Raiders @ Central Sharks 10:00am Hodge Park
Flag Competitive
Necco Raiders @ Central Sharks 8:45am Hodge Park
Flag Deveopmental
Necco Raiders Dev @ Central Sharks Dev 4:00pm Hodge Park
Flag Instructional
Necco Raiders Instructional @ Central Sharks Instructional 5:15pm Hodge Park

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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