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Field 1 (Louis Shanks)
Field 2 (Steve Shanks)
Field 3 (Frost Field)
Field 4
Field 5
Field 6 (Softball)

Field Conditions & Status

September 27, 2016 – 01:00 PM




 Field status updated by 4:00pm on bad weather days

 Please note that our facilities team volunteers perform on-site field inspections and make final determinations based on factors that include player safety, field impact, and weather forecasts. We thank you for your patience and understanding.



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Upcoming Games

Monday, Oct 24
Director of the Day
Mike Meyer @ Mike Meyer5:00pmNorthwest Little League
Fall Coach Pitch
Mets @ Yankees6:00pmField 4
Fall AAA
Braves @ Angels6:00pmField 2 (Steve Shanks)
Cardinals @ Cubs6:00pmField 3 (Frost Field)
Fall Majors
Astros (Majors) @ WAYA Majors5:15pmWestern Hills - Joseph - WAYA
WAYA Majors @ Royals (Majors)6:00pmField 1 (Louis Shanks)
Dodgers (Majors) @ WAYA Majors7:30pmWestern Hills - Joseph - WAYA
Tuesday, Oct 25
Director of the Day
Wheels Smith @ Wheels Smith5:00pmNorthwest Little League
Fall Coach Pitch
Twins @ Rockies6:00pmField 4
Fall AAA
Royals @ Dodgers6:00pmField 2 (Steve Shanks)
WAYA AAA @ Mets AAA6:00pmField 3 (Frost Field)
Fall Majors
Rangers (Majors) @ White Sox (Majors)6:00pmField 1 (Louis Shanks)
Wednesday, Oct 26
Director of the Day
Ryan Gravatt @ Ryan Gravatt5:00pmNorthwest Little League
Fall Coach Pitch
Nationals @ Rays6:00pmField 4
Fall AAA
Angels @ Cardinals6:00pmField 2 (Steve Shanks)
Fall Majors
Cubs (Majors) @ Dodgers (Majors)6:00pmField 1 (Louis Shanks)
Fall T-Ball
Rockies @ Phillies5:30pmField 5
Thursday, Oct 27
Director of the Day
Mark Szygenda @ Mark Szygenda5:00pmNorthwest Little League
Fall Coach Pitch
Indians @ White Sox6:00pmField 4
Fall AAA
Braves @ Mets AAA6:00pmField 2 (Steve Shanks)
BYS AAA @ Red Sox6:30pmField 3 (Frost Field)
Fall Majors
BYS Majors @ Rangers (Majors)6:30pmField 1 (Louis Shanks)
Saturday, Oct 29
Fall T-Ball
South Austin @ Phillies11:00amField 5
Delwood @ Rockies1:00pmField 5
SAO @ Yankees3:00pmField 5
Softball Minors 10U
Western Hills @ Team Gray10:00amNorthwest Little League
Western Hills @ Team Counts11:30amField 6 (Softball)

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Upcoming Events

Sunday, Mar 5
Spring Season Opening Day9:00am

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