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Closing Ceremonies
Monday, June 6, 2016   5:30 PM

Senior Second Half Sign Ups

Come on down to Newmark this Thursday 5/19 at 4pm to Try out and sign up for Senior Baseball Second half. The games are starting ! The cost is $50 and it includes hat, jersey, insurance. League Ages 13-16. Tryouts will be held at Western Regionals Field


District Big League Baseball also this Thursday 5/19 at 7pm at Post 777. The cost is $50 payable to CA District 43. Must be League age 14-18 and reside in District 43 boundaries.

Lets Play Ball!


On Monday, June 6th, right after the conclusion of the "Farm Championship Game", Newmark Little League will have it's annual "Closing Ceremonies/All-Star Announcements" on Karper Field. Recognition will be given to all of our teams from all of our divisions for their efforts during this spring season, so it is imperative that all teams attend this very important event. In addition to this we will be announcing our All-Star teams that will begin play at the end of June. So, please come on down to Newmark and check out the "Farm Division Championship Game" and then stick around for the closing ceremonies and all-star announcements. Start time for the "Farm Championship Game" is 5:30 pm will be a fun evening. Thank you!


Managers, At your last games please return your equipment to  Paul Barrios. This includes all of your equipment, Manager Books, buckets, balls, batting t-s, catchers equipment and keys that were issued to you. Paul will return your deposit money that you gave him at the beginning of the season. Thanks to all of you for a fine season. If you need to get ahold of Paul to make other arrangements his phone number is 909-342-3809. Thank you! 

Field Clean Up

Its time for Your Team Field Clean up.  Attached is the schedule for all teams, our fields are beautiful and so lets keep them that way.

Items to bring include: Gloves, Shovels, Rakes, Leaf Blowers, Wheel barrels, Hula hoes, Trash cans, Extension cords, Water and Sun block.

And remember many hands makes for light work.



Game schedules for the Pee-Wee, Tee-Ball, Farm, Minor and Major baseball divisions are now online. Schedules for the Junior baseball division as well as all of the softball divisions will be added once District 43 provides the schedules. To access these schedules just click on the "Game Schedules" link under the main menu on the left side of this page. Thank you!


This season's "Team Snack Bar Schedule" is now online. Please click the tab Forms and Documents on the left side of this page to view or print. Remember, every team is required to work the snack bar on their scheduled dates and times. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact our Snack Bar Manager, Debra Natera at 909-572-9428   Thank you!


Saturday, March 5th, will be the 68th time Newmark Little League will conduct "Opening Ceremonies". It will begin at 12:00 PM on "Karper Field" and will include the drawing for our annual fundraiser prizes. All teams need to be present and dressed in full uniform. In addition to the ceremonies, regular season games will begin and all teams are encouraged to set up a booth to sell products or services to raise funds for your year-end team party. For more information on the "Team Fundraiser & Barbecue", please contact Christina Smith at 951-830-3499. Thank you!


On February 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th, "Newmark Little League" conducted "Team Drafts" for the Farm, Minor, Major, Junior, Minor Softball, Major Softball, Junior Softball and Senior Softball divisions. It was the manager's responsibility to notify his players parent's as to what team their son or daughter was drafted on and when they will start practices. For the Pee-Wee and Tee-Ball divisions there was no draft and those teams were formed at random. If you have not heard what team your son or daughter is on by Monday, please text our Player Agent, Shannon Taylor, at 951-237-5413. Thank you!

Rained Out Field Status

Check our Newmark Field Status and get Field Updates texted to you. Sign up for our Alerts at Rained Out!

Join Newmark Little League Baseball and Softball text alerts on RainedOut


The 2016 Newmark Little League Constitution is now online. It outlines how the inner workings of our league need to be conducted. Please take the time to read it over to familiarize yourself with all the different rules and regulations that we must adhere to in the operation of our league. Just click on the link to check it out. Thank you!


Over the past several months Newmark Little League's "By-Law Committee" had been going over our league by-laws with the idea of improving them. While much of what was in the by-laws remained good the committee found a few things that they felt could be improved. So, with the blessing of the Board of Directors, they re-wrote the by-laws and submitted them for ratification to the 2015/2016 Board Of Directors. Upon review Newmark's Board Of Directors voted to approve the new by-laws, which took effect immediately. So please see the 2015/2016 By Laws in the Forms and Handouts section of our Website


Managers and Coaches, we have a new section here on our website devoted just for you. It called the "Training Center" and the icon is located under the "Main Menu" on the left side of this page. This section of the website has some "Free" information on baseball drills and techniques from a variety of instructors in the game that you can use on your players. It covers all aspects of baseball: hitting, fielding, pitching, and base running. So, please check it out and start using some of these drills on your players so that they can become the best that they can be!

Upcoming Games

Tuesday, May 31
Scrappers @ Rock Hounds5:30pmEngland Field (Newmark Little League)
Twins @ Diamondbacks5:30pmKarper Field
Newmark Mariners @ Central 66ers6:00pmCentral Little League
Newmark Braves @ Blake Nationals6:00pmLocation
Wednesday, Jun 1
66ers @ Indians5:30pmEngland Field (Newmark Little League)
Dodgers @ Giants5:30pmKarper Field
Angels @ Padres7:30pmKarper Field
Major Softball
Newmark Spartans @ Mountains Waves5:30pmMountains Little League:Twin Peaks Field
Highland Ravens @ Newmark Huskers5:30pmNewmark Little League
Wildwood Wildcats @ Newmark Rebels5:30pmWildwood Little League
Thursday, Jun 2
Minor Softball
Newmark Oregon Ducks @ Blake Lil' Angels5:30pmBlake Little League
Friday, Jun 3
Giants @ Twins5:30pmKarper Field
Angels @ Astros7:30pmKarper Field
Saturday, Jun 4
Dodgers @ 66ers12:00pmEngland Field (Newmark Little League)
Indians @ Tigers1:30pmEngland Field (Newmark Little League)
White Sox @ Dodgers11:00amKarper Field
Diamondbacks @ Angels1:00pmKarper Field
Yankees @ Dodgers3:00pmKarper Field
Newmark Braves @ Newmark Mariners10:00amWestern Regional Headquarters
Minor Softball
Wildwood Wildcats @ Newmark Oregon Ducks5:30pmNewmark Little League
Major Softball
Newmark Rebels @ Mountains Waves9:00amMountains Little League:Twin Peaks Field
Wildwood Wildcats @ Newmark Spartans9:00amNewmark Little League
Blake Attitude @ Newmark Huskers11:30amNewmark Little League
Monday, Jun 6
Major Softball
Newmark Huskers @ Mountains Waves5:30pmMountains Little League:Twin Peaks Field
Mountains Sun Devils @ Newmark Rebels5:30pmNewmark Little League
Highland Ravens @ Newmark Spartans7:45pmHighland Little League

For a complete schedule listing, click here!