Last Updated: February 19, 2017
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Up Coming Clinics and Classes!

Scorekeeping training on Tuesday, Feb 21st at Newmark Little League.  This Clinic will start 6pm.  All volunteers are welcomed to attend!

Rules Clinic, hosted by District 43 on Wed, Feb 22nd at Western Regionals.  Start time 6pm.  Everyone is encouraged to attend.  Come learn about the rules of the game and be a positive influence in the stands!

First Aid and Coaches Clinic, Hosted by Cajon Baseball on Thur, Feb 23rd at Newmark Little league.  Start time 6pm.

Umpire Clinic, Hosted by District 43 on Sat, Feb 25th at Newmark Little league.  Start time 2pm

Child Protection and Awareness Class on Tue, Feb 28th at Newmark Little League.  Start time 6pm.







Over the past two Saturdays Newmark Little League conducted interviews of all the individuals who filled out applications to manage a team in our league this season. On Thursday January 19th, Newmark Little League's "Board Of Directors" selected the individuals who will be responsible for leading our many teams this season in all of our divisions of play. The process of selection was done by vote from all of our directors by considering what were the needs of the league and also of those who were interviewed. Here are the results, but please keep in mind that we may have to add more teams and managers in certain divisions in the next few weeks depending on how many more players register over the next two weeks. Newmark Little League would like to thank all of you who applied and would like to remind you that even if you were not selected to manage please look into coaching on whatever team your son or daughter gets on. We actually need more coaches on our respective teams than managers, so you will be needed. Thank you!



MAJOR DIVISION: Tim Bougie, Steve Thomas, Glen Lomenick, Chris Singleton and Quang Nguyen

MINOR DIVISION: Charlie Muschell, Ron Terry, Josh Peterson, Craig Collins, Steven Betancourt and Albert Lorrabaquio  

FARM DIVISION: Jesse Shafer, Rusty Koster, Joe Tafoya, Daniel Longoria and Gary McDowell

TEE-BALL DIVISION: Andrew Johnson, Jodie Black, Larry Romo and Gabriel Alverez

PEE-WEE DIVISION: Zachary Hisey, Jonathan Hall, Richard Garcia, Gerald Gates and Katherine Tillman


MAJOR SOFTBALL DIVISION: Joe Santos and Lisa Hernandez

MINOR SOFTBALL DIVISION: John Howze and Kayla Cash

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Managers and Coaches, we have a new section here on our website devoted just for you. It called the "Training Center" and the icon is located under the "Main Menu" on the left side of this page. This section of the website has some "Free" information on baseball drills and techniques from a variety of instructors in the game that you can use on your players. It covers all aspects of baseball: hitting, fielding, pitching, and base running. So, please check it out and start using some of these drills on your players so that they can become the best that they can be!

Upcoming Events

Saturday, Feb 25
Picture Day8:00amNewmark Little League
Saturday, Mar 4
OPENING DAY9:00amNewmark Little League
Saturday, Jun 3
CLOSING CEREMONIES1:00pmNewmark Little League

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