Last Updated: May 1, 2016 

Rest of teams confirming coaches.

OYS Families:

We have finalized the Squirts and U8 teams.  See below.

Any questions/concerns, please email or call me at 608-444-8595 or another Board member.

Thank you, Dana - OYS President

Squirts #1:  Kelly Prescott
Annika Monte
Ashley Brown
cameron (joey) prescottt
McKinley Younggren
Maycee Schneiker
Olivia Endres
Jadyn Graff
Squirts #2:  Coach Angela Zych
Makenzie Knight
Abbie Zywicki
Giuliana Syse
Emma Zych
Sophie Statz
Avery Johnson
Elise Schuman
Squirts #3:  Stacy Hardy
Keanna Day
Ava Nindorf
Brooke Marshall
Greta Thompson
Raegan Pickhard
Ashley Cook
Addison Leatherberry
Squirts #4:  Jason Mahnke
Ashlyn Bartels
Macy Mahnke
Elliana Weber
Cali Chatten
Chloe Chatten
Aliyah Mihlbauer
Olivia Brauer
Katelyn Werner
U8 Team #1:  Grace Healy
Korynn Potter
Brooklyn McOwen
Grace Healy
Saniyah Jackson
Miranda Mortensen
Devin Howard
Kiera Zimmerman
Meika Rayala
U8 Team #2:  Aaron LaVoy
Magie Lyon
Alivia LaVoy
Evelyn LaVoy
Madelyn Outhouse
Anna Schwantes
Peyton Gard
avery prescott
Scarlett Manke
U8 Team #3:  Scott Zagrodnik
Kylie Steel
Hailey Severson
Rylee Olson
Chloe Zagrodnik
June Berquist
Kaylee Radke
Jacy Andrew
Lily Davison
U8 Team #4:  Coach April Chapman
Karissa TeBeest
Hayden Waite
Jada Diaz
Summer Shaw
Livey Vondra
Kylie Whalen
Julianna Cox


U10 Badger:  Billie Farrar

Badger Black U10:  Coach Billie Farrar

Reese McCabe
Alyse Block
Jenn Crary
Julia Ibrahim
Jordyn Carow
Lily Fellenz
Emma Decker
Olivia Neis
Brenna Updike
Olivia Dewbre
Morgan Farrar
Karina Osborn
Tavia mason
Badger Orange U10:  Coach Mark Weber
Sydney Pickhard
Sasha Disch
Briyona Greenwold
Morgan Johnson
Johanna Briggs
Sydney Weber
Aaliyah Anderson
Taylor Dion
Kaiya Bales
Brielle Haslam
Samantha Schmitt
Amber Reeve
Heather Reeve


U10 SC:  Coach Jen Kramer

Belah Fry
Brittan Scalissa
Kate Thorn
Ada Marcin
Carly Zych
Darienne Zimmerman
Racheal Cook
Lindsay Kramer
Addison Sabel
Mary Jo Sommer
Audrey Brueggeman
Jackson Disrud


U10 Metro:  Coach Dana Leikness

Alexa Bartels
Annabelle Monte
Brooke Bastian
Izzy Block
Kylie Weber
Lauryn Etienne
Maya Rudy
Mckena Carroll
Michaela Birk
Rilee McKenzie
Sydney Zerwick


 U12 Badger (Recreational):  Dave & Jenna Gratz

Annika McGill
Ashlynn Johnson-Kramer
Camdyn Homme
Emma Schaeffer
Emmaline Garside
Haylee Hull
Karlye Decastro-Hull-Disch
Maggie Ast
Olivia Jacobs
Taylor Daniels


U12 South Central Team:  Coach Charlie (Charnette) Leikness

Andrea Bennett
Claudia Schwartz
Dani Palas
Emma Grossen
Emma Eisele
Isabel Bauer
Kennedy Field
Kristelle Sommers
Kylie Hannemann
Samantha Derrick
Taylor Kramer


U12 Metro - Coach Kent Christenson

Emily Crowe
Emily Mikkelson
Grace Christensen
Hailey Pucillo
Hailey Richter
Hailey Berman
Hannah Corning
Jordan Baumgartner
Kadynce Strate
Kendra Bell



U14 Metro League:  Coach Sydnee Weiss

Abby Rau
Allison Morgan
Alyssa Schmidt
Ana Verhagen
Bailey Bastian
Hallie Washebeck
Isabella Lindert
Joanie Sommers
Lauren Gragg
Levi Rich
Maddie Patten
Maddy Weber
Megan Bloyer

REGISTRATION IS OPEN for K-6 grade rec only

Click Here to see the 2016 Registration Information Flyer

2015 Parent Volunteer Expectations

Our program fees are set to cover the operating expenses of the program. Additionally, we have
downsized the fundraising efforts; however we need to ensure that all families are part of the program’s
success and development. In the past many of our parents have done their fair share, if not more, in
supporting the program in our fundraising efforts, such as field clean up and the June tournament.
However, often it has been 30% of the families doing 70% of the volunteering.

U10 – U12 players (Badger and South Central) are responsible for earning three (3) credits
or five (5) 
credits per family. Squirts (U8) and High School families shall earn two (2) credits.
Credits can be earned by 
participating in the following activities:

-- 3 credits for head coach
-- 2 credits for a 3 hour shift at the Tournament (May 29-May 31)
-- 5 credits Tournament Committee (spend most of weekend at park)
-- 1 credit for 2 hour shift for Field Clean Up Day

Additional credits for ideas you may have that raise funds for the program such as corporate

sponsorships, leading a fundraising campaign, or something out of the box -- just ask Dana.

You may opt out of this expectation by paying $75 (a player) or $100 (a family) during registration.

We will continue to communicate on this program. You will need to determine at registration whether 
or not you will participate or opting out of the program. If you have any questions, please email