Last Updated: March 7, 2015

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All tournaments have been canceled.

Due to the bad weather games had to be canceled for Wednesday and Thursday night. School districts will not allow Little League use of the gyms when the school is shut down. Several towns were unable to get permission for use of gyms on Saturday.
Remaining games for every tournament could not all be played out on Friday night.
After much deliberation and looking at every available option, the League Board voted to cancel all tournaments.

Since tournaments were not played out, the League Board voted that medals should not be awarded. Awarding medals based on season standings would not be fair, especially in tournaments where some of those teams had been beaten in the tournament games already played.
Medals are purchased and awarded based on the outcome of the tournament, not season standings. Towns have not paid for medals for this seasons tournaments.

This is an unfortunate situation for all towns involved and the League Board based their decisions on what is best for everyone as a League.  


Each individual town sets, collects and keeps registration fees for their towns players.