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  • 2013 NSYFL Champions in 3rd & 4th grade division and 7th & 8th grade division
  • Winners of 42 NSYFL Championships
  • Established 1984
  • #73 Raider For Life
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Tomorrow kicks off our first full schedule of games at Raider Field. Many good matchups are on the schedule, and one mammoth game will be played. GAME DAY at RAIDER FIELD!!! Raider Nation puts on a great show, and creates a great environment. Let’s FILL THE HILL Saturday for our big matchups with another great organization... the Chargers.    


The future of the Raiders is shining bright this year. We have full rosters on all 3 flag teams and a lot of bright young talent, with good energetic coaches. The Flag program has been restored to a level we can be very proud of. Come out and support these youngest members of the Raiders as they put their competitive skills on display for Raider Nation.

8:45 am                 Competitive Flag              Chargers vs. Raiders

4:00 pm                Developmental Flag        Chargers vs. Raiders

5:15 pm                Instructional Flag              Chargers vs. Raiders


3rd and 4th Grade Raiders (1-0) vs. Chargers (0-1) 

The Raiders have a very new group of Raiders with only a handful of returners from last year’s NSYFL Championship team.  However, as good teams do they have reloaded, and found a lot of new talent that is working through the learning curve of tackle football, done the Raider way. The team features two of the best running backs you will see in the league in Amari Richardson (#9) and Garrett Smith (#25).  The two running backs are only two of a group of very good players that are learning to come together as a team and reach their potential.  



5th and 6th grade Raiders (1-0) vs. Chargers (1-0) 

The 5th and 6th grade Raiders may be the pride of our organization this year. They have two classes full of very experienced, successful football players. With lots of talent in every position, the Raiders will look to rebound to championship form this year and should be very exciting to watch. They will face a strong opponent in the Chargers who won their first game of the year against the Longhorns 14-7.


 7th and 8th Grade Raiders (1-0) vs. Chargers (1-0)

This is perhaps the most anticipated regular season game of the year in the NSYFL. The Raiders 8th grade class have won the championship every year (6 Championships), they were the first Raider Flag team to win the championship, and have a chance to be the only team in NYSFL history to win 7 championships. However, they are not favored to meet that task, and are the underdogs in this game. Our Raiders have only one blemish on their record, a loss to the Chargers in 2012 in a regular season game. That same Chargers team will be coming to Raider Field after winning their first game of the season in commanding fashion against the Wildcats (49-12). Many people don’t believe the Raiders are up to the challenge this year. The word is that our team is too small, slow, and not savvy enough to match up with the Chargers. Come see how our 7th and 8th grade team answer their critics.


Dear Lord the battles we go through life, 

We ask for a chance that’s fair 

A chance to equal our stride 

A chance to do or dare


If we should win, let it be by the code, 

Faith and Honor held high 


If we should lose, well stand by the road, 

And cheer as the Chargers go by


Day by Day, we get better and better! 

Til We can’t be beat…







Thomas A. Simone Award Story


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Upcoming Games

Saturday,  Aug 30
7th - 8th NSYFL
Giants @ Englewood Packers 2:00pm Englewood Park
Central Sharks @ Northland Chiefs 2:00pm Plaza Middle School
Chargers @ Necco Raiders 2:00pm San Rafael Park
Rams @ Wildcats 2:00pm Smithville Lake dam Park
5th - 6th NSYFL
Giants @ Englewood Packers 12:00pm Englewood Park
Jets @ Central Sharks 12:00pm Plaza Middle School
Chargers @ Necco Raiders 12:00pm San Rafael Park
Rams @ Northland Longhorns 12:00pm Smithville Lake dam Park
3rd - 4th NSYFL
Giants @ Englewood Packers 10:00am Englewood Park
Central Sharks @ Jets 10:00am Plaza Middle School
Chargers @ Necco Raiders 10:00am San Rafael Park
Rams @ Northland Longhorns 10:00am Smithville Lake dam Park
Flag Competitive
Chargers @ Necco Raiders 8:45am San Rafael Park
Flag Deveopmental
Chargers Dev @ Necco Raiders Dev 4:00pm San Rafael Park
Flag Instructional
Chargers Instructional @ Necco Raiders Instructional 5:15pm San Rafael Park
Monday,  Sep 1
B Division 3rd/4th grade
Chargers B 3/4 grade @ Raiders B 3/4 grade 5:45pm All Organization Fields
Tuesday,  Sep 2
B division 5th/6th grade
Chargers B 5/6 grade @ Raiders B 5/6 grade 5:45pm San Rafael Park
Wednesday,  Sep 3
B division 7th/8th grade
Chargers B 7/8 grade @ Raiders B 7/ 8 grade 5:45pm San Rafael Park
Saturday,  Sep 6
7th - 8th NSYFL
Necco Raiders @ Northland Chiefs 2:00pm Line Creek Park
5th - 6th NSYFL
Necco Raiders @ Northland Chiefs 12:00pm Line Creek Park
3rd - 4th NSYFL
Northland Chiefs @ Necco Raiders 10:00am All Organization Fields
Flag Competitive
Necco Raiders @ Northland Chiefs 8:45am Line Creek Park
Flag Deveopmental
Necco Raiders Dev @ Northland Chiefs Dev 4:00pm Line Creek Park
Flag Instructional
Necco Raiders Instructional @ Northland Chiefs Instructional 5:15pm Line Creek Park
Monday,  Sep 8
B Division 3rd/4th grade
Chiefs B 3/4 grade @ Raiders B 3/4 grade 5:45pm All Organization Fields
Tuesday,  Sep 9
B division 5th/6th grade
Chiefs B 5/6 grade @ Raiders B 5/6 grade 5:45pm Line Creek Park
B division 7th/8th grade
Raiders B 7/ 8 grade @ Chiefs B 7/8 grade 7:00pm Line Creek Park

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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