Last Updated: September 29, 2014

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  • 2013 NSYFL Champions in 3rd & 4th grade division and 7th & 8th grade division
  • Winners of 42 NSYFL Championships
  • Established 1984
  • #73 Raider For Life



It's Shark Week

Our rival in the East will be our host at their home field (Hodge Park) this weekend

Have you heard of the Raider Killer? The Sharks believe they have one!

The Sharks ended our 3rd/4th grade Championship streak in 2012, & our 5th/6th grade streak in 2013

Kudos to them

All levels will be great match ups

This will be an exciting, and intense week of Football

Get ready Raiders one of most anticipated weekends of NSYFL football is here


3rd and 4th grade

Raiders 4-1 vs Sharks 4-2

Must win for both teams in the league’s toughest conference

Rematch of the last 2 years 3/4h grade Super Bowl game


5th and 6th grade

Raiders 6-0 vs. Sharks 6-0

Rematch of teams from 2012 3/4th grade Super Bowl loss

The game will determine the winner of the East Conference

Regular season 2014 game of the year for 5th/6th grade division


7th and 8th grade

Raiders 5-0 vs. Sharks 6-0

This will be one of the very best games in the leagues top level in the 2014 season

This game will determine the winner of the East Conference

NSYFL GameDay feature game


Thomas A. Simone Award Story


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Upcoming Games

Saturday,  Oct 4
7th - 8th NSYFL
Necco Raiders @ Central Sharks 2:00pm Hodge Park
5th - 6th NSYFL
Necco Raiders @ Central Sharks 12:00pm Hodge Park
3rd - 4th NSYFL
Necco Raiders @ Central Sharks 10:00am Hodge Park
Flag Competitive
Necco Raiders @ Central Sharks 8:45am Hodge Park
Flag Deveopmental
Necco Raiders Dev @ Central Sharks Dev 4:00pm Hodge Park
Flag Instructional
Necco Raiders Instructional @ Central Sharks Instructional 5:15pm Hodge Park
Monday,  Oct 6
B Division 3rd/4th grade
Raiders B 3/4 grade @ Sharks B 3/4 grade 5:45pm Hodge Park
Tuesday,  Oct 7
B division 5th/6th grade
Raiders B 5/6 grade @ Sharks B 5/6 grade 5:45pm Hodge Park
Wednesday,  Oct 8
B division 7th/8th grade
Raiders B 7/ 8 grade @ Sharks B 7/8 grade 5:45pm Hodge Park
Saturday,  Oct 11
7th - 8th NSYFL
Englewood Packers @ Necco Raiders 2:00pm San Rafael Park
3rd - 4th NSYFL
Englewood Packers @ Necco Raiders 10:00am All Organization Fields
Flag Competitive
Englewood Packers @ Necco Raiders 8:45am San Rafael Park
Flag Deveopmental
Necco Raiders Dev @ Parkville Vikings Dev 4:00pm Vikings Field
Flag Instructional
Englewood Packers Instructional @ Necco Raiders Instructional 5:15pm San Rafael Park
Monday,  Oct 13
B Division 3rd/4th grade
Packers B 3/4 grade @ Raiders B 3/4 grade 5:45pm San Rafael Park
Wednesday,  Oct 15
B division 7th/8th grade
Packers B 7/8 grade @ Raiders B 7/ 8 grade 5:45pm San Rafael Park

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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