Last Updated: July 20, 2016 

Games Tonight

July 6, 2016 – 04:07 PM

U10Metro cancelled due to Brooklyn Large under water.

U8 will play in grass either in the Large outfield or grass area outside of small diamond.  The teams will decide.  Games are a rain make up from June rain out

U12SC and U10Badger are on


Home Games This Week:


Date Day League Field Start Time
6-Jul Wed U8 Brooklyn Small 5:30/6:45
6-Jul Wed U10Badger Black RV 6:00 PM
6-Jul Wed U10Metro Brooklyn Large 6 pm and 7:15
6-Jul Wed U12SC RCI 6:00 PM
7-Jul Thur OHS Brooklyn Large 6 / 7:30
7-Jul Thur U10SC RV 5 / 6:45

Spring Smash Thank You

Oregon Youth Softball…We are very thankful to be part of a strong community of individual, public and business support.  June 3-5 marked our 8th annual tournament fundraiser to support future field development for Girls Fastpitch. 

We are grateful to the following supporters as Ron Novinska/Oregon School District, Public Works, Athletic Booster Club, Boys Baseball, Adult Softball League, Christianson Custom Wood Floors, Dennis Stoneback, Draft House, Kwik Trip, and Pan-O-Gold/Country Hearth.  Thank you so much for your donation, time, effort and passion towards our Oregon/Brooklyn Youth Softball program.

We also want to recognize our families for pitching and stepping up.  It looked like everyone was having fun.  A shout out to some of our U10 and U12 girls for helping me with the tarps on Saturday and cleanup on Sunday.  Those girls are simply rock stars!  You never gave a just simply said "sure, what can we do!"  Very proud to be part of your journey.

A very special thank you goes to our tournament lead crew this year. They were fantastic and have fresh ideas for the program going forward.

  • Dave Gratz: Tournament Director and Umpire In Charge
  • Jesse Crowe: Field Czar with an "all good" attitude along with Austin Kramer, his Lead Man
  • Amy Crowe/Angie Bloyer: Concession Super Stars
  • Sheila Baron: Treasurer and overall calm within the storms

There are many others that showed up and assisted and stayed throughout the day to ensure we had what we needed.  Many coming in and checking in with folks to see if they can help further.  It does not go unnoticed and we are grateful to have your kindness and support within our community and this program.  You make a difference by just being you!

Thank you so much for your donations, time, effort and passion towards our Oregon/Brooklyn Youth Softball program. Dana Leikness, President OYS

2016 Parent Volunteer Expectations

Our program fees are set to cover the operating expenses of the program. Additionally, we have
downsized the fundraising efforts; however we need to ensure that all families are part of the program’s
success and development. In the past many of our parents have done their fair share, if not more, in
supporting the program in our fundraising efforts, such as field clean up and the June tournament.
However, often it has been 30% of the families doing 70% of the volunteering.

U10, U12, U14 players are responsible for earning three (3) credits or five (5) credits per family. Squirts, U8 and High School families shall earn two (2) credits. Credits can be earned by participating in the following activities:

-- 3 credits for head coach
-- 3 credits for a 3 hour shift at the Tournament (May 29-May 31)
-- 5 credits Tournament Committee (spend most of weekend at park)
-- 2 credits for 2 hour shift for Field Clean Up Day

--2 credits for 2 hour shift for the clothing drive.

Additional credits for ideas you may have that raise funds for the program such as corporate

sponsorships, leading a fundraising campaign, or something out of the box -- just ask Dana.

You may opt out of this expectation by paying $100 (a player) or $150 (a family) during registration.

We will continue to communicate on this program. You will need to determine at registration whether 
or not you will participate or opting out of the program. If you have any questions, please email