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2015 Spring Camp
Northwest Tigers Legacy
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Mentors, by definition, are worthy of trust and admiration.

In order to develop future good leaders in our community we must put in the work to create hard working young men. We as an organization must focus on building character, developing self esteem, and promote team work. The foundation must be solid. Good coaches working with other good coaches get even better. Our coaching staff wants to work with each other to become exceptional coaches. Victory comes to organizations not from having great players, but through knowing how to get the best of our regular players. We look for coaches who light up when they are around other talented coaches. Our aim is to treat our players as well as we treat our own kids. Our coaches believe in recruiting talent that fits our system and beliefs. We place the spot light on education and behavior in the classroom.

2015 Spring Camp

Date: March 28th thru April 18th, 2015

Time: 9 am to 11 am

Price: $25 all new players/$10 all returning Tigers

Place: Highland Park  - 3316 DeSoto Rd, Houston, TX77088

Camp T-shirt to all participants

Please contact Coach Johnson @ 832.654.2778 for more information. 

First day of Spring Camp was a huge success.  Thank you to all participants and parents who weathered the rain.  We look forward to seeing everyone Saturday at 9 am.








If you would like to help coach the Northwest Tigers Football teams, please contact Coach Johnson at 832.654.2778.

Northwest Tigers Legacy  

Ernest Anderson III - Eisenhower High School - LB

Quintero Baker - CyFair High School - All District LB

Jonathan Chapa - Waltrip High School - All District OL

Andrew Davis - Aldine High School - All District QB/Team MVP

Dennis Gafford - Waltrip High School - CB

Tony Gilbert - Waltrip High School - LB

Henry Hampton - Davis High School - All District QB

Benjamin Hawkins - DeKaney High School - QB/RB

Shane Johnson - Houston Christian High School - All District QB

Michael Landry - St. Pius X High School - OLB/SS

Kenneth Morris - Klein Forest High School -WR/QB

Robert Revels - Reagan High School - All District/Team MVP LB

Jonathan Schnaufer - Waltrip High School - All District OL

These young men are a few names that come to mind when you say Tiger Football.  They represent the excellence and perseverance it takes to be great student athletes and product members of society.  They not only also represent what is good about the Northwest Tigers, but they also represent what is good about sports!  Today, these student athletes have departed from the Tiger’s Program; but the vision, work ethic and spirit of the Tigers lives on in them and in our new student athletes and members of the Tigers Family.  The Northwest Tigers have a rich tradition; which continues to thrive in our current Tiger student Athletes as well.

For many of us who strongly believe in the vision of the Northwest Tigers; every season we come to the end of our long journey, but a new challenge begins for the young incoming Tigers.  That new journey starts with commitment, hard work, uniting our community and trying to build a stronger community; with willing workers to do the right thing.

Do you know what is the best part of the list is?  Everybody mentioned in the above list are all underclassmen.  No one on that list is a senior; which means they are only going to get better.  They will become better students, better leaders, better sons, better brothers, better citizens and better football players.  See here at the Northwest Tigers; we not only try to produce great football player, we try to produce great leaders, better citizens and wonderful young men and women. 

The Northwest Tigers was founded only 5 years ago.  During this period the Varsity Tiger has 4 Super Bowl appearances; 2 Undefeated seasons, 2 Super Bowl Championships, 2 Super Bowl Runner Ups and 2 Tournament Championships.  The Junior Varsity Tigers has 2 Super Bowl appearances and 1 Super bowl Championship.  The Sophomore team has 3 Super Bowl appearances and 1 Super Bowl Championship.  The Freshman Tigers has been Semi-Finalists 4 times.  So join us as we continue to celebrate our Northwest Tigers’ Student Athletes and future great men!  Remember, life is about choices.  Life is also the sum of your choices!  Parent must remember that your child is an investment!  You only get out of them; what you put in!  When was the last time you made a deposit?




Congratulations to the entire team and coaching staff of the NW Tigers 2014 Varsity team. The boys finished the season 15-0. Looking forward to next year!






Congratulations to the 2014 Varsity team for winning the Lone Star Alliance tournament in the Woodlands, too.  Way to go boys!



Divisions -- Ball Carrier -- Weight Limit
Freshman (4,5 & 6) -- 75 lbs -- None
Sophomore (7 & 8) -- 110 lbs -- None
Junior Varsity (9 & 10) -- 125 lbs -- None
Varsity (11 & 12) -- 150 lbs -- None

BALL CARRIER - is the maximum weight allowed for running backs, receivers, quarterbacks and tightends.

No weight limit for divisions.

Note: Age as of July 31st.