Last Updated: November 24, 2015
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Revisions to Bracket

October 29, 2015

Please see article with revisions to bracket.  These changes are effective 10-29-15 

Cleats with Cleavage had enough players to play individually without combining teams (YAY) so we have added a game to the bracket and scheduled times are off by 30 minutes.


6:30 and 7:00 games did NOT change.


Jodi, your team plays at 7:30 now instead of 8:30.


All teams will play a first round before the home-run derby


Thanks for your patience and understanding!  


Yall are the BEST!





OK Ladies,

Here are the time slots for the bracket games: One Pitch, Single Elimination, Team Pitcher pitches to own team

6:30 - "A" Game  ---  Warriors   vs   Tornadoes

7:00 - "B" Game  ---  Chicks w/Sticks   vs   Ammunition

7:30 - "C" Game  ---  Cleats w/Cleavage   vs   Multiple Scoregasm

8:00  -  9:00  Homerun Derby

9:00 - "D" Game  ---  Bad News Babes of Ball Ground   vs   Winner of "B" Game

9:30 - "E" Game  ---  Winner of "A" & "C" Game - TBA

10:00  -  "F" Game  ---  Winner of "D" & "E" Game - TBA

Coaches, please encourage players to dress up for Halloween.  This should be alot of FUN!

Also, we are having a cake walk, so if players could bring a cake to donate, that would be great!  It will be $1.00 to $2.00, depending on the number of cakes, to participate in walk.  

Face Painting will be available for $1.00

See Yall there!




Good Afternoon Ladies,

I wanted to post some information regarding the upcoming "Boo Tournament" on 10-30-15

We will take the wins / losses from the beginning of the season through the 10-23-15 game and set up a game bracket for game order.  ***Please confirm that your team is playing so we can complete the bracket ASAP.  It is not mandatory to play..but we would love to see you there.  

Please review the guidelines below.   All proceeds will go to Heather Weaver to help with medical expenses due to broken leg at the 10-09-15 game.  

1.  There is a $5.00 fee per player.  Coaches, please collect from your team and turn in to Sheila.  We will also have a donation jar available.  Thanks in advance for being a great group of ladies!!

2.  You will be allowed to dress up for Halloween, but please keep it tasteful.  Do not show up barely dressed.

3.  This is a 1-pitch, single elimination tournament, with a run limit of 7 runs per inning.  Games should last approx. 30 minutes each

4.  After the first round of games, there will be a home-run derby.  This will be $5.00 per player to enter.  Winner will receive 1/2 the money collected for the derby. 

5.  Team's pitcher will pitch to their players.  

6.  You will run the bases backwards. 3rd, 2nd, 1st, then home.  A marker will be placed down 1st base line, if you get confused and run to 1st and cross the line, you are OUT.  

7.  Encourage the youth to dress up also.  We will have a costume contest and a prize will go to the winner.  Also, there will be face painting for all who dare :)

8.  The youth will also have a longest throw competition, which is $1.00 per throw.  

9.  If you cannot participate, please donate for this great cause.  You can contact Sheila Dobson or Kim Kilgore for information.

10.  Thanks again to all the great ladies that make NECS a league to be proud of and for the community that supports our Friday night games.  YOU GALS / GUYS ROCK!




Rain Rain, Go Away!

Games are cancelled tonight (10-2-15) due to the rain.  Games may possibly be played on 11-13-15. We will keep you updated.

Have a safe weekend!


Games Rescheduled 9-25-15 to 11-6-15 Same Times

Due to Fall Break and most players being out of town next week, and to avoid game forfeits:

Games are rescheduled from 9-25-15 to 11-6-15...same times.

Thank you


No Concession on Game Nights

September 6, 2015

Hi Ladies!

SO excited for Fall Softball to begin!

Keep in mind that the city is not opening the concession at our field on game nights due to Creekland/Creekview softball games being played on the boys baseball field.  We have the field only on Friday nights, so any make-up games will be hard to schedule. 

Please bring water or Gatorades with you to the games.

The schedule is posted through 10-23-15, with the intention of playing a Boo Tournament on the 30th if any teams are interested.  Please let Sheila know so we can schedule.

Looking forward to a great season!




NECS Ladies ROCK!!

September 16, 2015

Great games for our first Friday night of the season!! The rain couldn't hold us back!  LOL!!

Be sure to check the schedules for changes..I am checking with the city to see if we can possibly move our 9/25 game to 11/7..same game times..due to Fall Break at schools and a lot of players may be out of town. I will text the coaches with definite changes.  

See you gals Friday night :)