Last Updated: March 13, 2017
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Next Meeting

March 3, 2017

Monday, March 13th 7pm at the Freeland Legion

Need a manager or a team representative there.

Any issues or questions, contact me ASAP..570-436-0228

2017 is almost upon us. We have some news, updates and general ideas for the upcoming season.

League officers remain the same, yeah big shock there.

Last meeting, league voted on a NO C players in league rule.

Let me expand on this, All C players are now not allowed to play in our league. I will go by the rosters of LAST years tournament teams via ASA website. That being said, players that were C last year can appeal their classification for this year. If the appeal goes through, they can gladly come back and play this year. We will welcome them back. Also if any league player is on a 2017 C team roster for any tournament team this year, at any time, may it be April or July, they are NOT ALLOWED to play in the league for the remainder of this year, This was also brought up, voted on and passed at the meeting.

Let your players know, that if any C team asks, can we throw you on a roster as an IF NEEDED player or on a fill in basis, you will officially be classified as C for the rest of the year, whether or not you even PLAY 1 inning, you are ON THAT ROSTER AS A C PLAYER and therefore, banned from NSL play for this year. NSL cannot change or alter any player classifications so PLEASE DO NOT argue, yell or complain to any league official.

I encourage players and managers to check the ASA roster website many times during the year. If you, or I, find a player that violates this rule, the player will be removed from the teams roster and asked to stop play in game. I will notify the teams manager and the manger must remove you from the game.

We will be going solely by the ASA roster website, if your name is on there in error, you must take it up with BOB REAM, and not myself, or any league officials. Bob Ream handles all roster issues for tournaments. He will answer your questions and concerns about tournament classification.

Any questions about our league rules reguarding these players, I can gladly answer and clarify for you anytime but I've made them abundantly clear on here and will most likely say the same thing in person.

The first 2017 meeting will be coming up next month or so, I will be contacting managers and teams in upcoming weeks about them.

See you all in 2017.

2016 league reminders

March 1, 2015

Plate and mat are now a strike

1-1 count to begin, NO courtesy foul

6-12 ft arcs are allowed


Check ASA website for newly banned bats. If a player is using an illegal bat, the player caught using it will be tossed out of game, so check them all.