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The "All-Star Brackets" for our ten baseball and softball all-star teams are now online. This year's "District 43 Tournaments" begin on Saturday, June 20th and end in the first week of July at five different venues within the district. The "Section 8 Tournaments" begin in the second week in July for our teams that qualifiy. For game results, scheduled games and standings for each of our teams just click on the "Game Schedules, Game Results and Standings" tabs to the left of this page. Or you can get an overview of everything that happens with our teams by clicking on the "Calendar" tab also. To view the brackets click "All-Star Brackets" 


Newmark Little League is now accepting "Fall-Ball Registrations" for the following divisions: Pee-Wee, Tee-Ball, Farm, Minor, Major and Junior. All registrations will be done at Newmark Little League in the snack bar during the 10 and 11 year old all-star District 43 and South Sub-Divisional tournaments. The cost will be $40.00 per player if paying with cash or $42.00 per player if paying with your credit card. Your child will receive a hat and t-shirt which they will be able to keep at the end of the season. The season runs from mid-September to mid-November with games played on Saturdays. Wins or loses are not kept and the emphasis is put on teaching the fundamentals of the game with equal playing time for all players. This is the perfect opportunity for your son or daughter to sharpen up their skill level and get ready for the 2016 spring season. You will not regret it. To have any questions answered please text our Player Agent, Shannon Taylor @ 951-237-5413. Thank you!


Now that our regular season is complete, the first place teams from our minor and major divisions turned their attention to playing in the "District 43 Tournament Of Champions". This year's format was a single elimination tournament with each league sending it's first place teams from both the minor and major divisions. Our teams that participated this year were the major division Padres and the minor division Nationals. Play commenced on Friday, June 12th, and ran through Thursday, June 18th, which was the championship game for the major division. The minor division championship game was played on Wednesday, June 17th. All games for the major division were played at Wildwood Little League and all games for the minor division were played at Civitan Little League. Listed below are the tournament results for the Padres and Nationals.

                                                                      Major Game #1-June 12th: Central Little League 4 Padres 0 (Padres Eliminated)

                                                                      Minor Game #1-June 13th: KKC 11 Nationals 1 (Nationals Eliminated)



Now that the spring season had been completed, Newmark Little League turned it's attention to hosting the end-of-the-season "Farm Division Tournament". This year all seven of our farm teams participated in a week long tournament to see who would be crowned the tournament champion. This year's regular season was used to determine the seeding order for the tournament with the top seed getting a first round bye while the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh seeds started things off. The seven teams that participated in the farm division were the Rays, Mets, Phillies, Red Sox, Athletics, Orioles and Giants. All games were played at Newmark on Hague and Karper Fields. The tournament was an exciting one with close games and lots of action, with huge crowds coming on down to Newmark to check out the youngsters as they competed for the "Farm Division Tournament Championship". Listed below are the tournament results.


Farm Game #1-June 1st: Rays 7 Mets 6 (Rays Advance)

Farm Game #2-June 2nd: Phillies 7 Orioles 2 (Phillies Advance)

Farm Game #3-June 2nd: Athletics 6 Red Sox 2 (Athletics Advance)

Farm Game #4-June 3rd: Giants 8 Rays 1 (Giants Advance) 

Farm Game #5-June 4th: Phillies Defeated The Athletics (Phillies Advance)

Farm Championship Game-June 6th: Giants Defeated The Phillies 

"Giants Are The Farm Division Tournament Champions" 


Managers, just a friendly reminder to all of you that unless you are participating in all-stars it is your responsibility to contact our "Equipment Manager-Mike Allen" immediately and arrange a date and time to return your "GEAR". If your equipment is not returned in a timely manner you will not be getting your deposit money back. We will have to use that money to purchase new equipment for the upcoming fall season. Mike can be reached @ 909-786-9707. Thank you very much!


The 2015 Newmark Little League Constitution is now online. It outlines how the inner workings of our league need to be conducted. Please take the time to read it over to familiarize yourself with all the different rules and regulations that we must adhere to in the operation of our league. Just click on the link to check it out. Thank you!


Over the past several months Newmark Little League's "By-Law Committee" had been going over our league by-laws with the idea of improving them. While much of what was in the by-laws remained good the committee found a few things that they felt could be improved. So, with the blessing of the Board of Directors, they re-wrote the by-laws and submitted them for ratification to the 2014/2015 Board Of Directors. Upon review Newmark's Board Of Directors voted to approve the new by-laws, which took effect immediately. So please click on the link above to read your new "2015 League By-Laws".


Managers and Coaches, we have a new section here on our website devoted just for you. It called the "Training Center" and the icon is located under the "Main Menu" on the left side of this page. This section of the website has some "Free" information on baseball drills and techniques from a variety of instructors in the game that you can use on your players. It covers all aspects of baseball: hitting, fielding, pitching, and base running. So, please check it out and start using some of these drills on your players so that they can become the best that they can be!