Last Updated: April 24, 2014
 Schedule's Posted. Re-Check 15/u Elite & Supreme practice tonight. All teams remember to check website for any game changes at Friday 1pm  

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  • NOC Stars win USSSA National Title 17/u Platnium Div
  • Blue looks even better than Ever!!!!!!!!!! New Faces Going Places!
  • Failure to Prepare is Preparing For Failure...
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Schedule for 16/u Elite, Silver, Gold & Red

All games at Estancia HS 2323 Placentia Ave Costa Mesa 92627

16/u Elite: Sat 1:50pm & 3:30pm

Team Silver: Sat 2:40pm & 5:10pm

Team Gold: Sunday 3:30pm & 5:10pm

Team Red: Sat 5:10pm & 6pm


Swoosh Spring Classic for 17/u Supreme, 16/u Supreme, 15/u Supreme

All Games at Cypress College 9200 Valley View st Cypress 90630

17/u Supreme: Sat 10am vs Scorpians

                             4pm vs Team X

                       Sun 9am vs Renegades 

16/u Supreme: Sat 9am vs Scorpians

                       Sun 8am vs So Cal USA

                              10am vs Showtime

15/u Supreme: Sat 6pm vs CBS

                       Sun 3pm vs Irvine Trojans

                             5pm vs Wolverines


Double Pump Hoop Fest Schedule for 17/u Elite & 15/u Elite

Friday Nights schedule only. All other games will be determined by our records.

NOC 17/u Elite: Friday 4/25 - Be at the Map Sports Facility at 6pm. After game you will view the NCAA clinic.

                       Map  located at 12552 Western Ave Garden Grove 92841

                       Game is at 7:10pm vs BTI All-Stars CT#MP5

NOC 15/u Elite (playing in 16/u Division) - Be at American Sports Center at 6pm. You will view NCAA clinic after game.

                       American Sports Center located at 1500 S. Anaheim Blvd Anaheim 92801

                        Game is at 7:10pm vs Each Teach One CT#C-1

Hoop Review Results

April 12 & 13th 115 teams wit Calif Prep,, Burlison on Basketball,, Hoop Review, Full Time Hoops and Cal Hi Sports evaluating the teams and players. Here's how we did:

17/u Elite went 3-1 with a #22 ranking out of 61 teams. Matt Casing, Jordann Gillet, Anthony Ballestros and Trevor Treinen were ranked high with right ups being sent out to 182 Colleges. Honorable mention was Evan and Justin.

16/u Elite went 0-4. Team was ranked #26 out of 32 teams. Steven Riley, Kaipo Villeza were ranked high. Honorable mention was Grant and Andrew O.

15/u Elite went 4-0 with a #3 ranking out of 22 teams. Brendan H, Pearson P, Noah S were ranked high. Jacob Lord and Cody K wre given Honorable mention.

Coach Couso will discuss your evaluations next week with each player personally. Great Job NOC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Las Vegas Direct Reservation Link is on our website

To All Players and Parents going to Las Vegas Nationals with NOC in either May or June, we now have a direct link to the website. This way you get the team discount. Go to the left columm and click on Links. That's all you have to do.

Teams going in May: 17/u Supreme, 16/u Elite, 15/u Elite, Team Gold & Team Red

Teams going in June: 17/u Elite, 16/u Supreme, 15/u Supreme, Team Silver & Team Black

Reminder.Please stay a the host hotel so the players can swim and have a good time together. Also the games are in the host hotels Convention Center's so your not driving from gym to gym.

Boys & Girls Club of Buena Park located @ 7758 Knott Ave. Buena Park
Servite HS is located @ 1952 W. La Palma Ave Anaheim
April Schedule...
 ATT: If making payments, your payment is due this week
4/24... 15/u Elite & 15/u Supreme practice at Servite 7:30pm
4/25-27... Double Pump HoopFest NCAA viewing Tourney in Garden Grove (Map) for 17/u Elite & American Sports Ctr for 15/u Elite
4/26... Shootout for 16/u Elite, NOC Silver & NOC Red in OC
4/26&27... Swoosh April Showdown for 17/u Supreme, 16/u Supreme, 15/u Supreme in OC & LA
4/27... Gold in Shootout in OC
4/28...  17/u Teams both off. Silver & Gold practice at 7:30pm at Servite
4/29... 16/u Elite & 16/u Supreme  7:30 at Servite
4/30... Practice Red, Black 6:30pm - 8:30pm  at Club
May Schedule...
5/1... Practice 15/u Elite & 15/u Supreme 7:30 at Servite
5/3-4... Tourney for Silver, 16/u Supreme & 17/u Supreme
5/5... Practice 17/u Elite & 17/u Supreme 7:30 Servite
5/5... Silver practice 6:30 and Gold 7:30pm at Club
5/6...  16/u Elite & 16/u Supreme 7:30 Servite
5/7...  Red, Black 6:30pm  at Club
5/8... 15/u it & 15/u Supreme practice 7:30 Servite
5/8... Red & Black practice 6:30pm at Club
5/10... HoopReview for 17/u Elite, 16/u Elite & 15/u Elite
5/10... Shootout for Gold, 15/u Supreme
5/12... 17/u Elite & 7/u Supreme 7:30 Servite
5/12... Silver practice 6:30 Club & Gold 7:30pm at Club
5/13... 16/u Elite & 16/u Supreme practice 7:30 Servite
5/14... Red, Black 6:30  at Club
5/15... 15/u Elite & 15/u Supreme 7:30 at Servite
5/15... Red & Black practice 6:30pm Club
5/17... Shootout for 17/Supreme, 15/u Supreme, 16/u Supreme in OC
5/17-18... Tourney for 17/u Elite, 16/u Elite, 15/u Elite, Gold in OC
5/18... Silver in  Shootout
5/19... Silver & Gold practice at 7:30pm at Servite
5/20... 16/u Elite & 16/u Supreme practice 7:30 Servite
5/21... Red & Black 6:30  at Club
5/22... 15/u Elite & 15/u Supreme practice 7:30 Servite
5/22... Red & Black practice 6:30pm Club
5/24-26... Las Vegas Prep National for 16/u Elite, 15/u Elite, Gold & Red
5/28... Red, Black 6:30  Club
5/29... 15/u Teams pracrice 7:30pm Servite HS
June Schedule...
6/2... 17/u Elite & 16/u Supreme practice 7:30 Servite
6/3... 15/u Supreme, Silver & Gold practice 7:30 Servite
6/4... Red Black 6:30-8:30pm pratice at  Club
6/5... NOC workouts for any and all players that want to improve 7:30pm Servite
6/7... Shootout for 15/u Supreme in OC
6/7-8... Tourney for 16/u Supreme, Silver & Gold in OC
6/9... 16/u Supreme  & 17/u Elite & practice 7:30 Servite
6/10... Silver, Gold & 15/u Supreme practice at 7:30 Servite
6/11... Red Black 6:30 - 8:30pm at Club
6/12... Workout at Servite 7:30pm  for all NOC
6/14... Shootout 15/u Supreme & Gold in OC
6/16... 17/u Elite, 16/u Supreme  practice 7:30 Servite
6/17... Silver & 15/u Supreme practice 7:30 Servite
6/20-22... USSSA National Las Vegas for 17/u Elite,16/u Supreme, 15/u Supreme, Silver & Black
6/23... NOC All Teams meeting at Servite HS 7:30pm to dicuss Summer Session

Stars: 17/u Elite: 23 - 3
Wins over: San Diego Pump n Run, Rise Acad, Coastal Elite (2), Estancia, Coastal Orange, Earl Watson Team Washington, Team Swyft (twice), Earl Watson Elite, CSHM, South Coast, Sharpshooters, Western, JW NLBC, RFK Bobcats, Team Force, Long Beach Hustlers, ETE Hustlers, AVAC, 3 Ball Acad, GamePoint, Marina,
Lost to: Earl Watson All-Stars (twice), by 24 & 5 the 2nd time. Double Pump by 6 
17/u Supreme: 9-4
16/u Elite: 15-6
16/u Supreme: 11-9
15/u Elite: 4-0
15/u Supreme:  8-4
Fighting Friars   
NOC Gold:  8 - 2 
NOC Silver: 1-9
Blue:   37 - 13  Big Red IV Champs, NOC Blast Champs, Swoosh Hoopla Tourney Champs, Staples Showcase Winners    
Red:      25 - 8  Bracketlogily Tourney Champs (6-2 in Open Gym league) finishing 2nd Place, March Madness Champions
Black:   17 - 8 Swoosh Winter Classic Champs, Swoosh Shootout Champs
NOC Stars National Championships & State Championships
2009 Main Event National Champions 16/u
2010 BCS Nevada State Champions 11/u, 14/u & 17/u
2010 Main Event National Champions 13/u
2011 BCS Nevada State Champions 14/u  
2012 BCS Nevada Nationals 14/u Champions
2013 Pumps NCAA Tourney #5 ranking 17/u Silver
2013 BCS/USSSA National Champs Varsity Platinum Div Champs
Congratulations to Casper Ware, 76'ers sign former NOC Star

Casper Ware, who played from 4th to 9th grade for NOC Basketball, signed a 10 contract with the Phil 76'ers and then went out and made the ESPN Top 10 Plays of the Week. Casper and his brother Irvin, played for Coach Couso and learned the game well. Casper is living proof that hard work and dedication can take you far. Casper never let his lack of height hold him back. His mental toughness, quickness and great work ethic kept him on top. He had a wonderful career at Cal State Long Beach where he was named League Player of the Year, Twice. We are all proud of him and wish him the best.

Welcome to North Orange County Basketball, better known as NOC. This is our 18th season providing training and teams for basketball youth all over Los Angeles and Orange Counties. We have 11 boy's teams from 5th thru 12th graders. We provide physical training and Camps in the Spring and Summer for all ages both boys and girls. Coach Couso and his staff provide group and private tutoring. We practice every night of the week at 7758 Knott Ave., Buena Park, Ca.and Servite HS in Anaheim. We are proud of our program and the young men and women that we have sent out into the world. If you are interested in NOC, please contact Coach Couso at e-mail address

The NOC Basketball program dedicates itself to providing athletic opportunities to a wide range of students and an environment in which all student-athletes can achieve their academic and competitive goals. In competition, our program provides an environment for social interaction, and TEAM building. Also, NOC will foster principles of sportsmanship, respect, fair play and athletic excellence, while maintaining our own integrity, ethical conduct and accountability.

NOC Finishes Strong 2011-2012 Season & 2012-2013
NOC Basketball continued its strong showing and winning ways this year with a overall record of 185-105. Teams won 23 Tourneys and finished 2nd 4 times. That means we won 85 % of the Championship games we played in! All of our Seniors are off to College or Prep School and our future looks bright with so many solid players coming back in the Fall. Tryouts for short Fall Season will be in early Sept. Information will be posted 
NOC finished another award winning season with a overall record of 164-63. Teams won a total of 27 tourneys including our first ever 17/u Platinium Div National Championship. We beat good clubs like Branch West, Pangos, Bellmont Shores and have beated OC Pride now 5 straight times. Our 8th grade team had a incredible season and our first ever Winter team went undefeated and won the AAU/NJB High School league title. Our furure is bright with players like Trevor, Brandon, Michael, Tyler, Jordan, Brandon G, Zach, Devyian, Matt, Jacob and so many other fine players coming back! Fall season is posted so be ready and enjoy your time off.

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