AHS Softball Camp

Field Conditions & Status

May 5, 2015 – 07:00 PM






 Please note that our facilities team volunteers perform on-site field inspections and make final determinations based on factors that include player safety, field impact, and weather forecasts. 

As a league, we try our hardest to provide the best overall experience for our players and families, which sometimes require that we make the "hard decision" to close fields.  We understand that game postponements, and late-in-the-day decisions can be inconvenient and disappointing and that they may not always be the perfect decision.  But, we make the best possible decision based on the decision-time circumstances.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.   


Field status updated by 4:00pm on bad weather days


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Upcoming Games

Wednesday,  May 6
Director of the Day
Marc Dickey @ Marc Dickey 4:30pm Northwest Little League
Timber Rattlers @ Bees 5:30pm Field 4
Bulls @ Marauders 5:30pm Field 3 (Frost Field)
AAA Gray 2nd Half
Iron Birds @ Blue Rocks 5:30pm Field 2 (Steve Shanks)
Thunder @ Timber Rattlers 7:30pm Field 2 (Steve Shanks)
River Bandits @ Bulls 7:30pm Field 3 (Frost Field)
Majors Gray 2nd Half
Athletics @ Nationals 5:30pm Field 1 (Louis Shanks)
Mets @ Dodgers 7:30pm Field 1 (Louis Shanks)
Softball - Majors
NW Scarlets @ SAO Sunbirds 6:30pm Garrison Park/Yant Field - SAO
NW Royals @ DV Blast 6:30pm Southeast Metropolitan Park
Softball - Minors - Kid Pitch
NW Bullets @ LT - Busey 7:00pm Lake Travis Field of Dreams (FOD)
Thursday,  May 7
Director of the Day
Tommy Tucker @ Tommy Tucker 4:30pm Northwest Little League
Storm @ Owlz 5:30pm Field 3 (Frost Field)
AAA Red 2nd Half
Nuts @ Scrappers 5:30pm Field 2 (Steve Shanks)
Lake Monsters @ Marauders 7:30pm Field 2 (Steve Shanks)
Majors Red 2nd Half
White Sox @ Giants 5:30pm Field 1 (Louis Shanks)
Cardinals @ Pirates 7:30pm Field 1 (Louis Shanks)
Friday,  May 8
Director of the Day
Louie Munin @ Louie Munin 4:30pm Northwest Little League
AAA Gray 2nd Half
Emeralds @ Express 5:30pm Field 1 (Louis Shanks)
Bats @ Blue Rocks 5:30pm Field 2 (Steve Shanks)
Saturday,  May 9
Director of the Day
Cory Cox - Majors Red Grill @ Cory Cox - Majors Red Grill 8:30am Northwest Little League
Tanner Shepard @ Tanner Shepard 12:30pm Northwest Little League
Brandon Canaday @ Brandon Canaday 4:30pm Northwest Little League
Red Sox @ Orange Crush 10:00am Field 7
Athletics @ Rangers 11:30am Field 7
Cardinals @ Giants 1:00pm Field 7
Pirates @ Astros 10:00am Field 5
Twins @ Rangers 11:30am Field 5
Cubs @ Phillies 1:00pm Field 5
Grasshoppers @ Bees 9:00am Field 4
Blue Rocks @ Express 11:00am Field 4
Emeralds @ Bandits 1:00pm Field 4
Timber Rattlers @ Iron Birds 3:00pm Field 4
Scrappers @ Owlz 5:00pm Field 4
Lake Monsters @ Mudhens 9:00am Field 3 (Frost Field)
Riverdogs @ Owlz 11:00am Field 3 (Frost Field)
Storm @ Marauders 1:00pm Field 3 (Frost Field)
Bulls @ Mets 3:00pm Field 3 (Frost Field)
Iron Pigs @ Red Wings 5:00pm Field 3 (Frost Field)
AAA Gray 2nd Half
Bulls @ Thunder 2:00pm Field 2 (Steve Shanks)
River Bandits @ Express 4:30pm Field 2 (Steve Shanks)
AAA Red 2nd Half
Marauders @ Dragons 9:00am Field 2 (Steve Shanks)
Mets @ Blue Rocks 11:30am Field 2 (Steve Shanks)
Scrappers @ Lake Monsters 7:00pm Field 2 (Steve Shanks)
Majors Gray 2nd Half
Athletics @ Orioles 2:00pm Field 1 (Louis Shanks)
Braves @ Mets 4:30pm Field 1 (Louis Shanks)
Dodgers @ Nationals 7:00pm Field 1 (Louis Shanks)
Majors Red 2nd Half
Pirates @ Red Sox 9:00am Field 1 (Louis Shanks)
Cardinals @ White Sox 11:30am Field 1 (Louis Shanks)
Softball - Majors
NW Royals @ GEAYA Kaos 1 10:00am Greater East Austin/Mabson Field
NW Scarlets @ Manor Major Falcons 1:00pm Manor High School Softball Field
NW Royals @ Manor Major Falcons 4:15pm Manor High School Softball Field
Softball - Minors - Kid Pitch
SAO - Bandits @ NW Crush 9:30am Northwest Little League Softball
DV Diamond Rush @ NW Bullets 11:30am Northwest Little League Softball
DV Diamond Rush @ NW Crush 1:30pm Northwest Little League Softball
DV Purple Crush @ NW Bullets 3:30pm Northwest Little League Softball
Sunday,  May 10
AAA Gray 2nd Half
Iron Birds @ Emeralds 1:00pm Field 2 (Steve Shanks)

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Upcoming Events

Monday,  Jun 15
Anderson Trojan Softball Camp 9:00am
Tuesday,  Jun 16
Anderson Trojan Softball Camp 9:00am
Wednesday,  Jun 17
Anderson Trojan Softball Camp 9:00am
Thursday,  Jun 18
Anderson Trojan Softball Camp 9:00am
Monday,  Jun 29
Northwest Little League Summer Camp Session 1 9:30am Northwest Little League

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