U14M Div Bronze Medal OBA 2018

Regina Mundi Cancelled due to gym renovations Microball and Smallball resume May 2   [More Info]

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Dear Parents,

These have been trying times for us at NRBA with all the recent changes in permits and recent cancellations of gym times.  We are at the discretion of the schools because, as you know, the schools have first priority for gym use.  Even though we have the permit and it has been paid for and approved by the board, the school can request the gym as late at 3 pm for the night of one of NRBA's permits. 

If we have to change or cancel a session because of this, it will not cost you anything other than an inconvenience of your schedule.  We will make up the missed days by extending the length of the season or we will refund you missed classes or give your child a pair of shorts/reversible/basketball to compensate.

We understand your frustration as this is very frustrating to us as well but we do appreciate your loyalty and patience.

This being said the following sessions are cancelled:

St Robert Microball Wednesday April 25th 6 pm - 7 pm

St Robert House League Wednesday April 25th 7 pm - 9 pm

Regina Mundi Microball Wednesday April 25th 5 pm - 6 pm

Regina Mundi Smallball Wednesday April 25th 6 pm - 730 pm

St Robert Smallball Thursday April 26th 6 pm - 730 pm

Congratulations to our U11F NRBA Crazy Catz Girls winning divisional BRONZE at 2018 OBA!

Congratulations to our U10M NRBA Crazy Catz Boys - Mathew winning division2 SILVER at 2018 OBA!

Congratulations to our U12M NRBA Crazy Catz Boys - Stefano reaching the  divisional BRONZE game at 2018 OBA!

Congratulations to our U13M NRBA Crazy Catz Boys - Bruno reaching the divisional BRONZE game at 2018 OBA!

Congratulations to our U14M NRBA Crazy Catz Boys - Joel winning the  divisional BRONZE  game at 2018 OBA!




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Select one, All programs followed by their start date in 2017

MICROBALL LISTINGS - Ages 4 - 6  Price $130 - 10 weeks (Choose day&place from list below)

1. Microball - Mondays Immaculate Conception 4pm-5pm - Apr 16/18 9 weeks

2. Microball - 4 X Mon & 6 X Wed. St Wilfrid 5:00pm-6:00pm - Apr. 2/18

3. Microball - Tuesdays St Conrad 5pm-6pm - Apr 10/18

4. Microball - Wednesdays St Robert 6pm-7pm - Apr 11/18 8 weeks

5. Microball - Wednesdays St Cecilia  - FULL

6. Microball - Wednesdays Regina Mundi 5:00pm-6:00pm - Apr. 11/18

7. Microball - Thursdays St Norbert 5pm-6pm - Apr. 5/18

8. Microball - Thursdays Charles H Best 6pm-7pm - Mar. 29/18

9. Microball - Saturdays Chaminade 11:00am-12pm Apr 7/18

10. Microball - Saturdays St Robert 11:30am-12:30pm - Mar 31/18



SMALLBALL LISTINGS- Ages 7 - 9  Price $145 - 10 weeks (Choose day&place from list below)

10. Smallball/1hr - Mondays Immaculate Conception 5:10pm-6:10pm - Apr 16/18 9 weeks

11. Smallball - Tuesdays St Conrad 6pm-7:30pm  - Apr. 10/18

12. Smallball - Wednesdays St Cecilia  - 5:10 pm-6:30 - Apr. 11/18

13. Smallball - Wednesdays Regina Mundi 6:00pm-7:30pm - Apr. 11/18

13a. Smallball - Wednesdays St Wilfrid  -6:00 pm-7:30 - Apr. 4/18

14. Smallball - Thursdays St Robert 6 pm - 7:30 pm -Apr 19/18 7 weeks

15. Smallball - Thursdays St Norbert 6 pm - 7:30 pm -Apr. 4/18

16. Microball - Thursdays Charles H Best 7pm-6:30pm - Mar. 29/18

17. Smallball - Saturdays St Robert  12:30pm-2:00 -Mar. 31/18

18. Smallball - Saturdays Chaminade 12:15pm-1:45pm - Apr 7/18


SKILLS ACADEMY LISTINGS - Ages 10&up Price $175 - 10 weeks (Choose day&place from list below)

20. Skills Academy -Fridays St. Wilfrid 6pm-8pm - Apr 27/18 9weeks

21. Skills Academy  -Saturdays Chaminade 2pm-4pm - Apr. 7/18


HOUSE LEAGUE LISTINGS- Ages vary Price $145 - 10 weeks (Choose day&place from list below)

23. House League Wednesdays St. Robert 7pm-9pm - Apr. 11/18 8weeks

24. House League Ages 10&up Thursdays St Conrad 6pm-8:00 pm - Apr. 12/18




NRBA 2017/2018 BANQUET


Please join us as we celebrate the year end

with our 2017/2018 Rep Banquet.



Montecassino, 3710 Chesswood Drive


Each Rep player is covered under their paid rep fees

Ticket Price: $45.00 each additional person


Date: Thursday, May 31, 2018

Doors open @ 5:30pm,

Dinner @ 6pm


Menu for the banquet is as follows:



Penne Alla Vokda

Chicken Scallopini with Mushrooms

Vegetables & Potatoes




Cash Bar for Alcoholic Beverages


to order/buy tickets click here


NRBA Microball and Smallball is proud to announce we are the first basketball program to be sponsored by

Our first TIMBITS Micro-Ballers 2016/17, Thank you Tim Hortons.

A very special thanks to our AMAZING parent community

for helping our league to grow because as we grow so does

the great sport of basketball. As we say at North Region Basketball:
                           Long Live Basketball!!

Toronto's North  Region Basketball  Association

Deals & Sponsors

A big Thank You to our North Region Basketball Sponsors:

Please note: If you work with Vince he will donate $100 to your North region Basketball Association program.

NRBA Would like to thank Vince for all his support and sponsorship of our league!

Click here or image above to Access Vince at Monster Mortgage 



If someone sells  their house or buys a house with Fernando then he will provide a full fee for a qualifying player. info click here. 


Dan's deal: For any purchase of a house with Dan over $500,000 he will pay for the Rep fee of one player. For info click here.

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    2017 Provincial Championships Division Silver
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