Last Updated: July 6, 2015 
10BB Division: 2015 District 18 Champions - 
11BB Division: 2015 District 18 Champions - 
Little League Division (LLBB): 2015 District 18 Champions -
Intermediate Division (50/70): 2015 District 18 Champions - Stafford
Junior Division: 2015 District 18 Champions -
Senior Division: 2015 District 18 Champions - Barnegat
Big League Division: 2015 District 18 Champions - Brick
Intermediate (50/70) Bracket
Junior Bracket
Senior Bracket

NOTE: Brackets are for reference only - use master schedule for game site & times.

Also, all "bracket" games are coin flip for home/away. Only pool play games home/away

are pre-determined by what is on schedule.

2015 BlueClaws Invitational Games

Sunday June 21st the Blue Claws will be hosting D18 games, one Junior & one Senior, immediately after their home game & events that day.  Please consider attending their game that day - 732-901-7000 for tickets.
Junior game game will start around 4 :15pm with the Senior game starting shortly after (around 7pm). There is no charge for admission for our games.

Junior South 8 - Junior North 6 (both teams pictured below)

Senior North 12 - Senior South 12 (both teams pictured below)

2015 D18/D11 Senior League North Inter-League Rules
(Asbury Park, Brick, Holbrook, Howell Central, North Howell & Jackson)

2015 D18/D11 Big League Inter-League Rules
(Brick, Jackson, North Howell & TRELL)