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22 Pemberton Avenue, Oceanport, NJ 07757
Welcome to the Home of the



Registration Form for Grammar School Clinics at Maple Place Can Be Downloaded Here!

The Oceanport Basketball Association is offering THREE weeks of basketball clinics this summer (7/28 to 8/1, 8/4 to 8/8 and 8/11 to 8/15). Once again, Coach Gerry Mosley of Shoot4Success will be conducting the clinics, which are open to boys and girls who are entering 1st through 6th grade in September of 2014. Registrations must be submitted by June 30, 2014. A registration form can be downloaded by clicking HERE.

Registration forms and checks (payable to Oceanport Basketball Association) should be mailed to: Jay Coffey, 39 Oneida Avenue, Oceanport, NJ 07757. These clinics are only open to children entering 1st through 6th grade in September of 2014 who reside in Monmouth Beach, West Long Branch Oceanport, or Sea Bright.   These age and skill specific clinics will be overseen by Coach Gerry Mosley of SHOOT FOR SUCCESS.  Those of you who know Coach Mosley from this year’s Rookie League or from the travel clinics he has been conducting for the Oceanport Knights over the past year are already aware of how well he knows how to teach the game and how positively the kids respond to him.  These one hour sessions will be designed to provide a strong fundamental basketball base for the participants.  The Oceanport Basketball Association is subsidizing the cost of these clinics and limiting the scope of the potential attendees in order to ensure that the instruction at these clinics is as individualized as possible.  All sessions will be held at the Maple Place gymnasium.  If there is sufficient interest, we will arrange for additional sessions.


Session #1 - Week of July 28, 2014               Session #2 – Week of August 4, 2014            Session #3 - Week of August 11, 2014          


2:30 pm to 3:30 pm            Monday through Friday     1st /2nd Grades (Boys and Girls)                                         $65.00  

3:45 pm to 4:45 pm            Monday through Friday     3rd / 4th Grade Girls                                                          $65.00

5:00 pm to 6:00 pm            Monday through Friday     3rd/ 4th Grade Boys                                                           $65.00

6:15 pm to 7:15 pm            Monday through Friday     5th/6th Grade Girls                                                             $65.00

7:30 pm to 8:30 pm            Monday through Friday     5th/6th Grade Boys                                                            $65.00




ADDITIONAL INFO:  Insofar as these clinics are designed for the recreational player, if you have a “travel level” son or daughter in the 2nd or 4th grade, you may register for the next older division.  Each participant will receive an Oceanport Basketball Association backpack.  If you still have questions, please feel free to e-mail us.


April 20, 2014


Oceanport, NJ (UPI): By the time the seven captains of the 2014 Shore Area High School Rec Basketball League gathered to conduct the 2014 player draft at the Mike MacStudy Draft Room in Maple Place School’s Brocklebank Athletic Center, most experts, especially ESPN VIII's Matty "The Draftnosticator" Cosentino, had either Dylan Vosk or Brandon Neyhart pegged as the first player to be picked.  Vosk, known for his ripped abs, smooth jumper and inability to jump, and Neyhart, best known on the basketball courts as Nick Blaney's cousin, were considered locks to go first and second in the draft.  LSU captain Matt Proto, however, didn't see it that way.  With the first pick of the 2014 draft, Proto chose point guard and snappy dresser Rob Gialanella.  Over the chorus of boos that began almost immediately after announcing his pick, Proto offered a brief explanation for why he chose Gialanella: “Every team needs somebody who can dribble.  And Rob can really, really dribble.  He’s like a white Steve Nash out there on the court.”  When told that Steve Nash IS white, Proto said, “To be honest with you, what with all the time I spend body sculpting and pumping serious iron, I don’t really watch a lot of basketball.  These abs and biceps didn't sculpt themselves, you know.”


Tim Curley, captain of the Virginia Tech squad, chose Nick Blaney with the second pick of the draft despite rumors that Blaney would be difficult to sign because he is represented by Scott Boros.  “I was looking for somebody with a lot of speed on the court,” said Curley, “and, let’s face it, when you say ‘Blaney’, you think lightning quick speed.”  The rest of the draft was fairly uneventful, except for the fact that Matt Muh, Miami’s captain, chose CBA’s Robby Whitacre in the first round (4th pick of the draft).  Said Muh, “The guy is like 6’4” and he was First Team All-State!  How did the first three teams pass on a guy who is First Team All-State who plays at a school with a storied basketball tradition like CBA? What a bunch of idiots!”  When advised that Whitacre was All-State in swimming, not basketball, an obviously stunned Muh said, “Oh, boy. That’s something I wish I had known ahead of time.  Gee whiz. Swimming, huh? Wow. He’s not allowed to wear a Speedo on the court, is he? I didn’t even know that CBA has a pool. They have a pool, right?”


Following the draft, ESPN VIII came out with it’s pre-season rankings:


1.    Indiana State (Deerin): “Kevin Bloodgood, Billy Deerin and Sammy Parrino are the best three man combination in the league. As long as Deerin gets his 25 shots a game and Bloodgood and Parrino are comfortable getting the ball to where Deerin needs it, this team looks unstoppable. This team's offense should be Deerin left, Deerin right, Deerin down the middle and then, if that hasn't worked, more Deerin. Bloodgood and Parrino are the perfect set up men for Deerin. When Deerin is out, look for them to get the ball to Marco Parrino because he has really great hair.  Indiana State is looking for senior Brian Miller to follow up his rather disappointing junior rec basketball season with a generally mediocre one.”


2.    North Carolina (Largey): “With Dan Largey, John Poccia and Paul Christopher on the same team, nobody has more scoring power, although there is talk that they may petition the league to allow for them to play with two basketballs on offense.  Power forward and teen heartthrob Brandon Neyhart, however, believes that he might be the best three point shooter on the team (he also believes in unicorns) and is going to take his share of shots even if it means actually ripping the ball from his teammates’ hands on offense.  Tommy Mannino will spend his second spring rec season in a row wondering what it is like to shoot a basketball.”


3.    Oregon (Coffey): “Any team with Kenny “The Microwave” Wilhalme on it is a threat to go all the way.  Wilhalme is a younger, faster version of Matt Koustas and Mark Csengodi was the steal of the draft. With Coffey, Coffey, Paglia and Wilhalme, they might be the smartest team in the league.  Which would be great if this was a multiple choice test or a geography bee, but it’s not. It’s a basketball league, so James Kelly, Chas Breithoff and Ray Crespo better play good basketball.  Justin "The Answer" Costell will again be counted on to shut down Largey, Deerin, Gialanella, Byrne and Bloodgood when his team plays them, much like he did every day in practice during the SRHS basketball season."


4.    Louisville (Byrne): “The only team without a senior on it.  They might be too young to win this year, although the Mango/Norman back court is going to be a nightmare for opposing teams because of their ability to post up and dominate the boards. Team Captain, Jack Byrne, has to be devastated that he wasn't able to achieve his life's dream of playing point guard for Billy Deerin in the spring league.”


5.    Virginia Tech (Curley):  “A senior dominated team that will be relying on Kevin Mazzella to keep everybody calm and cool on the court.  First round pick Nick Blaney, who turned down the chance to be the captain of this squad so that he could spend more time training at his brother Mike's world famous fitness and agility center, is capable of keeping this team in the playoff hunt.   Matt Koustas is good for 20/15/12* every time he steps on the court and Pat Thormann might be the best all around player to play in this league since J.D. Watts.”                                            



6.    Miami (Muh): “If Muh, Whitacre, Treshock, Graff and Wilbanks are on the court at the same time, they might get a sponsorship from a sunscreen company.  This team will only go as far as James Murphy and Matt Pennell can carry them, although Treshock is ready to play a starring role.   Unfortunately for Muh's team, the starring role that Treshock is ready to play is in Shore's spring play, West Side Story.


7.    LSU (Proto): “Ryan Jones might as well have signed up to work construction this spring given the amount of bricks he’s going to see this season from his teammates.  You know who’s afraid of this team? The backboards.  One positive is that the O’Brien brothers (pictured below) should be able to smash all modern rebounding records this spring because Proto, Vosk and Gialanella will provide them with lots and lots of opportunities.  Proto, pictured below at his annual shooting clinic, sees his team as a combination of the '94 Knicks and Wrestlemania 23.”



Conor and Tim O'Brien: Relentless Rebounders Par Excellence


Team rosters and schedules have been uploaded to this site. The season starts next Sunday evening at Shore Regional High School.  You can scroll down to the very bottom of this page to see the first night’s schedule.



Registration submissions for Oceanport Basketball Association’s 2014 Shore Area High School Boys’ Recreation Basketball Season are due April 17, 2014. ONLY THE FIRST 54 REGISTRATIONS ARE GUARANTEED A ROSTER SPOT (six teams of nine players each), so submit your registration ASAP!  The League is open to all boys in grades 9 through 12 who live in the Shore Regional High School sending distict. Registration forms and checks (payable to OCEANPORT BASKETBALL ASSSOCIATION  in the amount of $70.00) should be mailed to: Jay Coffey, 39 Oneida Avenue, Oceanport, NJ 07757. Players will receive a uniform tee shirt to keep and play games once a week. No practices. Players in grades 9 through 12 play an 8 game schedule in the Recreation League plus playoffs. Each player is guaranteed to play 18 minutes (1/2 regulation time) in each game. Games will be played at Shore Regional High School on Sunday and Wednesday evenings from April 20th through the end of May, with the League Championship Game anticipated for May 28th. Questions should be directed to Jay Coffey at 201-993-9554.  Download the 2014 registration form by clicking HERE.

All players and parents should familiarize themselves with this website because all rosters and schedules will be posted here.  All players should register for the Oceanport Basketball Association's text and e-mail alert service by clicking HERE.  If you sign up for the service, you'll get an e-mail and text to (a) remind you about your games and (b) notify you of any changes to your schedules. 

SRHS Baseball Players: Do NOT talk about this league during baseball practices or games! A knowing glance, a tip of the hat or a flex of the bicep is all you need to do to communicate your love of the league to each other.

If your team wins the championship, you can have your picture taken with 6-time league MVP Nick  "Nicky Biceps" Blaney just like these lucky boys did last year!  And this year's winning team will also get game worn Dylan Vosk jerseys, a complimentary video "Mr. Magic Threeball: The Alex Mango Story" and leather, high top "Ground Pillari" sneakers by Nike (Monmouth University Blue only, sorry) signed by Daniel Pillari, Point Guard to the Stars (you can see Daniel playing in a celebrity All-Star game by clicking HERE).  Runner ups get canvas Mike Pillari Converse sneakers and the sleeves from Nick Blaney's t-shirts.


The 2014 Rookie League games were highly competitive.  As evidenced by the videos below, a lot was learned during the Rookie League practices and all of the players demonstrated marked improvement from when they first started.  In addition to the videos below, hundreds of still photos have been posted on the Oceanport Basketball Association's Facebook page.



As of July 11, 2006, the laws of the State of New Jersey require that participants in youth sports who wear eyeglasses must now wear PROTECTIVE SPORTS GLASSES while playing sports. Your child will NOT be permitted to participate in any game or practice while wearing non-protective sports glasses.


This is the actual body of the law:

BE IT ENACTED by the Senate and General Assembly of the State of New Jersey:

C.5:18-1 Protective eyewear for certain children participating in sports.

1. Any child who wears corrective eyeglasses while participating in racquetball, squash,tennis, women's lacrosse, basketball, women's field hockey, badminton, paddleball, soccer,volleyball, baseball or softball, sponsored by a school, community or government agency, shallbe required to wear protective eyewear that meets the frames standards of the American Societyfor Testing and Materials (ASTM) F803 and lens standards of the American National StandardsInstitute (ANSI) Z87.1.C.5:18-2 Grants to assist low-income families.

2. The New Jersey Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, established under P.L.1999,c.265 (C.26:1A-37.5 et seq.) is authorized to provide grants to assist low-income families inpurchasing the protective eyewear. As used in this section, a "low-income family" means afamily which qualifies for low-income housing under the standards promulgated by the Councilon Affordable Housing pursuant to the "Fair Housing Act," P.L.1985, c.222 (C.52:27D-301 etal.).C.5:18-3 Immunity from civil liability.

3. No school, community or government agency engaged in organizing, teaching, refereeingor coaching a sports activity described in section 1 of this act shall be liable in a civil action forfailure to administer or enforce the provisions of this act.4. This act shall take effect six months after the date of enactment.Approved January 11, 2006.





You know you're a REAL fan of the Shore Regional High School Boys' Basketball team if you looked at the headline above and said, "Yeah, right. Next we'll find out that Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster washed up on a beach in Sea Bright after crashing into a UFO filled with unicorns."  Well, you better get down to the beach at Sea Bright right away to beat the crowds, because Billy "Dr. Dunkenstein" Deerin brought the Shore Regional High School crowd to its feet with a resounding one-handed dunk in the Blue Devil's win over Manville in the first round of the Group 1, State Championships.  Deerin's dunk came off of his own steal and, as he raced down court ahead of the Manville defense, everybody in the building was thinking the same thing when he cradled the ball in his right hand and rose towards the rafters: "If he blows this dunk, we'll be talking about it for the rest of our lives."  But it is Billy Deerin who will be doing the talking and he started right after the game.  "I call that my 'You Better Bring The Peanut Butter, Because I've Got The Jam' jam," said Deerin as he autographed kids' sneakers with a sharpie after the game whether they wanted him to or not.  Said one of the kids, "Mommy, some man in a basketball uniform just wrote on my sneakers even though I told him not to!"  Deerin, who was later seen showing Dan Largey how to properly hold onto a ball when attempting a breakaway dunk, was characteristically humble about the Blue Devils' one and only dunk of the 2013-2014 season, quietly stating, "When you jump as high as I do, all the other guys on the team want to know what it's like to be up there so high, and whether or not the air is colder that much above the rim, or whether or not I can see their house from up there.  I make sure to answer all their questions before we leave the gym.  Oh, and before I leave the gym, I dust the top of the backboards."

As incredible and inspiring a physical feat as Deerin's dunk was, Tommy Treshock's two baskets in the fourth quarter defied both the odds and most of the known laws of physics.  Stephen Hawking, the renowned theoretical physicist and Las Vegas oddsmaker, had calculated that the odds of Treshock scoring two baskets in one quarter were less likely than the NY Knicks finding a competent point guard, and, after an intensive study of the trajectory of Treshock's shots from the field, predicted that NASA would be using wormholes for intergalactic transportation before Treshock would be able to successfully sink two baskets in the same game. Well, now that Treshock has stormed the hoops for two baskets within the space of four minutes against Manville,  the Knicks can look forward to decades of stellar point guard play and NASA can expect additional cuts in funding.  Point Guard Alex Mango, a junior from West Long Branch who led the nation in 3 point field goal shooting percentage this year (see story below), was on the court for both of Treshock's baskets (assisting on the second) and he thinks that life, as we know it, changed as the second shot went through the hoop.  "I was looking up as he took that second shot and, just as the ball passed over the rim, I heard a trumpet blare and noticed that there were pigs flying outside gym." Treshock's second successful shot, which ended any chance that Manville had at staging a fourth quarter comeback, started with a hard drive to the hoop off of an entry pass from Mango and culminated in a left handed layup. This is believed to be the only instance in the history of the English language that the words "Treshock", "successful" and "left handed layup" have been used in the same sentence, although historians note that there is an obscure 6th century B.C. cuneiform tablet that, loosely translated, references those same words being used together as a sign of the Apocalypse.  

Treshock and Deerin will lead the Blue Devils into battle against Keyport High School on Wednesday, March 5, 2014 at 6:00 pm at Shore Regional High School in the second round of the state playoffs. 


February 24, 2014

Hats off to Shore Regional High School basketball players Alex Mango and Evan Coffey, both of whom finished their seasons in a tie for the highest three point shooting percentage in the NATION on the varsity level.  Mango, a junior, and Coffey, a sophomore who was also the leading sophomore scorer for the varsity Blue Devils this season (scoring three times more points than any other second year player), were not expected to be among the shore conference's leaders in shooting when the season started, never mind the entire nation.  With long range sharpshooters like Dan Largey, Kevin Bloodgood, Dan Pillari, Jack Byrne and Tommy Treshock on the team, most high school basketball experts would have been hard pressed to predict that Mango and Coffey would be leading the nation in three point shooting percentage at season's end.  "Let's face it," said Pillari, "these two guys have mad skills and they both eat, sleep and breathe the long ball, but to lead the entire nation in three point shooting percentage is something that most kids don't even bother dreaming about because it's just too extreme.  And to have TWO guys on the same team do it is just mind boggling."  "Have you ever had your mind boggled?" asked Junior power forward Billy Deerin, "Because until I heard about what Mango and Coffey did, I had never had my mind boggled.  But it's boggled now, baby.  Believe me, it's boggled, man." 

Mango, who worked tirelessly on his long range shooting over the summer to compliment his silky smooth sky hook and assortment of power post up moves, knew that he had to expand his game if he wanted to see the court this year.  "My game was getting a bit stale and I was getting a bit predictable in that most of my possessions last year were low post power moves designed to get me to the hoop for a dunk or jump hook," said Mango,  "The other teams scouted me and started to anticipate my moves.  I knew that I had to broaden my game and once I started nailing the three consistently, things just kind of mushroomed.  I try to encourage my teammates to shoot the three like me more often, but they all like to pass so much and they seem to be so afraid to shoot from beyond the arc --- especially Pillari, Largey and Bloodgood --- that it was really all on my shoulders to get us going from long range."  Junior guard James Kelly was effusive in his praise of Mango, gushing,  "We started calling Mango "Halogen", because he always lights it up.  Well, actually, nobody else calls him that except for me.  It's something that I made up, but kept to myself because I didn't know if anybody else would get it. You know what a halogen lightbulb is,right? And that it's brighter than a regular lightbulb, right? Now that I think of it, maybe you shouldn't put the "Halogen" thing in your article."

Coffey, who combined with Largey and Pillari for 52 points in the Blue Devils' game against Raritan, was happy that he led the nation in three point shooting percentage with Mango, but thinks that even better days are on the horizon for the two of them.  "Word on the street is that they are going to institute a four point line next season in high school basketball," said Coffey, "and that's going to make Mango and me even more dangerous because we've got the range of a bar-tailed godwit."  Senior guard, man about town and ornithologically inclined Matt Cosentino agreed, saying, "The bar-tailed godwit is an Alaskan wading bird that can fly over 7,000 miles non-stop.  Most people think the albatross can fly the longest without stopping, but that simply isn't true."  Junior forward Dan Largey was also incredibly impressed, commenting, "Evan Coffey is a 'shoot first and ask questions later' type of ballplayer.  He is also really, really good at math because he once explained to me that 100% percent of the shots you don't take will not go in.  Isn't that amazing?  A mathematical theorem that promotes and justifies the constant, unrestrained shooting of a basketball.  He should get a Nobel Prize for that, but he won't because he's only a sophomore and the Nobel people only give the awards to upperclassmen, like the Heisman Trophy before Herschel Walker. Matty Cos will probably win one, though, for all the stuff he knows about migratory birds."

Mango and Coffey will be honored for their achievements this week by having an ice cream flavor named after them by Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Company.  As one would expect, this eponymous ice cream flavor will be called "Alex and Evan".


February 1, 2014

Former Oceanport Knight big man Tommy Treshock moved just a bit closer to Dujuan Wagner's New Jersey high school career scoring record of 3,462 points last night in Shore Regional's victory over St. John Vianney.  Those in attendance found it impossible to take their eyes off of Treshock while he was on the court and his late game heroics versus SJV brought the crowd to its feet. Treshock, who now leads all Shore Regional sophmores in scoring on the varisty level by over 100%, continues to be an inspiration to his teammates.  "Everybody looks up to Tommy," said Junior guard James Kelly, "mostly because he's the tallest guy on the team." Treshock, who many thought was too musclebound to be an effective basketball player on the high school level, was just too much for an outmanned, but game, St. John Vianney squad.  As shown in the video below, Treshock's continued assault on Wagner's state record and his "icewater in his veins" approach to late game, pressure foul shots has turned his teammates into his biggest fans. "To be there in person watching Tommy nail that second foul shot so calmly while everyone around him had their hearts in their throats," "gushed senior guard Daniel Pillari, "might be the single greatest moment of my high school career.  I mean, really, c'mon, how does he stay so calm in a tight spot like that?"  




"We don't call him 'Gravy' for nothing", offered Junior forward Billy Deerin, "he's just that smooth on the court.  Smooth as gravy."  Treshock, one of the most humble athletes you'll ever meet, was matter of fact about his late game legerdemain, stating, "The reason that the basket has a hole in it is because you are supposed to put the ball through it.  I just did what I am supposed to do, nothing more.  I just happpen to do what I am supposed to do more often than most other people do. LOB, baby! LOB!" Clayton Coffey, a Senior guard for Shore Regional, thinks that Treshock is the key to the Blue Devils' season.  "Remember the NY Knicks and 'Linsanity'?" asked Coffey, "Well, as you can see by the way the crowd explodes every time he scores a basket  --- and, Great Odin's Ghost, that was just a free throw --- , people here at the Jersey Shore have 'GravyMania'. And GravyMania is highly contagious."

Treshock will continue his quest for the scoring record when the Blue Devils go up against Holmdel on Saturday, February 2, 2014 at 2:30 pm at Shore Regional High School.



January 26, 2013

Due to the fact that we are combining with the West Long Branch Basketball Association for the 2014 rec basketball season, our rules have been modified and differ a bit from years past.  These rules will be in effect for the entire 2014 rec basketball season.  Click HERE for a copy of the rules for all three divisions as amended on 1/25/14.


Rec practices are ALWAYS cancelled in the event of an early dismissal, school closure or scheduled holiday.


January 25, 2014

For the first time in recent memory, every single Knights team in the Mid-Monmouth Winter League is undefeated after two weeks of competition.  


Both Diane Schmelz's U-10 team and Leo Decker's U-9 team swept the competition on the girls' side of the slate in the first week of play. The U-10 girls defeated Ocean 14-10 in their season opener, using a suffocating defense to stop a late rally by Ocean.   Coach Diane Dchmelz pulled out all stops as she utilized every player on the team during the course of the game and the Knights' scoring was fairly balanced.  But it was their suffocating defense that made the difference in the end.  "When we play defense like that, we're going to be tough to beat," said forward Maeve Murphy of her squad's efforts, "and we are going to play defense like that a lot this season.  Like my mom always says, 'offense puts fannies in the seats, but defense wins championships', and I couldn't agree with her more." 

Knights U-10 Girls

Front Row: Grace McMullin, Zoe Kogut, Madison LaRosa, Samantha Josselyn

Middle Row: Maeve Murphy, Jenna Sempkowski

Back Row: Pat Summit, Brooke Schmelz, Megan Gammon, Tara Mendillo, Cassie DeSantis and Molly Welsh


But if you want to talk defense, then you want to talk about Leo Decker's U-9 girls because they held their opening day opponent, Ocean, to a single bucket in their 12-2 victory at Maple Place School. "This was this teams' first game ever and we played very well." said Coach Decker, "We were, however, hoping to go undefeated, untied and unscored upon, so we're a little disappointed that we gave up a basket. We'll have to regroup and set new goals for the rest of the season." 



Front Row: Hailee Jaronko, Charlotte Dienna, Libby Doehner, Paige/Payton Shaw, Katie Mazzacco

Back Row: Paige/Payton Shaw, Grace Decker, Caroline Kokolus, Maryn Zenkert, Regina Giordano, Gretchen Grunbaum

Missing (but not forgotten): Summer Gardner



Brad Alcini's U-8 Boys won 23-19 over Ocean Township in their first Mid-Monmouth game ever.  23 points is a LOT of points for a U-8 team to score and Brad was very pleased with his team's effort.  "I'm from Michigan and nobody is really any good at basketball in Michigan," said Alcini, "so I am thrilled to be a part of this New Jersey based basketball program.  The boys played well today and I expect that we'll be dunking and trash talking like everybody else from New Jersey by the end of the season."  Although the team probably won't be dunking by the end of the season, they are confident about their chances in the Eastern Divison.  "Even though Coach Alcini is really old and is from Michigan," offered guard Aidan Murphy, "we're talented enough to overcome his shortcomings as a coach and compete for first place in the East."


The U-8 Boys scored an even more impressive victory in their second game, beating Brielle 27-14 on Brielle's hostile home court.  Not many teams from Oceanport come back with wins against Breille squads, so this bodes well for the U-8 boys. Said Center Jimmy Treshock, "This team is hungry.  Seriously hungry. The only things that satisfy our hunger are cheeseburgers, fries and wins."




Back Row: Aidan Mishkin, Charlie Deusch, Aidan Murphy, Sam Madalone, Alex George, Brett Sweeney, Jimmy Treshock, 

Front Row: Brad Alcini, Brady Cooke, Matthew Decker, Lucas Rosa, Trevor McNicholas, Declan McGregor


Coached by Kirk "Hoops" Ruoff and Kevin "Full Court" Condon, the U-9 Boys raced out to a 2-0 record with wins over Ocean (28-18) and Neptune (22-14) at home.  The U-9 Boys play an up-tempo game and are a lot of fun to watch.  Ruoff and Condon keep the play book simple.  "Here is out take on basketball," said Ruoff after his squad's win over Neptune, "if you score more points than the other team, then you win.  As coaches, any more analysis just confuses us and the kids can sense that."  



Back Row: Cole Riebe, Richie Barton, Luke Condon, Brian McMullin, Max Avrillon, Luke Zenkert 


Front Row: Jamie Mazzacco, Donovan Davis, Andrew Decker, Carson Cooke, CJ Ruoff

Missing: Tucker Reid



The U-10 Boys, coached by Mike Murphy and John Doehner, kept their end of the bargain by defeating Ocean Township (27-25) and Neptune (45-22) in thir first two games at Maple Place.  The 2 point victory over Ocean Township was won on a corner jump shot by Christopher Kessler as time expired.  Kessler had also hit a key three pointer just previous to his game winner.  Said Murphy of Kessler, "If he's open, it's in the basket. He reminds me of a young me, except for the fact that he actually hits his shots when he takes them."



Back Row: Zachary Mansfield, Trevor Crochet, Shane McLaughlin, John Smith, Christopher Kessler, Trey Shaw, Jack Doehner, Vincent Carpenter 


Front Row: Carter Riebe, Tyler Tilton, Chris Antoon, Mike Murphy, Aaron Sigmond-Warner, Mike McGhee

Missing: Blake Jaronko

Missing: Tucker Reid



Men's 35 and Older recreation basketball pick up games at Maple Place School are open to all Oceanport residents 35 and older on Sundays from 8:00 am to 10:00 am. Out of shape has beens and never wuzzes who live in Oceanport and who are at least 35 years of age are invited to play something that resembles basketball, except that it is played in very, very slow motion. Schoolyard rules (call your own fouls, all shots count as 1 point, losers sit, John Feiter is never wrong) apply.  

Upcoming Games & Practices

Sunday,  Aug 24
PRACTICE KNIGHTS JUNIOR GIRLS 7:00pm Oceanport - Maple Place School
Sunday,  Aug 31
PRACTICE KNIGHTS JUNIOR GIRLS 7:00pm Oceanport - Maple Place School

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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