Last Updated: April 23, 2014

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  • League Rules can be found in the Bulletin Board area.
  • Please read NP Recreation's Behavioral Expecations (in Bulletin Board area).



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Thank you to the following businesses and organizations for their generous support of the 2014 Baseball, Softball and T-Ball season!

Davies Insurance Management

Dr. Bob Robinson, Orthodontist

Dumont Sports Floors & Equipment

Five Star Driving School  

Glenn Davis State Farm, Berkeley Heights

Lassus Wherley

Lodge Linne #429 VOA

New Providence PBA Local 132

NP Fuel

Lions Club of New Providence

Paolo’s Kitchen

Segal & Segal

Stashluk Plumbing, Heating, AC & Generators

Stop & Shop Berkeley Heights

Summit Elks Lodge 1246


Directions to all Borough fields are available on the Recreation Web site at

Upcoming Games/Practices

Thursday,  Apr 24
T-Ball (Kindergarten)
Dodgers @ Athletics 6:00pm Hillview #1 (diamond near school)
SKILLS INSTRUCTION @ Phillies 6:00pm Hillview #1A (near playground/street)
Yankees @ Pirates 6:00pm Hillview #2 (diamond near street)
SKILLS INSTRUCTION @ Mets 6:00pm Hillview #2A (rear field)
3rd-5th Grade Softball
Phillies/Lions Club of New Providence @ Dodgers/Dr. Bob Robinson, Orthodontist 6:00pm Salt Brook #1 (near street)
1st Grade Baseball
PRACTICE Athletics 6:00pm Grove Field (off Division Ave)
Yankees @ Mets 6:00pm Lincoln Field #1 (back field)
Phillies @ Pirates 6:00pm Lincoln Field #2 (street left diamond)
2nd Grade Baseball
PRACTICE Athletics/Lassus Wherley 6:00pm Grove Field (off Division Ave)
Mets/Dr. Bob Robinson, Orthodontist @ Yankees/Lions Club of New Providence 6:00pm Lions Field (190 Livingston Ave.)
Phillies/Lodge Linne #429 VOA @ Pirates/Davies Insurance Management 6:00pm Oakwood Park #2 (near houses)
Friday,  Apr 25
3rd/4th Grade Baseball
Phillies/Glenn Davis State Farm, Berkeley Heights @ Yankees/Dr. Bob Robinson, Orthodontist 6:00pm Hillview #1 (diamond near school)
Athletics/NP Fuel @ Mets/Dumont Sports Floor & Equipment 6:00pm Hillview #2 (diamond near street)
PRACTICE Pirates/Segal & Segal 6:00pm Lions Field (190 Livingston Ave.)
5th/6th Grade Baseball
Athletics/Summit Elks Lodge 1246 @ Mets/Stashluk Plumbing, Heating, AC & Generators 6:00pm Oakwood Park #1 (near playground)
Yankees/Five Star Driving School @ Phillies/Paolo's Kitchen 6:00pm Oakwood Park #2 (near houses)
Saturday,  Apr 26
1st/2nd Grade Softball
PRACTICE Athletics/New Providence P.B.A. Local 132 1:30pm Salt Brook #1 (near street)
PRACTICE Mets/Lodge Linne #429 VOA 1:30pm Salt Brook #2 (near school)
PRACTICE Phillies/Stop & Shop Berkeley Heights 3:00pm Salt Brook #1 (near street)
PRACTICE Yankees/Lassus Wherley 3:00pm Salt Brook #2 (near school)
3rd-5th Grade Softball
PRACTICE Dodgers/Dr. Bob Robinson, Orthodontist 11:00pm Salt Brook #1 (near street)
PRACTICE Phillies/Lions Club of New Providence 11:00pm Salt Brook #2 (near school)
1st Grade Baseball
PRACTICE Mets 8:00am Lincoln Field #2 (street left diamond)
PRACTICE Athletics 1:30pm Lincoln Field #1 (back field)
PRACTICE Pirates 1:30pm Lincoln Field #1 (back field)
PRACTICE Yankees 1:30pm Lincoln Field #2 (street left diamond)
PRACTICE Phillies 3:00pm Lincoln Field #1 (back field)
2nd Grade Baseball
PRACTICE Pirates/Davies Insurance Management 1:30pm Lions Field (190 Livingston Ave.)
PRACTICE Yankees/Lions Club of New Providence 1:30pm Lions Field (190 Livingston Ave.)
PRACTICE Athletics/Lassus Wherley 3:00pm Lions Field (190 Livingston Ave.)
PRACTICE Phillies/Lodge Linne #429 VOA 3:00pm Lions Field (190 Livingston Ave.)
PRACTICE Mets/Dr. Bob Robinson, Orthodontist 4:30pm Lions Field (190 Livingston Ave.)
3rd/4th Grade Baseball
PRACTICE Phillies/Glenn Davis State Farm, Berkeley Heights 9:00am Lions Field (190 Livingston Ave.)
PRACTICE Athletics/NP Fuel 10:30am Lions Field (190 Livingston Ave.)
PRACTICE Mets/Dumont Sports Floor & Equipment 12:00pm Lions Field (190 Livingston Ave.)
PRACTICE Yankees/Dr. Bob Robinson, Orthodontist 3:00pm Lincoln Field #2 (street left diamond)
PRACTICE Pirates/Segal & Segal 4:30pm Lincoln Field #2 (street left diamond)
5th/6th Grade Baseball
PRACTICE Mets/Stashluk Plumbing, Heating, AC & Generators 1:30pm Roberts Field #1 (near school)
PRACTICE Yankees/Five Star Driving School 1:30pm Roberts Field #2 (rear field)
PRACTICE Athletics/Summit Elks Lodge 1246 3:00pm Roberts Field #1 (near school)
PRACTICE Phillies/Paolo's Kitchen 3:00pm Roberts Field #2 (rear field)
Monday,  Apr 28
1st/2nd Grade Softball
Athletics/New Providence P.B.A. Local 132 @ Phillies/Stop & Shop Berkeley Heights 6:00pm Salt Brook #1 (near street)
Mets/Lodge Linne #429 VOA @ Yankees/Lassus Wherley 6:00pm Salt Brook #2 (near school)
3rd/4th Grade Baseball
Pirates/Segal & Segal @ Athletics/NP Fuel 6:00pm Hillview #1 (diamond near school)
Mets/Dumont Sports Floor & Equipment @ Phillies/Glenn Davis State Farm, Berkeley Heights 6:00pm Hillview #2 (diamond near street)
PRACTICE Yankees/Dr. Bob Robinson, Orthodontist 6:00pm Lions Field (190 Livingston Ave.)
5th/6th Grade Baseball
Athletics/Summit Elks Lodge 1246 @ Phillies/Paolo's Kitchen 6:00pm Oakwood Park #1 (near playground)
Mets/Stashluk Plumbing, Heating, AC & Generators @ Yankees/Five Star Driving School 6:00pm Oakwood Park #2 (near houses)
Tuesday,  Apr 29
T-Ball (Kindergarten)
Yankees @ Dodgers 6:00pm Hillview #1 (diamond near school)
SKILLS INSTRUCTION @ Pirates 6:00pm Hillview #1A (near playground/street)
SKILLS INSTRUCTION @ Mets 6:00pm Hillview #2 (diamond near street)
SKILLS INSTRUCTION @ Phillies 6:00pm Hillview #2 (diamond near street)
SKILLS INSTRUCTION @ Athletics 6:00pm Hillview #2A (rear field)

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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