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  • 2014 NSYFL Champions in 5th & 6th grade division and 7th & 8th grade division
  • Winners of 44 NSYFL Championships
  • Established 1984
  • #73 Raider For Life
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June 1, 2015



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3rd/4th grade Championship

Longhorns 13     Raiders 6


35-6 was the score of the first game played between these two teams. 3 weeks later the score in the Championship was 13-6 and the Raiders put themselves in a position to have a chance in the final minutes of the game. So proud of how far this team came throughout the year. #73 had to be smiling as he watched our young Raiders give all they had in a game few people thought the Raiders had a chance to win (except the entire Raider Family). Many first year players learned how to become football players, they became Raiders, and as a group they became a team to be proud of.  Great job young Raiders, it will be fun to watch you continue to grow next year!


5th and 6th grade Championship

Raiders 48           Chargers 7


This team was dominant all season, and the championship proved no different. So many weapons, and they work together so well. Our Pirate coaching on the sidelines had to be proud of the Love, Courage, Friendship that was so evident in this team, and there was never a doubt that they would end as a Champion. Many players return next year and will be joined by a very talented group of 4th graders should be fun to watch in 2015. Very proud of this team and how they represent Raider Nation.


7th and 8th grade Championship

Raiders 46           Chargers 3


The most appropriate way to summarize this team and this season is WOW!!! Many people doubted this group, some said the Raiders were down this year and the Chargers were the best team in the league. The 2014 Raider Class had to prove who they were one last time. This was first Necco Raider team to win the Flag Super Bowl in 2008 and from that point on they progressed to win every tackle Championship.  The Class of 2014 was the first team ever in the NSYFL to win all 7 championships (Flag-8th grade) with an overall record of 59-1. They ended their Raider careers with an exclamation point for any doubters. After an early field goal the Raiders went on to score 46 straight points in the first half using many weapons on offense, and showing it is nearly impossible to score against their Defense. This group of Raiders were the true definition of TEAM, they had a lot of talented football players, that brought that talent together, and formed one of the most successful Raider teams of all time. So proud of these Young Men and we will be looking forward to what comes next for many of them in high school.


Thomas A. Simone Award Story


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