Last Updated: May 27, 2016 

Time to sign up for your volunteer hours: June 3-5


Volunteers& Food Donations Needed for our Home Tourney SMASH June 3-5! Join the FUN!

Our annual softball tournament SPRING SMASH fundraiser is June 3-5. At this fun weekend, the U10, U12 & U14 girls will play in our home tournament. Our entire OYS softball family is needed to help this weekend either by donating food or volunteering time. Squirts & U8s can get involved too as they can volunteer with their parents at the fields & watch the 20+ games! SPRING SMASH is our main fundraiser for the year to support our girl’s new equipment and field maintenance/development.

Here’s How You Can Help: Click on the food donation and volunteer opportunities links, pick items to donate and select volunteer times.   If you choose to donate your time cooking 100 brats or 20 lbs. of ground beef, you do not need to select a volunteer time.

Food Donations:

The more items we have donated, the less OYS needs to purchase, reducing our fundraising profits.

Volunteer Opportunities:

The more parents volunteer, the more fun we have! Parents can buddy up too! We know family weekend schedules can be a challenge, email us for creative ways we can help you ,as you juggle your schedules!

Parent Volunteer Expectations:
U10 – U14 players, regardless of league, are responsible for earning three (3) credits or five (5) credits per family.  If you do not do your volunteer expectations then you will need to pay the fee or it will affect next year's registration.  Information sheet is on our website,  If you have other ideas or feel you have done your fair share then contact me to discuss, dana.






2016 Parent Volunteer Expectations

Our program fees are set to cover the operating expenses of the program. Additionally, we have
downsized the fundraising efforts; however we need to ensure that all families are part of the program’s
success and development. In the past many of our parents have done their fair share, if not more, in
supporting the program in our fundraising efforts, such as field clean up and the June tournament.
However, often it has been 30% of the families doing 70% of the volunteering.

U10, U12, U14 players are responsible for earning three (3) credits or five (5) credits per family. Squirts, U8 and High School families shall earn two (2) credits. Credits can be earned by participating in the following activities:

-- 3 credits for head coach
-- 3 credits for a 3 hour shift at the Tournament (May 29-May 31)
-- 5 credits Tournament Committee (spend most of weekend at park)
-- 2 credits for 2 hour shift for Field Clean Up Day

--2 credits for 2 hour shift for the clothing drive.

Additional credits for ideas you may have that raise funds for the program such as corporate

sponsorships, leading a fundraising campaign, or something out of the box -- just ask Dana.

You may opt out of this expectation by paying $100 (a player) or $150 (a family) during registration.

We will continue to communicate on this program. You will need to determine at registration whether 
or not you will participate or opting out of the program. If you have any questions, please email